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Shut down America!
Netherlands Ansi 
Earlier this year, America couldnt wait another month to lift the restrictions to keep covid from spreading, just to keep their economy going. Today, it is obvious that America isnt able to overcome the virus by itself. Almost everyday is a new record day of new covid cases. And still America is not shutting down. How much further does this need to go until other countries need to get involved. Soon it will be too late to stop the spread from coming back to the EU, and then the whole world is back at square 1. Merkel is right. We need to stop relying on fact-denying populism. America needs to stop denying the facts. America needs to shut down.
2020-07-17 10:52
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Brilliant plan!
2020-07-17 10:56
Why is everyone on HLTV obsessed with USA?
2020-07-17 10:58
they think its an easy punching bag because of how easy it is to take news stories out of context probably for the same reason everyone is obsessed with sweden and poland
2020-07-17 11:01
Denmark Notallama
Articulate way of writing "FAKE NEWS".
2020-07-17 11:06
now youre talking some sense
2020-07-17 11:15
No, its an easy punching bag, because it is a shithole country.
2020-07-17 19:15
I would take a jab but you're too scared to show your country
2020-07-17 21:40
nah, its not about too scared. I used to display it but all it ever did was give people some stupid way to avoid the argument and go for lame jokes and when I took it down it forced people to actually stick to the fucking topic. It was a relief except every now and then some fuckwit like you comes along and whines about my world flag.
2020-07-17 21:58
Now I'm curious 🤔
2020-07-18 10:54
Thats a smart and reasonable reply. But my comment was in the context of how the government that these idiots elected handled this epidemic. It was exactly what the country needed to feel the consequences of their action (that action being that vote in 2016). Americans are banned from EU, not chinese or africans or russians.
2020-07-17 23:29
Yeah, didn't make that very clear. Instead you made something of a stupid generalizing comment, so I replied in kind. we shouldn't have even ended up with a Trump vs Hillary election, but here we are
2020-07-18 01:41
cmon, only obsessed to hate on sweden because deserved 😂
2020-07-17 19:33
Germany I_car
We can talk bad about them when they are sleeping
2020-07-17 11:01
and bait them when they are awake
2020-07-17 11:03
Germany I_car
2020-07-17 11:03
this is not about America. I am not against America. This is about self preservation, as a person and as a nation. This is about global stability. Dont close your eyes for whats about to come.
2020-07-17 11:03
How much further does this need to go until other countries need to get involved. Soon it will be too late to stop the spread from coming back to the EU, and then the whole world is back at square 1. You do realize that it is not only the USA that has a problem with COVID spread? Covid can come to EU from anywhere not only from USA
2020-07-17 11:03
Yes i realize this. I am fully aware the spread is a concern to all of us. All our jobs. All our stability. Thats why WE need to act on the biggest threat to this stability. Also, i'd like to see a LAN in 2021. that wont happen if covid spread is on the rise in the coming winter.
2020-07-17 11:06
Wasn't there a vaccine at the last stage of testing and soon to be implemented?
2020-07-17 11:08 This is only for testing. Peepos that cant afford testing or vaccination will keep spreading the virus. This implies that there will not by a solution any time soon, therefore it affects all of us.
2020-07-17 11:14
-paid education -paid healthcare -high criminal rate -schools are literaly shooting range -they're top3 candidats for president is Biden(known pedo),Trump(King of clowns),Kayne West(...) -war weterans literaly sleep on street and beg for money -evrything is sexist and racist except if u are a white straight male the u are one to blame -they kill each other in any occasion and riot start short after it and many more diesel in conclusion Andubstill hear someone saying "American os best country in the world
2020-07-17 11:22
Brainwashing people is easy if you limit the education they receive. Then flood them with reality TV/BS news.
2020-07-17 18:14
lol, this is such over-exaguration
2020-07-17 18:42
can u delete that comment and then delete urself pls thx k bye
2020-07-17 19:14
lol why you so mad kid?
2020-07-17 19:17
Because he doesnt live in the USA
2020-07-17 19:28
probably lol, hiding his flag and hating on usa hmm.. russian spotted
2020-07-17 19:40
He could also be some cuck from a Scandinavian country thinking his country is far superior when in reality there is next to no difference
2020-07-17 23:50
because everything about that comment is absolutely terrible
2020-07-17 21:03
how? America is extremely developed. Paid but best education. Paid good healthcare, school shooting range? Not exagurated you say? If you are financially poor maybe usa isnt the best place for you, thats true, rest is bs
2020-07-17 21:41
niBBah just look at your comment. Thats all you need to know why its a terrible comment.
