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Germany come here
Argentina Berazategui 
I have a friend who's a college graduate from Chile and he'd want to get a postgraduate or something like that in Germany, i think he's a biologist or chemist or something like that. He wants to know: How much will it cost him to pay for college and living more or less???? Is it too difficult to get in??? does it require a lot of paperwork??? He's a really smart dude and he would really like to get a PhD or something like that in Germany to hopefully work in Germany in a position of his degree. If its possible, which documentation/papers/fees would he have to comply to do so???
2020-07-16 16:46
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Afaik education is free in germany
2020-07-16 16:47
omegalul biggest myth
2020-07-16 17:06
How so?
2020-07-16 17:47
Because it's not free?
2020-07-16 18:11
Because it's only free for germans and people with equal rights to germans (EU-citizens) And not all schools and universities are free. And even if they are free you should be prepared to pay <=150€ per Semester
2020-07-16 19:09
More like 280+€.
2020-07-16 19:11
Yes - could be up to this much depending on the state. Then again - it only applies to Bachelors and Masters degrees. Don't know about PhD as students typically earn money for PhD positions.
2020-07-16 19:23
Germany Cedrew
I pay 440€ per Semester in Hanover, so its definitely not free
2020-07-17 11:48
hltv users dont study wtf
2020-07-17 20:58
you are stupid. maybe check your bill. You don't pay for studying 400€ you pay for bus/train ticket and Asta stuff, not for education... Your teacher don't get paid with that.
2020-07-17 22:10
Germany Cedrew
yeah but i have to pay it so its the price you have to pay for per Semester. But hey, random offending is always a nice thing in the internet :-)
2020-07-19 14:30
compare that to 50k a semester tuition in Harvard
2020-07-17 22:30
United States iknmv
WOOOW, lets compare it to US where if you are a foreign national student, $15k hahaha
2020-07-17 21:52
i mean school etc is free and college is cheap compared to other countrys but no free
2020-07-16 19:13
God | 
Poland henlo
2020-07-16 16:48
Semester fee 50-300€ depending on where you study. Costs depend on the city, of course. Everything else he has to research on his own.
2020-07-16 16:48
Germany notnazi
its like ~300ish per semester, difficulty of application depends on the uni he tries to get into i guess
2020-07-16 16:49
wtf thats so expensive germany third world
2020-07-17 21:46
NA talking about third world .. nice healthcare btw mens)))
2020-07-17 22:02
wtf i was just joking mens)) and if you don't have health insurance that's on you.
2020-07-17 22:09
His school graduation in chile needs to be acknowledged by german officials i guess
2020-07-16 16:50
paperwork is always a lot in germany, college fee is cheap in germany, rarely above 500 per semester, living cost heavily varies on the city you are studying in.
2020-07-16 16:51
Any idea on what he should do? as in what type of paperwork?, he really wants to get out of Chile because Chile is roughly 10-12 months away from going to shit, he's got some money saved, he middle class in Chile usually makes like 800-1000U$D per month, he reaaaaally dreams about Germany, its literally his fetish i tried to convince him otherwise but he's one of those xd He's not muslim nor agressive or anything, nerd with science degree but cant recall which one, i think it was chemistry.
2020-07-16 17:02
we are THE country of paperwork so it might be difficult :P
2020-07-16 17:07
pff you know nothing buddy
2020-07-16 17:43
I will be honest with you, I don't know the process of applying for a masters degree as a non-european. It certainly is possible, but he should research on how to apply correctly
2020-07-16 17:08
Not entirely sure but there are agencies like "Erasmus Mundus" where he can get lots of help and information (and maybe financial support) There are agencies specialized in helping people study in Europe so they are the best adress for any questions. Maybe there is some NGO in Chile that could help him.
2020-07-16 19:13
he first needs the language exam, tho
2020-07-16 17:04
Yeah this idiot really is fully willing to learn the language, i should've stressed in OP how much of a Germanphille this guy is. He's really smart, he could have better pronounciation than Bavarians in like 5 months.
2020-07-16 17:07
sounds good, he needs "dsh 2", if you want to google it. dsh3 for medical studies
2020-07-16 17:08
it's you isn't it
2020-07-16 17:44
I dropped out of highschool in 2014, then kinda "finished" by repeating year in 2015. Worked always as what we call "negreo" here, cleaning floors and washing dishes at restaurants, salesman at a small store, worker at wood fabric. Never even set foot at a Uni. And sure as shit wouldn't pick Germany as my ideal destination, would never go there. But this guy, out of the group of Latin Americans in steam we have, he's the one that actually has a legit shot to get there and he REALLY wants to.
2020-07-16 17:46
that sounds a little more convincing
2020-07-16 17:47
kjjjjjjj ok Rivi.
2020-07-16 17:47
not necessarily, there are certain degrees that don't have german skills as a requirement, for example stuff like engineering and certain STEM degrees that are in english
2020-07-16 17:11
guess its on the university
2020-07-16 17:12
just admit it, that friend is you but you're too proud to admit that you want to leave your shithole country
2020-07-16 17:10
> Me > College degree Bruhhhh, by trying to reform you've lost a great deal of baiting skills. Besides...everyone here knows if i could i leave Argentina.
2020-07-16 17:17
i don't bait anymore
2020-07-16 17:18
Now THATS better. You're a funny guy pimpim.
2020-07-16 17:19
2020-07-16 17:44
"How much will it cost him to pay for college" hahahahaha this is the 1st world juan
2020-07-16 17:21
You really dont know foreigners almost always have to pay for college in EU countries??? Including yours btw. I said it before and you're forcing me to say it again.... Yall sum goofy bunch:
2020-07-16 17:26
Foreign students from all over the world including asia, australia, america and SA literally get payed to study here as long as they follow the minimal requirements lmfao. Again Juan, you have no clue, just tell ur "friend" to stay in Argentina if it's that difficult to figure out.
2020-07-16 17:29
Uhhmmmm there you're talking specifically about scholarship programs which are absolutely not the same as an independent individual going on his own to a foreign country...he certainly wouldn't get "payed" to study, he would have to have "payed" a bunch of fees and gone through a lot of paperwork in order to be allowed to PAY for the education, with his goal clearly being to reside in such country. He's not familiar with immigration policy of Schengen, and im not familiar with Germany's exact policies that's why im asking. If you have nothing of value to add i'd suggest you to stop making a fool of yourself, as your people usually do, fluffy friend. Cheers.
2020-07-16 17:33
You're telling me that your "friend" is studying in some shithole without any contacts or agreements with foreign universities? "sToP mAkInG a FoOl oUT oF yOuRsElF" as he proceeds to discuss politics and ask for help regarding education on a fucking cs.go forum LOL you are fucking hillarious juan
2020-07-16 17:37
I really don't know where you're getting at, you're insulting my friend despite the fact that he doesn't hate your shithole country and repugnant violent system like i do...he has nothing to do with this??? Chile a shithole??? Are you out of your mind??? He graduated of a profession he likes, he's not used to engaging with people from other countries all the time like us, he just studied, worked and sometimes played some games, there's nothing stupid or bad about that??? He really likes Germany, idealizes it, dreams of living there, but doesnt speak English and doesnt know this website so im trying to do him a favor. And so far you haven't said anything valuable, you haven't even roasted me, your shit English is ironically not very helpful to your Danish supremacy case and you've made it clear that you are still in highschool. Im not destroying you because i think you're a little goofy meerkat and i dont wanna get banned, but anyone reading this conversation will think you're retarded, my small fluffy friend.
