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2020-07-14 00:17
Germany leftist
sponsors said they are going to leave him because he spreads too much shit, and he decided to say sorry
2020-07-17 07:09
god god lindinho
2020-07-14 00:17
too long
2020-07-14 00:17
Tldr: Gaules backs down and racists win again Sad day, City unban and now gaules gives up It is all about the money.
2020-07-14 03:31
thank you ronaldinho the magician
2020-07-14 04:01
2020-07-14 17:35
2020-07-14 00:17
He made apology after RLewis article?
2020-07-14 00:18
probabbly just timing, dont know
2020-07-14 00:21
ZywOo | 
Australia lo0u
Of course he did. That article was so damn good it could end his entire career.
2020-07-14 00:34
Unfortunately, nah. He would still make too much money off Twitch.
2020-07-14 00:35
ZywOo | 
Australia lo0u
No man, especially in this cancel culture that we have, he could be destroyed in 1 day. After that article, one single misstep could ruin his career, because no serious company would like to be associated with someone like that. Hell, even Pewdiepie was almost canceled and he was the biggest e-celebrity ever. Who the fuck is Gaules next to him? lol
2020-07-14 00:40
Cancel culture is cancelling Chaos , not Gaules Imagine thinking that gaules should not be able to broadcast cs tournaments because of this hahah. Not saying you said it, but there is ppl who actually think this a thing. Its like making the biggest scene (problably more than 50%) of csgo getting mad
2020-07-14 01:22
well, he shouldnt
2020-07-14 14:46
India c0nsc10us
I don't know if you realise this but Twitch wouldn't give much of a shit if CSGO were to just stop streaming on their platform never mind gaules. Don't threaten a giant with a safety pin.
2020-07-14 17:37
Pewdiepie wasn't almost canceled, people tried for years. Most people actually made fun of the attempts. Disney went back on being associated with him. School teachers said his students shouldn't watch pewdiepie. Guess what? Didn't change a thing, he only got bigger and richer from there. His viewers know that he's not a monster, and most people are smart enough to realize that. (and well, the on going theory is that all Brazilians are monsters, so if Gaules is a monster, it is only appropriate for them to only grow more confident on Gaules and dominate the world). Hundreds of thousands of people even followed the supposed nazifascist that pewdiepie shouted out. That one is still doing well too, by the way. I particularly yearn for his videos, he's just so fun. Same would go for Gaules. You think that article would do anything to him? It could affect his relations with international brands (probably won't), but he barely has that anyway. Almost 0% chance it would impact how Brazilian companies (ps: he is sponsored by the largest bank in Latin America) see him. Definitely won't impact how his viewers see him, as they probably see the article as petty (it is). And as he said in that 30 minutes long rant, of which 10 minutes were subtitled and made popular, he never depended on "you" to achieve anything, that he even achieved things despite of "you"(international audience, orgs, viewers, etc) working against him. He doesn't need to broadcast the CSGO big events. He hasn't done so this month, and yet he is the most watched streamer in twitch worldwide this month. He has made insignificant events relevant before, and he could do that again. He could make his own event and get basically any interested tier 2~5 teams in it and it would compete with t1 tournaments viewership. He doesn't depend even on the twitch partnership. tl;dr: no lol are you crazy
2020-07-14 01:30
NT but i don't read edit bc it was too exaggerated xd
2020-07-14 01:38
ZywOo | 
Australia lo0u
Lol, you got Gaules' dick so far up your ass, it's not even funny anymore. There's a reason he apologized and you braindead fans can't even understand that. But keep thinking that way, keep attacking people on the internet. You'll get what you deserve eventually.
2020-07-14 04:03
Who am I attacking you stupid moron?
2020-07-14 05:06
wtf aussie man, why so much hate?
2020-07-14 16:28
Cancel culture don't give a shit about what Brazilians do or say. In their minds it would be racist to criticize anyone who is not white. :)
2020-07-14 02:44
"In their minds it would be racist to criticize anyone who is not white. :)" Are you stupid ?
2020-07-14 16:43
thank you for linking it
2020-07-14 03:03
This article is the worst this I've ever read, it's 1000 times more irresponsible than any of the actions mentioned. It's biased in a level we can't even discuss
2020-07-14 14:44
It is biased but lets be honest here gaules is responsible for stirring shit up, and deserves to be called on it. "the supposed “blatant” clips contain absolutely nothing conclusive and are little more than “huh” moments." this is the most biased part, because one clip wasnt huh it was really fishy (i said that multiple times). But he is mostly right about whole thing in this article mostly idiots pointed at any clip and called cheats (btw that is exactly what gaules did...) Also he is very right about the anti brazilian racist bias, you know why people dont like BR fans? i do, i was active member of this forum when BR went to first major and it was shitshow because most of the fans acted like fucking retards. Thats why people dont like them, this behaviour isnt hltv exclusive.
2020-07-14 16:34
his whole point was to change the current rules of the game. It's actually flawed and you know it. The only way to change a rule is to getting public at it, making pressure against them. It's just too bad that ppl dont realize it and cant see the actual fact: we both know that getting a cheat is easy nowadays. Why would a Road to a Major have only 1 layer of security: a lame anti-cheat? It's imposible to not think that this is wrong. That guy was biased af, his twitter is full of 7-1, Bolsonaro and criticizing brazil. That's exactly the same: a witch hunt. Probably got jealous of all the recognition gaules had for doing their job in a simple and effective way.
2020-07-14 17:30
his whole point is he is butthurt wdym, people have been calling for better anticheat for years now and valve have been working on it for some time actually, Lewis is retard and i dont like him but he is very much right in this article even broken clock is rigth two times a day. Also criticizing someone isnt wich hunt you retard.
2020-07-14 17:40
Wouldnt you be butthurt after that outrageous match? So, fighting for sth that is right is actually the wrong thing to do? There are many other ways to protect the integrity of the matches. BTS was a mess, not even the TeamSpeak's were recorded. Why havent any1 showed their called "investigation" over the case? He's literally saying that every1 should brake contracts with gaules and retweeting everyone who says so. That's exactly the cancel culture.