2020-07-17 21:59
Reply needs to have actual content + Stop hiding your flag you insecure kid
2020-07-17 22:01
as I said + #182
2020-07-17 22:15
The only thing correct on your list is.... Wait. Nothing.....
2020-07-17 21:45
not my list idiot.
2020-07-17 21:59
Kanye dropped out btw apparently
2020-07-17 20:12
2020-07-17 20:25
I'm sorry you said 3 running? West is running in 2024 from what i heard. Its Trump vs Biden If it was trumps second term then you'd still be wrong.
2020-07-17 21:43
Imagine a red button.... Now image a dozen of red buttons! Put some codes there, press it. PROBLEM SOLVED
2020-07-17 10:59
you know the drill !
2020-07-17 20:27
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89
"We need to stop relying on fact-denying populism". Good plan, but how?
2020-07-17 10:59
i think he's advocating for a chinese style technocracy 🙃
2020-07-17 11:02
Its a Merkel quote. it means: if theres a problem, FIX IT. dont look the otehr way.
2020-07-17 11:04
How do you intend to fix the problem of stupid people? Education? That only works for the next generation. Taking away freedoms isn't an option.
2020-07-17 11:05
you say people, i think sheep. Sheep need a shepherd. This is supposed to be the government. And if US goverment isnt acting, WE need to care about these people. WE need to care about them AND about us. WE is you and me, as in: the rest of the world.
2020-07-17 11:41
This boy is racional! They are sheeps that need shepherds, however not everyone is a sheep ;) You just need to take care of those, mostly ignored :P What to then? Being rulled by a shepard is not the same by rulled by a leader, and we just need a global leader, that came from the bottom, however most of them get lost by the track by spoils and greedy. One day we will get it! #Illuminati
2020-07-17 20:30
That's all fine and great, but I'm not sure how you plan to go about that.
2020-07-18 01:43
lmao ppl take merkel ssly surely youre one of them who takes greta ssly too XDXDXDXDXDX
2020-07-17 11:17
Germany I_car
Merkel > Greta
2020-07-17 11:21
The ones taking Trump seriously should be carefull with such sentences bro
2020-07-17 11:26
Both are braindead Merkel is just someone who tries not to look like one
2020-07-17 12:02
Flag checks out
2020-07-17 12:07
2020-07-17 12:09
In some terms I agree with them being braindead. Well even if she tries not to look like it, she failed a lot of times as well. Still Trump makes it pretty easy to look less of an idiot beside him tbh
2020-07-17 12:08
Trump is as straightforward as he is And he truly works for his country Merkel is just shit in everything
2020-07-17 12:09
sounds like someone who has no clue about this at all lol
2020-07-18 03:13
K genis
2020-07-20 17:09
I never was much into techno tho, but havn't heard the chinese mixes yet. I'll look into it.
2020-07-17 11:04
What's wrong with a technocracy? I'm tired of these smooth talking, no skill lawyers getting elected all the time. Scientists are the most logical people in society at the end of the day.
2020-07-18 01:16
not really what I meant, China is still a shithole in regards to, you know, human rights.
2020-07-18 01:43
Yes, China doesn't care about human rights. But, all I'm saying is a technocracy isn't inherently bad. Probably way better than being led by lawyers.
2020-07-18 01:45
most governments aren't, it's mostly dependent on who is in charge and what someone believes that job of a government is
2020-07-18 01:47
330 million people and barely any restrictions. That's a dangerous mix.
2020-07-17 11:09
Americans are the stupidest people on the earth, this whole catastrophe just shows how inept they really are, the thing is Covid19 in America hasn't even hit its peak yet, its about to get a whole lot worse
2020-07-17 11:13
thats my point exactly. And it means we need to ACT on this. Sure as hell America cant/wont do it.
2020-07-17 11:15
I swear we got really smart people and then the rest are literal POTATOS. You got law abiding citizens who wear masks and people from Florida who have tantrums over masks. Makes me shamed to live in this country sometimes.
2020-07-17 19:06
+1 usa has carried by smart whites Not fat burgers Not black gangsters
2020-07-17 21:52
imagine thinking its all happening because of masks and not retards like de blasio being in charge of major cities/whole states
2020-07-17 23:56
We could not keep closed forever. It would be stupid to to wait until the point where our economy is unrecoverable- that would be a worse outcome than everyone just getting the virus. Besides, it isn't reopening that is the problem. It is the people themselves. Many people are too stupid to prevent themselves from getting infected, or too arrogant to follow health and safety guidelines (keep distance, wear a mask, etc.), leading to them infecting others. Lots of selfish people.
2020-07-17 11:15
AMERICA DIDNT EVEN REALLY TRY TO CLOSE DOWN. there was no stability or decrease in covid cases. And with new cases sky rocketing, YOU STILL AINT TRYING.
