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dont get a job
GoodRifle | 
Germany ittop 
its a trap. i am sitting here working my ass off for 2k € mens whats the point of this slavery life. i dont GET IT. I WANT TO BE FREE TO DO WHAT I WANT TO DO. i dont judge ppl when they playing CSGO for 14 hours a day, when they are happy, why even JUDGE THEM. isn't the goal to be happy?
2020-07-15 11:27
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OK I will keep procrastinating 😎👍
2020-07-15 11:28
South America ZyvvOo
2020-07-28 20:01
Happy is not gonna pay the bills and make food magically appear in your stomach.
2020-07-15 11:28
+1 however they might feed you indian if your happiness looks like enlightenment, maybe one day they will build a statue of you
2020-07-15 17:11
You can also die during arrest while being a convicted criminal and countries paint wall pictures of you around the world :/
2020-07-28 14:52
lol he wasn't that happy I guess
2020-07-29 00:24
Denmark Muamelele
hes just a symbol, no one deserves to die for petty crimes
2020-07-31 20:37
He was a criminal who was resisting arrest. Sure he didn't need to die. When a (white) bus driver gets beat to death while doing his job after he told immigrants to wear a mask, it gets almost zero media coverage and u don't hear any politicians speak out about it. When a (black) convicted criminal (with an insanely long criminal record) dies while resisting arrest you hear every politician in the world speak about it and countries all around the world create wall-paintings for him. That's how fucked up the world is atm.
2020-08-01 03:00
Denmark Muamelele
one is considered a racial issue and the other isnt, just like any other murder which isnt covered by news, not sayin that it is right that this is the case
2020-08-01 04:45
Both are racial issues, at the moment anti white racism just isn't getting any support from media/ leftists all over the globe.
2020-08-01 10:51
As a norwegian u should know goverment pays for ur shit if ur jobless
2020-07-15 17:17
Not for eternity so your point is null and void.
2020-07-15 17:17
nope, u cant be homeless in scandinavia, u will always get income to pay rent etc, its human rights here.
2020-07-15 17:24
Nah bro you can't recieve welfare here without at least trying to contribute to the system.
2020-07-15 17:28
the "contributing" is mostly making work applications, writing a plan "what will i do next" and going to some unemployed's support place a few times a week.
2020-07-15 18:25
And thats not needed, unless u have savings in bank. If u get toimeentulotuki, they will just reduce the money if u dont do anything in like 2 years, but they still pay ur rent etc
2020-07-15 21:16
2020-07-16 12:53
"nope, u cant be homeless in scandinavia," most brain dead thing ive read so far
2020-07-15 18:33
Maybe u should read the whole sentence before saying this... U can be homeless if ur drug addict etc, but if ur normal person whos not interested in work, u will get ur rent paid and money for food etc
2020-07-15 21:18
France Efon
2020-07-17 14:22
no, not in sweden atleast. only works if your a immigrant
2020-07-28 12:51
?? What are u talking about?
2020-07-28 13:41
you dont get enough money in Sweden to live off if you are Swedish
2020-07-28 14:02
yes you do. i mean you can't eat out and shit but you can definitely live off it. they give 8000-9000kr per month
2020-07-28 14:11
You get around 4000sek+rent if you are allowed welfare.
2020-07-28 14:26
yes exactly.
2020-07-28 14:29
RpK | 
France HippzZ
+1, even in France. If become homeless you have other issues than just not having an income
2020-07-28 14:06
so you can be homeless.
2020-07-29 13:38
beyond retarded comment
2020-07-24 12:59
Can't you just live off the government in Norway?
2020-07-16 11:51
cant u in usa? 200 dollars per month for each homeless noob LMAO
2020-07-24 16:42
Yes you can
2020-07-24 16:42
Then, why worry about food in your stomach? Was the guy who said that just trying to fit in with us peasants or something?
2020-07-24 18:11
yes he is benched
2020-07-24 16:42
United States KEKWQUID
no money = no happiness
2020-07-15 11:28
tell that to the monestary in a minestory or the kids in africa when they see like a football in their village. its all perspective.
2020-07-15 11:30
Finland hermion
Youre telling me the kids in africa wouldn't massacre their whole family for a few pennies?
2020-07-15 12:05
Would it make them happy?
2020-07-15 12:49
either trolling or genuinely braindead
2020-07-15 12:55
lol +1 this guy xd
2020-07-31 04:27
football costs money no money = no football no football no happiness?
2020-07-15 16:55
It doesnt cost shit, they need ball tjats it, in some places they dont have ball they make makeshift ball from shit and play. Thats why football is so popular, its only rich sport in US
2020-07-24 12:38
ball costs money no money = no ball no ball = no football no football no happiness?
2020-07-24 12:44
If u read what i wrote , some use makeshift balls they made themselves, No ball = ball Ball = football = happiness
2020-07-24 13:01
To make a makeshift ball u need shit that costs money no money = no shit to make a ball no shit to make a ball = no ball no ball = no football no football = no happiness money highly = happiness. There's little things that make u happy that u cant / dont need to buy, with money u can buy alot of things that make ya happy.
2020-07-24 16:41
Im not really arguing thaat money dont buy happiness in our world it is false but they can still have ball and have fun without money
2020-07-24 19:09
lamo kids are unaware of adulthood (responsibility, autonomy, maturing - inevitable aging and decay eventually )and depend on their parents ... also with time you will likely experience that your life will unfold very differently as you expected - meaning your dreams will be strpied away by reality, unless you're "lucky"
2020-07-15 17:17
2020-07-29 13:36
thats top retard post today. congratulations
2020-07-15 11:30
2020-07-15 11:32
you are just stupid
2020-07-15 12:09
no u
2020-07-15 12:13
so quit your job you crybaby. some kids like you are just too weak.
2020-08-01 03:03
thats top retard post today. congratulations
2020-07-15 12:47
You discovered copy pasta. congratulations. Im not gonna breakdown whole thing my advice is = just read some books from Platon. But i highly doubt you will
2020-07-15 16:43
good you won't break it down, you dont seem to be able to get real with the information you got there. normally people read about plato, sokrates and others in school. dont know if you could experience that, but it's pretty normal.
2020-07-15 16:53
Why should i share that information with someone so counteracting :) i gave you and advice and thats it. Have a good day
2020-07-15 17:00
exactly. that's what happens when you try to share knowledge that's actually none. likewise
2020-07-15 17:07
i have finished faculty of philosophy, but think what you will :)
2020-07-15 17:13
hope it was not a total waste, then.
2020-07-15 17:15
United Kingdom Cosharek
Send some good philosophy books men))
2020-07-24 18:16
But he isn’t wrong
2020-07-15 13:27
China Grenadr
Maybe for most people
2020-07-15 13:28
money = fun tickets happiness = appreciating what you have in your life happiness = state of mind, money = not.
2020-07-15 16:35
Well put
2020-07-24 12:43
2020-07-24 15:19
appreciating what you have in your life comes mostly from money bro. You cant appreciate things if you dont have any.
2020-07-29 13:40
pretty narrow way of thinking when u dive into it :) but do and believe what u want, it really is not something for me to decide... it's just a subjective matter. E: appreciating only the things that money can buy in your life and evaluating things from that point of view doesn't seem very healthy/long lasting tbh..
2020-07-30 03:20
its ur own problem if u work something u dont enjoy. i enjoy my job since day 1. i love cookin since day 1. i might not get enough money but at least im not hating my life when i'm doing my work and neither do i have breaks and pauses to consider myself bored.
2020-07-15 11:29
i like my job honestly. but i think thats not the problem, i dont understand the system in a whole
2020-07-15 11:31
how would it work if everyone would be just chilling doing nothing productive?
2020-07-15 11:50
they do but for there own or for the society. there is no need for a boss.
2020-07-15 12:10
ofc there needs to be a boss. I would call him manager instead though.. do you want to play CSGO without igl? It would be chaos.
2020-07-15 12:12
fuck, that is a horrible comparison. probably the worst comparison ever.
2020-07-31 11:33
2020-07-31 17:09
Sweden zae
meh i kinda enjoy my job but it feels like i dont have time for anything else
2020-07-15 12:25
well i work in the kitchen, the last time i had free on a weekend or a holiday was 2018. depends where u have ur priorities.
2020-07-15 14:19
will you cook something for me )))
2020-07-15 17:12
if u visit rotterdam, come visit zeezout, the food u eat is probably cooked by me ^^
2020-07-16 11:12
He'll spit in it don't eat his food
2020-07-31 03:45
Poland JKG
I dream about earning 2k€ a month, so don't be soo sad man
2020-07-15 11:29
nothing in germany, trust me. dont even have more money than polish dudes
2020-07-15 11:31
What do you do and where do you live? 2k sounds like awfully low salary for a German. Is that after tax?