2020-07-16 17:44
I'm not insulting your friend I'm insulting you for being retarded enough to use a cs.go forum for these things, are you really too dumb to get that? my "shithole country" beats yours and the rest of the shit that is south america in every metric out there and you know it. And yes Chile is very much a corrupt and poor shithole. He doesn't know this website so you're helping him out? I made fun of you for using this website for these sort of things not for him not using it himself LOL. Besides you are too retarded to even provide any bit of useful information that would be needed to advice you on this. But then again, you are on a fucking CS:GO forum asking for educational advice hahaha You don't wonna get banned for the 15993025th time, how sad Juan that this danish made CS:GO forum is so valuable to you, what a sad sad life.
2020-07-16 17:52
Ahhhh hahahahahahaha alright , now you're getting more serious. First off, the off-topic section was CLEARLY is made for people from different countries and culture to talk about a huge range of topics, this forum was made with internationalism from the getgo , it isn't weird, wrong nor bad to keep conducting such conversations in this section, you're being a moron if you want CSGO-Centric threads in the Off-Topic section. Chile has less corruption than Spain and Italy and a GDP Per Capita higher than Romania and Croatia, is it a shithole country??? It depends on what we compare it to, compared to Switzerland it is a shithole, but theres 195 countries in the world and Chile ranking roughly in the Top 50 isn't too bad. This Danish-created site was created thanks to a U.S American and Canadian created mod, which was made for a U.S American Libertarian made Game. You really wanna go down this line? You're leftists, you're statists, you're cowards, you're useless, you're cannibalistic and you'll always depend on the alpha male that's willing to embrace more real freedom than you , as it is the case for U.S , they MAKE take credit for them and call them inhumane capitalist oligarchs. Clown, get your head out of the mud, meerkat.
2020-07-16 17:59
Chile has less corruption than some of the most corrupted places in Europe and higher GDP per capita than some of the poorest countries WOW what an amazing place hahahahahahaha holy shit you set the bar low Juan, but what can i expect from one of the worst most corrupted shitholes on this earth. This danish created site was made by danish developers. If you wonna go down the line of who made what then non of it would be possible without the british Tim berners-lee but you know what? his inventions wouldnt have been possible without previous industrial inventions, and you know what their inventions wouldn't have been possible without.....Even an uneducated dumb fuck like you should get the point. You really wonna go down this line? you are mentally unstable, have no education, no future, 2.2k posts in little over a month on your 3993025th alt, absolutely pathetic excuse for a human. As always you are angry at people and countries doing waaay better than yours ever will. The people of your continent are just far behind evolutionary wise to ever build up a society that works. Even physically you are pathetic and so far behind, you are the size we were several hundred years ago
2020-07-16 18:09 Chile ranking 26 out of 198 states being ranked is not "one of the worst most corrupted shitholes on earth" its rather clean all things considered. #58 GDP Per Capita out of 189 ranked states is also not bad. You really wanna go down that line??? UK was a Libertarian country during the Victorian era under peel which taxed its economy at roughly 3% flat tax, it isn't surprising that the most industrious and relevant inventions from such time period in Europe come from UK, they are the most Latinized Germanics in Europe. You hate individualism, small government and wealth inequality SPECIALLY when it produces far greater results than your country and prefered system, but it always will, because individualism and freedom are simply superior to collectivist statism, and Latins are simply superior to Germanics. Now, when you talk about "continent" i assume you're talking of South America, which is a sub-continent (the continent is America, wrongfully labeled by Anglo-Academia as Americas because they dont want to recognize that America doesn't equal U.S) , you should know that in 1895 and 1896 Argentina had the highest income per capita in the world and up until 1915 we were always within the top10 , always above your shitty repressed shithole btw , so when you say "ever" you're wrong, Argentina was already ahead of your country by every metric, really the only "Germanics" (only technically) that could compete with Argentina were UK and obviously...U.S If you meant the American continent that's just moronic, as U.S is superior to your country in almost every way, and Canada too. Now you started making genetic white supremacist arguments??? You must be really running out of ammo my friend, but you Germanic peoples are no strangers to racial purity and racial supremacist i shouldn't be surprised, in any case Asians are also smaller physically than Danes, and South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore TRULY put your country to shame, truly make you look like a shithole. Latins all around the world from the days of Roma , have always race mixed , we've never cared for any racial purity nor racially driven legislation, that's one of the things that made us superior to you. You morons are so conservative and homogenous that a mere 150.000 refugee immigrants in 2015 nearly collapsed THE most relevant and powerful country in your clown-ass region hahahahahahahah.
2020-07-16 18:23
"Most latinized Germanics" hahahahahah they're as far from latin as humanly fucking possible especially back in those days. Germanic people are intellectually and physically so superior to every single latin shithole out there. Still to this day a Latin country have yet to show being capable of not running its economy to the ground with high unemployment and corruption. All Germanic countries do far better on every single scale because we are simply more developed as a people. Argentina did good for 2 years 100 years back WOW how amazing, you should know that the average wage in Denmark is CURRENTLY 5 times higher, our HDI is far FAR higher meanwhile we rank in as the least corrupt country in the world, something a Latin shithole will never experience. Besides i never said i hated any of those things. I hate ignorance tho, which you contain a lot of. You literally claimed ranking 26 in corruption and 58 in gdp per capita should be considered good, however Denmark ranks in at 1# in terms of corruption and 9# in gdp per capita, yet you claim that as a shithole ? hahaha you fucking contradict yourself in every other sentence you absolute moron. Not only is america far more corrupt it also ranks in as far less free and is completely incapable of managing anything on a national scale as this pandemic have shown. I'm just stating facts, you the average IQ is far lower in the Latin countries who also happens to be far less developed than any Germanic country, just a coincedence? I don't think so, but as with always Latin people will somehow find a way to see thesmelves as victims cause facing the reality would be too hard for them. As always your last statement shows how little you know. No amount of refugees has ever been close to causing a scandinavian / germanic country to collapse, however Greece and Spain are begging us for money for decades at this point, since they're simply unable to make a country run by Latins work. Imagine what you could do with all the time you spend on here talking out of your ass because you are so angry at every superior country out there, pathetic Juan, you are pathetic and so is the rest of your dogshit low-income, high homicide, high, corrupt, low freedom ranked shithole
2020-07-16 18:53
"hahahahahah they're as far from latin as humanly fucking possible especially back in those days." ????? When the Normans invaded England in the 11th century they forever changed the core culture of the Brits, Anglos were already quit different from the other Germanics, but post-Norman colonization????? Anglos are only Germanic in name and in its roots, to say they're not extremely latinized would be moronic and anti-logic. "Germanic people are intellectually and physically so superior to every single latin shithole out there" ???????????????????????? You do realize that when the Romans ran into your albino baboons you DIDNT EVEN fucking barbaric savages were BEHIND ETHIOPIA....what fucking supremacy are you talking about?!?!??!?!? You were always a bunch of cannibals who could never be tamed nor civilized, today's system of huge welfare and taxation is just a modern way of you morons eating eachother, you were never pioneers of shit??? YOU OUT YOU MIND?!?!?!?!?!?? You know... theres a reason why when the Germanic "Roman" Empire took over the period Europe entered was called "The Dark Ages" and when the Italian GODS brought the Renaissance to your shithole continent...that was called...RENAISSANCE. There's a reason why Europe copying your shit system now doesn't grow and the countries that do...are the ones that copy your system the least. Greece and Spain have gone through a serious process of demoralization and degeneration, to which now they are just another statist collectivist shithole (though Greece could redeem itself) but Italy and France will get out of this mindset, do know...when they do, you'll be put in your place...which is below us all. Dont ever use the word freedom again, you wouldn't know freedom even if it was fucking your butthole, retarded meerkat.