2020-07-14 17:43
Outrageous? holy shit you are fucking stupid, 1 fishy clip that cannot be explained easily is outrage... He is fighting for something that is right that is true but he is fighting the wrong way, ends doesnt justify the means this isnt war of anihilation, if bts was such a mess than why team with so much experience like MIBR didnt bring any objections beforehand? Also gaules should be punished for weaponizing his stream like that, that is legitimate bannable offense by twitch. Edit: also cancel culture is when you try to cancel someone because of your statement, with gaules you have hours of evidence of him accusing leaf and xeppa and him harassing other streamer (i know leaf streams for sure)
2020-07-14 18:01
Yes, I was so pissed when I saw his twitter, the guy is an alt-right who lives to say sh*t about Brazil. Everything he says is something about Brazil, so annnoying
2020-07-14 17:41
That's why Gaules apologized, there wasn't any risk of him getting banned or nothing like it, Twitch have an office in Brazil and he is litterally the most valuable asset. He realized that even if they were the biggest cheaters on earth, they didn't deserve the violent response, and that was what this state was about. The discussion of "cheated not cheated" is nothing compared to a human's being life, and that is it.
2020-07-14 17:45
Great non apology from gaules, he has been feeding the fire for weeks to get more views etc. he didnt apologize to chaos or leaf or xeppa, Amazon wont give a fuck about twitch assets if it gives them bad PR look at Dr. Disrespect his ban was straight up from amazon because of something he did and he is deffiently bigger than gaules. If he realized that he did something fucke dup or not i dont know, to me this looks like bad "apology" created by pressure.
2020-07-14 17:48
He wasn't pressured at all in Brazil. Almost all brazilians (except Furia fans), even people from outside of CS community think they cheated and Gaules was right. Also, in Brazil we're very used to this kind of behavior. In soccer, players are assaulted and threated a lot. TV shows accuse referees based on nothing. I don't think it's right, it's a terrible culture (that Gaules want to end up, at least in CS, he talks a lot about it), something like the Hooligans in UK.
2020-07-14 17:53
Pressure of losing his twitch i meant, also losing streaming rights so on... I see you are not braindead for actually admiting this is terrible culture, i do think gaules was in the wrong because he wasnt being objective at all, if he wanted to review the demos he should have done it with cool head not right after upset... Also mostly fans agree with him outside of MIBR and Tarik everybody from pro CS community who made statement about leaf situation called out galles for being wrong...
2020-07-14 17:59
I do agree with you, but I think he did it for noble reasons, not because of a post. I think the community is more worried about being careful and patient. If they're indeed cheating, just wait until LAN gets back, it will take a second to ban them. Meanwhile you don't have to do anything, it is pointless. That's why the community acted that way, and I do agree with the players. But what Thorin, Richard Lewis, alt-right and americans fan did was exploit this situation to try to burn everything from Brazil. I mean, Fallen tweeted ONCE about it, and more than 5 times asking people to not say anything to Leaf. it's delusional how this group of people try to say he is responsible.
2020-07-14 18:05
Well i think both thorin and lewis are irrelevant clowns so theres that, ofc lots of racist people jumped on the situation but lets be honest here BR fans are playing the victim card when most of the time they are the ones that act like thugs in the bar, also fallen tweeted 3 times about it as far as i know deleted all 3. I am not saying fallen is responsible, mostly Gaules is but fallen deffinetly didnt help, "3 blatant aimlocks" is more fuel to the fire... Noble reasons or not he still didnt apologize to leaf or xeppa or chaos at all, thats just a fact and because of that i think it wasnt out of noble reasons. But at this point that is about opinion.
2020-07-14 18:13
Brazilians do act like thugs in a Bar, it's our sport culture. Really bad. If you saw how stupid was MiBR/Furia rant you would've laughed about it. Both Gaules and Fallen made a lot of mistakes, but they're the good guys, trying to build a good community on a very tough place to do that. They've made lots of mistakes, but they are so far away from being bad guys. About the "cheating", I respect your opinion and I think you've good reasons to think like this. Even if it's confirmation bias, Gaules still think they cheated, that's why he didn't apologized to them. This confirmation bias start on steel ban, it was matchfixing, but it was a small skin bet, at the time skins were just released, they weren't that valuable. It's wrong, but it wasn't a huge money crime. You imagine people seeing a match with the team's coach playing because steel banned from Valve tournament, people were looking for fishy things... And they found it.
2020-07-14 18:27
I think you idolize gaules and fallen too much but thats not the point, i think br thought they would win against chaos easy and when they got upset in game they got upset IRL and when you are upset IRL thing tend to go bad, also gaules thinking they cheated or not, shouldnt matter, do we bully kqly because he cheated? Problem i have with this is, if leaf is innocent this got to a point of mental abuse. If he cheated than they still went way overboard than what I THINK is warranted, also if leaf cheated i dont think he will ever cheat so i dont think he will get caught, remember forsaken was only cheater in pro cs who was 100% shit without them, kqly was good palyer without the cheats.
2020-07-14 18:32
I would apologize to them, it's always a good gesture. But I think he will, if they do a good performance in a game he's streaming, I'm sure he will be humble and say he's sorry. That's why I idolize him. I hope he can play well without cheats, they haven't won anything really important until now. I really hope he stays beyond supspicion, use the backlash would be really dangerous for him. I think it was precipitated and irresponsible to judge him like that. But that's Brazil, I mean, people did it to our most popular president (Lula), why wouldn't they do that to others? If the reaction was different, less brazilian, I would say, Chaos could be banned by now.
2020-07-14 18:44
I dont understand the chaos could be banned by now part, can you elaborate?
2020-07-14 18:51
If the fans were quiet and MiBR or presented to the tournament, or to Valve. Probably Chaos wouldn't have a way to explain the plays. They wouldn't even if they weren't cheating, because the plays are very weird, they don't help them. One thing wouldn't help him, he had just moved back from Valorant. And if you see leaf mplaying on Inferno against MiBR 2 weeks prior to that... It's so different. I mean, it's a solid case. But it was treated like a witch hunt. So, it doesn't matter
2020-07-14 19:07
Oh i get what you mean, that they should have tried like they had serious case, this look very random and childlike, yeah i do agree that that is the better way
2020-07-14 19:10
Mibr haven't actually tried. They just said there was nothing to be done and accepted it. But the fans kept being awlful. But man, thank you so much for listening and giving your point of view, I feel enlighted after our discussion.
2020-07-14 19:19
Well i believe in normal discusion but you know how most people are like, so it quickly turns to shit. But yea thanks for the normal behaviour and you have brought up some good points. I thought that brazzilian fans are retarded monkeys(some of them) , had no idea its basically culture, its now more understandable but that more terrifying
2020-07-14 19:36
2020-07-14 14:48
How that would end Gaules career when he streaming the HLTV's scoreboard brings more viewers than the main stream? lol!