2020-07-24 12:45
nah its not, it depends where u live. tbh 2k€ for my region is okay, i live in a small village. life is not expensive here, i drive 2 mercedes 2015/2017 build year. so my life is good. dont have to pay rent. my house is completely paid. so i can whatever i want to do. but for example u live in munich/berlin u have to pay fucking 1300€ for rent if u are 3 persons or even moreeeee. so hf with 700€ xaxa, cant even survive. my sister paying 1200€ in "dortmund" for 3 rooms, on top you have to pay, electricity,water,waste etc etc. oh yeah its after tax. i earn 2800€ but after tax its 1950~
2020-07-24 12:48
Oh yeah this now makes much more sense. Well my 2 cents are that there's 2 options: Enjoy your spare money for traveling and hobbies, enrich your free time. Or establish your own business and have people working for you. Either way you need to change something in your life if you feel like stagnating.
2020-07-24 13:03
i want to start my own compay, as a programmer maybe its easier idk. even my wife want to do some self employment things, like personal coaching etc. we are on a good point to start something like this. we dont have any financiel presure. (or not this high)
2020-07-24 13:04
That sounds great, go for it! Good actions bring good reactions in life. Having the same mindset and support of your wife is even better start.
2020-07-24 13:23
Why do you complain then? I mean ofc you could always have more but your life sounds pretty fine to me tbh.
2020-07-29 13:42
i dont know, iam not happy at all.
2020-07-29 13:59
Malta easyBets
2020-07-15 13:31
Another 15 yo hltv user trying to get attention
2020-07-24 12:25
so leave you live in jermany you will get ez $ benefit
2020-07-15 11:29
Poland Hanse
No one forces you to work, go and live a hobo life
2020-07-15 11:37
let me guess, u dont even work in ur life before, right?
2020-07-15 11:31
Poland Hanse
I worked since I started high school, it will be 7 years now + 3 on college, don't tell me shit about hard working
2020-07-15 11:35
wow bro hf in ur t2 country
2020-07-15 11:35
t2 country calling t2 country t2 country? :thinking:
2020-07-15 11:43
aha dont know that jermani is t2 country
2020-07-15 11:44
now you know)
2020-07-15 11:44
Germany hjngvnhgg
Switzerland is the only T1 country in the world
2020-07-24 19:17
hobos here get good money as well, not a bad choice honestly. All you need is a living adress and a bank account.
2020-07-15 12:35
Thats bullshit tbh. I know that people get the image of this, but all the people I know with that lifestyle are fucked by the age of 30, barely making it through the months. I mean, sure if you use the money for the right things, you could live an "okayish" life. But these people dont know how to handle money etc. and therefor are broke at every 15th of the month.
2020-07-15 13:40
+1 sad but true
2020-07-29 13:43
why follow the society way of life?
2020-07-15 11:31
2020-07-15 11:32
Because you mostly have to in order to get yourself a proper life?
2020-07-29 13:43
society way of life is easiest way
2020-07-31 20:50
Finland Jartza
I like My Job i can lurk hltv 8h and go home
2020-07-15 11:31
well for me its like 4-5h and 2-3h work but I still hit the +1 button
2020-07-15 13:41
Finland Jartza
you are doing important job my brother
2020-07-15 16:01
2K I'm Working 10 Hours for 200 USD
2020-07-15 11:32
u live in t3 country iam sorry my mens))
2020-07-15 11:34
sad man
2020-07-15 11:35
it is, maybe try jermani
2020-07-15 11:35
It's very hard to her Jerman Visa man and I have Criminal record also
2020-07-15 11:36
just say asyl
2020-07-15 11:35
u rape yes?
2020-07-28 14:50
Ahaha best hltv supposition ever
2020-08-04 12:01
what did u do?
2020-07-31 04:29
2020-08-01 03:37
20$ an hour sounds good to me.
2020-07-29 13:45
10 hours a week for 200 dollars in a month
2020-07-31 04:29
I know, it was just a joke :D
2020-07-31 05:31
tbf 200usd will go a lot farther in india then it will in la
2020-08-01 03:28
the best way to enjoy life is find a nice mountain that have nice river for food and good animal then train urself to be buff and when u are buff and be tarzan there will be a mary jane come to forest then ez winner and happiness
2020-07-15 11:33
iam married what u mean mens
2020-07-15 11:34
I dont want to be happy he looks depressed all the time, even tho that deagle ace was sick.
2020-07-15 11:37
Man, u get 2k$. People in Russia get 500$ while working 12 hours per day. My dad I bought several apartments for a premium and rent them to tenants. He is 45 and he is no longer working but has a constant earnings of about 7k$
2020-07-15 11:42
yea, but life here is pretty cheap it's pointless to just compare salaries
2020-07-15 12:06
The difference in salaries is 6 times, the difference in prices is one and a half times
2020-07-15 14:18
would be great if it was true but its not, especially in big cities in fact moscow is more expensive than eastern europe on average, not even talking about housing mf its cheaper to buy an apartment somewhere in denmark than in moscow
2020-07-15 17:21
>mf its cheaper to buy an apartment somewhere in denmark than in moscow if this suppose to mean exactly what u wrote up there it makes 0 sense. (unless trol) on the outskirts of Moscow (Yes on the outskirts but still it is also Moscow) almost any apartment will cost less than the Danish equivalent
2020-07-31 03:53
fuck them outskirts, spending 4 hours every day to commute to uni/work is barely a life tbh im talking about an apartment inside of mkad circle obviously
2020-07-31 14:12
Well u obviously won't get an apartment in the center of Copenhagen indeed. Prices on realty will not be the same compared to Denmark
2020-07-31 14:16 first one that i saw after googling, you can see how close to the center it is now check cian moscow and see what the fuck is up there, i bet you wont see much difference in pricing
2020-08-01 01:51
Mens look for a job that you enjoy, dont look for a job where you are forcing yourself to get there. I love my job and time flies by, and in an instant its weekend already.
2020-07-15 11:42
i love my job my jerman bro. i dont understand the system in a whole.
2020-07-15 11:48
My jerman brother, we seek for freedom which is only a natural instinct. But of course there are factors that are holding us back. Save some money, go live your life take a long break and come back to work. You have the opportunities take them
2020-07-15 12:56
maybe thats true, i dont even think about to spare some money and just chill for 6 months but who pay my healthcare? i think this naturial instict is way more heavier in a german soul.
2020-07-15 12:57
well 2k is really nothing, but if you love your job it should be fine
2020-07-15 11:43
i live in a small town, so its okay for here.
2020-07-15 11:49
What are you doing? I get 4.300 Euro plus 5% profit sharing
2020-07-15 11:50
bru wtf, i cant change it here, its a small company. our senior programmers on delphi earn this shit, yea i know, "who uses delphi in 2020"
2020-07-15 12:11
feels bad :(
2020-07-15 12:24
i guess its easy to switch in the IT sector.
2020-07-15 12:26
At least not in my company. But I only finished my master degree a couple of months ago and started working in my first company
2020-07-15 12:34
thats awesome man, i dont have a master. So i guess the money is ok.
2020-07-15 12:35
wtf is delphi XD
2020-07-15 23:06
Looked it up. Looks like a budget Eclipse IDE for App Development.
2020-07-16 11:53
LUL I have never heard it
2020-07-16 23:29
let me guess prehistoric company with 40yo will die soon
2020-07-16 19:55
it is, they need a change. seems like the product itself will die soon or later, who uses static desktop programs, all runs in a web enviroment.
2020-07-16 20:52
Rob4 | 
Serbia e_loK
I would love if i worked for 2k euros a month wanna trade jobs?
2020-07-15 11:46
for t1 country is low
2020-07-15 11:48
Rob4 | 
Serbia e_loK
Yeah i know i was just crying about being poor
2020-07-15 11:50
not ur fault bro.
2020-07-15 12:11
Well u guys have 16% taxes. Average Salary in croatia is about 650 euros and here we have 25% taxes. I dont know how u spend ur money but i know some people who went to work in germany and its great for them. My friend has 2.3k as assistant manager pays 700 e for rent (350 cuz he lives with his gf). U guys have cheaper food prices than here in croatia, clothes are cheaper and plenty other stuff. . I dont know how can u be angry.
2020-07-15 12:14
bro, its not ab out the money, its all cool with the euros. i dont even pay rent. i have 2k for everything i need, my wife has a job and i have. so its all cool. but i think they must be more in life then 9to5.
2020-07-16 19:19
Belgium lil_vodka
its enough some earn 1600euro in t1
2020-07-16 19:00
go and become a csgo pro bro
2020-07-15 11:49
i tried it failed, iam lvl 10 faceit, but no team
2020-07-15 12:13
ofc, german cs lul
2020-07-15 14:24
Become self-employed, work when you want
2020-07-15 11:49
yea maybe the best idea.
2020-07-15 12:13
Korea XigNw0w
I once had a part-time where I hated every single second except co-workers, were nice. Hours went by so slowly and it was really painful mentally as I didn't want to be there in the first place, I felt like I was pushed into a cage every time I went there. I have had a couple of part-time experiences in different places and retail stores were definitely the most depressing ones.
2020-07-15 11:55
Finland Jolkkoswag
2k a month or?