2020-07-16 19:02
hahaha are you fucking retarded? The Anglo-Saxons were literally created by immigrants from northern Germany / Southern Denmark and later on invaded by Scandinavians during the viking ages not to mention the normans were part germanic as well and fucking look at them, you think the brits look Latin LMFAOO hahahah The Germanic countries are the reason for the entire industrial revolution, we are the pioneers of the world, we rank above every single latin country by MILES, and your counter-argument is "rEmEmbEr dUrInG tHe rOmAn EmpiRe" hahahhahaha. You literally have Greece who only survives at the hand of the northern / germanic countries in Europe same with Spain and Italy which is on the brink of bankruptcy as well meanwhile France is struggling with their subhuman waste of immigrants. Dont ever use the word freedom again, your shithole ranks 107 compared to mine at 6 far above any shithole Latin country: Sad that pathetic people like you never get to experience how it is not to live in a non corrupted low-income shithole, but i guess that's just how it is.
2020-07-16 19:18
"The Anglo-Saxons were literally created by immigrants from northern Germany / Southern Denmark" Never said otherwise, i clearly stated that they were of Germanic origin and they developed in a different direction than you clowns. "you think the brits look Latin LMFAOO hahahah" Never said that, but to claim that the average white Londoner looks Scandinavian would be beyond moronic as far as racial component goes...and to claim Anglos are the same as the other Germanics would be OUTRAGEOUS. "not to mention the normans were part germanic as well" You really about to tell me that the ~~~10% Germanic composure of the very tip of the North of France overrides the 90% Latin Component that dates back to pre-Empire days of rome during the Res publica????? Marseille??!?!?!?!? RETARD?!?????????? "and your counter-argument is" So hold are literally trying to dismiss the Roman Res publica??? Literally the FUCKING CREATION of Private Property, Individual Sovereignty, Low Taxation, Smaller Government, Representative Democracy and Division of Power (later on vulgarized as "Republic") ???? So you can call yourselves pioneers??? MOTHERFUCKER , Romanos spared your sad sorry asses because they would've felt GUILTY genociding your ooga booga tribes...YOU DIDNT WRITE, YOU COULDN'T READ, YOU DIDNT HAVE PRIVATE PROPERTY NOR REAL GOVERNANCE AND YOU SAY YOU'RE "PIONEERS" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
2020-07-16 19:39
They developed into a different direction? hahah are you retarded? we literally share much bigger portion of DNA than with you Latin midget fucks. To claim any brit look even remotely Latin would be one of the dumbest things ive heard you say, which is pretty fucking impressive tbh. You really trying to dismiss the fact that every single Germanic country is far more developed, far richer, far higher gdp per capita, far lower corrupted far more free than all the poor latin shitholes? We're talking about the current situation and you bring up the fucking Roman Empire HAHAHAHAH, you wonna know why the Roman Empire fell?, cause it was made by weak Latins who have still to this day shown to be incapable of running a country or society without extreme levels of corruption. They were reliant on slaves and didn't have the most basic understanding of economics due to their low IQ genetics, they were corrupt as fuck and had political instability all throughout its time, very much like in todays Latin countries lol. Thank the Germanics for having electricity, thank the Germanics for having a computer, thank the Germanic for every fucking industrial innovation you can think of. If we had left it to Latin subhuman retards we would be stuck in the middle ages still.
2020-07-16 19:54
"They developed into a different direction?" Yes, i clearly meant culturally, you were always collectivist people who want a big government and a monarch, you still are. Anglos slowly understood the Latin Values of Individualism, Smaller Government and Separation of Powers, which PEAKED at the U.S American revolution, you couldn't be more opposed than founding U.S 1776 compared to 1776 Scandinavia. "You really trying to dismiss the fact that every single Germanic country is far more developed, far richer, far higher gdp per capita" ???? You don't grow, you're using mostly Latin and Anglo inventions and its really only Germany that is the productive powerhouse to this dumbasses havent even broken through the 600B GDP barrier. Your cities are uglier than Latins, and France is more invested into 5G than Scandinavia. Roma, Napoli, Venezia, Nantes, Bordeaux, Paris....GORGEOUS cities with absolutely breathtaking architechture...Coppenhaguen....................................HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH. If you're really going to atribute yourself the Anglos Inventions this has no point, you're being intellectually dishonest, and your country is still running on 60% Latin Inventions, your government is a Latin Invention, your peoples name is a Latin Invention.... "They were reliant on slaves and didn't had the more basic understanding of economics due to their low IQ genetics" hahahahahahha wtf??? It was Romans who invented Monetary policy and Advanced Architechture. "low iq genetics" YOU DIDN'T EVEN WRITE HAHAHAHAHAHA WTF "If we had left it to Latin subhuman retards we would be stuck in the middle ages still." MOTHERFUCKER , THE ROMANS TRIED TO CIVILIZE YOU FOR OVER 100 YEARS AND YOU JUST WERENT HAVING IT. You're delusional and have 0 clue what you're talking about, im officially done, these meerkats are goofy. The romans were too kind for their own good.
2020-07-16 20:14
Developed in different directions, dude the british have the oldest monarchy of the world still to this day our cultures are much more similar compared to the primitive Latin culture which hasn't developed during the past 500 years. US was made mostly by Germanics and with Germanic values, yet again you can see how the Germanic states thrive and are much richer than the southern ones who have been impacted more by the latin south americans. Latin inventions ? LATIN INVENTIONS HAHAHAHAHA motherfucker you are delusional, the latins have done nothing but being a burden since the start of humanity, everything you use in your everyday life legit EVERYTHING has a Germanic inventor behind it. Electricity, cars, the internet, you name it. You still refuse to face the facts that every single Germanic country is much richer, much more developed, much less corrupt than every trashy latin country of which most of them are on the brink of bankruptcy? I mean danish average wages are literally 5 times higher than yours LOL. And you wona talk about growth? Not only are we as it is now far FAR ahead, we're also growing faster: Funny you should mention internet connections: Literally all Scandinavian countries in the top along with some Asians while your latin shitholes ONCE AGAIN are miles behind. The latin cities look good if you're into the old washedup soon to fallover look. I mean it's to no surprise that non of the cities you mentioned made it into the most livable cities of 2019, but Copenhagen sure did, just like they usually do cause it's an actually functioning city and not just a fallen monument of something that once were. The Anglo saxons literally descended from North germany and south denmark and and you wonna push some narrative about their 5% norman part making them latin ? HAHAHAH The british were as Germanic as humanly possible when they colonized the world and made the vast majority of the inventions needed for the industrial revolution. Your country as well as all other latin countries are on your knees begging us for money, that is the state you're in whether you like it or not. The Romans invented some concepts that were massively flawed and not mastered until later as they were simply too dumb to do so. Also hillarious that you skip over the fact that they were massive greedy corrupt pigs who took advantage of slaves to do everything for them. The Romans tried to civilize people? hahaha no the romans wanted to enslave people but were defeated by stronger more intellectual beings = The Germanic people. You are brain dead Juan, crying every night on HLTV, do you have no job? i'm actually curious, how do you make a living? Also tell your friend there is no room for a small low IQ Latin up here, the fact that the kid has a degree from your shithole without being able to speak english is also fucking insane haha what the fuck is going on down there jesus christ.
2020-07-17 02:24
Replied in #64 to make it readable.
2020-07-17 03:22
you guys must have alot of time on your hands
2020-07-17 04:09
the guy is a fucking dumbass literally 0 history knowledge not to mention that modern latins have 0 in common with ancient romans cause they all got raped by arabs,germanics and billion others
2020-07-17 03:50
lol he's mentally ill, don't give him that much credit
2020-07-16 19:17
The fucked up part is that many of his moronic countrymen truly adhere to the nonsense he just said just because of Scandinavia's very recent """"""""success"""""""" (which isn't real success, it's just massive failure from the Latins).