2020-07-14 16:09
Brazil Snaipa_
Actually true and funny, he streamed Na cs_summit tournament showing hltv scoreboard and the numbers were destroying the mainstream xD
2020-07-14 16:13
just shows up how lame RLewis's job was. He got destroyed by a guy that only watches the game and now he's trying to have him out of any transmition. that's lame
2020-07-14 17:32
this article is just ridiculous
2020-07-15 23:49
Europe gabiGOD
l live with gaules, and he dosent know richard
2020-07-15 21:24
The guy always has the intention to get a discussion about cheat and what the camp org was doing to get cheaters. Never encouraged hate. Gaules is giant.
2020-07-14 00:19
United States notawaffle
>never encouraged hate >sends brazilians to harrass leaf pick one
2020-07-14 00:21
trk | 
Brazil niczera
prove it
2020-07-14 00:22
United States notawaffle
would if i can speak portuguese mens
2020-07-14 00:23
200iq play, gj
2020-07-14 00:24
Guy, he said a lot of times to people stop hate leaf. You will never find gaules encourage hate, for sure
2020-07-14 00:27
He did lol. He literally threw a match into a gas tank.
2020-07-14 00:36
He was just showing that everyone has a bad day.
2020-07-14 01:20
Brazil Fauchard
No way. He and his friends mch and anothers failures pro players was talking for more than 5 hours that chaos is cheating while the full world wide community just doesn't gave a shit for leaf plays.
2020-07-14 04:27
Richard Lewis did the exact same thing gaules did.
2020-07-14 05:19
It's just funny going through this video's comments and see people saying exactly the same thing about Subroza that the MiBR fans were saying about Chaos.
2020-07-14 15:01
It's just funny going through this video's comments and see people saying exactly the same thing about Subroza that the MiBR fans were saying about Chaos.
2020-07-14 15:01
Brazil yureka
so learn
2020-07-14 00:31
so how do you even know if he did?
2020-07-14 01:12
2020-07-14 01:13
anybody can say dogshit "forest said he hates muslim", "prove it", "would if i knew swedish" doesnt make any sense, and a hater could come "yeah, i know swedish and he said that"
2020-07-14 01:18
Read #38 again and shut up Have a good day!
2020-07-14 01:29
"shut up" nice argument if you ever wanted one to be made, why message? lmao
2020-07-14 01:30
Baited lmao
2020-07-14 01:31
nice argument
2020-07-14 01:32
Gets baited then he says nice argument LMFAO Edit: Have a good day!
2020-07-14 01:34
nice argument
2020-07-14 01:39
0/8 Have a good day!
2020-07-14 03:28
you know you are the one being jebaited
2020-07-14 14:36
2020-07-14 19:35
nice argument
2020-07-14 23:06
2020-07-14 23:14
Him sitting for hours watching Leafs VODs as well as tweeting about this for WEEKS is the only proof you need. He basically throws lighter fluid on the fire by doing the shit he did.
2020-07-14 00:24
+1 The BR "role models" know exactly how the fucking fanbase will behave. Same shit when mibr first kicked taco, they let the community pressure do the work and never defended him. Why can't the mibr fans be more like the Furia fans?
2020-07-14 00:29
Just look at this old tweet from this guy: Check what Gaules even put as title of his stream...Hes such a clown. I BEG that ALL TO:s refuse to give him the rights to cast/stream their events for a VERY VERY long time.
2020-07-14 00:36
They won't do this because he brings more money and views, just look at epicenters he had way more viewers than the main cast. And while they were paying for the casters do their jobs, Gaules had to paid to get the rights, so they won money in 2 ways while the anothers they were spending money to get less results.
2020-07-14 01:25
"because he brings more money and views" ?????????? No he doesnt. He streams on his own channel and not on a tournament channel. All donations/subs hes getting goes in his own pocket, not the TO:s. "Gaules had to paid to get the rights" Fun fact, he has streamed LOTS of events without even being allowed to do so. lol.
2020-07-14 16:08
It's pretty fucking disgusting and his recent apology is literally just "I'm sorry if you got offended by my behaviour" then blaming the fans and asking them to be better than that...
2020-07-14 15:14
+1 Gaules is such a clown. Like i said in #37, I BEG that ALL TO:s refuse to give him the rights to cast/stream their events for a VERY VERY long time.
2020-07-14 16:06
It won't happen because he's a money making machine for those organisers. The very same TO's will let him stream by using his half assed apology as a means for money.
2020-07-14 16:08
"It won't happen because he's a money making machine for those organisers." No he isnt? He streams on his own channel and takes literally 200.000+ viewers from the English streams or whatever languages the tournament casts their games in. All subs/donations Gaules gets obviously goes to him and not to the T.O:s like Dreamhack/IEM/ESL to mention a few.
2020-07-14 16:09
He still has to pay for the rights to stream any event, and contractually, it'd make sense if the TO took a % of the stream revenue (not donations etc, just what you get from ads)
2020-07-14 16:11
FalleN | 
Brazil T1c0
Dude it is a huge dial for us, MIBR may just have lost their entry in the major because of this leaf guy that was cheating (he was absolutely cheating not going to discuss that), imagine astralis losing their entry to somebody that was cheating, THAT WOULD BE HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE, but MIBR, "some washed up pieces of crap" lose their entry to the major because of 16 yo kid that is aim licking, "OMG ONE BRAZILIAN KID SENT DEATH THREATS TO KID THAT WAS JUST MESSING AROUND, ALL THOSE BRAZILIANS ARE SUCH BAD PERSONS. It is just frustating how the instenacional scenary just gave a big whatever to cheats and started hating on BR for one or two mad dudes... Im just disapointed rly :c
2020-07-14 01:50
"MIBR may just have lost their entry in the major because of this leaf guy that was cheating" MIBR is sh*t and lost because they are sh*t. Its simple. Either way, the major is not gonna happen live in RIO so. "(he was absolutely cheating not going to discuss that)" See? You are DELUSIONAL. You are probably a Gaules hardcore fan as well. Pathetic. Accept it, MIBR didnt qualify because they played like sh*t. Just accept it and move on and keep cheering on them. Also, stop with the "one Brazilian kid sent death threats" was HUNDREDS, i saw it with my own eyes. Even FalleN being stupid AF posting "yeah he looks suspicious" adding EVEN MORE lighter fluid to the fire. Gaules and FalleN are two HUGE people in your country, they need to think before they speak (tweet), which they clearly did not. We didnt give a big "whatever to cheats", because Leaf isnt cheating and Valve 100% already checked this out. If he cheats he will be caught, but hes not.
