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Rainbow Six Siege
Germany urmym1rror 
i bought the game in 2016 and played 20 hours and uninstalled after that. back then i didn't like it at all. long story short its 2020 and im kinda bored of csgo. downloaded 70 gigs :/ and just played 1 game i have to say its really cool, i remember i couldent get more than 70 fps on everything lowest in 2016 but in 2020 played in vulcan and im getting 130 frames on everything maxed i think my main problem was that it was not enjoyable with low fps i played bomb game mode with the newcomer thing and everyone communicated and there were no toxic people at all i know its short sample size but for first impression, it was pretty good i got hyped so much that i told my friend and now im talking on hltv about it :D tldr: played again after 4 years, its better and fun
2020-07-15 05:58
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"and there were no toxic people at all" Just wait bro...just wait...
2020-07-15 05:59
guyssssssss i was playing on a bank map, i was attacking, 2 guys rushed outside and killed us all i had no idea what i was doing at all i got sad and quit the game :( it has very hard learning curve if im correct i dont remember cs being this hard to play in the begening
2020-07-15 07:01
United States JoshDAA
The aiming is easy in the game, the only hard part is knowing the maps and their abilites
2020-07-15 16:03
Low-mid plats are toxic af you better dont grind ranked
2020-07-15 06:01
Saw the flag Couldnt car any less
2020-07-15 06:17
bro R6S probably have a more toxic community than cs lol
2020-07-15 06:18
Every games have toxic.
2020-07-15 06:25
Oh hi men are you live in london too? Very nice country
2020-07-15 06:26
United States gtmaniacmda
PC R6S is about even to CS in toxicity. It's easier to troll in R6S because of the way it works, which doesn't help. Console R6S, on the other hand, is so incredibly toxic it is insane.
2020-07-15 06:33
Xyp9x | 
Turkey drizit
how much
2020-07-15 06:20
R6S is a game for actual no-aim braindead bots change my mind
2020-07-15 06:37
for people below mid plat is quite accurrate
2020-07-15 06:48
but thats the case in cs mm too
2020-07-15 06:48
even in high elo/pro play the game seems to be all about positioning, u don't see people hitting crazy flicks in r6s, seems like having a good aim in this game isn't nearly as important as it is in other shooters
2020-07-15 16:01
positioning is true, if you can move to unpredictable spot after killing one guy multikills are pretty easy
2020-07-15 19:55
i think its much more than aim u die from everywhere man :((
2020-07-15 07:03
because everyone is camping and just holding angles while leaning left or right lul
2020-07-15 16:01
Switzerland Jeded
Bought R6 in 2017, played for 25 minutes, got bored, uninstalled + refund
2020-07-15 06:48
it is very hard to get into isnt it.. i need my friends to play
2020-07-15 07:03
i wanted to learn that game bought it on sale got hyped up, but retards smurfs with 5000 hours still play newcomer mode just to destroy noobs and newbies. So i cant learn anything. 1 out of 10 games its new players. It completely discoucraged me from playing it. I have one more reason to hate ubisoft. Fuck you ubisoft
2020-07-15 06:49
most likely they had max 1k hours, when you die you need to think about why it happened and prevent it from happening again, otherwise you wont learn shit
2020-07-15 06:51
you didnt obviously get my point
2020-07-15 06:53
everyone likes to beat ass but playing against better players makes you learn something, guess highest rank you ever had in cs was global/lvl6
2020-07-15 06:54
So why these players are not playing aganist better players to learn more or at least players eqivalent their skill ? I dont wanna play try hard, just to have fun. I might give that game one more try, but I dont wanna spend hours watching youtube to show tricks, every angle and position, just to be completitive with veteran players.
2020-07-15 07:01
i totally get your point i have the exact same problem i cant learn and have fun at the same time people are not on my level do you wanna like play together? i have mic and stuff also i dont rage
2020-07-15 07:05
hhh i appreciate your offer, but currently im grinding other games and dont have it installed. But i send you pm and you can add me on uplay, and maybe we meet online someday ^^
2020-07-15 07:12
the guys who smurf are lazy asses who think theyre the shit, no respect for them just gain
2020-07-15 19:51
we got raped in my second game 2 people rushed outside and i didnt even realise where they were shoting from :(
2020-07-15 07:04
they really ruined the game this year, i just cant enjoy it anymore and i have over 1k hours in the game
2020-07-15 06:51
whats wrong with it for you?
2020-07-15 06:52
shit game tested it for 2 hours and uninsalled it 2018 never touched it again
2020-07-15 06:54
Fun game, only problem is too many trap operators and too easy to die to no skill plays. Also aiming is too easy. I can literally spawn peek 1 tap and entire team on bank with doc. My aim is no different from most pros. High level rainbow6 is just communication, droning and set ups/executes. I am plat2 solo queue with about 1K hours.
2020-07-15 07:14
if your aim would be no different from most pros you wouldnt be plat2 bruh I had 3500 mmr with 450 hours, champions runout and 1tap with ela pistol
2020-07-15 19:53
bro people barely communicate unless its ranked and even if tht if u dont do aht theys ay when they say it you eitehr get kicked or screamed at
2020-07-15 16:02
game is fun, I like it a lot better than CSGO actually. Problem is some ops are garbo compared to others but that's unavoidable if every op gets a unique gadget and weapon
2020-07-15 19:55
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