2020-07-16 19:40
why so angry bro
2020-07-16 17:51
do you think that's a good thing tho
2020-07-16 17:48
1) Latin culture has been the only one besides U.S to enforce a full Libertarian Minarchy between 1853 and 1930 in my country, thousands of years ahead of your shithole. As for U.S states today? Florida is their best state, lowest taxes, freest gun laws, one of the cheapest costs of living and some of the highest wages in the states...and in Canada Quebec is better than most Germanic U.S states like Alabama, Wyoming, Utah....the better states in U.S have been severely Latinized: Texas, Nevada, Florida. All considering U.S is only "germanic" in name, they're absolutely the least Germanic and most Latinized "Germanics" in the world, it's still seriously dishonest to label Anglos as Germanics. 2) Your country as far as i know, still runs a Republic, Romans invented proper Books, Romans invented Private Property and Private Enterprise, all in the golden years of the Res publica, and later on in the empire they invented the welfare state which your country ABSOLUTELY LOVES LIKE THE SHITS YOU ARE....could you live without all that but with the "germanic" inventions??? (btw Italians invented the Combustion Engine). 3) I don't "refuse" to face the facts that most (not all) Germanic countries are doing better economically than most (not all) Latin countries, the problem is that you're not doing well because you're better, you APPEAR to be doing well because Latins today are jerking their fucking gerking you fucking stupid meerkat, your peoples are primitive, brutes, collectivist and organized...Latins are individualistic, liberty lovers, creative and if you force both groups to run a collectivist equalitarian system with a huge centralized government....MAN, I'D BE REALLY FUCKING CONFUSED IF YOU COULDN'T DO BETTER THAN US, what's fair??? To compare how we both did when we ran our best systems, and Latins running Libertarian Individualist systems are DOCUMENTED to have done much better than Germanics running statist collectivist redistributionist system as today....Today we cannot see how Latins would do running a Libertarian system because THERE IS NONE, that's your repugnant cultural influence and elites, we'll get out of this you'll see. 4) You're literally showing me that Spain up to 2015 grew more than twice faster than are you doing...this is how you prove me Latins grow less than Germanics?????? DUDE. As for the internet speeds: Asia is making you look like shit, dunno what you're bragging about. 5) "The latin cities look good if you're into the old washedup soon to fallover look." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA REALLY???? DUDE DID YOU JUST CALL HAUSSMANNIAN BUILDINGS "washedup soon to fallover soon" You're such a goofy meerkat. 6) The British were as Germanic as it gets (like Iceland) BEFORE the Normans colonized them, When they reached their empire peak they had already been conquered and influenced by the French centuries ago, you're being innaccurate and delusional, THEY ARE NOT LIKE YOU....THEY ARE ANGLOS AND THEY DONT GENERALLY RECOGNIZE THEIR GERMANIC ROOTS, BECAUSE THEY'RE SMART. 7) "Your country as well as all other latin countries are on your knees begging us for money, that is the state you're in whether you like it or not." Only for now, never forget between 1890 and 1910 U.S and Argentina had the most reliable Gold Patterns in the world, and your country was a reppressed (much more than now) shithole. 8) "They invented some concepts that were massively flawed and not mastered until later as they were simply too dumb to do so." ????????????!?!?! Really you think Romans didn't master the organizational jurisprudence system in a Republican state?!?!??!? Despite the fact that most Latin countries run on a Roman-Napoleonic Penal/Civil Code which shields us from having fucked up "supreme justices" (lol you retards) doing something like......i dont know.....turning half a subdivision turning into a Native American reservation. 9) "Also hillarious that you skip over the fact that they were massive greedy corrupt pigs who took advantage of slaves to do everything for them." We became corrupt when our power was too great over the world much long after our cultures had seriously degenerated, Romans didn't have much corruption in the first 200 years of the Res publica or Empire, it was usually the latter halves of such periods that suffered from huge corruption...Argentina started its project in 1853, it didn't really have serious real corruption until 1945. When you were big meerkats in Steroids before the Romans brought civilization to you, you literally killed eachother for nothing, you LITERALLY ATE EACHOTHER if gone for too long without were and still are fucking disgusting have you got no shame??? "The Romans tried to civilize people? hahaha no the romans wanted to enslave people but were defeated by stronger more intellectual beings = The Germanic people." AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH The Romans enslaved a fuckton of you and didn't exterminate you out of pure pity, they tried to enlighten you but you simply couldn't be humanized, you were literally the European equivalents of the Azteks in America.....what fucking intellectual beings are you talking about retard???? YOU DIDN'T EVEN WRITE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 10) And to close, i had a shit job at a restaurant not long before the quarintine started, but ever since only "essential" jobs are allowed to live. My friend wasn't into politics when he graduated and he didnt think back then that Chile would've gotten raided by leftist pieces of shit like you but even worse, who take advantage of unarmed civilians and violate private property...he just wanted to work and go home and he LOVES Germany, don't worry you wont be seeing him in your V2 beta cuck ass repressed unfree shithole. But i'll tell him just how racists Danes are.
2020-07-17 03:21
atleast germanics kept their culture and ethnicity alive and didnt get their shit raped by every ethnic group they came across like the "latins" not to mention you claiming achievements from the romans is fucking retarded cause, modern latin countries have almost 0 in common with ancient romans,since they got raped and conquered by so many different ethnic groups, especially latin america has 0 claim to roman lol
2020-07-17 03:58
There's only 2 minarchist governments in history of Humanity. U.S 1776 - 1910 Argentina 1853 - 1930 This is what im mostly a huge celebrator and pointer of. U.S' minarchy was interrupted by the civil war too, Argentina's was pretty much smooth until the horrible coup during the great depression. The Romans were the original Latins...but make no mistake...they had no racial purity??? The Romans race mixed with everyone, even before the Greeks came, the Etruscans and different peoples of Lathivm were different in about every way you can think of...what are you claiming??? That the Romans had a consistent racial component???? they were not like you, you're thinking in such terms because you're a Germanic trashy racially obsessed retard. Latin America had Argentina and Brasil, the 2 countries that arguably...should've continued what the Romans left (not talking about the empire)...we didn't, we failed, but we got really fucking close, certainly much greater than any you did. What good is keeping your culture if your culture is shit??? you don't even know what ethnicity means btw.
2020-07-17 04:08
no the romans didnt "race mix" what happend is when they conquered the celts, they got fucked so hard in the wars that their culture literally disappeared and they started adopting roman culture there were barely any latin colonies outside of italy. so no youre not ethnically latin at all lol. your people are just ethnic celts who got raped by every invading ethnic group, including the germanics btw lol
2020-07-17 12:42
???? The Romans race mixed with the arabs since they expanded down south, and with turk immigrants too. Besides what raping are you talking about??? The Romans beat the shit out of the Celts in Britania when Claudius started the campaign...Latins weren't "raped" they were winners, and they let people keep some of their culture while also bringing western values to these savages, if anything Romans were the OG integrationalists but you wouldn't get that as you're a race obsessed homogeous EVIL Germanic. Evil runs through your vains. ps: no im pretty sure that if i took that stupid test at the very least half my shit comes from Latin "ethnically" (god i hate that word) im probably more Roman than you and your incestuous albino gorilla family...and i have like...0% Germanic in me. Good talking with you, you're honest, Germanics peoples have evilness flowing inherently through their veins and they suppress it 24/7.