2020-07-17 11:18
2020-07-17 11:19
we were closed for months, only supermarkets were open tens of millions of people lost their jobs cases DID drop but now we are trying to find a balance between being open and rate of infection (well, kinda, maybe we are a little TOO open right now) what do YOU suppose we do?
2020-07-17 11:24
People lost their jobs because its rather easy to terminate employee's contracts. People losing their jobs in US is an american problem. Governemnt covid payments are abysmal and not giving any real relief. Just like not having a proper health care system. And it is biting you in the ass right now. You need to go into full lock down. Work from home. Minimal exposure. Basically, everything that other countries have already done which has a high probability to contain further spread. Its not that difficult. But you cant sit back and do nothing.
2020-07-17 11:35
well yes, it is going to hurt a nation like the USA harder than most because we have less of a social net, for better or for worse. but what can we do? most of these people NEED to work to live. and like I said, that isn't the main issue when it comes to the infection rate here. it is because people don't like protecting themselves from the virus because it isn't cool, like "wear a mask? I'm not afraid of a stupid virus." shit like that. I'm not sure even locking down completely would stop us from spreading it, I'm sure we would find a way. (not to mention it is actually impossible for the government to enforce a real lockdown, because of the 1st amendment. they got around it at first by forcing certain businesses to close, which worked, but like I said the way our economy works, that can't last forever.)
2020-07-17 11:48
If other countries are able to contain, america can do as well. How you do it, is up to you. But you need to act, because otherwise your demise will affect the rest of the word to an exponential ratio later this year or in 2021.
2020-07-17 11:51
demise? it’s not like we are all going to die. the virus isn’t really all that deadly relatively speaking, the problem is it spreads like a motherfuckers so a LOT of people get infected, which leads to a higher number of deaths. in fact, I’m sure we would be fine if we just let everyone get infected and let people die, but of course people dying isn’t exactly a good thing so we aren’t going that route
2020-07-17 11:56
achieving herd immunity has been tested in Sweden and we know how that ended up. This is what will happen if USA will keep this status quo of not doing really anything substantial to fight the spread. And like i said, that will affect the rest of the world. So we need to ACT.
2020-07-17 12:04
since when has the ever USA cared about the rest of the world? if you don't want us infecting you, I would advice you just don't let us into your countries, or at least make us get tested before they can get in. it's probably going to be awhile until this blows over.
2020-07-17 12:07
We still have the stories in our family about getting liberated by canadians and americans. Personally, i will never forget how these stories were told with joy and gratefulness. We should all care and fight this together. We cant just do nothing like we do now. And thats what i want you to know.
2020-07-17 12:17
I think the point of our friend is just that American's need to gamble more on social and health systems, instead of company's and building fiscal paradises in your courtyard, just that my friend. But you had a point.
2020-07-17 20:33
and how exactly did sweden end up?
2020-07-17 23:58
I think the problem is when you locked down in march, it's not strict enough, it's indeed many Americans took it seriously, but there are also many of them don't, and no mask preventing spreading. But now, they can't afford another lock down cuz millions will be dead either. I'm so amused when i heard that they are still arguing whether they should wear the mask on, the opponents said wearing mask is against humanity & freedom, government wants to supervise & control people by temperature checking or 5g, something like that. If that's the point, then how medical workers, hockey player & sanitationman wear mask. Maybe Americans used to have too much freedom, so they do not care othes' security, i don't understand.
2020-07-18 03:49
I completely agree with this. The sad part is that 100 years ago, people were in the same situation and social places were closed and it was also mandatory to wear face masks. Apparantly they havent learnt from this and now it looks like what happens in America will become a global issue.
2020-07-18 09:58
I don't think that you're too open (maybe besides some big parties and gatherings), you just have too many dumb and ignorant people that won't wear a mask even just in shops and places where you can't keep social distance.
2020-07-17 21:37
not to keep their economy going wtf unliuke other countries american living is sollely based on its economy if they dont work they cant feed it for a really really short time so it wasnt about economy , it was about keeping your childrens bellies full and for hells sakes who tf takes merkel ssly lmaoooooooooo
2020-07-17 11:19
ill try to react to this. you cant keep your kids bellies full if youre sick, lost your job and everything else. This is about to happen. And it will directly influence the rest of the world, because the virus will keep spreading like a snowball. Idc what you think about Merkel, imo she just gave the first signal to react on America's abysmal attempt to keep the virus from spreading.