2020-07-14 01:55
if you don't accept that he is SO MUCH PROBABLY cheating, you probably just hate brazilians the captain of his teams was involved in ibuypower scandal, do you really think is cheating a problem? the discussion is moral, he is responsible by his acts and should apologize all that shit, but i don't think the cheating is a problem at this point
2020-07-14 04:11
Huh? So i "Hate brazilians" because i dont agree with them that Leaf is "cheating"? Nice logic dude "the captain of his teams was involved in ibuypower scandal" Which was...? A MATCHFIXING SCANDAL. Not a cheating scandal. "he is responsible by his acts and should apologize all that shit, but i don't think the cheating is a problem at this point" ?? Explain lol
2020-07-14 04:13
the matchfixing scandal just shows he has no values and could easily accept cheating to achieve something the "hate brazilians" was just an way to say, not saying you do it, but his game is very weird and don't admit it is just illogical what im saying is that the cheating is not the problem anymore, the point is about how gaules indirectly made some trash fans to send free hate to leaf and chaos, and you can just think he was negligent to think that he would say he thinks leaf was cheating and nobody would send these bad messages
2020-07-14 04:28
have you ever thought that if you can cheat you can control results? this is match fixing braindead moron
2020-07-14 05:27
Bruh.... "if you can cheat you can control results" No you cant? Just because 1 player "cheats" you cant control the results rofl. Anyways, Leaf isnt cheating. Cry is free Brazilian. You guys are just pissed because the 2nd best BR team didnt qualify for the major.
2020-07-14 05:30
1. yes, you can control. 2. Leaf wasnt cheating? thats is just your opinion and i don't give a damn. 3. Mibr is in a losing and failure streak since 2018 , i'm definetely not pissed of being out the next major, i got used to this
2020-07-14 05:35
1. No you cant. 2. He wasnt. Stop being delusional kid. 3. Well 99.99% of your country is pissed because MIBR didnt qualify clearly.
2020-07-14 06:03
time will prove. chaos will get no far.
2020-07-14 06:08
Not go far? Probably not. Because Chaos and Steel is like OCEAN and SKDC, he helps talents play and then join other teams. Its basically OCEAN we should thank for having Stewie2k, Twistzz and Stanislaw in the T1 scene right now. He was the one that took them into his team as young talents and let them play with him vs pretty good teams to get experience. So when or if Xeppaa and Leaf joins lets say GenG, Liquid, C9 or any other big NA team its Steel we should thank.
2020-07-14 16:15
they will not go far. none of them. clearly unskilled players apart from suspicious plays. none of them can be compared with recent fpl talents like zywoo, broky, brollan... they are common players without aimlocks, and rcs. Time will prove
2020-07-15 20:02
Hahaha. "Clearly unskilled players", lol bro. Steel, if he wasnt Major banned would EASILY be in Liquid, EG or even 100T as IGL. Xeppaa and Leaf are two good prospects that will play in Liquid, EG or GenG within a year or two. EDIT: Also, comparing NA FPL with EU FPL? Come on bro..
2020-07-15 21:05
you are right, you won. they are really good, so impressive. I am jealous. leaf >>>>>> zywoo top 1 confirmed
2020-07-15 21:20
??? Maybe go study on your English kid. I NEVER stated that Leaf was better than ZywOo? I said that Leaf and Xeppaa are two good prospects. Jesus christ, you Brazilians are so delusional. It f*cking hurts to see you guys this delusional.
2020-07-15 22:58
maybe you should improve your interpretation. the past reply was irony. delusional is you thinking they will be good prospects while in reality they will die in csgo scene soon.
2020-07-15 23:34
0/8. Reality is that MIBR is not going to a major any time soon KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
2020-07-15 23:35
this really don't surprise me. what surprise me is a danes defending with 100% sure, two cheating slags tier 2 from USA
2020-07-15 23:45
Yes. I am defending a CHILD that is being attacked by hundreds of people sent by an ADULT. Once again, Leaf and Xeppaa isnt cheating.
2020-07-15 23:47
all you said is guesswork. i dare you to prove what you are saying. where is the link with adults doing threats to this kid? btw if he is a child, so please call his parents, he should not be on tweeter. again, only time can prove if they cheated or not, so let me do a question for you: how much would you bet that they are clean?
2020-07-15 23:58
"i dare you to prove what you are saying" Then i can say the same about you guys crying that Leaf is 100% cheating rofl? Twitter age limit is 13, hes 16. "how much would you bet that they are clean?" I dont bet.
2020-07-16 00:32
you are confusing things. Like Gaules did, people saying leaf was cheating were giving their opinion about a fact. You are saying that something happened. so please show me threats. you probably saw the threats, don't you? kkkkkkk you are a joke, sweetie, a fuck dane who cant trust in his own words. I will expect time show that Chaos and its players are a fraud.
2020-07-16 00:59
i just remebered a good example of a player with fishy clips tha died in the scene: fckin WARDELL. people used to defende him too by saying he was a talent kekw
2020-07-16 01:29
"If he chats, he will be caught" u are absolutelly delusional... VAC does not get even free cheats that i can find within 2 mins of reaserch and u think they will detect a probably well paid professinal cheat??????? Dude rly not being bias, his aim locks were INSANE, it were like 9-10 in 2 Bo3 (MIBR, Team One) he got more cheating clips in two matches than flusha did in his entire career, for it is more than clear that this is not a coincidence, but whatever, u just hate brazilian cs and u are just so so so so blind to this leaf dude, dont rly care at this point
2020-07-14 14:54
Did i say it would be VAC that would get him caught? No i didnt. There is other anti-cheats that exists and Leaf is playing FPL as well i believe. YOU are delusional. Hes not cheating, give up and go cry in your bed because MIBR didnt qualify lol. MIBR is probably qualifing for the next major in 2021 if they get their shit together. " u just hate brazilian cs and u are just so so so so blind to this leaf dude, dont rly care at this point" Why...WHY do you Brazilians on this website always say this bullshit comment? No i dont hate you, i dont hate your teams and i dont hate Brazilian players. Why would i? But FalleN lost some respect from me because of some tweets he made about this Leaf situation. Instead of defending the kid he basically threw lighter fluid on the fire with his tweets. I am blind? No i am not. YOU and the Brazilian MIBR fans are blind, blind with hate. Literally sending DEATH THREATS and THREATS to a dude?
