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Xyp9x | 
Morocco moroccaN 
i feel so sad when i see him not playing csgo anymore, i feel so mad at stupid csgo ORGS wasting a pure genuis and a massive machine.
2020-07-14 06:19
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i think he wasted his talent himself honestly
2020-07-14 06:20
Norway NosTheBoss
2020-07-14 09:17
how? he had so many oppurtunities
2020-07-17 10:25
yea and somehow he got replaced on every team, and instead of joining a tier 2 or tier 3 team he then decided to rather stream matchmaking every day. that's what i mean by wasted his talent himself.
2020-07-17 17:50
Germany AutiSimple
kinda agree. He was always pugging instead of playing fpl. Probably because he wasnt able to topfrag in fpl and the level is a lil bit higher
2020-07-17 22:47
Belgium lil_vodka
true and sad at the same time
2020-07-17 22:56
yea, i still like him tho, i'm sure he'll perform great in valorant
2020-07-18 07:35
nah its Happy who destroyed him
2020-07-18 17:55
2020-07-18 17:59
and himself
2020-07-18 19:09
he died with the last french envyus roster.
2020-07-14 06:22
my condolences
2020-07-18 17:50
lol he stopped playing csgo cuz he has no future in it tier 3 hard stuck
2020-07-14 06:27
comeback when navi is major winner
2020-07-14 06:29
im no navi fan but careful with what you say lmao
2020-07-14 06:42
nt navi fan
2020-07-18 17:50
stop expos me mens(((
2020-07-18 18:54
Come back when Morocco have a cs team or a scene for that matter.
2020-07-14 08:26
2020-07-14 08:48
Egypt ExonsX
Subroza and Scream are from Morocco tho
2020-07-14 09:20
dont Play for morroco
2020-07-17 09:50
Slovakia Daev0n
Aren't both of those players in Valorant?
2020-07-18 17:56
scream is from belgium subroza is from canada both valorant players anyway
2020-07-18 19:08
bcs scream won a major right...?
2020-07-14 08:50
Scream 7 time major champion so what u talking about
2020-07-18 17:48
Malaysia Suno[t]
scream is done like the french scene only two years peak. but that's good enough. gl hf on v******
2020-07-14 06:28
When was scream ever a pure 'genuis'
2020-07-14 06:39
France daniel19
flag doesn't check out
2020-07-14 06:45
I'm just not delusional.
2020-07-14 06:46
Russia pvcure13
Yeah he's an aim god - literally all aim no brain
2020-07-14 07:02
he like toorkish aim talents no brain
2020-07-18 08:04
broky | 
Latvia De1Co
Or Ruskies
2020-07-18 09:15
no aim no brain only mic spam
2020-07-18 09:16
United States Phamous3k
ScreaM is supposedly signing with Team Liquid so. $$$$
2020-07-14 08:11
Well ScreaM was way too one dimensional. Ya he had crazy first shot accuracy, but his sprays were horrendous, he barely knew any nades, bad communication, bad teamwork, and wasn't clutch. Only way he could 'work' was with a team that let him just take one on one duals by setting them up for him. Which in short means a team that revolves around him. Now he doesn't have enough aim to be that star, and due his lack of being good at everything else, he won't see any use on tier 1/2 and maybe even tier 3 teams.
2020-07-14 08:19
cool story, bro. in which team did you play together with ScreaM? just curious
2020-07-14 08:34
2020-07-17 10:28
Germany Pardi8
2020-07-17 09:55
2020-07-17 10:24
How do you know he had bad communication and bad teamwork?
2020-07-17 18:05
There was a reason he was benched/kicked. Watch his games, unless all 4 of his teammates cant communicate with him then he isnt that good with communication. Same thing with teamwork
2020-07-17 22:42
+1 i saw a clip on train where he naded all his teammates, instead of using a flash (while he was playing for nv)
2020-07-18 07:49
he needed 2 flashes
2020-07-18 08:05
+1 he had bought 1 he and 1 flash, at least you wouldn't expect this shit from a pro who's playing pro cs since 2010
2020-07-18 14:39
it could of been a missbuy
2020-07-18 17:30
i forgot about this interview
2020-07-18 17:34
2020-07-18 17:35
ty Professional_HLTV_Tech_Support
2020-07-18 17:37
Writes big paragraph. Has no clue. The modern teen.
2020-07-18 08:00
? I'll have you know I'm 9
2020-07-18 08:22
i think he didnt have fun playing cs anymore.
2020-07-14 08:33
Denmark Dust_2_Go
Honestly if G2 in early 2017 had signed only KennyS and not NBK and apEX then they probbably would have won a major by now.
