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Finland TuureBoelius 
List of overrated players: scream shroud syrson karrigan twistzz ropz kscerato wardell jamppi broky blamef kennys /discuss
2020-07-14 18:19
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Poland DEBlL
shroud polish legend not overrated
2020-07-14 18:20
United Kingdom TC10
People have spent so much time calling him overrated he’s become underrated, solid rifler for first half of career, decent support for second half
2020-07-14 19:36
If he is called anything more than garbage that is overrating him
2020-07-14 20:01
i honestly think people are mistaking shroud's career with n0thing's
2020-07-14 20:07
Even then, it was the same for Shroud, C9 was just a shit team early on. N0thing was also a 1.6 god who came into CS young, he just didnt stay consistent. Now he gets paids to talk about art.
2020-08-02 07:08
Brazil DuioZanette
ropz isnt overrated
2020-07-14 18:20
-ropz -broky others are alright
2020-07-14 18:20
definitely +ropz. the only reason he has such good stats even though his team absolutely shits the bed is his baiting role.
2020-07-14 18:26
He plays ramp alone on nuke, and is arguably the best ramp player in the world. Hard to bait when you play a tough spot like a god by yourself. Mouz is shit thi, and i do think ropz is a bit overrated, but he doesnt bait as much as others.
2020-08-02 07:09
He is talking abt t sides, not ct sides
2020-08-02 11:53
talking about t sides. and the fact he doesnt dominate mainly because of firepower is shown by the fact that he has better tside than ct stats, similar to coldzera.
2020-08-02 20:03
kennyS ? cmon are u 11y.o?
2020-08-02 12:05
My list: Karrigan Woxic Frozen BoombI4 Perfecto Lekr0 JW KRIMZ Flusha SyrsoN,KennyS,ropz and broky aren't overrated
2020-07-14 18:22
United States Swadplan
I dont think frozen is overrated at all also KennyS is overrated af
2020-07-14 18:24
India c0nsc10us
You should add Niko, coldzera, rain and bymas while you're at it
2020-07-14 18:29 You listed underrated players
2020-07-14 18:31
India c0nsc10us
I'm pretty sure I know what I listed.
2020-07-14 18:32
oBo | 
Taiwan codv
2020-07-14 20:02
No I'm not
2020-07-14 20:04
+boombl4 + brehze
2020-07-14 18:21
brehze was a monster in 2019. the form of eg dropped and so did he
2020-07-14 18:22
not denying that hes good but saying hes better than elige is straight delusional when he is just a downgraded baiting version of elige
2020-07-14 18:23
ive heard no one ever say hes better than elige
2020-07-14 18:23
2020-07-14 18:26
when eg was top1 a lot of ppl thought he was on par or better than elige brehze was great especially during krieg era but for his role, his rating should be much higher than it is rn because he never runs in first and always baits 1-2ppl. krieg nerf really brought him down, harder than it brought down elige who still had a rating similar to his pre krieg nerf rating
2020-07-14 18:26
People said he was close to elige with the krieg, but nobody said that he was better than elige.
2020-07-14 18:27
say that to all the plastic na fans who swapped their flair to eg the moment they got top 1 also, he was never close to elige when you account for roles. compare the impact ratings they have. brehze 1.18, elige 1.30 elige runs in first or second every round with basically no support, brehze gets advantageous positions and always trade frags
2020-07-14 18:30
+Nifty The man of one game
2020-07-14 18:24
2020-07-14 18:23
i dont understand why shroud is considered overrated. everyone knows he was just a slightly above average player in cs.
2020-07-14 18:26
he was just inconsistent. He would have the highest of peaks in a tournament or series, and then go missing for a few months
2020-07-14 18:28
thats not inconsistency.
2020-07-14 18:30
then what is it. consistency?
2020-07-14 18:32
2020-07-14 18:37
2020-07-14 18:54
Sweden hilebard
lmao dude you played yourself
2020-08-01 15:30
2020-08-01 15:38
at one point he was the best player in na, and was performing amazingly on c9 later he just couldn't play at the same level anymore and played more of a supportive role for younger players like stewie and autimatic but judging your flair you think fl0m is the best awper in na so why am I even bothering to explain
2020-07-14 18:31
fl0m is definitely the best player in na atm.
2020-07-14 18:32
+1 i are think that
2020-07-14 18:32
yup, so good, playing mm and boosting his ego
2020-07-14 18:33
wtfmen(( fl0m 1 beard zywoo 0 beard
2020-07-14 18:33
+1 fl0m 1 shoe in his hair zywho 0
2020-07-14 18:41
wdym? why does he have to play on 3rd party services? hed still rekt everyone though. hes actually decent in the officials they play.
2020-07-14 18:43
fl0m is definitely on his way to becoming the GOAT of NA cs. his skill ceiling is much higher than anyone in his region, even elige or twistzz. he singlehandedly carried mythic to the mdl final. When was the last time you saw a player with such an ability and movement with the AWP? fl0m puts the game in another level, we will be blessed if we ever see a player with his skill and passion for the game again.
