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NA gym users come
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
The gyms nice and empty right now or nha
2020-07-14 01:26
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Gyms are always empty. Its NA
2020-07-14 01:26
2020-07-14 01:27
+2 lmao
2020-07-14 01:27
Lithuania Paulius_CS
Life Time in Chicago suburbs was always filled..Those try hards are back there probably
2020-07-14 01:29
2020-07-14 01:38
nt there are no pokemon gyms in real life
2020-07-14 01:27
leaf | 
Brazil TabzeN
imagine paying gym monthly when u can buy equipments and workout from home at any time
2020-07-14 01:28
The gym's lit and has way more equipment than any reasonable person can buy (also most gyms have a sauna, pool, basketball court, so it's dope to have a membership)
2020-07-14 01:36
sauna pool and baksetball court whhhaaat, how much per month do u pay i pay 29 euro for student gym and the gym only offer sauna and gym
2020-07-14 01:39
I go to my local LA Fitness which is like probably the biggest gym company in the country I think (not sure) and it's 30 bucks a month and 35 bucks a month to get access to locations accross the country (mine doesn't have a pool though) but a lot of them have pools and they even have a section where they can watch your kids when u work out
2020-07-14 01:43
that sounds more like a sports center than a gym
2020-07-14 01:46
I mean idk google calls it "An american gym chain"
2020-07-14 01:47
I'd like to see you buy all the equpment a gym has to offer.
2020-07-14 01:41
leaf | 
Brazil TabzeN
who the fuck needs all equipments?
2020-07-14 01:47
Nobody needs all of them, fair enough. But go ahead and spend thousands of dollars on equipment, have fun
2020-07-14 01:47
leaf | 
Brazil TabzeN
my family bought a running machine, lots of weights and rubber bands, we can do pretty much everything with it and everybody (4 people) use them with no problem, while someone is running the other can workout with the weights or do some cardio outside, maybe exercises that doesn't require equipments. but i understand people that pay gym, the variety is bigger and the environment is better than home, it's up to each person.
2020-07-14 01:52
That sounds very different to your initial statement. Much more reasonable
2020-07-14 01:53
bench press? squat, if u cant do compound exercises u cant call it a gym
2020-07-14 01:56
+1 just a set of all free weight handles is like 5-15k$ +-
2020-07-14 01:47
leaf | 
Brazil TabzeN
we didn't spend more than 1k dollars in all weights, we have lots of kits that we can use any time for the rest of our lives.
2020-07-14 01:53
not open here in nyc((
2020-07-14 01:41
They're not even open
2020-07-14 01:42
where are you at? all the gyms are around me are back open.
2020-07-14 01:48
NYC. I think they'll open by August or September.
2020-07-14 01:50
dang that sucks, but new york got hit pretty hard so its understandable.
2020-07-14 01:53
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