2020-07-15 11:58
2020-07-15 12:14
Europe men)
dj 32k
2020-07-28 14:23
working might be depressing but atleast your socialising and have some money to do stuff and can improve your situation, being a neet might be fun for a month or two but id probably kms after that
2020-07-15 12:01
dont have time to be a neet, i have to support my own family. wife and 1 year old kid.
2020-07-15 12:14
its not so uncommon as it seems, about 10% of people work like this for example fishermen
2020-07-15 12:47
how selfish ppl can be... first: it's not slavery, you can quit whenever you want, second: you surely cannot do what ever you want? what kind of society would that be? how can anything work, when everyone thinks like you? in this sense, ppl who play 14h a day are disgusting and childish. without the modern society, you are criticizing, you wouldn't even be able to play at all. be happy that you have a job! be thankful for this society, which supports you, even though it doesn't always look like this. sad that so many ppl, don't even see their privileges and how good their life is. also your goal should not be, to make yourself happy. think a bit more about the others. and: since when does "being happy" disagree with "having a job"?
2020-07-15 12:02
why i cant to whatever i want, i dont undestand this in a first place. u are the guy, why nothing in the world changes, and we still work like wanted it to be. congratz for meaningless post ever.
2020-07-15 12:15
Romania Iosif
You are either a 12 y old lying about having a job or a 20y old with the brain of a 12 y old. How can you already be employed but don't understand how the world as a whole works? Even a fucking bird has to "work" for food or to build a shelter. Why do you think you are entitled to gain free stuff?
2020-07-15 12:37
i understand how it works wtf mens. I think work is a good thing, but the system is bad
2020-07-15 12:38
Romania Iosif
What is that bad system you are talking about? What is bad about it? The "system" can be literally anything.
2020-07-15 12:39
i dont understand why some managers earn a million a year, and a trashcleaner earns 1300€ a month
2020-07-15 12:39
Romania Iosif
That's a whole other story. If you ask why there is such a big discrepancy between salaries, well, because we let it there to be. Because, we, as people, instead of thinking: "i wish me and all my friend would have a 20k EURO car each", we are thinking as: "i wish i have a 100k EURO car and all my friends have 10k E cars so I can brag about it". The society is fucked up, because we made it like this. The rich wouldn't be able to control us if we didn't let them.
2020-07-15 12:45
thats true my friend, i think the time to change it is now.
2020-07-15 12:45
Romania Iosif
No, nothing will change. The society is like this since lords and noblemans, only nowadays they are called "CEOs". Back then, peasants were working for food and housing, now we are working for money to buy food and housing. It's the same shit for thousands of years.
2020-07-15 12:49
yes mens anarcho-communists revolution my friend
2020-07-31 03:36
Because everyone can clean trashes but not everyone can be a successful manager
2020-07-15 12:45
i understand this. but i think the income gap is way to far.
2020-07-15 12:47
Supply and demand is an universal law and nothing can be done about it, not even socialism
2020-07-15 12:47
Europe men)
it is modern slavery
2020-07-28 14:24
Denmark ande048b
There is very little distinction between the capitalist employer-employee dichotomy and e.g. feudalism's Lord-serf, or slavery's Master-Slavery dichotomies. That's why it feels like shit to most people, while a tiny number are fine and dandy.
2020-07-15 12:08
true my danish friend, thanks so much.
2020-07-15 12:16
2k fucking euro, shut up blyat i ripp my ass off for 500 dollars a month
2020-07-15 12:10
but u can live with that or?
2020-07-15 12:16
barely making it, no extra money , basically 0-0
2020-07-15 20:45
send paypal i give u moneys
2020-07-28 14:53
for real??
2020-07-28 19:53
you want? or skin?
2020-07-29 12:59
thank you here's my tradelink
2020-07-30 11:11
Ok I give you
2020-07-30 16:31
men i give free skins )) say thx
2020-07-31 19:19
you gave me nothing mate
2020-07-31 20:18
i opened tradelink and sent 5 skins
2020-07-31 20:20
2020-07-16 20:50
dame right
2020-07-16 21:39
Denmark KalasYoP
Don't know if you have finished education or not, but as an unskilled worker, I find 2k euro being a fair amount. If you're a skilled worker, I find this being in the low end. 2k Euro is almost not enough money to going out, travel, and having fun. If you want to be free, owning a business is almost the only way. This way you will be your own boss. Can't say it's a trap because when I'm done studying, my salary will be between 7-9k euro.
2020-07-15 12:14
What are you studying ?
2020-07-15 12:16
Denmark KalasYoP
Advanced Economics and Finance
2020-07-15 12:19
depends, iam half part unskilled, hard to explain i dont critize the money, i live rent free. i paid my house already, so i can buy whatever i want, have 2 mercedes benz but yea u know, something missing i dont know.
2020-07-15 12:17
Denmark KalasYoP
yeah, I think to live unhappily and not liking the thing you do all-day. I think changing career is a change many are afraid off because the uncertainties, that comes with the change
2020-07-15 12:21
iam not afraid, i can switch easily. God thank iam not the person, who are not willing or afraid to do a change. last year i was in the army and exit it after 2 years. Hard to be to work then in a company, it feels like everybody are lazy af.
2020-07-15 12:23
What entry level job pays EUR 7-9k/month in Denmark?
2020-07-15 13:25
Denmark KalasYoP
economist, insurance mathematicians, some accountants, lawyers etc. The 7-9k are including the pension(12%) which you and your employer must pay.
2020-07-15 16:27
Make sure you have a big beard, put some blue lents on your eyes, make sure you wear some addidas trainers (so police will be looking after a guy with beard and addidas trainers also who got blue eyes), steel a bank escape with a car that has fake ID tables, escape, pay a doctor to make face intervenation, throw some hot water to your hands to remove your fingerprints, pay a doctor to fix your hands, tattoo your body in most of the places and go live a happy life with the other money that you stole. Nothing good comes easy in this life but this is the fastest way to get rich
2020-07-15 12:16
u think jerman police are stupid af?
2020-07-15 12:18
Jk brother but there are a lot more people more worse than your situation. Be grateful for what you have, try saving money and open a course for web developing employee your best students and start giving services to companies.
2020-07-15 12:20
thats true my friend, iam grateful that i have a good life, i dont even have financiel problems at all and i can support my own family. There is just something missing in my life, i dont know. Good idea with the course, i already created a webcourse for the travelindustriy / topic is online markting.
2020-07-15 12:22
Get a fun job then. Everything is not for everyone but everyone is for something.
2020-07-15 12:18
i like my job i dont understand the system.
2020-07-15 12:18
We gotta work to live. Give something to get something. The trick is to become rich, but i don’t even wanna tbh.
2020-07-15 12:20
i think they are way more important job, as a web developer tbh. for society reasons. Trashcleaners are way more important than me
2020-07-15 12:21
I guess. I am studying for IT-security but if i’m gonna be completely honest with myself i enjoy working at the stone breaker.
2020-07-15 12:24
And always remember that all these jobs that no one wants to do just has to be done no matter what. If everyone would be ”free” then society wouldn’t work.
2020-07-15 12:27
but as u said, u enjoy working as a stone breaker. We hvae to give ppl the chance to do what they love. Even they were shitty in school.
2020-07-15 12:28
Capitalist system is now at a point where capital generates more income than working. So theres plenty of people who do basically nothing but have a lot of income, financed by the people who actually (need to) work. The system is flawed and will eventually collapse, but its a long way.
2020-07-15 12:23
true, but what will change after the collapse?
2020-07-15 12:25
And if you dont understand the system watch this till end please without pushing a single second! You might think this is stoopid but try thinking in your mind and welcome to the reality
2020-07-15 12:23
Its not about judging its about reality, playing 14h a day is obviously extremely dangerous cause they will do that everyday and damage them, and take no responsability for anything else, thats called being addicted... Yeah working these days seem like a slave job, and it kinda is, but you dont have another choice, thats what other billion of people did before us and thats we gonna do aswell... Start working get married have kids and try to survive, the rest is just useless stuff
2020-07-15 12:23
why is he addcited if he love what he does. i have no right to say, hey dont do that.
2020-07-15 12:25
Cause he has no other thing going on in his useless life, beautiful things dont last forever and you get bored of everything, but these guys keep playing cause they have nothing in their life.. I also dreamed about having a girl to fck when i was a kid, but the moment i got one i got tired of it pretty fast, after 1 hour of sex i just wanted to be at home relaxing and doing other stuff
2020-07-15 12:54
yea okay needs or hobbies are changing, but who iam to judge ppl.
2020-07-15 12:55
You are actually retarded, "Start working get married have kids and try to survive, the rest is just useless stuff" this is the definition of a looser, basic trash life, i would rather die than live like this tbh.
2020-07-16 19:49
Freedom ain't free, you know
2020-07-15 12:24
It's actually very simple. The ultimate goal in life is to do the thing you love, you are good in and you get good money for. If you manage to accomplish that in life, happiness and pussy will come by itself.
2020-07-15 12:30
i have wife. yea thats the truth i love what i do, but on the other hand i feel the slavery.