2020-07-17 18:12
holy shit you are so fucking retarded its unbelievable 1.) The Romans didnt mix with arabs and turks at all LOL, both of them only came to the mediterranean half a millennium later in the case of the arabs and a full millennium in the case of the turks. 2.)You are so fucking dense, im not talking about the roman conquests early on im talking about what happend afterwards from ca. 400AD up to nowadays. 3.)And no argentinians have like absolutely 0 in common with the latins, or better said the romans considering the latins only got roman citizenship 300 years after getting conquered. LOL
2020-07-17 21:20
This is not true the etruscans weren't white pale Germanics and the Greeks who had came into contact with Rome had already had contact and immigrants from North Afrika, what exact "pure" race could any of these have???? The mediterraneans, since they were civilized, never had any sort of racial purity. 2) Okay, you were repugnant savages afterwards still anyways. 3) Dunno man....there's 44-50 Million Argentinians population....30 Million are of Italian descent, another 6 Million are of French descent, and roughly 700.000-2M are of Spaniard descent, the chances of literally having 0 in common with any Roman heritage are veeeery slim. If you're a "pure" (hahahaha) German though....fully tall af, wide af jaw, blond blue eyed, parents been in Germany for 1000 years, chances are that you truly had absolutely nothing to do with the civilized Latins of the South, in fact, your family is most likely partially inbreed if you go up in the tree looking for it. When your people took over the """"""""Roman""""""""" Empire, the consensus was that Europe entered the dark ages. You're just shit mate. You like what you have today? great be happy with it, don't rewrite history though, you were never some civilized honorable people, you've always been shite.
2020-07-17 21:41
bro the dark ages are the biggest myth anyway 1.)for most people live just went on as usual, only exception was after justinian invaded the ostrogothic kingdom which devastated the italian peninsular. 2.)holy fuck i cant believe you actually think north africa was inhabited by turks and arabs
2020-07-17 21:56
XDDDDD Dark Ages was a myth. I dont think North Afrika was inhabited by turks and arabs??? WHAT THE FUCK HAHAHAHAHAAHH I will admit, this is extremely bizarre, Stembolya was a lower tier rival in this comment thread so far, as he's a Dane, you're German so more like pure Germanic, and you've been far more efficient at actually discussing with me, this is literally like a virtual representation of everything, i...the Latin KING am beating yall 2-3v1 alone on my own hahahahahaha. Good one.
2020-07-17 22:05
"???? The Romans race mixed with the arabs since they expanded down south, and with turk immigrants too." cool that you already have alzheimer and forgot what you wrote danish are more germanic than germans
2020-07-17 22:15
Danes are more germanic racially, not culturally, you're basically the fathers of all that trash. I clearly meant apart, not that Arabas and Turks were Afrikans, but that Afrikans, Arabs and what today are known as Turks obviously did integrate into Roman society, to deny this would be anti-truth. When the Roman Empire fell (and to be frank, while the Roman Empire was still alive but on live support) , all of Europe submitted to your repugnant statist collectivist "ideals" , separation of powers, freedom of expression, sound currency, representative democracy, private property...all went fuckall with your repugnant Empire, that is because at the've never ever really embraced Western Values, because you're inherently savages. Today Italy France and Romania may have the moronic hate speech laws that your disgusting Union pushes them to have, but if you actually looked at how much they're actually ENFORCED, you'll come to find that they go largelly inexistent in Latin Europe, but when you look at Germany and UK you fucking psychopaths actually will jail people for "hate speech" without hesitating. Yes, THE DARK AGES ISN'T A MYTH, i watched the video you sent me, clearly anglo-revisionism and even so, he still admits that after the Romans left Britannia lil Brits went to shit. You are a funny guy, you truly mean what you say. I respect that.
2020-07-17 22:28
you just write paragraphs and paragraphs of retarded shit nice use of your time there "roman" boy. have a nice day
2020-07-17 22:31
Seems to me like "My retarded shit" has enough truth to it to make you awkward. Who are you kidding Adolfito??? you've always been savages and you'll always be a cannibalistic envious bunch, you really think nobody knows how much fucked shit all Germanic peoples have done in the past??? and how little good when balancing??? Just say no and call people retarded when they call you out with facts, nice tactics there "Prussian" boy.
2020-07-17 22:34
Poland Jutiant
2020-07-17 23:58
1) Latin culture is among the most corrupt and shitty culutures out there, they are depend on slavery and are NOW in a state literally thousands years behind any Germanic society having low-income, low purchase power, high crime rates, high corruption, low level of educations, low levels of freedom, all of that is present in every single latin shithole and has always been. The Germanic race is superior and has invented everything you use in your everyday life from Electricity to the cars to the most fundamental theories you learn in school. Every single groundbreaking engineering inventions were made by Germanics. Besides the best states of USA are states like Massachusetts and Delaware both Germanic states both vastly superior to the shithole states you mentioned and every metric shows it. Higher-income, higher gdp per capita, high level of education, lower level of crimes, lower level of corruption, just a much better place. FLORIDA HAHAHA are you serious? Florida have one of the lowest average income and lowest educated states along with most amount of drug related crimes and Quebec is the same LOL, it's insane how ill-informed you are holy fucking shit. The USA is 80% Germanic as the maps show: The Anglos were even more Germanic than they, not only did they originate from Germanic people they also had far more interaction with other Germanic throughout it's time and everythink from their language to their appearance prooves it, they have little to no latin in them whatsoever and if they did their society would have failed miserable just like EVERY SINGLE LATIN SOCIETY has to this day ahhahaahha. 2) The Roman empire was build on slavery and corruption that you have parts which can be traced to todays society does not matter you could say the same thing about the ancient egpytiens or any other society in the history of mankin, but Germanics are the only race to make it work in practise, combustion engine ? hahahahahah Germanics made the diesel engine, discovered electricity and was the reason for every groundbreaking scientific and engineering discoverey that we use in todays society. 3) EVERY single Germanic country is in todays world doing better financially, corruption wise, better quality of life, better educatated, much lower crime rates every single one of them. And you know why? cause latins are lazy fucking pigs with much lower average IQ, that's simply a metrical fact, you have insanely high unemployment. And what the fuck is your argument "yOu ApPeAR tO bE beTtEr cAuSe tOdAyS LaTiN aRe bAd" SO WE ARE BETTER YOU FUCKING RETARD HAHAHA you're so desperately wrong in this that you straight up wonna compare todays society to the Roman slave empire? hahaha how fucking retarded are you. Humans have never been as developed as now, and whether you like it or not Germanics are much more developed and educated than you lazy fucking Latins ever were, i mean your countries are literally begging us for money cause you can't run a country to save your fucking life. 4) Okay i knew you didn't have any education but now you're just being retarded, Spain has a much MUCH lower gdp per capita, the fact that they grow more than 1% during a timeperiod of a couple of years says absolutely nothing you fucking retard that's literally the case with most African nations cause you know what? it's much easier to build on top of a society which has little to no value, I mean Spain literally begged us for financial support all throughout 2020 so far. As for interned speed, the only country with higher average speed is South Korea why the fuck are you talking about Asia as a whole and where is your precious latin shitholes HAHHAAHAHA literally lower than the shittiest ex-soviet states where poverty and hunger is an everyday thing, holy shit your country must be run by absolute fucking dogs hahahah 5) Go to Paris one day and the first thing you'll notice is the trash on the street and smell of shit and the insane amount of people trying to pick-pocket you. Still no Latin city in the most livable cities for the past 20 years, how sad. 6) The british are as Germanic as it gets, Germanic language, Germanic traditions, Germanic by appearance every single mass dna test proves it as well: Anglos are literally just another word for north Germans / south danes you fucking delusional retard. 7) "oNlY fOr nOW" HAHAHAH Latin countries have been in shambles for decades, corrupt low educated dumb fucks with no future, I mean you're the prime example of that Juan, no education, no work just sitting there with your Germanic inventions crying about superior people, fuck you, you disgusting lazy fuck. Latins are lazy pigs who refuse to work and have failed all throughout history to the point where they are now begging for us to help them, absolutely pathetic people. "bUt wHaT aBouT 1890" if your only comeback is to mention a period 130 years back and think that somehow outweighs the decades shithole Latin states being miles behind the Germanic countries then i suggest you just take the L. 8) The Roman empire was build and dependant on slavery as its main ressource this is what you're proud of? A corrupt shithole that was never going to last hahaha. Todays Latins are among the highest in Illiteracy, most of you (just like your retarded friend) can't even communicate in english and thus can't speak with the developed world. You are 1000 years behind evolutionairy wise, we will always be waaay ahead of you in everything from important engineering inventions to education levels and income. Meanwhile you Latin subhumans can only sit and beg for money like the fucking animals you are, you should be thankful that we havent just taken you out yet as we could so easily fucking do. Some Latin countries even have traditions to this day to eat part of their deceased family members haha fuck you guys are literally disgusting fucking animals. Your friend doesn't even speak english and you expect him to make it in a foreign country you dumb retarded fuck. And once again you prove how easily you victimise yourself, we had nothing to do with fucking Chile yet it's our fault the country is in ruins LMFAO it is our fault that simple garbage disposal is a massive problem cause you people are too fucking dumb to figure anything out on your own holy shit, this is why the Latin countries will forever be in shambles, you just blame everything on everybody else and expect us to come help you poor helpless people fucking pathetic.
