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Evil Geniuses TOP3
Brazil SchneiderZyzz 
2020-07-13 23:54
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leaf didnt cheat kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2020-07-13 23:55
United Kingdom whatacliche
BIG reached rank 1 before these teams. -Vitality -Cloud9 -Mousesports -Furia -Complexity -100 Thieves - ENCE
2020-07-14 00:04
device | 
Denmark 4vs0
why did u even mention c9 furia coL or 100T none of those teams ever even came close to deserving #1
2020-07-14 00:01
2020-07-14 00:02
United Kingdom whatacliche
Furia has had some good performances peaking at #4, C9 won the Boston Major. 100T yeah they haven't really accomplished anything, but most would still regard them as a better team than BIG.
2020-07-14 00:04
device | 
Denmark 4vs0
still whats the purpose of mentioning them as teams who haven't reached #1 if they THEMSELVES never came close to #1 thats like if idk TACO got #1 2020 hltv and i said "WOW TACO #1??? even before broky, stewie2k, yurrih???" like sure, stew broky and yurrih are better than taco but they arent #1 material themselves, so there was no point in me mentioning that, instead i could've mentioned device, niko, elige, or others like them
2020-07-14 00:08
#4 Furia #2 C9 #5 100T "if they THEMSELVES never came close to #1" So top 5 isn't close?
2020-07-14 00:27
device | 
Denmark 4vs0
no because furia at #4 also came during online times so if were not counting BIG's online run we cant count furia either who have it easier in NA furia never close c9 u should've specified 2018 roster, in which case if we can go in history i can find dozens of teams better than c9 that never made #1 they won a major then fell off specifically rush and ska, and once again, im talking RN, if u can go into history then so many more teams deserving than the rest 100T were a weak #5 team we both know that never close to #1
2020-07-14 00:29
Furia was top 5 in 2019 before corona. Also, what C9 do you think won the Boston Major? 100T showed promise. My point is, all these teams have always been considered better than BIG, yet none of them have accomplished what BIG did in just a few weeks.
2020-07-14 00:32
device | 
Denmark 4vs0
once again going into the past in which there are dozens of teams closer to #1 that never reached it rather than furia STOP THE BLEEDING PLEASE, EVERYTHING UR SAYING IS WRONG
2020-07-14 00:36
device | 
Denmark 4vs0
u lost ur arguement with c9 tho by bringing up teams from the past, i mean if we can go into teams from the past then there are so many teams that deserved #1 over complexity i mean hundreds
2020-07-14 00:29
device | 
Denmark 4vs0
and even assuming furia c9 and 100t are valid answers (which they arent), still no excuse for CoL so u may aswell not respond i mean u were way off the mark just stop the bleeding
2020-07-14 00:31
Your whole argument is utterly retarded and entirely missing the point. This is just embarrassing, but then again so is being Danish.
2020-07-14 00:34
device | 
Denmark 4vs0
my arguement is retarded yet u think coL was ever close to #1 lmao in fact even before quarantine i think BIG > coL ur entire argument is useless, like ur country, imagine having 2 colonies surpass u
2020-07-14 00:35
All of the teams came close to #1 but not quite close enough. Also, are you ignoring all the other teams besides CoL that I mentioned? Your whole argument from the very beginning has been mind numbingly stupid. Biggest mistake of my country ever made was freeing you guys during WW2.
2020-07-14 00:39
device | 
Denmark 4vs0
All of the teams came close to #1 but not quite close enough. thats just not true lmao, honestly i don't think #5 100T is close to #1 but for arguments sake ill go with it Col pre quarantine were like 40th or something ur entire argument is just wrong once again going ur talking about countries yellow teeth but ur ammo is weak ur from england go eat a crumpet and sulk on the fact that BOTH Australia AND the US > England aka the country hard carried by USSR and USA in ww2
2020-07-14 00:40
100T was in top 10 for a year and a half, so clearly they've had better performances than BIG. I do admit, I was hasty to appraise CoL. So, what, I'm right 3/4th? You have nothing to rebut this, you've slowly lost ground and retaliated me with stupidity, so you just ignore me like a little brat. Also your historic knowledge is god awful, about as awful as your knowledge regarding the CS scene. But I suppose you can't expect much from a lowly Dane.
