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2020-07-14 03:29
it's not a lot for a pro most pro players have between 3k and 4k elo (some have more but who cars) only a few have less than 3k, like daps, autimatic, stew, Snappi but it's always close to 3k (except snappi), also azr, liazz and jkaem 2.8k but 2.4k elo isn't good lol i play against 2.4k elo players i know he is better than the dudes i play against but still
2020-07-14 03:31
he just doesn't play pugs lol,what's the big deal
2020-07-14 03:31
it's weird that he doesnt have more elo
2020-07-14 03:38
as if its meaning something for pros.
2020-07-14 03:39
it doesnt but it's not a lot
2020-07-14 03:49
Portugal CRMN1
Some pros were given 3k elo
2020-07-14 03:33
2020-07-14 03:50
Portugal CRMN1
I read somewhere some time ago that a lot of pros were gifted 3k elo as a jumpstart, not sure though, I don't play faceit.
2020-07-14 03:56
he has 241 games played, not much compared to other pros you listed also, lots of Brazilian pug on gamersclub platform, not faceit
2020-07-14 03:35
United States fatburger
most br and na pros are below 3k elo
2020-07-14 03:43
>most br >all furia and mibr players but trk are above 3k
2020-07-14 03:50
200 games 2400 elo tho..
2020-07-14 03:34
2020-07-14 03:50
not so expected
2020-07-14 03:41
Havoc | 
Norway _SoZe
zywoo is top 10 in whole faceit elo ranking
2020-07-14 03:42
i know and ?
2020-07-14 03:50
he actually has insane winrate and very few matches, nothing bad there, its the opposite. Besides that brazilians used to play gamersclub only or whatever its called
2020-07-14 03:44
United States fatburger
sa na and asia pros are usually below 3k elo. I think its the fact of there being less players in each of those regions
2020-07-14 03:44
also, they hopped between esea, gamersclub, now back to faceit they haven't been strictly faceit since the beginning like eu
2020-07-14 04:08
he is the mibr player who less play pugs. normally he only train with the team and then take care of his business
2020-07-14 03:48
2020-07-14 03:50
Brazil xaxaxaxax
Probably cuz he’s training and not playing shit pugs?
2020-07-14 03:54
who cares about pugs ? flamie has 2800 elo
2020-07-14 03:56
Well he should have 1800
2020-07-14 03:57
who are u?
2020-07-14 03:57
Brazil xaxaxaxax
2020-07-14 03:58
Maybe even 800? Who knows
2020-07-14 03:59
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