2020-07-17 11:38
1) Don't get it twisted, LATINS INVENT, you improve upon the invention, WE invented the combustion Engine, you perfect it. Florida is the freest state in the U.S , followed by Texas and Nevada, lowest taxes, freest gun laws, easiest housing laws, simply the best, Massachusetts is the most developed yes but Boston has a fuckton of black people in it, so you can't say its a "Germanic" state when really the most important city is extremely diverse, U.S isn't homogenous at all you're being delusional, if you would've said New Hampshire maybe. 2) The Roman Res publica was lifted on separation of powers and individualism, the Roman Empire was lifted in preservation of some cultural aspects of the Roman society but losing the original anti-statism organization of the Magisters (for that time) you wanna talk about slavery?? Slavery in Roma was x99999 better than in Greece, Egypt, Carthage and Ottoman. Your shitty peoples were naked albino indians running around raping and killing eachother for a bacon rib, and when there was no food you ate eachother, STOP THIS, you should only talk of Germanics in the modern and comtemporary age because your beginnings were fucking repugnant and shameful as fuck. 3) Every single Germanic country is doing better than every single Latin country financially??? France is doing better than the Bahamas dumbass, Monaco has THE HIGHEST GDP PER CAPITA IN THE WORLD , and are we really gonna count Switzerland as a Germanic country???? They have 4 main languages, 3 are Latin and 1 is Germanic, not to mention that their best Cantons are the most Latin ones...and Belgium is LITERALLY FRANCE JUNIOR, Belgium has a higher GDP Per Capita than UK. You're generally doing better than Latins of course, but that's because you're operating at your full potential 100% , with this crony ,collectivist ,statist system, let France Italy Brasil or Argentina run an economy without welfare nor statized health-education, 1 tax of 5% , currency pegged to gold or silver, and see how the fuck we perform bitch, we'd TEAR your ass apart in the blink of an eye and your elites know it, that's why they are trying to keep the status quo going BUT YOU WONT BITCH. 5) If i go to Paris i can see Napoleon's monument, Palais de Garnier (most beautiful opera in the planet Earth btw) , Pre-division Roman Empire monuments that have been kept +1000 years, all surrounded by beautiful Haussmannian buildings. If i go to CoPeNgAyGeN sure it may be a bit cleaner (and im not so sure) but everything is ugly, shitty, it has no life, you have no passion, no BEAUTY to your buildings, you dont know how to make art, everything is square, sterile, collectivist, shitty...because your buildings reflect your people, and your people are shitty, empty, generic, collectivist and have no history. 6) Your map literally shows that the majority of UK+Ireland don't have "pure" (lol) Germanic genetics wtf???? and besides you really think London is a "pure Germanic" place???? *bruhhhh* 7) No , you're getting it wrong 1895 and 96 we were THE TOP 1 GDP Per Capita according to one of the most prestigious data collectors, reconstructors and researches in the world, Madison database (Dutch, germanic so i doubt you'll doubt him). AFTER 1896, we glided between Top3 and Top7 until 1915, and from 1915 to 1930 we glided from Top5 to top13 , always one of the highest GDP's per capita, social movility, median household incomes, purchasing power and infrastructure development (albeit, after 1905 Europe really did catch up with us and U.S.A) , we never dropped below where Nederland is today (#13 GDP Per Capita) before the Coup d'Etat in 1930. When we implemented full Libertarianism we had better results than full Libertarian U.S, which you are telling me were "full Germanics" .... we are SIMPLY BETTER, Small Government Low Taxes and Individual Freedoms is simply a superior system to Collectivized Socialized Statist everything , and we are simply Individualist, Liberty Loving, Anti Government people both of us run our ideals system, we'll always be better than you, if you ran a Libertarian Minarchy you'd be better than now, but you wouldn't be better than US running a Liertarian Minarchy...and well, what we're seeing now is Latins trying to run Big Government Big Tax Socialized Everything like Germanics, it's simply NOT FOR US, do you understand now???? 8) Really???? Roads??? Water Canals??? Separation of governing powers??? Anti-Monarchy???? Supreme Architecture???? Multiculturalism???? BOOKS?!?!??!? of course you wouldn't know Romans invented books...your people couldn't even READ motherfucker. Slavery...pfffff, you don't even know what you're talking about. If you knew what they're teaching in Chilean Universities you wouldn't question your horrendous influence over this region, Bismarck and Marx were pretty Germanic last time i checked. If my friend can be allowed in Germany, im sure that "Latin Subhuman" will do better in Germany than you will in Denmark, you're clearly an idiot. Latin countries will fucking RISE out of mediocrety, you will fucking get on your knees and beg for forgiveness to Italy and France when they get the fuck out of your shit Union when the 2nd Latin League comes to fruitrion you fucking bitch, You'll see...we may get too comfortable when things are peaceful but when we realize what we could be, we'll break out of this fucking repugnant system you've made. ps: All pedophille rings from the most powerful elites that traffic child sex slaves are all run by Germanics, with clients that are all Germanics, with political and corporate immunity 100% Germanic, you are fucking SICK PEOPLE you aint got no fucking grounds to be calling others sub-humans in today's world, and now you go to your streets and you got bluhaired obese ugly bitches trying to abolish gender and pedophillia laws??? BRUHHHHH YOUS DISGUSTINGS.
