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12 years old mousepad
Malaysia Suno[t] 
damn this is how old my esports career have been and how long I've used my mousepad. wtf is qck steel series made of and how do they even profit if these things dont break after few months haha.
2020-07-15 06:58
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Esports career?!?!?! Are you a malay pro?
2020-07-15 06:59
Malaysia Suno[t]
no im not. its just I made it sound cooler. its actually when I discovered esport xd
2020-07-15 07:02
i dont even have a mousepadd...
2020-07-15 07:00
U can have my mousepad :)
2020-07-15 07:02
Malaysia Suno[t]
I remember when I have no mousepad. I find the smoothest wood table I can have and use that as a mousepad. works everytime haha
2020-07-15 07:03
aha yeah i do that, the wood on my desk is so scratched
2020-07-15 07:03
+1 Steelseries qck+ best mousepad
2020-07-15 07:04
I’ve had mine for 2 years now. Best thing about it is that it’s gentle to your mouse feet. I’ve never had an issue with them getting scratched or anything like that. Really a good mousepad for the cost.
2020-07-15 07:09
Hong Kong Gold907
used qck heavy for 2 years and still in perfect condition. that's a good company
2020-07-15 07:17
Mine is 8 years old and still rocking
2020-07-15 07:25
Icemat I2 here since 2005
2020-07-15 07:32
Malaysia Suno[t]
oh my god. haven't heard the word ICEMAT in a long time hahahhaha nice one dude. I wonder if we will see some qpad users here
2020-07-15 07:48
Just updated from my Kinzu v1 to an EC2 2 days ago too because the Kinzu died after 10 years :<
2020-07-15 11:24
Ukraine ksay
how is transition going? been thinking about upgrating from my kinzu v1 too
2020-07-15 11:35
I like them both I guess. EC2 has more soft clicks, so I am getting used to that. I miss the V1 acceleration though, because the Icemat is small, I had to raise my sens to 2.3 @ 400 dpi where I was at 1.75 before, so i'm getting used to that. EC2 is pretty nice though. I could probably fix my Kinzu if I really wanted to by replacing the cable, no mouse is quite like it and I've used it for so long, transitions are hard. I'll stick with the EC2 for now though, but I might switch back if I can't find the comfort that I had with the v1.
2020-07-16 05:08
Ukraine ksay
thanks yeah i kinda forgot about small acceleration on kinzu. i guess mine transition won't be easy as well
2020-07-16 11:58
I like the accel personally, nothing is quite like it.
2020-07-17 03:54
Maaan, you reminded me about my 1st decent mousepad "Everglide Titan MonsterMat - Fnatic Edition"... It's such a nostalgy 😪
2020-07-15 11:36
OMG dude... my friend had an blue Everglide Giganta and I always used to use it when I went over to his house... I brought my entire PC setup AND had to drag my old CRT to play LAN with him and my friends at his place... rofl
2020-07-16 05:10
pics of the pad?
2020-07-15 07:45
Ukraine ksay
had mine for 10 years in pretty bad state at this moment :D
2020-07-15 11:31
+1 had mine for like 2 years,still feels like new
2020-07-16 05:12
I'm using a steelseries qck too, they're great! Only had mine for a year and a half and it's good to hear yours has lasted so long. I've only got a medium one (320mmx270mm) and was thinking about getting a larger one (either 450x400mm or 900x400mm). Is it worth it for the extra space?
2020-07-16 05:13
Still using my qck+ after 6 years almost , no problem with it
2020-07-16 05:19
Other stekin
never heard of u, u must be a very shit esports player then XD
2020-07-16 05:24
2020-07-17 03:58
I'm going the same way, my qck steelseries is 4 years old
2020-07-17 03:57
i have the same one, it works like new after 5 years
2020-07-17 05:07
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