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Bodybuilding advice
NiKo | 
Japan GR8B8M8IR888 
so. i was working out for 4 months and im starting to see more and more strength and phsyic improvments but now i have a problem. Usualy i work out every other day and do a fullbody workout, but i didnt work out for 5 days because of some family problems (not important) But after i tryed to work out after this break I WAS DEAD, i cant even lift what i usualy rep 10 times and even after i lowered the weights i still coud not lift it more then 3 times. Why?What is happening? Im thinking about using prewokrour but i read ita just coffein. Any thing helps guys tnx
2020-07-15 09:51
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Your problem is that you dont use steroids
2020-07-15 09:53
I think it's because you took a break for 5 days
2020-07-15 09:53
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89
just dont stop next time and you'll be fine
2020-07-15 09:53
Germany sommares
5x / week full body? no offense but that's shit. your body needs 1 day rest inbetween the workouts. try to take some sugar (banana) or creatin powder before the workout
2020-07-15 09:53
yeah thats what i do, i work 1 out and rest 1 day, kinda bad in eng hahaha, ill try that thank you
2020-07-15 10:00
Germany sommares
i thought you did mon workout tue workout wed workout thu workout fri workout sat rest sun rest also, after this much training you can change your plan to a upper/lower split. with this you can get more focus on other muscle groups while working out. for example upper body, you can do 3x back exercices, 2x chest and 2x shoulders and 3x arms
2020-07-15 10:04
10 exercices, 3 sets of each move = 30 sets ? hell no the body cannot withstand all this pressure
2020-07-15 10:18
Portugal NabasKi
What do you mean it can't? Of course it can. Also it doesn't have to be 3 sets of 10, you could reduce the reps of the next set while increasing the weight if you want to.
2020-07-15 10:34
Germany sommares
your body can definitely stand that. when you go for a strength bench press workout you're easily doing like 6 sets alone on 1 exercise. #21 is right. you can adjust the weight when it gets too much i don't know if you know about some good superset arms workout, but there's 1 exercise consisting of 5x5 sets (=25 sets) which is easily doable.
2020-07-15 15:10
but hes right dont go longer to gym then 60 or 70 min, u dont need 4 bizeps exercises with 3 sets, made 2 good is enough
2020-07-15 23:11
Germany sommares
yea true thats right. when I do arms, i always do 2x2 biceps/triceps superset to get maximum load on my muscles
2020-07-16 08:39
are gyms open in your city?
2020-07-15 09:54
its not a official gym, a basketball coach has a home gym and every one is welcome even tho i thinkneven the offical ones opened 2 weeks ago
2020-07-15 10:01
Other delmaszm
If it's been 4 months of full body workt you could probably switch to split training. Also take some rest days, you'll burn yourself out. Preworkout won't help that much. Make sure you eat, sleep, and drink enough. And if you really bodybuilding, focus on rep range / tempo instead of weight.
2020-07-15 09:54
New Zealand joshwaah
It's fine, it happens, just start back slowly. Back off to a weight that you can lift 10 times and as soon as you are hitting 10 reps for multiple sets, pump the weight up. You'll be back to where you were in no time. Make sure you back off a bit though, your body needs to be able to recover between sessions. Also don't get stuck on 10 reps, its not a magic number. Try high rep sets for a little while and slowly bring it down. Do a little bit of research on periodisation. Hope that helps
2020-07-15 09:55
yeah it did thank you very much
2020-07-15 10:03
Tunisia Respecc
Its normal. 2 workouts and your strength should build back up.
2020-07-15 09:58
Maybe just a bad day. Keep going man.
2020-07-15 09:59
You can't expect to always perform equally well. Just work with what you got. If it's hard for your muscle you're creating a stimulus and thats all you want. Don't worry about the numbers too much. Those are a tool to reach your goals, they shouldn't be the goal.
2020-07-15 10:04
Make sure you get enough sleep, I tried to work out after 2-3 hours less than average and I find I struggle similarly
2020-07-15 10:03
Did you masturbate before going to the gym that day? serious question
2020-07-15 10:05
thats bad isnt it? you release a lot of great energy by masturbating.
2020-07-15 10:35
Yes, of course, your body strength will be much lower and the quality of your training will be lower personal experiences
2020-07-15 11:18
Portugal NabasKi
+1 that seriously affected my performance back then.
2020-07-15 10:35
alex | 
Spain mokerz
1- japan 2-workout choose 1 bro
2020-07-15 10:14
Turkey TheTurks!
Because bad genetics
2020-07-15 10:25
Syria LONE_8122
tren hard mens
2020-07-15 12:06
5 days off shouldn't make you weaker, in fact you should come back stronger. get a good nights sleep and up the calories a bit and you'll be fine.
2020-07-15 10:29
imho full body on off split isnt great, but hey if you enjoy it keep it up! its hard to say without knowing your weight/bodyfat/usual diet but. the rest could do you some good, maybe add more carbs into your diet for a few days, or even rotate high carb low carb days. do some research on carb loading. gl hf
2020-07-15 10:38
Finland KieZuZ
I use pizza, beer and candy to build belly.
2020-07-15 10:46
Estonia knee_socks
I have a question. I'm doing Full Body workouts and I usually exercise for a 1.4h Yesterday I worked out first time while listening to the music (bought buds). I really enjoyed it and I focused more on the technique and using the right muscles. I worked out 2h and 10min - 8 exercises and 4x6. Is it for too long and bad for my muscle growing?
2020-07-15 11:55
depends, if you do to many reps it might be bad but if you just rested a bit longer it coud actualy be benefical. Most of us rest only for 1 min betwen reps but some studies have shown that 3 min rest can help build muscel because you recover better and to sets with better form (not doing cheat reps) as some woud say
2020-07-15 23:06
Estonia knee_socks
Yeah my breaks are always around 3-4min :D Sometimes maybe even 5min because of blood pressure or sweating :D
2020-07-16 15:45
Venezuela xoile
2020-07-15 23:11
A lot of it is mental. You may think you're weaker without actually being weaker.
2020-07-16 08:44
listen to this while you workout source: loba told me
2020-07-16 08:44
lol, because you do full body workout, you need every day do separate muscle groups workouts and give a rest to your muscle
2020-07-16 08:52
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