2020-07-17 11:27
United Kingdom The_Doctor
2020-07-17 11:22
France Poloqua
Y u bully me
2020-07-17 12:00
United Kingdom The_Doctor
♥️ on you
2020-07-17 12:34
just stfu
2020-07-17 11:40
if you dont care, DONT REACT. So shut the hell up yourself. Close you eyes and think about yourself, i dont care. I care, therefore i react. This is what defines a community.
2020-07-17 11:43
tell me, do you have a job? do you own a business?
2020-07-17 11:44
No one in America has the legal authority to shut all of America down you moron, different stance have to do that by themselves, the federal government can't do anything.
2020-07-17 11:41
Its about changing the mind set. People need to REALISE that things are not gonna get better soon UNLESS they change something. It has nothing to do with legal issues, this is never implied.
2020-07-17 11:45
A bunch of people in each state/nation (I'll poop the random number of 20% out, which I cannot back up and is just made up) are just total idiots that care about nobody then themselves, think that the governments are their bigest enemy (while on the same hand mostly profitting huge by them, even living of social welfare all their life and still pointing fingers towards how bad they are). If you think a pandemic/crises like this can change these people, it won't. They will riot against vaccines (they say the government wants to put microchip in them to take control over them or whatever). They wil riot against "social distancing". They will riot against simple things like wearing a fucking mask in the supermarket. This is the power of free will, you cant change it, nobody can (unless we implenet a totalitarian system that watches you at any step and punishes you right away...but who wants that??)
2020-07-17 12:04
if other countries are able to contain, America is able too.
2020-07-17 12:09
Yea sounds pretty easy when you put it like that. On paper. In Utopia.
2020-07-17 12:27
Its not like americans are complete aliens. theyre normal people. they dont have twice the amoutn of free will that you and i have. There is always a way to persuade/influence the big mass. And thats what needs to happen. Because now, there isnt happening a lot to prevent further spread.
2020-07-17 12:33
"Its not like americans are complete aliens." I didnt wanted to say this at all. Thats why I said in #75 that you have them in every nation. It just seems that they are even more in the US. And now that they also go with the BLM crisis (yea I call it crisis because I see this movement as inside terrorism that destabilizes the inner safety of the nation) these people even gather to an extreme mass. Which is terribile when you try to fight against a virus. These people wont listen to the government or any restricions anyway. You can put them all in jail....well you could, if there would be any space in US jails at first, and secondly the citizens are heavily armed so its not as easy as in hong kong for example. I agree with you when you say that they dont even try for example. But even if they would, I doubt they would succeed very well and without heavy consequences. The mindset of Americans is just different than ours I guess. They live more for themselves and care less about society/others
2020-07-17 12:51
2020-07-17 11:42
were done here
2020-07-17 11:45
lmao thinking about shutting down the dynamo of the world your so damn ignorant
2020-07-17 11:43
listen carefully tony, i shall say this only once, this is not about America. you could literally replace the word America by any other country, it just happens to be the place that has the biggest global influence regarding the spread of covid atm. If we dont react to the soaring covid cases now, it WILL affect all of us. fakeflaggers and alt-users. every goddamn one of us.
2020-07-17 11:49
so you think people can change the system ?
2020-07-17 11:53
Americans are not as obedient and cattlelike as euros
2020-07-17 11:46
people are people. We need to fight this together and help each other whenever we can.
2020-07-17 11:53
COVID cases will most likely spike back up when you guys reopen
2020-07-17 12:02
here in Netherlands, most businesses like cafe's etc have opened up already for some weeks now. Yes there is a slight increase in reported cases the last week:
2020-07-17 12:08
But we have reopened for many weeks already?
2020-07-17 12:28
indeed. some incidents happened, actions were taken, and everything seems very containable.
2020-07-17 12:34
thats great
2020-07-17 12:38
Agree, America needs to be gone.
2020-07-17 12:19
America is legacy. Nobody can deny that. It is very probable that both you and me have some relatives that moved that way in the past centuries. You cant close your eyes for something that will happen and will affect all of us. so at least try to contribute. Please.
2020-07-17 12:26
Brazil sakaaa
albeit right, #101 is right too: if you don't live there, you're most likely basing yourself on what media-controllers wants you to base yourself on. This is happening in BR too
2020-07-17 18:48
Brazil sakaaa
Let me give you an example: You're probably aware of what Flamengo (football club), right? So, Flamengo is on a dispute with Globo (biggest media company here) and they didn't closed a deal about transmission rights. After the deal went sour, Flamengo broadcasted a State championship final (which they won). -news on UOL (big media): Flamengo imposes pressure and win tournament -news on Lance (sports media): Flamengo controls the game and win by minimum difference -news on other media: Flamengo proves once again to be the team to be beaten -news on ESPN-BR: Once Flamengo, always Flamengo! (their motto) Flamengo is pragmatic and secures the cup within minutes -news on Globo: Flamengo left something to be desired and win by minimal advantage Now use this simple example to the context of global politics.