2020-07-14 16:20
Imagine being so stupid that you think all tournament organisers rely on VAC as their primary anti cheat software
2020-07-14 16:46
Even if it is not VAC, Forsaken, for example, got caught coz management went after his pc, and saw him deleting word.exe, now admins cant just go and look for leafs pc, anti cheat can easily be bypassed EASILY, if he is cheating or not, we are truly never going to know
2020-07-14 17:22
Forsaken was already accused of cheating cause he had a vac banned account even before entering the lan at china but he proved to esl that he had sold that account to his friend ,thats why he was allowed to participate This could be a reason why valve doesnt believe jampii cause he may have hacked and just lying about it like forsaken did But thing is till you get caught by an anti cheat you are not a cheater technically ,our opinions dont matter shit to the organisers cause they only care about facts and fact is leaf is not a cheater to them ,so only thing the brazilians can do is send more death threats and make them look even stupider while he gets more popular cause he becomes the victim
2020-07-16 14:08
"Forsaken was already accused of cheating cause he had a vac banned" Dude this guy is 16 and in on one of his first big pro matches he gets acused of cheating dude, he did not have time to get acused OMEGALUL
2020-07-17 06:25
Brazil Fauchard
+1 I watched the videos I have a lot of groups of CS GO in whatsapp and 99% of people was accusing leaf of cheating after the lives
2020-07-14 05:13
Think with me. You have 1 million and 700 thousand followers. Now control what each of them says on social media. It's impossible.
2020-07-14 00:35
"Now control what each of them says on social media. It's impossible." Thats not the point. The point is, Gaules, OR any other HUGE person on Twitter needs to think before they tweet something. Does Gaules want hundreds of his fans/Brazilians to post threats/death threats to Leaf/Chaos? Obviously not. Is it his fault that these people does that? Yes, its partially his fault because he sits and watches VODs of Leafs games, tweeting scoreboards etc etc making his fans / MIBR fans even more mad.
2020-07-14 01:58
No, not his fault. He gave his opinion, period. Same as anyone. He didn't tell the fans to be toxic towards leaf or chaos. Richard Lewis gives his opinion all the time aswell, same as Thorin wether you like or not they say whatever they think and I don't see them apologizing. This is just pathethic.
2020-07-14 15:20
"No, not his fault. He gave his opinion" HAHAHAHA, delusional?! He: 1. Started to watch VOD:s for hours and also said "oh look suspicious blabla" which made his fans get angry and obv start tweeting towards Chaos/Leaf and Xeppaa. 2. Hes a HUGE person on Twitter/Twitch and obv in Brazil. With that comes responsibility. Is he responsible for the actions that his fans are doing? Yes, he is. Because he was the one that made them get this angry and continued to feed them with even more rage when he was tweeting shit about Leaf/Chaos matches. Gaules is a piece of shit that should not cast any more tournaments what so ever. I hope Dreamhack, IEM, ESL, Summit and all the others forbid him to do it, because he only brings hate to the scene.
2020-07-14 16:06
Did you notice that he didn't apologize for calling leaf's out? He's not apologizing for something that he still believes. He's apologizing for his fanbase reaction. That TO's out from Gaules and you won't have 1/3 of the viewers, even more. That way too much of an impact on their income to not allow gaules to cast. Too bad for you for not liking a guy who stands for what he believes.
2020-07-14 16:12
"Too bad for you for not liking a guy who stands for what he believes." Eh? I dont stand or agree with an ADULT that is harassing a child. Gaules lost my respect forever because of that.
2020-07-14 16:16
Again, not harassing. Expressing opinion and reviewing his demos. He thinks leaf was cheating - he talked to other pros in the BR scene about that and discussed the situation. They were not joking around, they were analysing clip by clip and what they thought it could be or not be cheating. Even the GamerClub anti-cheat guy participated in this stream. Those are serious people and not a bunch of kids.
2020-07-14 18:18
"Those are serious people and not a bunch of kids." Yet they act like kids.
2020-07-14 18:41
Too bad for you that you don't understand Portuguese. Their discussion was valid either you agree or not. Serious people talking about something that could impact the whole scenario, not just mibr. Aren't you sad that the TO didn't take any further action? What if there are other players that are cheating and no one is doing anything because that would be the end of the game? Cheaters are always a step ahead no matter what sport. See Lance Armstrong that only got caught because he confessed. They never had proof on him but everyone knew he was cheating.
2020-07-14 20:54
"Too bad for you that you don't understand Portuguese."???? Are you fake flagging or what? lol. I dont have to understand a language to understand what a person is doing.
2020-07-14 21:14
So are you just assuming what they talked during stream and taking your own conclusion based on what others have told you? What a pity I feel for you.
2020-07-15 00:30
Resposability for having a large amount of viewers followers? why? stop being such a snowflake. He can give his opinion with 1 follower or with 10.000 even if It's about a guy being a cheater. He didn't encourage harrassment so there's nothing to cry about. He was obviously wrong but if he thinks so why can't he state what he thinks? because he is famous? but you can give your opinion whenever you want, how's that fair? Seeing how you reply to other comments show me that you are on a personal crusade against this guy, as if this affected you at all lmao
2020-07-14 18:14
"Resposability for having a large amount of viewers followers? why?" ??????????????????????????????? Because you can convince THOUSANDS of people of something. lol? Jesus christ dude. Then you call me a "Snow flake", you clearly dont understand how a famous person can control a crowd even if he want to or or doesnt intend to do.
2020-07-14 18:43
How can Kim Jong Un rule a population of 25.5 million people and no one sends bad tweets? That's good leadership! If only the whole world was more like North Korea, it would be a better, safer place for anyone.
2020-07-14 02:49
by "never sending" he meant like he never told people to go there, but creating those stupid videos just encourage alot of people to go there and he knows brazilians better than anyone, just an hypocrite sheet.
2020-07-14 01:14
2020-07-14 16:17
I wonder why he posted so many weeks later, maybe some TOs refused to give him broadcasting rights for future tournaments)))
2020-07-14 00:20
FalleN | 
Brazil T1c0
dont think this is true, gaules pulled off 397k on MIBR x FURIA, would make no sense for the TOs to take his rights
2020-07-14 02:00
bad publicity, by hiring him they are condoning his actions
2020-07-14 02:27
summit 6 didn't care lol
2020-07-14 14:56
India c0nsc10us
Don't believe TOs will face a lot of financial difficulties if because of losing the money gaules pays them for letting him stream their tournaments. Gaules would obviously be the bigger loser. If he isn't already.
2020-07-14 17:55
Portugal CRMN1
Dodging the twitch ban wave?
2020-07-14 05:30
Well what he was doing was harassment of atleast 1 streamer so maybe.