2020-07-15 12:32
Europe MaHoTei
pk but how tf u gonna live if you dont have a job?
2020-07-15 12:32
gimme money for free. in future there will be not enough jobs for everybody. source trust me bro
2020-07-15 12:33
Europe MaHoTei
Pog i trust you bro count me in
2020-07-15 12:37
can u imagine that building houses a 3d printer will do the job?
2020-07-15 12:38
Europe MaHoTei
holy fuck i didnt even think about that now that u mention it it will change the shit ma guy
2020-07-15 12:42
u losing ur job of this trust me bro
2020-07-15 12:42
ye all homeless people support your post
2020-07-15 12:33
in jermany u dont have to live on the streets.
2020-07-15 12:33
correction, don't get a job that you hate
2020-07-15 12:33
i love my job read my other posting above.
2020-07-15 12:34
Come to Ireland they pay 350 per week to do nothing
2020-07-15 12:34
why bro
2020-07-15 12:35
The covid money because people are out of work. Before covid i was working like 10 hours and getting like 100 euro because i'm in college but now they pay me 350 euro every week. Government making 20 IQ plays
2020-07-15 12:45
good for you ur government have 20 IQ i guess maybe let migrants into your country to get more colorful xaxaxa
2020-07-15 12:46
We have enough migrants already mens lol in my job there was the same number of Brazilians as Irish kkkkk
2020-07-15 12:48
wtf mens
2020-07-15 12:50
Diversity <3
2020-07-15 12:50
xaxax i see bro, i think we understand eatch other :)
2020-07-15 12:51
It depends do you enjoy your job
2020-07-15 12:40
i love it
2020-07-15 12:42
i see...
2020-07-15 12:43
honestly i do, i dont like the system how our life works.
2020-07-15 12:43
+1, was an intern as business developer for 1 month, working from 9 to 6, doing boring monotonous tasks. Wanted to kms. Now doing wholesaling and got plenty of free time but also good money
2020-07-15 12:43
2020-07-15 12:43
I almost died when i was an intern, but they had great food and i made some decent money, used the transportation there for free by basically saying i was working there lol
2020-07-15 12:56
Quit your job right now, walk out the door and do whatever you want until you feel bored, then try to figure out what to do next. Or regret your current choice and hate yourself more, it's up to you.
2020-07-15 12:49
iam forced to be in a system. Who pays me healthcare? i cant do this
2020-07-15 12:50
Too bad. You'll be fine though.
2020-07-15 13:00
Got burned with chemicals and got a permanent burn mark + back problems and more, just for 300€ ez life
2020-07-15 12:54
man i feel so bad for you honestly. hope u dont have much pain in the future...
2020-07-15 12:58
I have scoliosis and my friend broke my ribs a few years ago so i'm basically used to back pain already. But my arm and leg was also broken back in the day so when i had to do some heavy lifting for 9-10 hrs a day it fucking sucked honestly. I would be happy to be a cashier or something in another country, at least i wouldn't get paid under the poverty limit/point and having some money left after paying for food, rent and other basic needs would be great too. Thinking that i have to waste my life, health and time for the most basic things because i'm born here is just a thought i can't seem to get out of my head. I hope that the next generations can have some better luck than us, if the country is still in existence that is. Trust me, working isn't really bad when your country isn't really a shithole. At least you can save up money and spend it on things you like, and can be happy.
2020-07-15 13:11
bro come to jermani say u are from syria
2020-07-15 13:11
Work is only a shore if it does not make you evolve intellectually, physically, financially or spiritually (for some). Stagnant work is insufferable.
2020-07-15 12:54
i think the point is stagnation.
2020-07-15 12:58
go pro
2020-07-15 12:55
Netherlands WitnessMe
Born too early man. In a few 100 years almost everything will be automated and manual labor won't be common anymore
2020-07-15 12:56
but who works then, i can see that it will be like that, i mean i work in the IT
2020-07-15 12:59
Netherlands WitnessMe
I don't know, can't tell the future. I think every field will have some manual labor but most if not all things can and will be automated at some point
2020-07-15 13:01
in 100 years world population are so fucking damn high
2020-07-15 13:01
Netherlands WitnessMe
i hope figuratively!
2020-07-15 13:09
but you have 2k a month?
2020-07-15 12:59
2020-07-15 13:00
okay hartz4
2020-07-15 12:59
way to less bro u know this
2020-07-15 13:00
Portugal RKO23
lol, i only get 588 €
2020-07-15 13:02
u live in t2 country its ok
2020-07-15 13:03
588? Feelbad for you Thats impossible to live unless u live in periferic cities
2020-07-15 13:43
Portugal RKO23
and im portuguese lol. how much do u gain?
2020-07-15 14:31
I live in same country as you, as a foreigner, probably with higher qualifications than you, working for less money, so consider yourself lucky brother
2020-07-15 13:06
stay in ur country if u complain?
2020-07-15 13:13
I do not complain, and if I did, than I would not be making threads on hltv named "don't get a job" We both are way more fortunate than many people
2020-07-15 13:39
what you do in my country be grateful
2020-07-15 13:39
dude you're a hypocrite
2020-07-15 17:30
no iam not
2020-07-24 12:18
Do not get a job you dislike*.
2020-07-15 13:14
i love my job
2020-07-15 13:16
Then what is the issue? 2k per month is easily a livable salary in your country. If you have a work you enjoy then spending 8 hours a day there should not be that big of an issue.
2020-07-15 13:18
What is the point of questioning the 'system' and trying to make sense of it? Why is it too much to ask for you to do your job and be grateful for what you have? People in Africa are dying from malnourishment and you are on HLTV complaining about your "slavery" job that earns you 2k a month? Pathetic.
2020-07-15 13:21
but i dont live in africa sure iam grateful to live in a t1 counrty, but i dont have a right to be upset? really?
2020-07-15 13:29
Brazil pooternd
you need skins, buy some skins bro, skins, SKINS, 2k per month, what could you get? that's right, SKINS! everybody loves skins, so what? you won't? haha, impossible, there's no way you wouldn't want an glock 18 fade dayum, why not? why yes? why so? he do be vibing doe, i rhyme, i click, i play fast, theres no way to get rich fast rather than csgofast dot com, cum with me, and you and me skins right NOW!
2020-07-15 13:25
Lmao u get 2k€ U must be joyful and grateful
2020-07-15 13:26
Malaysia Suno[t]
wtf 2k euro for doing what? most people want that job wtf our avg salary is 300 euro here wtf
2020-07-15 13:27
i dont care tbh
2020-07-15 13:29
Malaysia Suno[t]
maybe you can invest some of that money to other things so after one year u no need to work and get an automated income so you can do what u want
2020-07-15 13:31
maybe and then i can help ppl in need
2020-07-15 13:33
In medieval times a peasant like you would work 15 hours every day to get the same tasteless food every day and maybe some cattle. Being self sufficient is essential to every economy, now you might be sustained in your spoiled delusions by the welfare state but some day should the economy fail people like you will only have one use: Food. So go ahead, become fat and rationalize your laziness. Or get some good job. Yes it basically is a giant pyramid scheme but unless you are some kind of genius with a better alternative it's still better than living as a farmer and the system cannot sustain an unlimited amount of leaches.
2020-07-15 13:33
i dont live in medieval times so whats the point
2020-07-15 13:33
The point is perspective. You only have to work 8 hours a day and you get every opportunity to enjoy your life outside of work. But because people become spoiled and weak everything is a problem now. Freedom is a romantic delusion. If you want to be free and not a leach be my guest. Pack your shit and go. Or find some goals and meaning in life and don't cry about mere 8 hours of work.
2020-07-15 13:41
i dont even read this. u compare old things with new ones, dont make sense
2020-07-15 13:37
People should definitely invest in their career / studies and work. Sure, it might suck occasionally (I sometimes work ~80h/week at times) but at the same time you're building a lot of financial freedom for the future. In addition, it's pretty great to be able to adjust your spending habits as you progress, e.g. being able to eat out, travel, or buy whatever you want (within a reasonable price range).
2020-07-15 13:43
but how u do this i work outside my regulary hours a lot in reseachring things maybe u can explain me in detail
2020-07-15 13:39
I work at a large advisory firm (Strategy, M&A, etc.), where we don't have specified weekly working hours. These are instead largely driven by client / project demands - Hence, during intensive projects (most often in M&A where the deadline might be tight) we simply work as much as we can to get the job 'done'. This might involve working late nights, weekends and so on, which is maybe not ideal. On the other hand, you make a lot of money and often you'll get direct contact/insight into top level corporate decision making, which in itself is an invaluable experience which strongly drives your own development.
2020-07-15 13:50
mens thats sounds so interesting maybe u can hire me as an nuxt.js developer bru
2020-07-15 13:51
We generally don't have that many IT people in our teams as the work focus is more oriented around Strategy / Finance (We do have SMEs within the firm though which we use for ad hoc IT related issues, like estimating a companies IT structure / run-rate costs). If you're looking to work in consulting, I'd recommend you to apply to companies such as Netlight who predominantly deal with IT service management projects.