2020-07-17 18:54
United States Flyingape
So many kids here gg. Talking non sense, all u keep lisening to the fake media. Go talk csgo and stop talking non sense about politics. EZ4Faze
2020-07-17 18:08
Do politics belong on hltv in your opinion?
2020-07-17 18:16
United States Flyingape
Hell no thats why i said go talk CSGO.
2020-07-17 18:19
i put this in off topic section, u are not in any way forced to read/reply. Im sorry if clickbaited
2020-07-17 19:15
Ohh blame my bad reading skills lol
2020-07-17 21:19
Faze fan Old user Pick one
2020-07-17 22:04
2020-07-17 18:56
You realize there are going to be more cases every day since they have started testing way more right?
2020-07-17 19:03
How is it a bad thing if there is more testing. Especially when results show the spread is on the rise both absolute and relative, it means that something needs to be done, cuz after over 4 months its far form being under control.
2020-07-17 19:11
"How much further does this need to go until other countries need to get involved" Quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever read on HLTV, maybe ever.
2020-07-17 19:07
5/8 seems a lot of people fell for this
2020-07-17 19:15
I guess u are republican who thinks corona numbers fake?
2020-07-17 22:11
Germany shimmy227
much more tests result in much more false-positive results. u.s.a is leading in test amounts and the numbers also getting bloated in other ways. also don't act like it's the next plague - e.g. in many countries the average age of a covid victim is over the regular life expectancy. in germany we had a "mass-breakout" in a meat production facility. there are no reported deaths of any off the 1k+ workers. now if you test some elderly person with several illnesses with breathing problems and she dies, she will be labeled as covid victim, though she was at the end of her life, had other illnesses and there is no evidence the virus played a role in her death. imo the general public is just being fooled by onesided coverage, it's july now and ppl should have realised this by now ... and in the u.s.a it's election year, so liberal media and liberal gouverneurs are working even harder to put trump in a bad light
2020-07-17 19:35
you cant justify not fighting a pandemic just because there is a low average mortality rate. Incidents like the meat processing plants are hotspots. Maybe you think its not an absolute big amount of infections, but thats how snowballs start rolling. They need to be contained in order to stop spread on national level. And America has surpassed that level already for some time.
2020-07-17 20:00
if you think the current Covid is the same as original Covid, then research more. It's not coincident that the Recovery:Death increasing everyday. (hint: D614G, parainfluenza type 4). The reason they dont care because you cant lock up people forever. Lets say you are good for now, how sure next flu season will be? if you are exposed for once, your t-cell will "remember" it, and herd community will be formed. They re-close some states again, not because of the virus cases increase, its because of ICU is full of patients who have underline disease, or old age. US got hit more severe because of China didnt stop flights out of its country + WHO didnt claim nation disaster. Remember, no where in the whole world has more ChinaTown compared to the US. if you know CHinese culture, you will know how important Lunar new year to them, and they come back their homeland every year for that ( around Jan). So they get hit more. Currently, if you compare the peak of North states in US such as NY, NJ, ... they peak together with Europe, and now its over, the case is about the same as EU now. Back in April, South States such as CA, FL,TX werent even starting yet. But now they are at peak. Compare the peaks, not the trough between regions. I know its kinda nerdy comment, but i hope to add some knowledge to you.
2020-07-17 22:12
True u cant lock people forever But wearing mask should be rule
2020-07-17 22:14
yeah bro, wearing mask (cloth mask) is not so effective, but its good to stop the droplet to the air. Surgical mask, very few of brand on the market are good enough to shield virus. But i do agree with you, it should be a rule or laws for it. Some private business requires masks before entering. But its very different politics between countries, in the US, people are much more sensitive and willing to protest on anything, too much freedom, i guess. While where im from, police beats up and harass or even asking for money in public, no one dares to say a thing.
2020-07-17 22:19
Yeah i mean one black guy died And people forget everything about virus and maybe spread virus to unstopable degree in us
2020-07-18 00:22
I understand your arguments that led to this situation, but let me remind you that there are no guarantees for containing /fighting the further spread of this virus. herd immunity is an illusion. its alrdy confirmed that after some time, humen stop creating anti-bodies to fight the virus. this implies reinfection. You cant just accept the situation, real action is necessary. Because it will influence the rest of the world if the USA cant contain this virus.