2020-07-14 16:38
Wow congrats, after 300 years he finally apologize. Just to save his own ass lol, clearly. Hes probably scared that big TO:s wont allow him to stream their tournaments lol.
2020-07-14 00:22
+1 i like him but he def doesnt feel sorry
2020-07-14 00:24
I feel for you... You just speak without knowing about the facts.
2020-07-14 01:21
0/8. Delusional Brazilian as always...sad to see dude...sad to see...
2020-07-14 01:24
It's sad to see how you speak without knowing the truth. You simply answered with a game statistic, I just feel sorry for you.
2020-07-14 01:26
0/8. Gaules is an idiot that shouldnt be allowed to cast any matches. Simple.
2020-07-14 01:30
You don't know him, you just know what '' the good guys '' told you to think about what really happened. I repeat you don't know anything.
2020-07-14 01:33
"You don't know him" Neither do you. Lmfao dude, JE-SUS, you are so hardcore delusional fanboy of Gaules its insane. Defending him like a fcking bodyguard.
2020-07-14 01:35
I don't want a fight, I'm just saying people are crucifying him. I'm not defending Gaules, but I am part of his community and people speak as if we were demons. Lies like "Gaules sent people to threaten leaf" that fuck the Brazilian scene, as if they wanted it to end.
2020-07-14 01:41
"Lies like "Gaules sent people to threaten leaf" that fuck the Brazilian scene, as if they wanted it to end." People saying "Gaules sent people to threaten leaf" are stupid. BUT, Gaules clearly had a BIG part in this whole situation. He threw lighter fluid on a fire basically, then tries to turn it around by making this "Oh everyone attack Brazilians" video/stream.
2020-07-14 01:59
I understand your argument, but I cannot say that there's nothing against us, just having to explain it already shows that, I know it's not your case, but many people still think so. But it doesn't matter. Thanks for the conversation. Sorry
2020-07-14 02:20
Good thing he did a apology but he should have done one weeks ago or simply not just do the stupid things he did. I am aware that we all make mistakes and it is great that he is trying to make up for it but I am afraid that this may not come from a genuine place.
2020-07-14 00:24
Portugal Surya
Leaf is a hacker. But death threats and violence can't be part of this scene though
2020-07-14 00:25
Innocent till proven guilty though. His clips were weird as hell and way too many sus clips in one single match but still he's not proven to be cheating and that's what matters.
2020-07-14 00:31
clips werent sus btw, the whole drama is ridiculous, every clip is normal and easily explainable
2020-07-14 01:31
All of them? No, most of them were exaggerated and were indeed explainable but that Overpass monster clip is super weird, so is the inferno apartments one. I personally don't think he's cheating but if he isn't then why is his crosshair in such weird and unorthodox places?
2020-07-14 01:39
monster clip wasnt even close to be aimlocked on the body, random movement, probably cause he was aiming down and additionally pulled down to control the recoil, after that he lifted his mouse to reset the mouse position and probably didnt lift it high enough, very common. If you mean inferno coming out of balc then this clip is nothing sus, he was just preaiming coldzera position in site, additionally the "lock" was to the left of the connector player, then he moved his mouse far right going over that players body. As i said. Everything gets clearer if you watch the demo (without interpolation)
2020-07-14 01:43
the game didn't load in where fer was for leaf on inferno so there is no way wall hacks could see him.
2020-07-14 02:30
yea i know that but i dont even mention that argument cause people will say there are cheats which bypass that and obviously i cant say such cheats dont exist
2020-07-14 02:38
Oh cool. I haven't seen the demo myself actually. All I've seen is those clips on Twitch.
2020-07-14 02:39
Wow thats a great non-apology Never once does he take personal responsibility Never once does he apoligise for his actions In no way does he suggest that he regrets calling Leaf a hacker Spends a good 50% of it just to pander to his fanbase for protection Pretty obvious he just wants to save his own ass so he can stream. Unless the translation is bad
2020-07-14 00:29
why would he change his mind about leaf cheating tho if he thinks hes suspect, he wont lie, and say that he doesnt think leaf is cheating
2020-07-14 00:33
yea and thats the whole point here, he is just stupid, plain stupid. not like its something horrible cause most retards actually think these clips prove cheats too
2020-07-14 01:33
he has the right to believe leaf is cheating and doesn't need to apologize for that. what he did was how he acted with his belief. shox believed flusha was cheating, in example, and didn't apologize because he never needed to because he has the right to believe that.
2020-07-14 02:17
he has the right to believe so but what happened was more than that, he obviously encouraged the whole br community to do all these things regardless if he wanted it or not. Additionally now every goddamn brazilian is sure as hell that chaos are cheaters which is ridiculous
2020-07-14 02:25
exactly but people believe that he should apologize for believing that he cheats which is the wrong thing to apologize for because he has the right to believe that
2020-07-14 02:30
thats exactly the point i made he did apologize for wanting or not his fan base harassing a 16 year old but #27 said "In no way does he suggest that he regrets calling Leaf a hacker" which he doesnt need to
2020-07-14 14:42
thats the wrong approach, he can believe what he wants but even starting a debate suggesting somebody was cheating (and then actually even deducting HE WAS cheating) is already a huge mistake that as we are seeing now cant be undone cause brazilians already have their opinion. This kind of thing shouldnt be conducted publicly with such a huge audience. Funny thing is that after all this mess he still didnt even manage to work out the clips are not sus.
2020-07-14 14:48
Yes but Shox didnt knowingly mobilise his fanbase to harass a new player to the scene (nevermind a 16 year old). Whereas Gaules not for the first time mobilised his massive fanbase of room temperature IQ fans to attack a 16 year old because of alleged hacking accusations. He has the right to believe whatever he wants but it doesnt warrant an attack on this kid. He didnt apologise for it, therefore hes still a dick in my eyes
2020-07-14 12:17
pretty sure Gaules didnt knowingly mobilise his fanbase to harass a player he even told them not to do it
2020-07-14 14:43
It took him time to tell them not to. Long after leaf had disabled his account due to the abuse.
2020-07-14 17:29
2020-07-14 18:56
He can believe what he wants, but when you are a leader of a very toxic community you have some degree of responsibility when you accuse someone publicly of cheating.
