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serious medical help [18+]
floppy | 
United States DustNG 
so this has only started happening as of recent. whenever i masturbate i smell and taste blood and right when i am about to orgasm i get an unbearable headache that almost causes me to pass out. i start sweating very heavily and i am at the brink of tears from these headaches. has anyone experienced what i am experiencing right now and do you know a fix? i just recently turned 18 and it is very difficult to control my high sex drive.
2020-07-14 02:00
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sex her
2020-07-14 02:01
i am | 
Europe Tier1
idk maybe you popped some artery/vein inside your head from high pressure when masturbating
2020-07-14 02:05
i mean i am very young and never had a blood pressure issue. i have grandparents that have very very high blood pressure so it might be catching on to me finally. i always get the bad genes lol
2020-07-14 02:11
i am | 
Europe Tier1
Go get checked bro don't risk anything
2020-07-14 02:12
ok ill try to schedule an appointment with the walk in doctor or something
2020-07-14 02:13
i am | 
Europe Tier1
Yeah don't be shy and tell him the truth don't worry, it's normal for the doc to talk with ppl about masturbation.
2020-07-14 02:13
Slovakia bad_at_life
dont masturbate and dont ask us, ask doctor
2020-07-14 02:05
How many faps per day?
2020-07-14 02:05
maybe 3 on a bad day, normally about 2.
2020-07-14 02:08
You need to do 6+ per day
2020-07-14 02:09
i am | 
Europe Tier1
3 on a good day*
2020-07-14 02:12
Well, thats intresting. I don't think there is an Urologic explanation for this. It might be over expression of sympathetic nervous system.
2020-07-14 02:26
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