2020-07-15 14:04
I can also do ppc and seo.
2020-07-15 16:13
go SEO freelancer
2020-07-28 14:58
its hard, to be good and not a scammer. link building is not ez bru
2020-07-28 14:58
bru I am linkbuilder xD its really i can use the websites of the company I work for.
2020-07-29 13:00
show me bro, dont buy links on fiverr and claim ur own ones, thats not how it works.
2020-07-29 13:27
? what do you want me to show?
2020-07-29 19:36
about 160 visitors/traffic a month mhm
2020-07-29 21:17
EZ money 4 me because of high DR / decent DA
2020-07-30 16:27
how much do you earn?
2020-07-16 21:13
Less than a DJ.
2020-07-24 03:57
2k a day isn't that bad tho :)
2020-07-15 13:39
no its ok
2020-07-15 13:42
Just get a house in the country side. You can live by your own labour. Work the land, and do some small jobs every now and then to pay the bills
2020-07-15 13:41
maybe i do its a good advice
2020-07-15 13:42
Life isnt easy. only ppl realize that when they have to work or separate from parents and start a new independet life. this isnt like playing 14h cs go and parents come to house buy and prepare food everyday. You have a good job that u like , its already good Maybe try some sports or funny things u like as a hobby
2020-07-15 13:46
true iam grateful for what i have
2020-07-15 13:54
Kinda true.. even if u enjoy ur job. It's kinda painful to do the same thing over, and over and over again until ur old and useless. Then ur left to die.. alone, without hopes and dreams. Just for the next generation to come-by and do exactly the same. But it's the system, i guess.
2020-07-15 14:12
Exactly what i mean
2020-07-15 16:14
there are some things in life that you would love working on and earn good money, you just have to find them. Try jobs until you find something you like
2020-07-15 14:39
Whats the point of accepting this retarded system as your reality? Rather die by suicide at 22 than work until im rotten inside. There is nothing that you will like doing as long as it's your main source of income.
2020-07-15 14:51
Thata very True only one income stream is Bad and also dangerous
2020-07-15 16:15
Price? AWP Kato2014
2020-07-15 14:51
ez, move to poland but close to german border, work in germany for 2k€ and spend money in poland, 2k€= 9000zł, you'll be considered as a rich
2020-07-15 16:07
top 10 life hacks
2020-07-15 16:14
U Polish Guys already working here as season farmers or at amazon
2020-07-15 16:16
you see it's working
2020-07-15 16:17
U got scammed u earn way less
2020-07-15 16:20
poor german crying with 2k salary, IN Romania we have 500 euro salary
2020-07-15 16:16
Idc the Money is way different to do ur daily life
2020-07-15 16:21
then dont work, nobody forces you
2020-07-15 16:28
bro 500€ in ur country is different than 500€ in jermani. I dream about ur rent costs. flag checks out also t 2.5 country bye
2020-07-15 18:20
Portugal astacp
you realize 2k in germany is even worse than 500€ in romania right? probably this guy doesnt need to pay rent, expenses and all that, 2k is terrible to live in ger.
2020-07-15 17:14
it is not worse, I went to germany for a couple of months, the price's are not that big compared to romania. Used cars are even cheaper in Germany. Food / clothes are maybe 20% more expensive. Dunno how much for rent, I didn't pay for that
2020-07-15 18:04
Portugal astacp
what are you even saying, you pay 700-900€ for rent, thats already half his salary, you buy food for the month and perhaps you dont have enough money to eat the whole month. not even gonna say if he is a smoker.. this is the reason i laugh rly hard when someone call us poortugal, i know so many persons that migrated to switz, ger, france and they are even more broken than if they stayed in portugal coz they live like they were in here, work->eat outside->coffe->discos at weekends, migrating is only worth if they go to work and go home literally everyday, thats the only way to save some money.
2020-07-15 18:14
i have 1k salary here in RO and I pay 400 euro for rent, thats almost a half. Same shit man. And i'm curious what kind of apartment he gets for 900 euros compared to what i get here for 400 euro
2020-07-15 18:25
Portugal astacp
yeah like you said "same shit", im not saying its better to live in RO than in GER (financially speaking) but depending on how you are used to live your life and what are your expenses, with 2k salary in ger it can be even worst. 2k salary in GER is total crap. about the kind of house/apartment you get in GER, almost for sure it will have better conditions in general but we are talking about a kitchnet or a 1 room house, if you are looking for more than that (and you might really need more than 1 room) it can go to 2000 and a lot more depending what you want. so if this guy has as son he will need almost all the salary to pay the rent.
2020-07-15 22:40
thats total bullshit man my mother makes less than 2k after taxes and we can still rent a 100m² apartment for around 700€
2020-07-28 14:39
Portugal astacp
you understand everything depends on the locations? and im not talking about the size, im talking about the rooms it got and again, the location. also, 700€ when the salary is 2k is about half of it as we were saying, its half of it when she pays the eletricity, gas, water, tv, internet... 1k euros left for a month is nothing to live in GER, if your mom smokes and you eat like a fat ass, she is already out of money.
2020-07-28 15:07
kkk man guess you know better than me who lived with her for the last 20 years
2020-07-28 15:27
Portugal astacp
lol maybe you dont know shit coz she is the one paying and providing and you dont even realize the effort she needs to make every month. but whatever kido, one day you will need to do it yourself and you will understand how things work :-) also, if you want to contest anything try to have some arguments coz you literally said nothing.
2020-07-28 15:34
what's next? saying that living in romania is better than living in germany? cmon ffs, romania has the most ammount of emigrants in the whole EU for a good reason
2020-07-15 18:27
I work with my passion (sports) and can look at my favourite teams while working. I'm setting up my own times and I earn 3.5-5k a month so this make me happy. But I think I would be even happier if I earned my own money... Just quit your job and try start your own, one day I will.
2020-07-15 16:49
cam | 
United States girls
my body my choice
2020-07-15 16:51
u can also be happy with drugs, dont judge them for robbing you to get more drugs!
2020-07-15 17:10
Get another job.
2020-07-15 17:15
World Vidua
Guess what, you can have a job which: A) Earns the same amount in less time so you can spend the rest doing whatever you enjoy. B) Earns much more so you can have multi-months breaks every year for travel, hobbies etc. C) Is actually fun and something you look forward to doing every day - but that's very rare. Unless you're locked in poverty (and 2k is not that), you have no excuse. I do not have perfect job either and I'm working towards better future for myself and the sooner you realize that the easier it'll be for you.
2020-07-15 17:19
Germany sommares
if it is 2k brutto, then it is poverty
2020-07-16 11:21
World Vidua
Still not poverty.
2020-07-16 12:47
2020-07-15 17:20
Bro I can understand you. In Germany its all about work. You have to enjoy your life and its not possible with that system
2020-07-15 18:19
at least some good comment with brain. Thanks turkey mens.
2020-07-15 21:47
Thanks men. Im living in Germany and dont get me wrong. Its the most beautiful country in terms of safety and education.
2020-07-16 04:11
Dude, you are so shit that people prefer to pay you 2k
2020-07-15 21:19
Flag Checks out
2020-07-15 23:24
No it does not. Git gud you cunt.
2020-07-15 23:58
Invest in something
2020-07-15 21:42
u have to learn how the world works m8. your pc, smartphone, your daily bread, nothing would be possible without work. take responsibility and dont feed of your parents or the state
2020-07-15 23:01
at least ur getting reasonable money for that, not some 200$
2020-07-15 23:33
life is not about being happy its about surviving every day with struggles , to give birth to the next generation and keep your genes alive , its not about playing game .
2020-07-15 23:41
i have a child.
2020-07-16 11:49
Belgium lil_vodka
maybe u should make more time for your child maybe itll help
2020-07-16 19:08
being slave here for 1.2€k
2020-07-16 08:44
You don't work and play CS 14 hours a day.
2020-07-16 08:51
yea cause u forced to work.
2020-07-16 11:48
Yes. It's called being an adult with responsibilities in life.
2020-07-16 11:51
yea true, but i dont understand the system.
2020-07-16 11:53
Just join the army, or go to jail. Ez life.
2020-07-16 10:26
i was in the army, it sucks.
2020-07-16 11:53
What job do you have??
2020-07-16 11:17
web developer
2020-07-16 11:53
Lmao 2k Euro for web dev, Europe in a nutshell. Move to US for 6 figures if you're good.
2020-07-16 11:55
true i develope in nuxt.js based on vue. mens)) jermani is scammy country.
2020-07-16 11:57
LMAO WTF??? Vue.js developer making around 27000 dollars a year?? You'd can be making 3 times that in America if you're halfway decent. Europe is a scam dude. Business administration types and bankers who have no real skills making 75k-100k, meanwhile they pay the nerds who actually keep stuff running the scraps. I thought Germany was a bit better, but apparently not.
2020-07-16 12:02
thats so true bro. Mens i think america is still a fucked up country so i dont move there. But payment wize mens its nice.