2020-07-14 19:03
trk | 
Brazil NahT_
can someone ctrl+v here, dunno why twitter isn't working for me it says that "Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot." :(
2020-07-14 01:12
it was so easy to read with a simple question: Why does he have so much right to broadcast? That alone made Gaules give up everything. Congratz to those who wrote this letter (probably called Brexe), literally showed value of this community
2020-07-14 01:23
Nice wall of text, where is the apology to leaf, xeppa and the rest of Chaos? This is pure damage control, maybe twitch is ready to axe him for good. inb4 salty brazilians.
2020-07-14 01:30
No direct apology to Leaf and Xeppa Classy
2020-07-14 01:45
Gaules_did_nothing_wrong The only people wrong in this whole story: >valve (for having bad anti-cheat system), chaos, leaf and xeppa (in case they really cheated) >some fans who crossed the line and hated too much on the players/org >some pros and "analysts" like RL who hated on gaules and tried to put the community against the biggest cs influencer of the world
2020-07-14 01:45
daps | 
United States wtcce4
0/8 negative iq bait
2020-07-14 01:52
Tell me where im wrong then
2020-07-14 02:00
everywhere, there was nothing sus in these clips and gaules&co 10iq actions leaded to the whole retarded witchhunt and every brazilian is still thinking chaos are cheating. Everything is wrong
2020-07-14 02:26
I think it is more likely that they were NOT cheating than that they were cheating, but saying that there was nothing sus is ridiculous Gaules just gave his opinion about the clips, he can't be accountable for someone else's actions Actually, he said multiple times to not hate on the chaos players
2020-07-14 03:16
i definitely thought they were suspicious, i analyzed them and im sure now that there is nothing suspicious
2020-07-14 03:22
Finland Jodecast
Literally 0iq post. and Gaules? biggest influencer of the cs world? Lmao almost no one over here has even heard of the guy
2020-07-14 02:30
He is the biggest CS influencer of the world currently and the biggest streamer (most hours watched) on the past 3 or so months He is obviously not known worldwide because he streams in portuguese (which makes it even more impressive that he can achieve such numbers while streaming in a non-english language)
2020-07-14 03:21
Meh, this situation bores me. I think there is something we miss, is how they have a very different mentality and community in Brazil. Which is great and the passion is amazing. I kinda could compare it when there is a suspicious penalty or play in football and u naturally over-analyze that play hundreds of times, and discuss it for hours if it was a penalty or not. And He can do that, and everyone can debate or talk about it, many of us accused Jw, flusha of cheating even zywoo was considered a cheater! So, yeah. I.. Kinda relate to that.. when he was playing the clips of leaf on his stream, and most foreign community didnt understand that. He was just creating a debate if he was cheating or not. Now.. That a small part of the Brazilians send him death threats or any kind of threat thats obviously stupid and idiotic to do. But I believe its a fairly small portion of it, and probably those who did aren't even subscribers to gaules on twitch.
2020-07-14 01:49
Yes, they don't understand and don't want to understand how our country works. What is really annoying is how they don't even wanna talk about it Imagine if people from other countries cared about what soccer commentators talk in Brazil.
2020-07-14 14:53
normal sport isn't so pure international. eSports was, is and will be always a global thing in the first place. SO your point doesn't matter.
2020-07-14 19:06
It does. Because as much as we have to adapt to the global community, the global also have to understand the local culture. There wouldn't be nothing wrong with him debating about the suspicious thing if the viewers were mature enough to not do death threats to a 16yo. Gaules now've realized that people weren't ready to be mature about it and is reviewing his behavior as an influential person
2020-07-14 19:12
nope global dont have to di it. There are normal rules everyone should follow but brazil can't obv. Bullying is a normal thing for them but not for the world.
2020-07-14 19:16
I do agree that people shouldn't adapt on bullying. I think the death threats are bigger than the actual accusations. But people haven't even heard what brazilians were trying to say. That's not a way to be a "global community"
2020-07-14 19:24
If you can't communicate it is your own problem. Maybe learn it before speaking. Would dodge a lot of problems. But that isn't the fault of the global that is Brazils fault.
2020-07-14 19:26
It's not about communicating, people said Chaos weren't cheating without knowing anything about it
2020-07-14 19:34
read your first 2 parts again and replace bra71l with Nazi Germany, Rom Empire or all other evil shit we can found in human history. It would make no difference in your text. LUL
2020-07-14 19:03
daps | 
United States wtcce4
man, the more he puts up with this facade the worse its going to turn out, just apologize directly to the chaos guys and their managment and be done with it, quit beating around the bush and making promises, just do fucking something
2020-07-14 01:50
Hi, my name is Sean Kaempf. I’m from twitter, and some people might know me for being fast, but can you please stop with this Gaules stuff? Gaules is a good person, and he is apologizing when he doesn’t need to shows his true humanity, he didn’t say to send death threats his fans, wanted to, and I don’t agree with the death threat stuff but that’s dumb AF. but, one thing which makes me sick to my stomach is that people think Gaules is this horible person he isn’t he is a good Person which inspired me to stream, and be happy in this world, I heard from somewhere that he might have been hit with depression in 2018 or they found it in him, I don’t know the word so I’m sorry, but please just know Gaules didn’t want any of this happen he is a good person with lots of heart,
2020-07-14 01:53
North America Straf3R
It's been a couple of weeks. He should have apologized as soon as this shit started.
2020-07-14 02:02
sean god!
2020-07-14 05:30
Sean, you're a great guy! Thx for supporting us
2020-07-14 14:49
Germany Jermen
Ok. Now when will kng apologize?
2020-07-14 02:27
Ok. Now when will D. Trump apologize?
2020-07-14 02:32
Germany Jermen
After he loses to Kenya West
2020-07-14 03:02
he won't, it would take to long at this point
2020-07-14 02:33
Ok, but the damage is already done, just look at the comments in the tweet to understand this. He tried to end the career of a boy that is only 16, this is unforgivable. I hope no one forget that.
2020-07-14 02:32
2020-07-14 03:41
Canada louna1238
finally a brazilian that isnt bias and shows appreciation on both sides
2020-07-14 05:11
Gaules showed fear Fear of losing contracts and all money involved on it
2020-07-14 02:40
+1 rofl. Its so obvious that he made this apology because hes scared that TO:s wont allow him to stream their matches.
2020-07-14 03:41
2020-07-14 14:58
Now he shows his small pp.
2020-07-14 02:57
well nothing unexpected here, I have told many times in my banned account this gaules guy is a attention whore with no talent except summoning his legion of braindead brazilian fanboys that repeat whatever he says/thinks. These are the same retards who say our president is the problem of our country and that have been ruining the reputation of brazilians on internet since... ever. What else I can say... I just hate being from this country of uneducated, illiterate and uncivilized animals.