2020-07-17 22:21
herd immunity is not illusion, trust me, coming from an immunology background. How often do you hear about spanish flu nowadays? it was a disaster back then. Look up T-cell (t memory cell to be exact, they dont need to create ab all the time, another hint: anamnestic response). Again, t cell can last very long in the body, and also, not everyone is the same, but around 70% of population has it is already good enough. Up to this point, no one in the pandemic area is concern about containing the virus, its there and will be there forever, problem is how do you live with it. So you tell me if Europe/Russia/China is trying to contain it? they all just said slow the spread and flatten the curve. I dont hear any of the pandemic country dares to say contain the virus. Simply, It's uncontainable.
2020-07-17 22:33
Even Russia is showing slowly and steadily decrease in new covid cases. Dont tell me its uncontainable just because you think it isnt. SPanish flu was contained after closing saloons and all other public places. Masks were mandatory. Actions were taken! This all happened 100 years ago. When peepo's were not able to easily fly across the world in one day. Dont tell me youre gonna bump your head twice on the same stone.
2020-07-17 22:44
Yeah. So you are telling me that slowing down is containing? It's far from containing. Tell me about asymptomatic people, who are carrying covid virus everyday. Are you sure you are spotting them all out to contain? Simply NO. You get the point of spanish flu pandemic, it's no longer pandemic because of herd immunity, not because of these saloon were closed from 1900 to now.
2020-07-17 22:55
whatever the USA is doing now, it aint working. You cant just sit back hoping peepo's wil develop immunity, and just let the others die.
2020-07-17 23:01
Sorry bro. Im talking based on science and reasoning. You are talking based on feeling and non evident predict. Working or not, look at NY, NJ and EU. The answer is already there. There is no sit back and hope community to develop immunity. They have the largest testing capacity in the world. And hospitals are all full open to support those in critical conditions. Their vaccine developing, together with Oxford from England are two of the most advanced now. Tell me of they dont do anything? Will you country able to do the same?
2020-07-17 23:15
I missed out on your reply last night, sorry. My topic is created because i care, thats emotional so you are correct. Youre naming two states and i agree. There is progress. But is a drop on a hot plate in comparison to the actual increase in covid cases. The states are not cooperating and fighting this together. More and more people are unwillingly exposed to the virus because of this. ANd they need protection. They are living in a country that should offer them protection, just like here in EU. And it doesnt look that way. There are no real actions taken, and there are plenty people that cant protect themselves for whatever reason. SO we need to be aware of this and CARE for these people. And with 'we' i mean the rest of the world.
2020-07-18 11:31
toxic forum hate speech once again against my country
2020-07-17 19:48
its not an anti american topic. I am not anti american. The tpoic was created to create awareness because reported new covid cases are record breaking on daily base, and it seems like there is no real action taken. The US government hasnt taken any big steps to fight this snowball from getting bigger and bigger. And you cant tell me that its just a thing we need to 'accept' .
2020-07-17 20:08
2020-07-17 20:11
It breaks my heart seeing foreign cars, filled with fuel that isn't ours. And wearing cotton we didn't grow. But I got the red, white, blue flying high on the farm. Semper Fi tattoo'd on my left arm. Spent a little more in the store for a tag but in the back it says USA. I won't buy nothin that I can't fix with WD-40 and a Craftsman wrench. I'm not prejudice, i'm just made in America. Born in the heartland, I raised up a family on King James and Uncle Sam.
2020-07-17 19:50
shh dont tell them that let them do their thing for FREEDOM!!! Also corona is fake amirite americans that eat mcdonalds and over 500 pawns ( 250+ kg minimum per mericans )
2020-07-17 20:07
Are you having a stroke?
2020-07-17 20:09
is it hard to face the truth? stop denying it murica lul
2020-07-17 20:16
No i'm happy to face the truth, but that's just you typing some dumb nonsense..?
2020-07-17 20:17
happy to face the truth and said FREEDOM while being ignorant like those typical americans saying its fake news . heh
2020-07-17 20:18
I don't know what the hell you're even talking about? who is saying it's fake? No one I know has ever said that...
2020-07-17 20:19
Ok, and to be clear, I support their right to believe that. If that's what that county wants to do as a majority, that's up to them. It doesn't mean a majority of us as Americans do.
2020-07-17 20:25
deserved no 1 case nuff said. FREEDOM AMIRITE ?
2020-07-17 20:26
Well if this is a real discussion then i'd argue China most likely has the most cases, it's just America tests far, far more and doesn't lie about the results.
2020-07-17 20:26
yes murica doesnt lie but just twisted the truth . just say u cant accept the harsh truth lmao
2020-07-17 20:33
what exactly is this truth you keep speaking of? trying to understand your point of view but you're being very immature sir.