2020-07-16 13:44
mens i develop some next gen shit, internet booking engine for a travelbook software that our company make. with my skills shit i have to go self CEO
2020-07-16 13:47
If you're that critical why don't you look for a better job or demand a raise or quit and become their competition?
2020-07-16 14:54
in my hometown here is nothing like programming. and i dont want to move, i have a house wife and child. so iam stucked.
2020-07-16 16:33
Is that 27k dollars before taxes? The fact that you have a family means you should be trying to get more money for your services even more, especially if it's before taxes. I don't understand why your salary is so low, I looked up average salary for Vue.js in Germany, it's over 60,000 USD. Your employer is probably underpaying you massively.
2020-07-16 17:35
yea its a small company but some old ass fuck delphi developers earn way more than me. taxes? u mean as selfemployee? otherwize u have to pay shitload of taxes i earn "3000€" but in the end after taxes its 1980€ mens i feel shit.
2020-07-16 17:39
Tbh I think you're shoehorning yourself into a very specific usage of Vue.js, which is already a specific version of JS. I'm thinking this because I've never heard of Delphi. It looks like some budget Eclipse IDE for JS, but tbf I don't use JS. Now that you've clarified it's after taxes, you're still making way below the average, but not as much as I initially thought. How many years of experience do you have? If it's over 2 definitely look for new opportunities, then give your 2 weeks notice respectfully. If it's under 2, just wait it out for more experience and see if they'll give you a raise once you ask. But, I don't think your employer is ripping you off too much if you have low experience and considering you live in the middle of nowhere apparently.
2020-07-16 18:17
1,5 half year, i used to programm just html,scss,js, and some different cms. delphi is a language based on pascal, this is fuckin old shit, the programmer use it to build a software, which is working okay, on the other side me as a web developer have to the "bridge" to get offers in my cases travels, to the website. with a web module. import / export. Its just set up, its all the time copy paste. I do more the design stuff, which is boring af, depends on the customer. u can do so much more with vue, i want to create a iOS or android app with it, but its not needed at all. I dont cry much about the money, for my expierence level ok but maybe below average. i feel kinda stucked.
2020-07-16 18:29
You're still fresh man, the money isn't even the main concern even if you're being slightly underpaid. If you keep going like this your career is gonna consist of maintaining Delphi legacy code some Boomer wrote in 2002. Honestly you might get paid decently for it, but it's hard to predict the future. And it depends on whether people continue to use Delphi. I looked it up, it seems to have decent functionality, but isn't a popular language. Like I said my advice is to just stay at this job, work some side projects/freelancing in the meantime, and apply to jobs you wanna do and pay better.
2020-07-16 18:39
yea, they try to improve this boomer language. its unstable af. i stick with my next gen shit vue/nuxt. Cant believe ppl stick on one language for like forever.
2020-07-16 18:51
If you ever move out of JS, language matters a lot less, it's more about comp sci concepts. But, JS is good for money and demand so I'd stay there. I still look up relatively basic stuff about Python even though I've been using it for 3-4 years total.
2020-07-16 20:40
i tried python its fun. i use django + python back in my early dev days.
2020-07-16 20:53
Germany sommares
so just be free and do what you wanna do? /closed
2020-07-16 11:20
Open ur own business. U will never become financialy independent working for somebody , as simple as that. Ure making that person u working for financialy free ;). I did risk , saved 15k euro , bought courtain side van and opened my haulage business and guess what , it worked and now i have 2 trucks and 3 vans . Im enjoying my life and i wish it to you too. Just work ur a$$ off and find ur own vision , then work , work ,work.
2020-07-16 11:27
mens thats so nice! i wish u the best
2020-07-16 11:48
Tons of opportunities in that once automated driving becomes realized.
2020-07-16 11:54
Yes,yes,yes ,of course of course, but by then ill be rich and transit to other business , cuz in the end of they day it doens't matter what business u pick. Its all about having a goal, commitment and hard work , nothing else. I did it once , ill do it again if i will ever have to. See, im thinking tottaly opposite to you , cuz you assume in advance that it will not work and you are looking for excuses (like no point to go in transport cuz in 329392392 years it will become automated) , and I am looking for a way to make it work, making quite good money , and adjusting to current situation. I don't GUESS , what if. I do instead of talking and guessing(of course im thinking , but my mind is concentrated on "how can i do it" , instead of "what if"). That's how winning is done and thats why today im 31 , having my own business and i can bet any money u don't , not with that pesimistic mindset.
2020-07-16 15:32
Lmao I'm saying you can expand once things get automated. So many insecure business owners in this thread. I'm doing fine btw. I'm hoping to build my skills to freelance for 100-150 dollars an hr.
2020-07-16 15:42
sorry then , i misunderstood you.
2020-07-16 16:29
Be a DJ like most of us on HLTV. Fun and easy 32k/month
2020-07-16 11:58
People in czechia doing the same boring office job for 1k € a month XD This country is mostly a big labour camp, at least you dont have to slave 12 hours a day to survive and feed your family I quess. I hate this capitalistic rat race too, business is a legal slavery. Just find a profession you will do with your heart, not because you have to. Its being a cop or a fitness trainer in my case.
2020-07-16 12:52
1k € a month? where? and what they doing? cuz i have only 500€/month also i work 24h/per 4 days.
2020-07-31 12:09
lazy twat .
2020-07-16 13:00
2020-07-16 13:46
just wait... in a couple of decades (or maybe earlier) intelligent machines will make most of human work obsolete.. the sky rocketing unemployment numbers will result in a change of the current system (i guess there will be a unconditional basic income for everyone). Many humans will have to reevaluate their meaning of life, as many of them define theirselves through their jobs. Either this happens or AI will kill us all. Im looking forward to it either way.
2020-07-16 14:04
true, even AI can programm. thats so insane. we need basic income!
2020-07-16 16:34
Portugal NabasKi
If you want to be happy then work towards that happiness. Make a plan and execute it.
2020-07-16 16:32
ok but how is the question.
2020-07-16 16:34
Portugal NabasKi
What do you mean? Are you asking me how you're supposed to be happy?
2020-07-16 16:35
+99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 People are NPC slaves
2020-07-16 16:36
so damn true
2020-07-24 12:14
No, happiness is shitty, shallow goal, it's a goal for idiots, it is also unsustainable. There is a lot of suffering in this life and unless you are extremely lucky, you will experience mundane work, loss of friends and relatives, sickness, betrayal. The goal is not to be happy, but to find a regime of existence that will be so meaningful, that the fact that life sucks will no longer matter
2020-07-16 19:16
Please tlel me that you're baiting
2020-07-16 19:42
Not in the slightest. If you are chasing happiness you are not going to have a good life. Let's even take cs players for example. You think pros are happy when they lose games, when they don't qualify for majors? Do you think blamef is happy when he grinds 10000 bots in aim map everyday? No he is not, but the grind makes it all worth it because they are pursuing something meaningful
2020-07-16 20:43
Well, I actually used to do around 10 000 bots almsot every day a efw months ago and I can tell you that I was happy. I love improvement. I love grinding aim trainers as well. The thrill of improvement doesn't make it a chore to me.
2020-07-16 20:48
Well you kinda just prove my point. You are working towards a goal that you find meaningful. The fuck does happines have to do with it, I don't think you know what it means
2020-07-16 22:56
get a better job
2020-07-16 19:42
Slovakia VladO.
2020-07-16 19:52 (Obviously this was not meant to be 100% serious, like with the "3d" and the "jewish desires" but it has some truth to it)
2020-07-16 20:51
i watch later, my grandad told me not so nice things about jews idk why
2020-07-24 12:20
Canada sad_face
You are good slave though. Do your job so your boss can get some nice apartment, expensive car and hoes, so maybe you will get a christmas bonus
2020-07-16 21:46
2020-07-17 14:18
so true bro
2020-07-24 12:14
just make more money?
2020-07-24 04:00
money not the problem
2020-07-24 12:14
#384 says otherwise
2020-07-24 20:22
Get better job
2020-07-24 04:06
its okay, but they fuck me ove rwith the moneys
2020-07-24 12:16
just become a youtuber / streamer / instagramer
2020-07-24 12:22
2020-07-24 12:23
i'd recommend starting to create a community with Instagram idk post cool photos of you or cars or nature or whatever to attract people . after you have some followers start a ytb and some people will follow you . then try to grow it for sponsors . if you are into games also start streaming . Thats what i wanna do but this virus fucked my plans...
2020-07-24 12:26
maybe i can help
2020-07-24 12:27
its important to be something which you rly enjoy so people can feel your real energy . for me its cars and to travel but... yea the virus said no to both
2020-07-24 12:30
bro i have GLA 200 its good car next car it will be a GLC Coupé
2020-07-24 12:30
flag doesn't check out
2020-07-24 12:29
live in jermani can be shit too trust me
2020-07-24 12:38
Denmark Notallama
And I'm here doing absolutely nothing for 5k. Just be glad you have something to do all day, sitting around doing absolutely nothing on the job is exhausting in a much worse way imo.
