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NiKo | 
Morocco royflord 
has anyone tried this mouse ? should i buy it ?
2020-07-13 09:48
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I tried it but there was a bug where my mouse kept jumping around so eventually I ended up returning it.
2020-07-13 09:50
wheel problem ?
2020-07-13 09:51
probably the sensor
2020-07-13 16:24
yeah but that should be a build problem, a lot of mice have similar sensors
2020-07-14 10:23
I bought Roccat kain aimo 202 instead but maybe too heavy for you but its said to be the most durable mouse
2020-07-13 22:43
Malaysia Suno[t]
this s*** is like a 20 year old problem smh when mouse companies can't provide a simple fix
2020-07-14 13:01
18.5cm between 9.5/10cm pincer claw grip btw
2020-07-13 09:50
bumping this shit
2020-07-13 09:55
Look into Cougar ;) I took a chance more than 3 years ago with cougar 550M, been using it intensively every day since and it's literally brand new still. Perfect shape and performance.
2020-07-13 10:19
Are you left handed? If not, then no reason to consider.
2020-07-13 09:57
what mouse could you suggest then ?
2020-07-13 09:57
2020-07-13 10:01
too big, i'm searching for a medium/small one as i'm claw gripping it
2020-07-13 10:03
i heard its good but if i would try a mouse i would go for the s2, its very good
2020-07-13 16:19
Ec2 most stable mouse s2 is also pretty good
2020-07-13 19:46
hyperX pulsefire core
2020-07-14 13:32
I also like small mouses, so i'm going with Logitech G pro wireless. I have nothing bad to say about it. If you dont mind the cord or are looking for wired I would suggest Zowie ZA13, it was my favourite before moving to wireless.
2020-07-13 19:51
Mexico tscXvnx
DA one love
2020-07-14 18:02
Australia CaZeR01
I use deathadder elite, very simple and comfortable design, would recommend. Only issue with it is the scroll wheel doesnt scroll as smoothly as other mouses so bhopping could be an issue, but you do get used to it
2020-07-13 10:04
Finland hermion
105 grams tho
2020-07-13 14:26
too light, my mouse is 143g ez muscles
2020-07-13 16:25
Australia CaZeR01
I like light mice
2020-07-13 16:55
Serbia CoIe47
majority razer products are shit dont but it
2020-07-13 10:05
i know but everyone's saying that they stepped up their shit on these last mice
2020-07-13 10:09
Serbia CoIe47
bro just buy g502 literally best mouse ever
2020-07-13 10:09
eww, that's literally a brick
2020-07-13 10:12
Serbia CoIe47
??? im not saying is is the best mouse, that the award that it received but whatever you stick to your shitty razer products
2020-07-13 10:14
yo chill, the g502 is a great mouse, it's just not for cs
2020-07-13 10:25
what about g403
2020-07-14 23:23
good if you have the right size and grip for it
2020-07-14 23:32
Completely agree)
2020-07-15 00:01
Not using Razer but dayum you whiteknighting and eating Logitechs ass like crazy lol
2020-07-14 03:31
Serbia CoIe47
are you stupid or something? im not saying its the best mouse iTS THE REWARD THAT IT LITERALLY GOT, how fucking stupid are you?
2020-07-14 10:04
"bro just buy g502 literally best mouse ever" "are you stupid or something? im not saying its the best mouse" ok mens
2020-07-14 10:24
Serbia CoIe47
i actually forgot i said that regardless i was quoting linus tech tips so it is what it is
2020-07-14 11:51
linus tech tips XDDDDD he is casual, not competitive at all. Better watch rocketjumpninja (who said razer viper ultimate best mouse rn)
2020-07-14 13:27
Serbia CoIe47
kazakhstan talking lol
2020-07-14 13:27
you legit dumb lmao
2020-07-14 13:28
Serbia CoIe47
kazakhstan talking lol
2020-07-14 13:42
Serbia talking, nt being one of the few 3rd worlds in Europe, must be a shame
2020-07-14 16:57
Serbia CoIe47
new zaeland talking imagine being the shit australia
2020-07-14 17:51
i have used steelseries, zowie, qpad and a bunch of other brands. Lately, razer's mices and keyboards are the best for me by MILES AWAY. I don't know about the viper, but if it has the same sensor as deathadder elite, razer lancehead tournament edition or mamba tournament edition, it can be a sick mice. At the moment i am using lancehead tournament edition, since 1 year 1.5 year more or less, best sensor i have had in my entire life playing cs
2020-07-14 20:11
Got the viper ultimate and it is great. Had 3 g pro before that and they all got double click after some time...