2020-07-14 01:02
Relax British yellow teeth gingerboy. Insulting Denmark which is 10x better country than UK Girls from Britain is so ugly, also guys obv, but everyone knows that, so don’t have to point it out.
2020-07-14 03:42
Nice alt, try not to get banned.
2020-07-14 10:34
i think his point is that those teams are considered better, and havent reached that high
2020-07-14 03:22
device | 
Denmark 4vs0
read #11 theres no reason to just name teams "better" there are 100000 teams better than BIG that haven't been #1, but u should be naming the teams that actually came close to #1 (i.e mouseports) that didn't make it, like my example 100000 players that could get hltv top 1 over taco, but that doesnt mean u should be naming a player like liazz, instead mention device elige or niko
2020-07-14 05:43
why not?
2020-07-14 06:24
Don't bother, he has no functioning brain cells. He just wanted to trash on certain teams I listed without any proper arguments.
2020-07-14 10:33
fair enough
2020-07-14 10:53
EliGE | 
North America Beecs
I could name 20 teams off the top of my head better than furia compleixty or 100t that were never #1, honestly i just dont think ur examples were good 2018 c9 is close but still there are better teams to use
2020-07-14 00:38
-Vitality -Cloud9 -Mousesports -Furia -Complexity -100 Thieves - ENCE Are you brain dead or just ignoring my initial comment?
2020-07-14 00:39
EliGE | 
North America Beecs
Why u so mad? Vitality mouz are good teams that never reached #1 i never said anything about that i was specifically addressing the ones i disagreed with U clearly have anger issues
2020-07-14 00:41
"I could name 20 teams off the top of my head better than furia compleixty or 100t that were never #1" So do I, and I named a few, but you failed to address that completely. You're clearly brain dead.
2020-07-14 00:43
EliGE | 
North America Beecs
Address what? Once again bud i never said u were wrong I SPECFICALLY mentioned the part (furia col 100t) i disagreed with, what part of that dont u understand
2020-07-14 00:44
Cloud9 won the Major, Furia had good form and has been in top 10 and top 5 multiple times. 100T has been in top 10 since early 2019. I do admit I jumped the gun on CoL. But regardless you're fucking brain dead if you think the other 3 teams are less deserving of #1 than BIG.
2020-07-14 00:54
device | 
Denmark 4vs0
kid is mad cuz everyone is against him, he resorted to insulting denmark even tho he's from the joke that is England, he truly believes 100t were close to #1 and that col deserves it over BIG
2020-07-14 00:46
EliGE | 
North America Beecs
Yeah i can see i read ur conversation he is just misguided his argument is flawed and hes pretty upset so ill just stop responding so he can feel good about himself
2020-07-14 00:47
device | 
Denmark 4vs0
ur right ill do the same
2020-07-14 00:47
implying BIG did 👌🤢
2020-07-14 00:06
and bug top 1. hltv ranking OMEGALUL
2020-07-13 23:56
+1 and wtf is that name xd
2020-07-14 00:05
2020-07-13 23:58
What's the problem of EG being Top3? They play nice.
2020-07-14 00:07
Obviously big are using the jump bug in the rankings.
2020-07-14 00:37
They are the best in the NA rn what you expect? RN They are better than Navi Faze and G2
2020-07-14 00:43
EliGE | 
North America Beecs
EG isnt better than g2
2020-07-14 01:01
I think they are rn G2 so inconsistent in online
2020-07-14 02:54
Easy to dominate NA. North America is literal trash when it comes to CS scene. It's far more impressive to play like G2 have in EU than EG have in NA.
2020-07-14 03:11
TL Furia they are much better than other EU teams rn
2020-07-14 14:04
Relax British yellow teeth gingerboy. Insulting Denmark which is 10x better country than UK Girls from Britain is so ugly, also guys obv, but everyone knows that, so don’t have to point it out.
2020-07-14 03:41
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