2020-07-24 12:57
bro today, i done maybe 30 mins work. after this i lurk on hltv xaxax
2020-07-24 13:00
Denmark Notallama
That's the reason why I'm even on HLTV in the first place. I love my job, but doing nothing for 4 hours a day is lame as fuck.
2020-07-24 13:01
yea, it feels like wasting my life.
2020-07-24 13:03
exactly my thoughts after a year of work as a portfolio analyst. i was getting good money but i was going crazy and was really unhappy, so i left the job, and now i am really happy, looking for something to do what will bring me joy and money.
2020-07-24 16:44
Europe topkeklv
go pro in valorant or become a DJ i hear alot of success storys here about that job. :)
2020-07-24 18:23
My thoughts: Yeah it sucks working a 9-5 job that isnt fulfilling. Maybe I'm soundling like one of marketing-shitheads in youtube-ads but try to start your own business. Learn a skill where you good at and where is a demand. (sure you can still try to become a cs Pro but there is a very high competition and as you older you gets its harder to perform well). Interested in Computers? Learn coding. /Web-Design / Start Modding Cs-Maps and sell them on Fivr. Start building PC's professionally.... Advice on money: Concentrate on earnings not on savings. It's easier to earn a couple hundred Bucks a month instead saving your ass off and sitting on weekends at home alone. You are young and have enough workforce to achieve something in life. Work your ass off for 3-4 years and then reduce your weekly worktime. When you have your own property and dont need to pay rent every month. You can easly work only 4 Days a Week... Travel, Meet new People, be helpful to others and have a nice Time! Try to enjoy life more. :-)
2020-07-24 18:28
i do coding am. i dont ever save much money, i just try to improve skills an earn more like u said. i only want to work 3-4 days a week.
2020-07-28 10:37
ok, you're on a good way. If i were you i would try to get a certificate that shows your professional skills. (Sap -Certifikation, some Coding -Bootcamps....) Then i would try to get some work experiance as a Freelancer ( maybe you can work for another freelancer who has to much workload, those jobs should pay arround 20-30 € an hour if its qualitative Work) Once you got enough experience start as a It-Consultant in your spare time. An hourly wage from 60-120 € is normal for those type of work. Sure you have to pay taxes and some other expenses. As a last step i would figure out how much are my living expenses are and then divide it by your new hourly wage ( 2k a month / 40 €/hour net wage are 50 hours ofwork. Not Bad? :-)
2020-07-28 11:09
i have a some coding certifications. even google marketing certifications. how mens)) i am just to afraid i dont know. i guess i could go freelancer. but mens)) i have a wife and a child. have to feed them. (my wife is working too)
2020-07-28 11:31
i did that 7 years ago. this is the first month i made over 100k sales and it will be the first year i make > 1.000.000 € in sales. but you have to work hard, very hard. DONT DO ANYTHING ON FIVERR!!!!
2020-07-28 11:40
i tried fiverr once, it sucked, i feel i sell me under value. tried to get leads via free membership / ebooks etc that worked quite well in combination with paid ads.
2020-07-28 12:12
yes fiverr is designed to get shit quality for a shit price. all those videos on youtube, fiverr is best are fake and paid content. dont sell yourself to cheap. make analyses to check where your target audience is located.
2020-07-28 12:35
used to check this with audience insight @facebook.
2020-07-28 12:38
The same shit with me. I do internship in Lloyds bank , data analyst. I work only a few hours a day another 5 hours I read or surf on hltv.
2020-07-28 11:14
same bru
2020-07-28 11:32
really really fookin' boring. It used to be my dream job, but I only do simple operations in SQL, thats it. No cs no fun dreadful weather bla bla bla
2020-07-28 11:45
so u just run some query/action task in SQL? men as a web developer SQL is sooooo BORING MORGIN HOLY MOLY i feel you
2020-07-28 12:11
I mostly use select fucntions lol and nothing more. I want to go back to uni :((
2020-07-28 12:13
bro, bro, men it must be hell every day?!
2020-07-28 12:15
First half is kind of okay. I try to survive after 2pm, because I usually have no any tasks.
2020-07-28 12:19
what your collegues think what u doing? or they dont care? iam on break now, i did nothing productive today. just joking around with collegues. nobody cares here wtf. its the total opposite of this, my boss told me, i do a good job and maybe he will rise my salery. i feeld sad for ppl, who actually work.
2020-07-28 12:23
My colleagues are 40 year old family men with whom I am generally not interested in communicating, besides I'm Welsh and they are English and we have absolutely nothing to talk about. Here is a business management department and beautiful interns here, and I usually talk to them when they are free:)) (Do not tell to my gf pls) The good thing, that managers are happy with my work because I do everything very quickly.
2020-07-28 12:31
would u sex the interns? why the english ppl racist against welsh.
2020-07-28 12:38
I see, that one of them interested in this and even wants to meet my friends and my gf. To have a night with brit girl is relatively easy no matter who are you, but do not really want to cheat. It is not racism against Welsh, problem here is my background. I'm from really nationalistic (supporters of plaid cymru) area where people on daily basis speak on Welsh, so it's likely internally disdain.
2020-07-28 12:44
lul reminds me of east/west germany. where ppl dont like eatch other cause they are from the east/west. tbh east jermans are still fuckin monkey nazis. yea dont cheat, its not worth imo
2020-07-28 12:57
I dont give a shit tbf))) my grandparents do
2020-07-28 13:13
same :D
2020-07-28 11:33
Internship is route to full time job tho if youre reasonably competent and likeable, I just got a job from my placement year and my pay almost doubles and ill be doing more or less the same stuff. Itll really be worth doing in the end
2020-07-31 11:28
I know mate ))
2020-07-31 12:10
jobs are overrated
2020-07-28 12:19
read the book "Industrial society and its future" and make up youre mind
2020-07-28 12:26
wer are out of industriel.
2020-07-28 12:40
no we are not. we are out of the Industrial revolution. but where still a Industrial society. a Industrial society is a society where most of the products are from factories. idk about you but. cars tv phones desks lamps food liquids books and more are made in factories.
2020-07-28 12:42
yea sure, but i think its chaning, we are going into information/digital society with more KI/Robotic. but sure we are somehow still in it.
2020-07-28 12:55
just read the book there they explain why u feel the way u do
2020-07-28 14:05
Imagine wasting life for a game axaxaxaxaxaxaxax
2020-07-28 12:45
whats wrong when u happy with it?
2020-07-28 12:55
bcz that is baing pathetic
2020-07-28 13:58
The real goal of why you are here is to pay taxes to your country and as soon as you can go on retirement they want you to die so they don't have to pay your pension and your children have to pay succession rights in order to get your house for which you payed your whole life. Sad but true.
2020-07-28 13:17
true thats how the system works.
2020-07-28 14:16
Sorry we are not living in Germany:(
2020-07-28 13:38
Learn skills - make more money - buy freedom
2020-07-28 14:20
iam on it
2020-07-28 14:36
Go play football then
2020-07-28 14:32
men iam 94kg @1.81 now, i cant even run 200 meter without getting heartattack. what u mean mens
2020-07-28 14:36
you are right by one perspective
2020-07-28 14:43
Bro, here the people work their ass of for 400 euros,
2020-07-28 14:43
bulgaria nice ppl, they desverve much, maybe work @tönnies germany
2020-07-28 14:44
Yeah, they do, but literally every politic here is corrupt, and they launder so much money
2020-07-28 14:45
just leave the country. let old jerman ppl live in ur country.
2020-07-28 14:46
Yeah, will probably do that, I love the idea of actually not worrying about would you have enough money to pay your rent every month
2020-07-28 14:47
bru i dont even have to pay rent, i can do what i wanna fuck i wanna do. bro dont waste time, just leave, i know its hard, cause of family & friends. come to jermani, say "asyl" say that u are gay and the police say death threads to you. u become instant jerman passport. and dont make the mistake to live in a big jerman city, its expensive af, come to th country side of my beautiful country. living is waaay less expensive an u can get good jobs like as a painter/electrican or something else.
2020-07-28 14:50
I do graphic design near my pool for 3k euros with 5 years of experience. My friends are coming tomorrow and we're going to drink and swim. Maybe i'll work 1 or 2 hours. I love my job. Just find something that you like :)
2020-07-28 15:04
Awesome mens 💰
2020-07-28 23:17
rightist mad because shit job and refugee earns more then him
2020-07-28 15:05
Ok Zoomer
2020-07-28 23:18
im sry iam a boomer nt crying men, u must be an ossi
2020-07-28 23:34
No sorry bloomer
2020-07-29 07:15
All these wagecucks in the comments saying you're lazy are hilarious
2020-07-29 13:02
iam not but we are all wagecucks, thats the problem.
2020-07-29 13:28
creativesystemsthinking.files.wordpress... Jesus Christ said: I am the door. Nobody comes to the Father, but by me.
2020-07-29 13:30
why so many from zigania in sweden all day say pls 1 dollar pls 1 dollar its need money for your house wife and stuff how you live with no job like ziganian? ??? ???