2020-07-14 18:45
i'd say fl0m top 1 2020
2020-07-14 18:46
maybe but i think biased hltv is gonna give it to s0mple or zywho again.
2020-07-14 18:46
s0mple 0 chance of top 1, only farming on tier 3 russian tournaments
2020-07-14 18:47
thats true. fl0m is playing t1 mdl matches against ze pug gods, recon 5 and team one while s1mple is playing against team spirit, vp etc.
2020-07-14 18:49
they were often getting wrecked by top eu teams and shroud played really bad against them. he was really good online, but that was only because they played really bad na teams. nothing sick for a player of his mechanical ability.
2020-07-14 18:43
his fangays think hes the most talented gamer on earth when hes really not
2020-07-14 18:32
hes pretty insane.
2020-07-14 18:33
India c0nsc10us
True. Mostly no one ever really rated him very highly.
2020-07-14 18:33
2020-07-14 18:34
He was garbage for all but 3-4 events in his several year long career
2020-07-14 20:05
karrigan underrated
2020-07-14 18:27
flair definitely checks out
2020-07-14 18:32
not at all. he always has an insanely skilled lineup, has some success shortly and then the team shits the bed and gets carried by the star player. literally every time. astralis, faze, mouz
2020-07-14 18:35
just a coincindence
2020-07-14 19:23
Denmark SportMode
+1 karrigan deserves respect!
2020-08-02 23:34
scream #1 valorant player in the world atm
2020-07-14 18:28
NiKo | 
Russia reguix
2020-07-14 18:31
2020-07-14 19:10
no 🥳 #1 scream #1🥳
2020-07-14 19:11
Lol valorantify officially dead mens((
2020-08-02 06:58
Russia ToughGuy
valo who?
2020-08-02 06:49
Lol valulrant professional scene is a joke rn. just washed up cs players and a bunch of t2/t3 cs pros who weren't good enough. Of course scream would dominate in the current scene.
2020-08-02 06:50
Shroud Niko KennyS ScreaM woxic
2020-07-14 18:33
Denmark JEBO
The ignorance on this thread is insane, ofc they are overrated by their old standards NO SHIT. Doesn't mean they are overated... Talking about JW, Krimz, flusha, karrigan, kennyS, Niko among other names mentioned in this thread. Seems to be a common misunderstanding of overrated.
2020-07-14 18:35
"they are overrated" "Doesn't mean they are overated..."
2020-07-14 18:42
United States Swadplan
his english not , but he trying to draw distinctions between players that are actually overrated and players that are washed
2020-07-15 00:05
Brazil vitordib07
2020-07-14 18:37
2020-07-14 18:41
2020-08-01 15:38
United States edemongo
2020-08-02 07:04
Most overrated garbage
2020-08-02 11:38
Slovakia depresia
2020-08-02 11:58
2020-08-02 12:03
i agree(+ half cis players)
2020-07-14 18:39
BlameF, KSCERATO, Broky and Ropz out JW, Xantares, TabseN, S1mple, Boombl4 and Poizon in
2020-07-14 18:44
Serbia DjapeZ
How tf is Boombla overrated XDDDD
2020-07-14 18:43
Bad entry and even worst IGL
2020-07-14 18:44
2020-07-14 18:46
Serbia DjapeZ
Yeah but he isnt overrated, noone is saying Boombla is good player
2020-07-14 18:52
I already saw tons of forums saying that he's "the best igl in the world'
2020-07-14 18:53
Care to link atleast one? :)
2020-08-02 11:56
how the fuck would you found old forums of Na'Vi fanboys?
2020-08-02 14:38
#62 And how the fuck do I know if u are lying or not?
2020-08-02 15:45
Flair and flag checks out
2020-08-02 15:48
Flag checks out
2020-08-02 15:49
Sweden hilebard
How is s1mple overrated?
2020-08-01 15:35
He isnt
2020-08-02 12:04
Serbia DjapeZ
-ropz -broky +poizon
2020-07-14 18:42
+ropz -poizon
2020-07-14 18:46
who actually rates shroud, wardell, scream in 2020? also fak u broky best bro
2020-07-14 18:47
idk he seems to have incorporated washed players in his list of overrated players, but yeah I don’t know why people were rating wardell at all, really hated his attitude
2020-08-02 07:05
2020-07-14 18:50
syrsoN nt
2020-07-14 18:56
trk bntet
2020-07-14 18:56
karrigan is no overrated everyone knows he is shit, -edshot machine, he is insane, if there was csgo pro scene in 1v1 he would be top 1
2020-07-14 19:26
S0mple is overrated , I mean he is good but who chokes in major finals twice and then his fans cry about calling him s0mple.
2020-07-14 19:30
Sweden hilebard
His teams choked, he didn't. He played insanely good
2020-08-01 15:41
You didn't watch those finals even. Have a look : How are these performance not a choke??
