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Mm vs Faceit cheaters
CIS Reconstructor 
Its insane the amount of cheaters on mm. Every second, third game on mm I meet cheaters at least 1 or 2. Then I check their profile faceit rank they are lvl 3 max on faceit but on mm they are Gods. And thats comes under considiration that I am lvl 10 on faceit and mm guys just owns me with triggers and wallhacks. Volvo is rly doing a shitty job against cheaters :D
2020-07-16 16:07
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You must have pretty bad trust factor to meet a cheater every third game
2020-07-16 16:09
2020-07-16 16:09
NiKo | 
Croatia mimi031
Cheaters can also be nice :)))
2020-07-16 16:10
Probably. But I play good and own them without cheats, but then comes cheaters and owns me. I play also with friends who are shit on mm, while on faceit I play only with ok players
2020-07-16 16:10
But still, your trust factor must be bad, although VAC is dogshit, trust factor does it's job fine
2020-07-16 16:12
Its not my fault :/ I am not toxic or anything
2020-07-16 16:14
if enemy team thinks you are a cheater and reports you, your trust factor becomes shit.
2020-07-16 16:17
idk about higher ranks but in my gold nova 3 i had 0 obvious cheaters and mby 3 susp about wh and that was a year ago
2020-07-16 16:14
-lvl 10 faceit -still plays MM Pick one
2020-07-16 16:18
Yugoslavia al0))
soloq mm > soloq faceit lvl10
2020-07-16 16:20
2020-07-16 16:23
With friends who are bad I play only mm, bcs faceit will be to hard with them. While with my csgo friends who are good, I play faceit. Thats how it works mens
2020-07-16 16:32
well then who cars if u get cheaters, have fun if ur playing with friends. Pls dont cry in chat it's annoying :P
2020-07-16 16:35
Its not fun to play vs cheaters even if its mm mb? You wamt to have fun with friends right
2020-07-16 18:53
it's fun to queue MM with friends and fuck around, no?
2020-07-16 19:37
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