2020-07-13 10:12
which shape do you like more ? and how does the 74g affect you ingame ?
2020-07-13 10:16
100% the viper. And would not recommend the g pro at all, so many got problems with double click. Its very light but i have allways used light weight mouses so haven't change anything in game for me. ITS on sale in DK for 100 euro so did get a 2nd few weeks ago just for back up 🙂 have u return policy where u live? Bc then you can just order it and return, if it dont fit u
2020-07-13 17:50
i'm gonna go to the store and try it for myself actually, i have limited choices at a reasonable price in my country and the viper is one of them, i hope it'll fit me and last long
2020-07-13 17:59
logitech and their buttons.. never buying again trying german this time, roccat aimo 200
2020-07-13 22:44
i had the viper mini for like two weeks but i've sold it an bought a cm 710mm and it's great i have a similar hand measurements tho (18.5/9, claw grip) but it still depends on what you are aiming for you can use this to find more options meanwhile i suggest you to find a few models, order them, choose one and return the rest
2020-07-13 10:19
i already searched on rjn's site and the viper fits my hand size, just wanna hear people's opinion as for ordering mice and sending them back, it's not really an option here in my country
2020-07-13 10:22
alright i see, i can give my opinion on it thought it's quite different than the regular viper, but yet still has similar shape.. for me personally i liked the quality as it felt solid, not like some cheap plastics that felt like are gonna collapse anytime while flicking left and right, scroll was also good and stable with smooth movements, the side buttons were a bit higher than expected and that felt kinda awkward from time to time and the side part beneath them, where i grip my mouse with my thumb and pinky finger felt kinda slippery due to the coating and i almost was barely able to hold the same grip consistently, sensor is a bit 'weaker' as it's 8500 dpi which is lower than the regular viper and the ultimate, shape was okay just the back part of the mouse was a bit lower for my grip and i didn't like it, cable and weight were great tho tldr; shape - 7/10 scroll and buttons - 9/10 cause of the side buttons positioning sensor - 7/10 weight and cable = 10/10 could be lighter but it's still great at 61g build quality - 9/10 cause i didn't liked the coating no rubber/or anything else on the sides for more stable grip like the regular one - i would still advise you to go to a local store or somewhere where you can try a few mices and pick one instead of ordering if you can't return them back hope that helps
2020-07-13 10:45
damn, thank you for taking your time and giving this answer man, it helped me for sure
2020-07-13 11:13
no worries man, bored at work i guess :D good luck in finding your needs
2020-07-13 11:34
2 weeks ago switched to it from EC2-b. Viper is better in every aspect, except shape perhaps. Buttons are better, scroll is better, sensor is a bit better, cable is A LOT better, skates are better (I have old EC2-b with small skates). My hand is 19.5/10 cm and shape is fine for me, but I think I'd still prefer smaller mouse. So there is a chance that it will be too big (too long) for your hand.
2020-07-13 11:54
i think i can manage its length, imo the width is the main dimension that is important for aiming. Do you fingertip or claw it ? and how did it feel switching from the ec2b to the viper in term of your grip as you probably had to palm the ec2
2020-07-13 12:05
I use hybrid of claw and fingertip grip. Used similar grip for EC2-b as well, so wouldn't say I had to adjust too much.