2020-08-02 06:35
Lol he definitely choked.. s0mple fanboys delusional af. Also his team baits for him sooooo much lol.
2020-08-02 06:47
2020-07-14 19:31
scream - he was good for 1-2 years after that irrelevant shroud - good FPS player, he had potential but that was it syrson - overrated, BIG will drop in rank and then syrson will be irrelevant again karrigan - probably yes, he did something but now Mouz is in terrible form and I don't know if it's fault of all players or mainly IGL. twistzz - overrated, good player, aimer but inconsistent ropz - a very good player but in my opinion he is overrated because he plays all easy positions to get at least 1 kill per round kscerato - probably overrated but don't know if they changed roles in team or not wardell - I don't know, nobody wants to play with him jamppi - ENCE+VAC... broky - a good player but doesn't fit main awp role blamef - I do not think so kennys - inconsistent, overrater due to past glory
2020-07-14 19:37
France Lili___
2020-07-14 19:37
AleksiB is hands down the most overrated player in the history.
2020-07-14 20:00
2020-07-14 20:07
Hahahah why so salty?? he rekt your fav team casually? 2 major mvps, 15 mvps, 4 majors, 5 times top5 Cry here \___/
2020-08-02 07:03
Damn denmark boy got mad real fast Device would be nothing without his team
2020-08-02 11:32
+ 999 × 89999999
2020-08-02 12:06
2020-08-02 20:08
Lmao you cried down salt real fast
2020-08-02 11:40
Ropz? Hhahha omegalul. He is underrated goat
2020-07-14 20:12
2020-08-02 12:06
Its bad bait or bad title. you choose. Either its your personal dislike list. or you are just out to bait. Because the list have little to do with reality :)
2020-07-14 23:55
syrson literally destroys opponents and he's overrated ok
2020-07-14 23:57
overrated as in people are already calling him top 3 awpers right now when we haven't seen him perform good on LAN
2020-07-15 00:01
2020-08-01 15:18
who the fuck overrated wardell in the first place?
2020-07-15 00:13
+111111 my thoughts exactly. He's always been an irrelevant no namer. I don't how he made it to the list and tenz didn't. Tenz was like the most overrated bot ever
2020-08-02 06:45
hes doing decent in valorant but I agree he was shit in cs
2020-08-02 06:56
Cause the valorant scene is a joke, just washed up cs players and tier 3 no namers. No wonder he's doing good,
2020-08-02 07:07
-syrson +w0xic
2020-07-15 00:14
Lol ropz isn't overrated, he is legit good it's just mouz are stupid and don't how to use him. Also lol wardell isn't even rated, washed up no namer. Other than pretty accurate list
2020-08-02 06:43
no my friend, you cant't say ropz is overrated.
2020-08-02 11:39
NiKo | 
Russia w3ll
2020-08-02 11:48
Ukraine |s1mple
2020-08-02 11:55
Serbia TheSerb
You wouldnt say scream if you watched him play back in the day he was so good Kennys is the best awp all time lol hes leading in all statistics and even is a top 10 clutcher Kscerato,ropz,twistz,blamef,broky are insane idk what are you on
2020-08-02 11:59
Frozen Alex Woxic Karrigan Twistzz Jamppi
2020-08-02 12:00
karrigan most overrated igl eva
2020-08-02 14:41
agreed. he always had teams with some of the best firepower (tsm and faze with periods as the most skilled rosters) and couldnt maintain consistent success. getting carried by the starplayer after they win their trophies. even in tsm and faze, the starplayers had to hardcarry in order to win the tournament
2020-08-02 20:07
Hows KennyS overrated? He was litterally the best awper in the world for a time, now he isn't though, but noone is putting him in a toptier anymore
2020-08-02 15:53
-chrisJ the overrated bot +imorr Ez kebabsports top 1
2020-08-02 15:57
-blamef -karrigan -syrson -ropz -kennys +device +aleksib
2020-08-02 16:08
2020-08-02 20:08
its actually true since device is good but not that good to be compared to s1mple or zywoo, and aleksib is just an average igl
2020-08-02 23:24
no one is good enough for that. s1mple and zywoo are just too insane
2020-08-02 23:42
Also NiKo and EliGE are better individually
2020-08-03 11:29
elige lmfao. agreed, love those antieco spraydowns... device has better aim and is more versatile in roles as well as weapons he can use. cant see how elige is better than him.
2020-08-03 11:45
France NTd0G
Where is the point of saying a shit list of overrated players according to you and saying '/discuss' ? I don't get it. It's useless, I suggest you to leave HLTV.
2020-08-02 23:31
Brazil eumesmo
yuurih and kscerato are underrated, specially yuurih. but broky is really overrated.
2020-08-02 23:33
i dont think syrson, ropz, kscerato, broky and blameF are that overrated
2020-08-02 23:34
karrigan, ropz, blamef?? are you stupid in the head
2020-08-03 11:32
France Asviix
Literally the most braindead list I've ever seen
2020-08-03 11:33
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