2020-07-14 04:43
You see? People who hate Gaules are the same guys who elected Bolsonaro and Trump
2020-07-14 14:47
Brazil brend0n
what are you talking about? gaules almost did campaign for bolsonaro lol. he should apologize for this too
2020-07-14 15:17
I saw he saying he regreted it like 5 times
2020-07-14 17:48
just shows how he is a pussy who shifts his opinion as needed, just like how he decided to apologize about the brawl with leaf only because this got out of proportion and gringos were roasting him, so he was afraid of losing his golden seat on twitch
2020-07-14 20:35
so it's a good thing to be on the opposite side of this idiot, i'm proud.
2020-07-14 20:31
why should i TakeTheRedPill?
2020-07-14 19:41
to free yourself from the chains and lies of this world
2020-07-14 20:36
He said it himself, they are still a TRIBE. Sad but true. P.S. Can I somehow block him on twitch so I cant see his channel ever again? couldnt find that option? Thanks in advance
2020-07-14 14:40
I have to be more active to create topics. Well, every brazilian idiot will reply with screenshots of his numbers in any argument. But what they will not tell HLTV is that Gaules (and what I think is some kind of streamers network, I don't believe each BR streamer is doing on its own) have a "store" where you trade your "viewer points" (each one of them with a dumb name) for real prizes and shit. That's why his reruns always have a shitton of "watchers", gullible kids who don't pay electrical bills leaving their machine running 24/7 dreaming of trading a 20 USD headphone from his beloved gaugau store. I don't know if this kind of stuff is against Twitch TOS, but knowing how Anomaly got so much trashtalked about the Valorant keys thing, I don't know why it isn't known here (I think mocking gaules fans about this stuff can make them pissed, mens))) If you don't believe me, filter by language Portuguese and count how many will have the word Loja (store) in the title. Knowing my country, it's probably being used for money laudering or some shit.
2020-07-14 16:09
The whole apology is based off "sorry you got offended". This could just be bad translation, or just a half assed apology. After his stream titles like "tribunal of justice" watching leaf vods ,it's most likely just a half assed apology...
2020-07-14 16:20
I believe that the CS go scene is ending all over the world, you can no longer have the right to express your opinion, this is ridiculous, people are judging us for something they don't even know, football is the same, Brazilians can't do anything more, because other people in the world are already killing, Gaules is a public figure and I believe that people like him have to be more careful with what they post and other things, but he is a person, and the person can have your own opinion, besides that all of you who are speaking ill of him, and are wishing him to miss the transmissions with official championships, are spreading hatred against him, and this is wrong too, you end up being worse than him, because in no time he said to go there and swipe the leaf, he just expressed his opinion, you are already having a hate speech wanting her to lose everything she has achieved so far, hypocritical trash.!
2020-07-14 17:15
Scared of losing money
2020-07-14 17:35
Typical. Never apologized for accusing someone of cheating lmfao.
2020-07-14 17:49
I will write every sponsor of every tournament organizer the article of Lewis, when they give Gaulus stream rights. More can't we do but this piece of.... should be banned forever. Thors banhammer isn't enough. We need Hulk to smash him for good.
2020-07-14 19:00
Good luck, I'm sure they will prefer a random dudes article than a brazilian legend.
2020-07-15 23:59
Only bra71l believe he is a legend. A cs 1.6 players that made 1 tournament is a legend LUL. Then I am a legend as well I played Fifa eps. And Lewis as much as you can hate him as a person, he is an esports journalism legend. Cuz he wrote always about the shit in the scene. Also all what he wrote in the article are facts. Gaulus has no facts on his site... only the victim card.
2020-07-16 11:25
n1 fakeflaggo
2020-07-17 07:01
Ok jerman see you in hell
2020-07-17 07:37
You already there. 7-1, gaulus, stupid president, and so many covid death cuz of own ignorance
2020-07-17 10:56
first he starts the witchhunt by saying "hey guys everytime people talk about brazilians they mock with us and call us monkeys" we cannot let this happen and stand up > AKA get in action, do something and now he says less hate more love? HAHAHHA. hypocrit, pick a side gaulkid, ur damaging urself even more with this shit, smh😋😋😋😋😋
2020-07-14 19:09
yes he's a coward pussy who shifts his opinion as needed, if this brawl about leaf hadn't got out of control he would still be summoning his braindead fans to attack players
2020-07-14 20:44
Yes, and Gaules is right. You must be braindead if you think that "we cannot let this happen and stand up" have any relation to violence or anything offensive a person can do to another. Your comment here only proves that Gaules is right... your brain only interpret "we need to stand up" as violence because we're talking about brazilians, right? "We need to stand up" could mean: "Lets be more vocal about how brazilians are being treated", "let's bring this subject to the table more often", "let's discuss viable and effective ways to change this", etc... But no... we're talking about brazilians, so "we need to stand up" MUST mean something really bad, right?
2020-07-14 21:38
Gaules literally refused to talk about Fer's racism against Brazilians with hair originating from African descent. He said "it's not my place to talk about it" Fer was literally being racist towards Brazilians because he was saying that that hair is bad compared to straight hair of European descent. So nah not buying it Gaules is just trying to cover his ass.
2020-07-15 23:51
Fer didnt even know anything about structural racism, he even explained that he didnt know about this type of racism at all, and then apologized. I didnt know about structural racism either, to be honest it's something only a few people know. But i think no one and nothing will change your mind... so..
2020-07-17 02:23
I mean the only way it could improve is for Gaules and his fans to go away forever
2020-07-15 23:49
This richard lewis dude really wants to be relevant. He'll never be anywhere close to Gaules tho.
2020-07-15 23:54
Uhm. Gaules is like relevant in Brazil and Portugal. RL is relevant in the entire CS scene. Sure, not as much as he used to be, but yeah.
2020-07-16 01:32
Relevant how? Gaules was actually a tier 1 pro player and now is a very successfull streamer and businessman with a crazy ammount of followers. This other dude is an "analyst" that lives by trying to be relevant in social media creating controversies and making hate statements. Maybe relevant wasn't the word I should have used, successfull is the one.
2020-07-16 01:58
fuck him and every single brazilian in the world.
2020-07-15 23:54
Brazil Yonarev
2020-07-16 02:03
finally ..
2020-07-16 02:08
Other cxd
fake apology
2020-07-16 02:25
all in all richard lewies gets views, gaules get views, leaf is now worldwide famous, cs now has better anti cheat (might not be related), fuck all that.
2020-07-17 06:46
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