2020-07-17 19:08
And the mental illness continues Hahahahahahahaha. You repeat the same bullshit over and over and over refusing to face the objective facts. Germanic countries does better in every single way: Higher income, better educated people, lower crime rates, lower levels of corruption, higher levels of freedom while your subhuman waste are begging us for mercy and crying for our help. Your entire culture is revovled around pedophiles just look at the catholic church, pedophilism is literally the Latin trade-mark. Your Latin shithole countries have literally been bankrupt for past 100 years and it has only gotten worse and worse hahahahaha Funny you mention Monaco a country with 95% Germanic investors and famous people LMFAO France is on the verge of bankruptcy and faces civil wars while their ugly churches burns to the ground, Italy is completely fucked over similar to Spain not to mention Greece who are literally in debt for the next 200 years since we had to save their sorry asses and then there are the inbreds of south america the human waste that has not developed for the past 500 years, thank god the Corona virus is taking care of you, i will enjoy the show and hope it continues to the point of extinction of your pathetic disgusting people. Copenhagen is 140032 times richer than Paris, it has been rated as one of the highest rated cities and most livable cities in the world for the past 20 years meanwhile Paris and every single Latin shithole is nowhere to be found on any of these objective lists. Which isnt surprising seeing as they are run by disgusting immigrant gangs while their buildings recieve no renovation to the point where the look rotten. The fact that you don't consider switzerland germanic THEY ARE LITERALLY GERMAN DESCENDANTS YOU FUCKING RETARD HAHAHA And the maps i linked clearly shows that the vast VAST majority of britain descents from North germany / south denmark + norway that should be very fucking clear to see, but then again i shouldnt expect more from an uneducated latin rat. You dirty corrupted fucking pigs are a pestilens to this world, we invented everything for you and the only thing you uncultivated dirty rats can do is beg us for money, go fuck yourself. And besides your little favela friend wont have a chance in Germany or any other developed country when the retarded fuck doesn't even speak English hahaha what the fuck do you expect, that fact that your inbred country offers college degrees without a requirement of speaking english is fucking mind blowing holy shit you guys are far behind LMFAO
2020-07-17 19:29
AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA MAD SCANDINAVIAN MEERKAT WENT FULL RETARD. Really??? Romandy is Germanic??? HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA Corona taking care of us??? UK has a higher Death x 1M than Spain, Sweden has higher Death x 1M than France , U.S has a higher Death x 1M than Brasil. You're being silly little fluffy friend. You're gonna call us pedos??? REALLY???? Christianity was a middle Eastern invention, Roman GODS (people) didn't worship a centralize single entity??? Romans basically believed in Greek Mythology Romanized. Greece isn't Latin, but it is true...they're like our you wanna talk shit about Greece's history???? FROM DENMARK??? ARE YOU SUICIDAL??? I've never denied that Latin Europe and Greece have been in shambles economically in the contemporary age, that was never put in question, what i said was that when Latin Europeans and Latin Americans run a Libertarian system of governance, we obtain greater results than anything you've ever achieved ever, and that is true and to me it seems self-evident that in today's world, the disparity between you and us would become INSANE, you'd be soooooo inferior, it's no wonder you try to keep us in this rat race trash ass system. Greece is a special case, they're special and unique people, i think they should run a system similar to our Libertarian paradise, but no matter what, Greece can't keep running Big State Big Tax "Free" Public Everything, at least this you should agree with me in.
2020-07-17 19:42
hahahah look at the state of your curve you get more and more people infected for each day and have some of the worst health care in the world, brazil , Chile and Peru are dropping like flies and Argentina are starting the same trend now, only the southern shithole states of USA are struggling with corona now due to the unemployed Latin bitches, no wonder they literally wonna build a wall to keep you people out hahahaha. You are still refusing facts, the world and humanity has never been as developed as now and we are at the top while Latin countries are stuck 500 years behind, the hillarious part is you are talking about hyperbolic scenarios that never will happen when you try and argue against this meanwhile i can talk about the present and the fucking current situation, keep living in your head Juan hahahahhahah
2020-07-17 19:48
What exactly do you care about then??? You claim that Corona was taking care of us, yet i see Corona killing far more of you adjusting per each population. Brasil and Chile have the worst healthcare...yet Sweden and UK have more Deaths per 1M citizens, what does that say about you??? You're shit??? You're physically weaker??? where are you taking me? Unemployed Latin Bitches??? Texas and Florida had some of the most lax lockdowns and Latin KINGS AND QUEENS were doing just fine there. "never been as developed as now and we are at the top" We had much higer home ownership before than you do now. Im not refusing facts, im just pointing out your intellectual dishonesty, we're all running a statist system as you can't deny, we all have a bunch of taxes of very high % each, thousands of regulatory burdain and A LOT of "free" state everything, Healthcare, University, Unemployment Welfare, etc. In this system, your people is made to thrive, my people is going against his own nature, but in a morally superior system as Small government with unregulated and untaxed markets without welfare state, We Latins have clearly produced vastly superior results than you ever did, YOU CANT DENY THIS, Do you understand that in 1896 Argentinians earnt the equivalent of 140U$D per year??? (Original dollars, 1U$D = 1oz of Gold) , do you understand that in 1910 you were still using horses and candle lights and shitting on a digged hole while we had electricity, cars and proper sewage???? in a beautiful HUGE house fully owned debt free, that was our middle fucking class, you've never reached those levels of wealth yet???? home ownership rate in your country is 60% of accountable population, We were in the low 90's in 1910. Enjoy this fucked up scenario while you still can because you're clearly under 30, so you'll live to see us rise and shine you fucking bitch. Argentina Brasil France and Italy will have flying cars and beautiful clean buildings with art deco architecture while you'll still be living in your shitty square buildings or tiny houses paying huge rent, you'll have half our income per capita but you'll be happy to brag about "muh equality". Remember my name you fucking bitch, twitter me @IVNOAERIS , you'll be sucking my dick in 50 years.
2020-07-17 19:59
Are you really this retarded? Look at the curves kid, the Germanic countries apart from USA (due to a large amount of Latin uneducated people in the southern states) already flattened the cases unlike South America which is on the rise and given your poor state you wont be able to cope. Ahahha again with the victim mentallity, it is suddenly our fault that your countries can't function proberly, it is our fault that Latins are inherently lazy and doesn't want to work? Imagine you keep mention 1 specific year 130 years ago HAHHAHAH you literally can't make this shit up, i can show the results of every year for the past 100 years and that is your counter argument. And now you're talking about cars and electricity THAT'S LITERALLY GERMANIC INVENTIONS YOU DUMB UNEDUCATED RETARD LMFAO. Do you understand that Germanic people are richer than Latins ever were, that we have larger houses, higher income faces lower levels of corruption and higher levels of freedom than Latins ever did and will ever do? Enjoy what scenario? I live in the present with how the world actually functions you're so miserable you have to live inside your head with flying cars hahahahaha Enjoy living in poverty for the rest of your life, enjoy seeing your fellow Latin shithole countries beg us for money increasing their unpayable debt for every year, enjoy the show while we keep innovating human technology while you live in shithole favelas that our house pets wouldnt even wonna stay in. No1 will remember you, you are poor, uneducated and spend all your time on a fucking cs.go forum to escape the sad reality that is your life.