2020-07-17 20:34
theres only two gender. flat earth and perhaps theres few more i can say again but im too lazy to list them all since muricas is ignorant and waste of time to give insight into the reality :)
2020-07-17 20:36
alright, well based on this I think most reasonable people would agree you're the idiot out of us two. have a good day 😎👌
2020-07-17 20:38
well i won thanks for the compliment ^^
2020-07-17 20:39
yes, you had some great points... 😎👍 good job man
2020-07-17 20:41
you're right, you don't, but you government were inches from passing a law that would let them control it just a couple of days ago. yet you keep blaming china for how they handled the corona crisis. now imagine if it started in the U.S. lmao the world would be twice as fucked
2020-07-18 01:42
but it didn't start in the US, and they should be held accountable.
2020-07-18 02:47
sure but if you're being a bunch of retards and not giving a shit by not trying to control it, and thus re-spread it across the globe eventually, you should also be held accountable - esp when your government actually have been trying to want to control the virus data lmao
2020-07-18 03:39
this is so true. But if America cant contain, the rest of the world needs to step in. Because America's stbaility is also part of our stability. We need to fight this together.
2020-07-18 10:16
of course, but america have all the resources necessary to contain it. the developed world needs to help in countries that aren't capable of dealing with it themselves such as brazil, india, middle east and africa.
2020-07-18 20:08
theyre people. even if they have higher avg amount of obese people, and proven lower amount of intelligence, theyre still people. If we want to see a real LAN tournament this winter/2021, this mess needs to be cleaned up.
2020-07-17 20:14
looking like its only ONLINE tournament now if they realise or just held normal LAN tournament like always without using mask like they always do then die in few weeks . heh
2020-07-17 20:17
China will take us place as the most powerful country, only a matter of time. They will burn down completely after that.
2020-07-17 20:14
North America bomberNTC
2020-07-17 20:39
thanks for all of your replies. My intention was to create awareness about the soaring amount of covid cases in the USA. Judging by all of your replies, i rekcon i succeeded in doing so. Please do realise, this is affecting all of us, and we cant look the other way just because it not directly on our doorstep. This isnt gonna pass by on itself. we need to be pro active and support anyone who needs supporting.
2020-07-17 20:51
When US economy falls, the economy of the world falls..
2020-07-17 21:22
Thiss is true, keeping economies stable is important. For everyone. But we might just want to start with caring about these people that get infected unwillingly.
2020-07-17 21:27
Its too late now, the cases are too high. Lockdown would have to last at least 2 months. This would put the economy in deep recession. The primary focus now should be rapid vaccine development.
2020-07-17 21:33
My dude, two months is only a drop on a hot plate. Its probably way too short to have a real influence on the spread. You wont be able to give vaccinations to everyone before the end of the year. ANd if people need to pay for the vaccine, the spread will continue, because poor people will take their chances and not spend their last money. This means we cant just sit back and wait till we get the meds. America needs to be proactive and start taking action. And yes, with the help of the rest of the world.
2020-07-17 21:38
As of right now the situation is not so critical as it was 3 months ago, when the US was mounting 2000+ deaths each day. The medical procedures and precautions have improved with new countermeasures like hydroxychloroquine and who knows what else. The vaccine could well be finished this summer, the only problem is to start manufacturing it in great numbers, which the US industry is capable of with time. Also its election year and the economy is the most important stronghold for Trump. Everything this year in america is about politics..
2020-07-17 21:46
If you dont think >70k infections is critical, i dont know what to say. Hydrochloroquine is proven NOT to be effective in any stage of the contamination. Americans dont have free healthcare, and there is no indication that US Government will fund the free distribution of vaccines. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that all Americans will make use of this vaccine, which implies that the virus will not be contained.
2020-07-17 22:28
First of all Im talking about deaths, not cases. They are currently not surpassing 1000/day even with record day highs. 1000 deaths/day is terrible, but in contrast to daily new cases its not that high. Hydroxychloroquine has shown positive results in many cases( Vaccines are most likely going to be used on hospitalized patients and serious cases primarily. The virus is going nowhere and will stay here for years, no vaccine will suddenly magically kill the virus in the world, but it will help recover serious cases as I pointed out.
2020-07-18 10:35
Stats and research aside, we need to start caring about these people. If they cant afford proper care, and the government does nothing to protect them, we need to step in. For them, but also for our own stability. Right now, its a status quo and nothing is really happening. Goverment unemployment payment looks like its being cut, and there will be more and more poor people in the US. And you know they cant spend money they dont have on medicines they need (to pay for). So we should start thinking of a way to protect them.
2020-07-18 10:41
Caring about economy is also caring about people. This may surprise you, but the US economy is doing quite well, the unemployment rate has dropped from from 14,7% in April to 11,1% in July and will continue so while the economy is bouncing back. The forecasts were around 20% unemployment rate in May, up 7% from reality.