2020-07-14 08:44
Bulgaria goshyy
Gotta agree with that statement ngl
2020-07-18 09:35
having good aim and sucks at strategy doesn't make u good in csgo. that's why he left
2020-07-14 08:54
most overated player EU
2020-07-14 09:07
I am sorry but i think he is one of the most overrated player ever! his prime day past and even in his prime days he was not elite player. sad but true brudder.
2020-07-14 09:12
No one want to play with him, maybe because he has a huge ego or maybe he is not a teamplayer. But who knows
2020-07-14 09:19
When he was young enough he could aim like that, then he got older but failed to change his style and still be efficient, that's why no one picked him anymore. He was not a pure entry fragger, he was a guy that comes second to a site and tries to trade his teammate that came first. If he had realised that earlier I think shox wouldn't have kicked him from G2 at all. I mean, when your aim is so good that you can 1-tap someone's head, it's so easy for you to just burst everytime so even if you don't hit the head with your first bullet you will still inflict significant damage, then stop and burst again and you get a kill, or just shoot like 5-6 bullets at a time and get a kill in just 1 short spray. Plus, ScreaM liked a lot to ADADAD, and when they fucked up accuracy of it - ScreaM got fucked and only his 1-tap aim left. He could've easily improved his aim by adding short sprays to it, but he didn't want to. That's it.
2020-07-14 09:25
+1 lmao He shouldve changed his name 5 months ago
2020-07-18 17:33
Mby he wants him to retire from valorant now tho
2020-07-20 06:32
cancer playstyle and not good enough for the star player position, no good org is banking on screams playstyle to win them games, not in this era of tactical cs, he would crumble against good teams
2020-07-17 09:53
2020-07-17 10:06
Malaysia Suno[t]
2020-07-17 10:06
He`s just a raw aimer, better he streams and make some cash
2020-07-17 10:42
2016 scream was really nice to watch him and shox were tearing shit up
2020-07-17 22:48
i guess he was just in a negative atmosphere in every team that he was not comfortable to play in
2020-07-18 08:07
ScreaM is just the csgo's version of a freestyler tbh Not worth a t1/t2 roster spot. Maybe crappy t2, but nothing more than that
2020-07-18 08:10
'a pure genuis and a massive machine' thats a long ass expression for a bot
2020-07-18 08:25
I'm happy for him for signing with Team Liquid. He actually likes valorant and should stick with it. Why not be the best player in the world.
2020-07-18 08:57
I think he should have gotten a chance on vitality instead of misutaaa when shox and apEX were complete bots, but since shox and apEX are performing better it's ok
2020-07-18 09:03
United States vip3r_k1ng
Honestly, I'm barely even sad that hes gone, he was an icon but that's it. He dedicated himself to 1 taps and hitting clean headshots and he was probably the best to ever do it but he fell behind in other aspects of the game, it also felt like he was all or nothing with being on a team, he went from the last Envyus roster to just streaming all the time, he was on GamerLegion which was a tier 2/3 team but he even ended up getting benched there. It felt like there was no place for him in the pro csgo scene left and he was doomed to just be a streaming personality. I'm happy that he left for Valorant because he could at least have a chance there, maybe he could even forge a legacy similar to the one he had in cs, hes gone and probably gone for good but for years we will continue to talk about his 1 taps.
2020-07-18 09:12
I always though he would be a better choice for big rather than xantares
2020-07-18 09:26
Only good at shooting heads everything else was missing
2020-07-18 14:44
he was never good at anything besides one tapping he couldnt spray on pro level he couldnt think on pro level he couldnt adapt on pro level It was cool for highlights but thats about it. He was pure average. He got dropped in literally every team he played. But at least he will be remembered as one of the most overrated players in csgo history :) And tbh i think its his own fault. With his mechanical aim he could have been way better. Stuff like positioning, movement, gamesense should come with time invest, but somehow it never came for him. So maybe he just never put enough effort into cs.
2020-07-18 17:39
0/8 no scene jerman crying because knows that nobody from jermens will be relevant
2020-07-18 17:57
Scream is noob X D
2020-07-18 17:54
Scream was only good on Cs Source Since then it was highly overrated
2020-07-18 18:02
All aim no brain.
2020-07-18 18:58
He is the Quaresma of CS:GO.
2020-07-18 19:06
he was pretty good at one thing, but not good enough to get away with being so one dimensional. still kind of a shame because when he was on it was highly entertaining.
2020-07-18 19:15
His play style and skill set was a gift and a curse. He's made a living off gaming for a long time so that's just what he's going to do even if he isn't playing CS Go, he had a long and great career in CS, gave us entertainment for years and we didn't have to pay anything I don't understand all this hating shit on HLTV.
2020-07-18 19:21
United States clockworkk
scream is like the best example of a "1 hit wonder" dude legit just had a good year when csgo started then fall off when teams started developing tactics valorant is gonna be good for him for like a year too
2020-07-18 19:22
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