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United States Neil_Armstrong 
Hitler’s closest living relatives live in the US.
2020-07-15 04:23
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Poland rude_wredne
Wow, very fun faxx. Thanks.
2020-07-15 04:24
2020-07-15 04:44
Also, not really a “fun fact” because being associated with Adolf Hitler isn’t really fun. It’s more of an interesting fact
2020-07-15 05:01
They changed their name already
2020-07-15 04:24
They didn’t but their father did
2020-07-15 04:26
Russia VelsVivard
Some Americans sympathized him, no wonder they found shelter there. And then they teach you how you won that war, hoo huh hee ha hew.
2020-07-15 04:28
US beat japan + liberated half of europe + funded USSR so yes they contributed the most mens
2020-07-15 04:30
Russia VelsVivard
They nuked innocent people of Japan, hesitated to join the conflict until the most work was done and the victor was known, and yeah, I'll give you that they pretended to care and supplied in various amounts but that didn't determine the outcome.
2020-07-15 04:31
they didnt hesitate to join, they were simply attacked and germany declared war on the US bruh if we start talking about USSR war crimes we'll be here for another 48 hours. red army raped 3 million women while conquering east europe and occupied half the continent. everywhere red army went there was mass rape, mass pillaging, murder, looting, etc.
2020-07-15 04:41
Russia VelsVivard
Well, that's your biased opinion of what happened that has no roots to reality, no logic, and therefore doesn't have the right to exist. What I'm pointing out is right afloat and common sense to basically everyone there is still living. You can have your preferred side, I don't mind but keep the bias to yourself, I ain't wanting that.
2020-07-15 04:43
it's russians who are biased, im sure many have grandfathers who fought/died in the war so they feel a personal attack when the red army is framed as anything opposite of "liberators". sorry, soviets liberated the USSR, but they occupied east europe brutally.
2020-07-15 04:47
Russia VelsVivard
That's not true and it has not one sign of any healthy logic in this, it cannot be taken seriously as a result.
2020-07-15 04:48
everyone is entitled to their opinion, have a nice night/morning
2020-07-15 04:49
Russia VelsVivard
You too.
2020-07-15 04:49
You obviously haven't looked up what general LeMay did in the bombing of Tokyo
2020-07-15 04:54
They are different people :D
2020-07-15 04:31
Russia VelsVivard
But the point is one and remains the same.
2020-07-15 04:32
No, it doesn’t moron. Their father even fought for the US navy in WW2
2020-07-15 04:35
Russia VelsVivard
That's not the point, I didn't even know that before opening the thread, my point is "Some Americans sympathized him", I'm talking about your freedom to decide what side of the conflict to choose, world terrorists or the allies who oppose it.
2020-07-15 04:35
Ok, of course we had so sympathizers. The US had had a huge number of German Immigrants before both world wars and the others are just extreme right idiots
2020-07-15 04:44
2020-07-15 04:48
2020-07-15 15:19
2020-08-02 01:22
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