2020-07-18 11:01
If the US government cared, they wouldve shut down longer then the two months earlier this year. If the US governemnt cared, they would look at the infection numbers today, and they would shutdown now. If the US Government cared, they would make facemasks mandatory, minimalize exposure and protect the people that need protecting. In other words: take real action to prevent further spread. And we all should care for these people that might die unnecessary.
2020-07-18 11:11
Its a complicated issue. One being the election year, arguably the most important factor of all for american leaders this year and the other is the economy. Had they shut down for a longer period, the unemployment rate would be out of control as would every private sector which is more present and important in the US than in any country in the world. I agree they should wear masks, but here comes the problem with individual freedom and that stuff on which americans are very sensitive about. The sole focus should be the vaccine development and manufacture. Once successfully developped it will save countless of lives.
2020-07-18 11:21
Fighting a virus starts with containing it. I agree with you that vaccine development is very important, but you know as well as i that there are a lot of poor people that cant afford the medicines and might take the risk. This implies further spread of the virus. And thats not containing. A government should protect its people and right now it seems like the government is not taking real action to contain the virus. On a long enough timeline, this will affect us here in EU as well. In any aspect.
2020-07-18 11:41
Poland Recruitn1
Solution: Disband US Problems after that: Russian-Chinese Domination, Economical problems around the world, collapse of markets new crisis. Return to 19-20th Century Imperial Conquering Policies, EU would start becoming unstable and even all countries that participate wouldn't be able to keep it together.
2020-07-17 21:31
- NOBODY has persuaded me of the fact that the USA is taking this seriously and taking REAL action to fight this spread. OPEN YOUR EYES. -
2020-07-17 21:43
who are you? lol... no one needs to persuade you. you're just some kid from the Netherlands that has nothing to do with the USA and has no influence. "OPEN YOUR EYES" to that fact.
2020-07-17 21:46
i guess i was just hoping to be wrong, but i know i aint. please realize this is not a hate speech towards USA. This is something that already had a big influence in our lives this year, and the end is not in sight.
2020-07-17 21:56
Wanna answer my question? who are you and why would anyone care to persuade you? you're some nobody and you're not even from the USA...
2020-07-17 21:58
this is not about me. This is about record breaking amounts of covid cases in the USA in a period in which it should be stabilizing/declining. This is a red light signal nobody can ignore. And we need to act to this. Because it concerns us all, and it will have its influence on all our lives around the world.
2020-07-17 22:04
record breaking testing = record breaking cases. get it through your head 😎👌
2020-07-18 02:50
It was already in APril when i saw John Oliver's weekly report in which was claimed that the US should be able to test ~5 million per day. I thought that was way too much but look where we are now. It actually seems necessary. But testing only doesnt fix the situation. You have to realize that desperate times take desperate measures. People that cant afford tests or medicines need to be protected. You cant let them to die.
2020-07-18 10:12
how ignorant are you? multiple countries, even denmark, have tested more than 1/5 of their entire population already (more than the U.S.) and still only have 12.000 total cases... like do you listen to trump speeches and take everything he says as complete fact with his bullshit 'record breaking testing'? look at tests per million and see how "record breaking" your numbers are, dumbass
2020-07-18 20:17
Certain states are taking it seriously, certain states are not. And it's obvious which are which if you look at it by rising cases. That's really all you need to know tbh.
2020-07-18 01:18
This is true. but when every day is a new record amount of covid cases, it requires strong action. We cant just sit back and see this through. Its already months after reports mentioned the amount of casualties surpassed the Vietnam war. And no matter how you look at it, what happens in America, has global influence. So it concerns all of us. This needs to stop.
2020-07-18 10:07
OP is braindead
2020-07-17 23:00
Finland Acoz
Merkel talking about FACT denying OMEGALUL xD
2020-07-17 23:00
+1 LMFAOOOO OP is braindead leftist
2020-07-18 00:00
+1 7/8
2020-07-18 03:00
America claims to be superior and first world. The country is an absolute disaster. Brain dead gun right laws pretend to have freedom of speech. Just shut up and stop causing half the problems in our world.
2020-07-18 10:13
Even though this might be true, we cant just let the people die if they cant afford vaccines. America needs to take REAL action to at least try to contain the further spread of the virus. If there is a vaccine rdy for production, it needs to be distributed to everyone that is in need. If the US government isnt able to protect their people, we need to step in.
2020-07-18 10:26
An actual good post in Off Topic? P-O-G-G-E-R-S
2020-07-18 10:58
Armenia GaRY56
2020-07-18 11:23
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