2020-07-14 12:16
rival 110 gang 💪💪💪
2020-07-13 12:06
i was gonna get it as my first mouse ever, but i've read somewhere that it has some quality issues, and it has somehow of a cheap sensor with higher LOD which is bad for your gameplay. Ended up getting the g203, great mouse but logitech has some QC issues especially on this mouse which is a shame
2020-07-13 12:11
u sure they werent talking about rival 100? nonetheless it has been working rly well and it was kinda cheap too (got it for 35€ maybe 2-3 years back, no problems at all for me)
2020-07-13 12:13
two rival 100's broke for me after 3/2 months of normal usage , left click just broke in both , trash.
2020-07-13 17:58
Stopped reading at 100 🤢🤮🤮
2020-07-13 19:18
Is the 110 really better built ? I really loved the 100
2020-07-13 21:21
dunno since I've never used a 100 but all I can say is that 110 has been good for me
2020-07-13 22:33
100 isn't that good. 110 is pretty good with better build quality and a better sensor, but i don't know if you can see the difference of the sensors between rival 100 and 110.
2020-07-14 12:00
steelseries > razer no contest
2020-07-13 12:17
i switched from s2 to viper - best decision!
2020-07-13 12:18
handsize and grip style pls ?
2020-07-13 14:17
relaxed palm grip close to claw grip
2020-07-13 14:24
does the viper feel smaller or bigger than the s2 ?
2020-07-13 15:15
Bigger but Not this much
2020-07-13 16:55
United States habibi_exe
Best mouse I ever used
2020-07-13 12:21
handsize, gripstyle and which mice have you used before pls ?
2020-07-13 14:17
United States habibi_exe
Small mouse, I use palm finger hybrid grip. Other mice I’ve used are Logitech g502, razer naga, Logitech g pro wireless, glorious model o.
2020-07-14 03:27
it has taco's face in its box, cant be bad xDDDDD
2020-07-13 14:26
i tried it at a friends house and loved it! yes imo you should
2020-07-13 16:17
Asia Blitzer
2020-07-13 16:21
I've used the G Pro, and the viper mini recently. I absolutely love the viper's shape and that i can kinda palm it when i want and also comfortably use fingertip grip for fine adjustments when aiming. the G Pro has a really high hump that I'm not a big fan of. the new skates they're putting on the razer mice are phenomenal as well. just ordered a viper ultimate beacause I miss having a wireless mouse
2020-07-13 16:21
2020-07-13 19:25
notice that mini and ultimate have different shapes (ultimate is ambidextrous)
2020-07-14 13:39
i think the only real difference (besides size) is that the mini is not truly ambidextrous due to it only having the side buttons on the left side
2020-07-14 22:35
Use glorious model o-, small light weight honeycomb design. And good implementation of sensor
2020-07-13 16:27
razer is trash
2020-07-13 17:52
They have been trash for some time, now they have good products again.
2020-07-14 20:09
i do not believe
2020-07-14 21:38
I don't need you to believe.
2020-07-15 07:14
fak u
2020-07-15 11:54
Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless is amazing
2020-07-13 19:24
France Kakuta0
if you are looking for a small size, be careful with the Viper Mini. The LOD on this one is kinda high.
2020-07-13 19:27
United States laiff
viper mini LOD is just a placebo tbh
2020-07-13 19:34
France Kakuta0
don't think so, I have a really low sens (1.4, 400 dpi) and when I try to do slow movements it's disgusting actually
2020-07-13 19:38
not placebo when it can be measured, tried the g305 with a lower LOD than the viper mini and still felt it and it was annoying
2020-07-13 20:33
Hungary Shiron212
2020-07-13 20:34
man, this guy is playing quake + you have your hand and a brain, so you can feel it for yourself lol, you're not gonna wait for a guy to tell you if it's gonna make a problem in YOUR gameplay or not
2020-07-13 20:36
I stocked up on the first series of razer krait, and friend modded them for me by replacing the sensor to a more modern one. it rocks
2020-07-13 19:32
The mouse is ok, the main buttons are mushy and sidebuttons are really flat and hard to reach
2020-07-13 22:44
Argentina EnvyJ
I just got it in replacement of a Mamba TI, it works really fine so I can't complain
2020-07-13 22:51
Have million mouses, all the brands Razer, Zowie, Logitech, Asus, Cougar, Steelseries... and Razer Viper is the best.
