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Cheaters from Poland, Brazil and Germany
sjuush | 
Denmark RealPissant 
Just referring to the stats in this video. Shame on you!
2020-07-16 12:45
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lmao expected from poland to cheat so much more than germany
2020-07-16 12:46
szwaby jebane
2020-07-16 12:47
2020-07-16 15:26
2020-07-16 14:19
Sad but true :(
2020-07-16 12:47
Personal experience? =)
2020-07-16 13:40
Of course, I do hax all the time, don't now how to play without them. But jokes aside, it really seems like whenever I play with/against a cheater it most likely Poland, Germoney, Russia or Turkey (don't know about Brasil since I don't play on their servers)
2020-07-16 13:54
Brazil ollyy
i think Brazil got way much cheaters because most people here are poor, and can't buy things like a good keyboard or mouse, so they use cheats, when i don't got prime, i asked to some cheaters things like "why u cheat?", and they said things like "gO aNd BuY pRiMe LiL pOoR" srry for my bad english
2020-07-16 13:49
yeah 14yo polish idiots always cheating
2020-07-16 13:53
Poland Amirek
I don't think they are giving away actual numbers of cheaters, it most likely give away stats of how many stupid people there are, like if you want to cheat (which is already retarted) do you go google and search "CSGO CHEATS LEGIT 100% NO VIRUS"?
2020-07-16 13:58
how he got access to their povs
2020-07-16 14:26
yeah it could be fake actually, but in the video he says the cheat auto-download the DEMO and send it to him.
2020-07-16 15:07
Jordan xrealx369
I thought the same when I saw the video, unexpected tbh
2020-07-16 14:41
That shit's obviously faked. You'd have to be autistic to run that shit for more than 2 rounds. Also nicely stretched out to 10mins.
2020-07-16 15:09
I know he said "this guy" but it's various different players throughout, i bet you they all quit that cheat after few rounds
2020-07-16 15:24
From his YT post: "Just to debunk all the false nonsense that my video would be fake: ## Video showing how the bait software works from download until replay watching ( with debug mode activated ) ## Video showing proof that pov cams include vote kick, voice chat and more ## Debunk false claims: ## Narrative 1: "Why would someone use the fake cheat for 11 rounds and getting punished" Anyone who have studied the source code (that I have shared publicly with link in description) will know that all punishments are very carefully activated throughout the match and NOT all at once and ONLY in matchmaking games (not casual). BloodBrothers do not even activate until late in the match. And all punishments are tripwires are randomized on how often they trigger and how early in the game etc. Only smaller punishments (not even included in the video) are activated early in the game not giving away to much. Most replays would not even have anything funny happened because the cheaters figure it out and abandon the match or figure out how to turn off the bait software, but once every 100th replay or so we have gems like the ones I used in this video where they get caught by surprise by BloodBrothers... Assuming they played rounds after rounds just "taking it" is just simply not true and a false assumption. ## Narrative 2: "Why are you blurring player names" My videos are watched by hundreds of thousands of people, I don't want to start some witch hunt for players that have been punished in my videos. Anyone who feels they need this as proof are welcome to join discord and ill disclose the information you seek and prove you wrong. ## Narrative 3: "How can you play fake sound in csgo and have it show up in replay" the bait software triggers the console command "play" to play the sounds for the cheater. Try this in-game, put console command "play radio\bombpl" .. you will hear the game play the exact sound as when bomb has been planted (only the local player will hear it = the cheater). These sounds will also appear on replays started by console command "record" (not gotv replay) (try it youself by writing record bla in console then play sound and then watch that replay) , this is the method used by bait software to get replays also. ## Narrative 4: I'm supposedly "removing/blocking" people for calling it out as fake. I have couple hundred comments flagged as spam by youtube due to people using profanity and sharing links to the the posts claiming it to be fake... that's just youtube comment section working as it should not something I do manually. And I have addressed countless comments already but I can't respond to every single one so this post will serve as answer to all. ## Narrative 5 "How can the clips show vote kick and other stuff that never shows up in replays so you must have recorded it yourself" Not true, you need to learn more about CSGO :) there are 2 types of replays in CSGO. Type 1. GOTV Type 2. In-eye record started by console command. Second one will include first person perspective (POV records can be viewed in free look mode using HLAE). Type 2 will include EVERYTHING, kick vote, death fade, a lot of stuff like that. The bait software triggers type 2 replay (console). ## Narrative 6 "I googled and it did not show up so it must be a lie" First of all I'm not running any ads for it now, was doing it 1-2 months ago before finishing this video. Secondly even if I was paying for more ads that would not automatically mean it will show up when everyone searches for it, it just means that it will only show up to some of the people searching for it (how many depends on how much my daily budget can afford but with the amounts I have been working with that is just a small fraction of the total amount of people searching for cheats on a daily basis). ## Other information not detailed in the video that is good to understand: 1. The bait software is using the console command "record" to make game replay and then that file is sent to me and can be used to watch the match again in-game (and using HLAE to view it from different angels / cinematic camera movement etc) 2. The bait software only activates in matchmaking games (and wingman) ## There are over 40 hours of me livestreaming coding, testing, debugging, reacting to replays, explaining how every single detail works in these vods: If that is not enough evidence come over to discord and I can share everything from replays, access to google analytics, livestream view of google ads account and more."
2020-07-16 15:26
Izako Boars
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