2020-07-17 20:10
Argentina hasn't flattened the curve??? Brasil and us are the most Latin countries in America, we've flattened the curve and Brasil has salvaged its economy from becoming Argentina's . "it is suddenly our fault that your countries can't function proberly" False, we can't function with YOUR system, which is shit, you work well with it because you're shit. Mentioning the same year????????????????????????? "No , you're getting it wrong 1895 and 96 we were THE TOP 1 GDP Per Capita according to one of the most prestigious data collectors, reconstructors and researches in the world, Madison database (Dutch, germanic so i doubt you'll doubt him). AFTER 1896, we glided between Top3 and Top7 until 1915, and from 1915 to 1930 we glided from Top5 to top13 , always one of the highest GDP's per capita, social movility, median household incomes, purchasing power and infrastructure development (albeit, after 1905 Europe really did catch up with us and U.S.A) , we never dropped below where Nederland is today (#13 GDP Per Capita) before the Coup d'Etat in 1930." "THAT'S LITERALLY GERMANIC INVENTIONS YOU DUMB UNEDUCATED RETARD LMFAO." ??? Combustion Engine was a Latin invention by the GODS Italianianos, Electricity wasnt invented, it was Nikola Tesla.....not a Germanic guy you know? ;) "Do you understand that Germanic people are richer than Latins ever were" NOMINALLY, YES, adjusting per time period??? No, you cant even own your fucking houses you dumbass rat, you dont have real property rights, you dont have freedom of speech, you dont have gun rights...bitch, you're shit. "your fellow Latin shithole countries beg us for money increasing their unpayable debt for every year" You can't possibly think this will remain the case forever. "No1 will remember you, you are poor, uneducated and spend all your time on a fucking cs.go forum to escape the sad reality that is your life." Bruh, no one needs to remember me, im waking people up everyday and you never know where your seeds go, all is needed is for the right man at the right time to be woken up, and your house of cards will come crumbling, and when Latin countries are back where they belong, which is at the top, you'll be coming back to me with your meerkat eyes and paws like "smsmsmsmsmsm, s-s-s-sir ... yous weres right xd" and i'll be merciful, as my Roman ancestors were with your cannibalistic albino indians, and give you 1 coin of my currency, which will be worth 9999999 "NonBinary Feminist Crowns" 👍🏻🏆🏆🏆🏆
2020-07-17 20:30
Every country in SA literally gets more and more cases by each day wtf are u talking about. You can't function in any system, history have shown that and now you are so weak that you have to rely on us aiding you with fucking charities. Again no1 gives a fuck about 1895 you irrelevant fucking retard hahah this is 2020 we live in your latin shithole countries are bankrupt and corrupt AF cause your dirty rats are incapable of contructing any society that works. You keep mention the combustion engine hahahaha the amount of Germanic inventions infenitely more impactful than that is in the thousands oh and Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity btw, a germanic ;) Still refusing to live in the reality we're in hahahahah keep dreaming about Latin countries not being shitholes as they have been for the past 100 years with no sign of any sort of improvement, quiet the contrary actually. You Latin rats will always be at the bottom of the food chain until you are eventually extinct, you will always beg us superior Germanics for money, food, inventions, everything, even this post was you asking us for help cause your sad little friend wants to go to a superior country with superior opportunities
2020-07-17 20:44
What??? Argentina has not been getting almost any new cases you're lying you can see the numbers right there. The combustion engine is what made it possible for you morons to """"""""invent"""""""" the modern car dumbass. Tesla discovered electricty, Franklin just took credit for it. Past 100 years?? MOTHERFUCKER 100 years ago in 1920 Argentina had a higher GDP Per capita than your shithole, we had freedom of speech, freedom of guns, freedom of drugs, radical federalism and we were taxed at 3.5% of our salaries in average, little to no coruption, full property rights no property taxes no bullshit, no welfare but we did have Public Schooling + University ran by government yes (huge mistake, but we did have it and you do advocate for that shit). +90% Homeownership in the 20+ y.o population. All with huge houses, beautiful buildings, best roads and sidewalks, +/- 70% automovile ownership. Meanwhile...Scuckdinavia: Monarchy, No property rights, no freedom of speech, no free trade, taxed at 50%, shit streets, shit sidewalks, ugly buildings, tiny cringy houses. Germany: fucked by Treaty of Versailles, Hyperinflation, infant mortality, death by starvation in thousands of households. wait wait....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHJAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I dont wanna go to any Germanic country???? wtf??? tf you talking about??? My friend is a Germophille and im trying to help him out, but if i can convince him to go to Italy or France i will, but he just doesn't wanna listen to me, he thinks Germans are gods and Germany is a paradise that retard. All in all, you're dissapointing, meerkat, stop trying to push a Tiger around.
2020-07-17 20:54
Are you retarded? Look at the curves you dumb fuck compare these shitholes with superior Germanic countries: Do you understand now what flattening the curve means? your region has yet to show any sign of improvement. The Turbine needed for a combustion engine was a Germanic invention while the first combustion engines were patented by Germanics as well as the Gas engine legit everything you can think of has a Germanic invetor behind it, while you lazy pigs have yet to develop from the middle ages to this day a big portion of you still live in the fucking jungle LMFAO. Our dogs live better than Latin people during that time, higher income, bigger houses, better roads, lower corruption, higher amount of freedom I mean just look at the current time, are you really trying to convince me that Latin people are so unbelivable stupid that you managed to go back in development hahahahahaha Scandinavians have everything you just mentioned, we rank in the top as the freest countries in this world, with the lowest corruption ever seen, unlike your shithole we dont rely on slaves, we have the most livable cities on the planet with the least amount of pollution and you wonna talk about tiny houses ? HAHAHA go to Italy and France and see what they live in we have the largest average house sizes of Europe by FAR we have the highest income BY FAR we have the lowest corruption BY FAR, it's not even comparable, you cannot compete on any metric at all.
2020-07-17 21:14
Germany Levplays
no one will read a long text like this bro ...
2020-07-17 21:50
We replied back and forth like 20 times, you're clearly wrong , evil and checks out.
2020-07-17 21:56
Germany Levplays
Just you and an other guy, may you three guys dont have a job. Just a joke...
2020-07-17 22:02
I dunno about the other guys but i was working at a restaurant-bar before the quarintine started. You truly have added absolutely nothing to the discussion...tbh you've been the biggest deadweight, im guessing you bring this up because you're a nurse?
2020-07-17 22:06
2020-07-17 04:01 this is the process for a doctorate at my university. Should be similar to other german unis
2020-07-16 17:39
Uni costs about 200 euros per semester (400 euros a year). It can be pretty difficult in terms of paperwork, speaking from experience... I come from the UK but study in germany for a year now.
2020-07-16 17:42
Its a lot of paperwork but in the day it pays off. I wish your friend good luck. And you dont have to care about money because you can try to get ''Bundesausbildungsförderung(Bafög)'' what can give you enough to live and you only have to pay 50% back 10 years later.
2020-07-16 18:04
or work, so u dont have to use bafög joker.
2020-07-16 19:23
Or go to 450€ work and get Bafög STONKS Wenn ich mir so anschaue, wofür unsere Steuergelder verschwendet werden, dann ist das hier bestens investiertes Geld. Bildung ist das A&O unserer Gesellschaft.
2020-07-16 19:25
hate nicht dagegen, man muss nehmen was man bekommt.
2020-07-16 20:51
300 Per Semester for Study 400 for a room at least 200 or more living cost For the Paperwork => yes everything in Germany needs a lot of paperwork Best way is start with the Uni he wants to go to... They usually help u with everything. Also a lot of PHD combine a job at the uni where they a give 1 or 2 lessons a week with there studies. So you can earn money while doing ur doc. Again look at the Unis for such positions...
2020-07-16 18:05
400 for a room in the more expensive cities, but there are also cities where you can get your own dorm room for around 200-250
2020-07-16 19:28
my brother is also south american and he did it in Munich, stayed for 2 years there. i can get you his contacts if you'd like.
2020-07-16 19:15
If you could, that'd be incredibly helpful. If its too annoying dont bother, no hard feelings.
2020-07-16 19:47
If he is that smart and want to apply for phd, universities will pay you up to 2k per month, thats how it is in France at least. Also i think he should look for some sort of a program offered by his local university or professors for foreign students in that specific country.
2020-07-17 03:36
berlin about 300 per half year, vut 200 deom rhia is that u can drive free with busses and subways and shit, so its 100 for a half year,,,
2020-07-17 11:56
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