2020-07-14 10:18
It's good. First one I bought had a problem with the right click touching the scroll wheel sides, made an annoying noise and felt weird. Got sent a completely new one for free and it didnt have that problem.
2020-07-14 10:27
Xtrfy m4 top mouse!)
2020-07-14 12:09
Romania amt;D
Not good for palm, disregarding the hand size. The mouse is pretty flat (I had all 3 for testing, Viper, Ultimate and Mini) and you can't really rest the middle of your palm on it since it doesn't have the classic bump that a Zowie or a G pro would have. Pro's: - cable is neat - scroll is not dogshit - buttons are awesome - weight is alright Con's: - not very comfortable - lift off distance pretty high - sensor, at least to me, seems a bit snappy. (400DPI in glorious model O and in Logitech G Pro feel way different than 400DPI in the Viper, the Viper is much faster and snappier, thus, making you harder to control your slow movements) - Software is pure shit, but you can install it, save your stuff and remove it G Pro and Model O- seem a level above the Viper IMO.
2020-07-14 12:09
shit thanks, i think i'll like the shape as i like flat mice and i don't rest my palm on the mouse, LOD is good on the viper but high on the mini, i don't think i would install the software, so i think it's pretty good
2020-07-14 13:00
what's a good mouse around the viper mini's price range?
2020-07-14 18:01
Viper has adjustable LOD (1-10).
2020-07-15 07:24
Bought Viper Ultimate after using Deathadder for 7 years. Crazy good mouse. Love it. Even got better as player with it.
2020-07-14 13:55
Argentina Demonark
I own a viper mini and i have 18.5*9cm hands Shape: perfect Weight: perfect Cable: i dont like it but cant really feel it while playing Clicks: perfect Side buttons: i dont really care about those Scrollwheel: perfect Sensor: it has perfect tracking and max speed, but has a high lod, similar to logitechs mercury sensor in g203 Built quality: its made completely out of pbt plastic. Basically its perfect. It only lacks grips for some people but you can stick some to it Im comparing it to other mice like ec2-b, mx518, g pro, deathadder, za13, g203, g305, g100s. I could say that it is similar to g100s but without shitty internals Edit: 9.5/10 for me. I dont care about its lod, but its onboard memory doesnt save lights configuration and i also doesnt really like the way its cable comes in the packaging(just watch an unboxing). Edit 2: viper mini feets are godly
2020-07-14 17:15
i have 19.5*10.5 cm hands and I use a palm grip, do you recommend I get the mini?
2020-07-14 17:56
Argentina Demonark
no, unless you just "palm" with your fingers and not the palm itself
2020-07-14 20:04
What about fingertip/claw grip?
2020-07-14 21:17
2020-07-14 21:19
Argentina Demonark
2020-07-14 23:20
Panama Bill_Bait
stay away from razer
2020-07-14 18:00
Poland dreamShow
why mens, good stuff but a bit overpriced
2020-07-15 00:03
razer viper/zowie ec2-B (NOT A),logitech g pro wireless if you can afford it /logitech g203
2020-07-14 18:29
I got it back in February at a discounted price and for me it's the best mouse I've ever owned so if you can get it on sale or something like I did you should buy it if you have the money IMO.
2020-07-14 20:15
viper trash in valorant
2020-07-14 20:15
so bad mouse buy zowie or logitech
2020-07-15 00:05
Zowie is behind Viper in every aspect. Logitech isn't any better than Viper and their shapes are awful.
2020-07-15 07:21
see razer basilisk, had it for almost a year pretty good
2020-07-15 11:58
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