2020-07-29 13:49
>sitting here working my ass off for 2k € 0/8 bait I would say. Average salary in Russia is 250€, so shut up and enjoy your life
2020-07-29 13:49
2020-07-29 14:01
Are you an idiot? What's the difference? You think we can buy new iphone or ps4 in Russia for 50€? All prices are same, even food prices are getting closer to EU prices. The main difference is the rent price, it is kinda high in your country. My gf lives in Finland and she works for 1500€. rent price is 600€, bus pass is 100€ and after all payments she has like 600€. You can get an expensive purchase or any other shit. Average salary in Russia is 250€, 150€ for rent and that's fucking all, you can't afford even food. Most of people here have to live with their parents and it takes years to buy something like new TV or phone. You are just "depressed" delusional kid who lives in 1st world country. Appreciate your carefree life, travel around the world, buy whatever you want, smoke crack and fuck bitches. Somewhere on the Earth people have to fight for their lives and you are still manage to cry
2020-07-29 14:10
dont be mad because u are poor af and ur gov shit. THEN START UR OWN COMPANY. u are crying and u are not willing to change a whole thing, guess what, my wife is russki, and some of her family are leaving russkicockland to join jermani and it worked after 3 years, now i teach the bot kids how to speak jerman. after 6 months they got their jerman passports. if u want, do the same.
2020-07-29 14:13
>THEN START UR OWN COMPANY as I said, you are such a retard. all arguments from people like you are "WTF BRO JUST WORK XDDDDDDDDDD". How the fuck someoone with medic bachelor's degree can start their own business? The only option is to work in hospital and to get 250€. >if u want, do the same Do what? Move to Germany? You have your own migrants from Africa, I'm not sure if there is a place for me. My message is not about me and my country, just understand you are living first class life compared to 90% people on Earth. And somehow you are unhappy with it
2020-07-29 14:19
when their is a place for afticans, why not russki ppl? i know that i living first class life, dont u think the family members from russki dont tell me how bad it is to live there? why not work here in a hospital we need medics.
2020-07-29 14:20
Europe Vallon4
''Average salary in Russia is 250€, 150€ for rent and that's fucking all, you can't afford even food. Most of people here have to live with their parents and it takes years to buy something like new TV or phone.'' Damn... east EU is some serious shit.
2020-07-30 03:33
You are free to do so only cuz you are a lucky asshole born in a developed country. The majority of world population work to SURVIVE. I won't judge you anyway.
2020-07-30 03:40
I cant choose where to Born
2020-07-30 22:32
But you can choose how to live.
2020-07-31 03:33
And how he is supposed to live with your criteria ?
2020-07-31 03:54
yea +100, why i have to live like a dog? that other can feel more happy?!
2020-07-31 10:10
I agree. I think what he is trying to say is that because you got born in such a country you cant understand the rest of the world who cant make 2K and making 1/4 or less of that and really struggle so they live in a way different way.
2020-07-31 11:21
yea but its not my fault. i feel kinda sorry for the ppl, who live under such conditions, but i cannot rescue the whole world. so why i have to apologize how " i live " u can bee very poor in jermani too. with max 300€ a month its also hard to survive.
2020-07-31 11:23
I know, it is not your fault, i think it was a mistype of his. Like if he could make 2000 euros the other day he wouldnt change his way of living ! I bet he would the very next day
2020-07-31 11:28
the thing is u get used of the money u earn. so u want more and dont even want to get back with less money, ur living standars are increasing.
2020-07-31 11:28
I agree. If someone makes 400euros per month and for a reason get promotions and makes 2000 per month, i doubt he will stay in same apartment, having the same car, cellphone, cloths and/or wont try new more expensive staff ( vacations in more expensive places etc ) and keep living like he used to.
2020-07-31 11:31
the thing is most of the stuff u dont even need. if u spare ur money and invest u can get even more. thats want i wanna try to do i dont giv a fuck if i have gucci clothes who the fuck pays 400€ for a tshirt
2020-07-31 11:33
Im just saying that this guy talking would change alot of his 400E habits to come in par with his new 2000E salary. So you dont do anything wrong. But you say you dont even need stuff but you wanna invest money to get even more. To do what with them ? Dont become greedy in the end because youll prove the guy we slapping all this time right in the end. Be rich in your life experiences, friends, love and many more things that matters not how to get more money and more material goods and more money. You got plenty already to do anything you want, focus on what matters most as Jacobs said, one of the richiest people in the world just before he died.
2020-07-31 14:06
This is the problem with the west, people are so entitled. This is why in like 10 years Azia will be #1. Azia and Africa are moving forward and EU are just relaxing not innovating thinking they will keep their privileged lives for ever.
2020-07-31 03:37
we will. africa moving forward XAXAXAAXAXAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA asia yea i totaly agree
2020-07-31 11:17
Germany is doing the best, so yeah you guys will and have to carry the rest of EU. Africa is moving in the right direction, I have high hopes for them.
2020-07-31 14:14
The point are the 2K you making so you can own a house, electricity, a PC, an internet connection and CSGO to be able to play CSGO. You get it ?
2020-07-31 03:38
yea it is :D
2020-07-31 11:17
I need money
2020-07-31 04:01
"sitting" "working my ass off" OMEGALUL
2020-07-31 04:16
"brain work" is also exhausting
2020-07-31 11:16
mental work is actually more exhausting/stressful than physical work, nothing funny there
2020-07-31 11:35
lol i am like you but younger. im 17 and im seriously scared of living 60% of my life at a desk bored as hell. I just want to have a fun job, have good friends and a nice wife.
2020-07-31 04:32
that will be a dream. u are forced to sit and do nonsense stuff, for nonsense ppl, to make more nonsene ppl richer. hf thats the "life". maybe ur wife will cheating on you. or u get srsly sick cancer or something. than u die, ur life was meaningless. thats the sad truth.
2020-07-31 11:19
There is no meaning to life unless you give it a meaning. And no, you're not forced to do anything. You are free to quit.
2020-07-31 11:34
u are not free to quit sure u can, and how u want to pay ur bills now. its slavery.
2020-07-31 11:36
Turkey TheTurks!
there are better quit ways mens)
2020-07-31 11:38
No, it's not slavery because you're doing it voluntarily, no one forces you do work, it just so happens that in order to get stuff from other people you have to give them something in exchange
2020-07-31 11:40
it is u cant lie it, u as an americanski should now the best
2020-07-31 11:40
Russia armando_o
nice cover ur masters slave)
2020-07-31 14:07
Yes bro. You are right
2020-07-31 11:21
sure but nothing will change, the whole system is corrupt
2020-07-31 11:34
how a dumb thread like "dont get a job" is getting 500 comments. guess it tells a lot about the hltv community. such a dumb advice. everyone has to do THEIR PART to contribute to a society. you can FREELY choose how you want to do it. nobody forces you to do a job that you dont like. it was your choice.
2020-07-31 12:03
+1 A very sensible comment.
2020-07-31 20:38
sometimes you gotta write a serious comment, if things get out of hand like in this thread.
2020-07-31 21:52
you talking straight up bullshit slave
2020-07-31 20:52
Jobs and schools are for slaves. Join the freedom movement!
2020-07-31 20:35
If there is no job satisfaction, then search for another job. If you have a dream job for the future, then acquire the qualifications for that dream job. At the end of the day you need to put food on the table and pay the bills.
2020-07-31 20:37
No need to work 5 days a week for 8 hours. Enough food and water to all if shared
2020-07-31 20:38
i had the same thoughts and built my own business. Now i work more but life is good and i have fun
2020-07-31 20:41
2020-07-31 20:42
16 days and this thread gets a comment everyday
2020-07-31 20:46
its important topic
2020-08-03 14:36
thanks for the info
2020-08-04 01:08
to work 5 days maybe 6, 8hours a day just for paying rent, taxes and food isnt a life to enjoy, they should give us atleast 3 days without work. and a lot more of holidays.
2020-07-31 20:51
so true, but ur glory henry fird invented his shit
2020-08-04 11:59
Hungary Shiron212
I always have the same thoughts I'm jealous of music producers/DJs and film directors
2020-07-31 21:00
Turkey Nexpo
it is, but I find it hard to be happy with 0 dollars in my pocket and no one supporting me, so that kinda forces me to work and earn money to be happy :D
2020-08-01 03:34
I'm a student. Work 95% from home for 19hrs a week on paper. 1250€ after taxes. In reality I work maybe 10hrs. (Germany)
2020-08-01 10:58
Idk working as a white collar is significantly easier than playing cs profesisonaly 14 hours a day I would ve gone mad if I had been playing cs or any other game that much for more than 3 days Imagine learning all these nades, playing DM 2 hours a day and practicing overall It is actually really hard and a lot of people think it is an easy job to play games all day. In fact it is more complicated and might be really frustrating
2020-08-01 10:59
agree +10000
2020-08-03 14:36
Idk I love my job :-)
2020-08-01 11:00
flag checks out
2020-08-03 14:37
why not
2020-08-03 14:37
Greece Graecos
agree, the point is to be happy, whatever you do for a living.
2020-08-04 12:00
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