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What u want from CSGO 2
Spain Sneakers 
If Valve ports csgo to Source 2 what would u want or hope for? To me is simple. -better netcode (massive improvement from dx9 csgo uses to dx12 or vulkan). -slightly better graphics, to more realism. -better lighting -better sound. And cheaters would go useless as most likely the cheat codes would not work, it's something.. All in all, Valve should announce this update, and they should hype the fuck out of it, release a new trailer, make it huge.
2020-07-18 22:05
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United States notawaffle
128 tick
2020-07-18 22:07
pava | 
Europe Raco_br
Why do you want 128 ticks if VAC cant handle cheaters and faceit and esea already has 128 ticks
2020-07-18 22:10
United States notawaffle
i broke mens >:(
2020-07-18 22:16
daps | 
Canada JC_123
2020-07-19 01:22
daps | 
United States wtcce4
2020-07-19 06:57
Faceit is free
2020-07-19 11:22
Finland Palomies
Faceit is cry
2020-07-19 11:53
United States Swadplan
if faceit = free and cry = free then by substitution faceit = cry
2020-07-19 17:33
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
2020-08-02 19:20
Most likely not a game engine feature but a new MM would definitely be good
2020-07-18 22:12
Czech Republic Prevodovka
2020-07-18 23:15
Turkey Rhenie
0/8 people cant even tell the difference
2020-07-19 00:10
you really can when you havent played official servers for a while
2020-07-19 00:25
i can
2020-07-19 06:50
You can, but only from jumps and smokes. And it is a big part and an important one
2020-07-19 09:51
2020-07-19 16:03
it makes literally 0 difference
2020-07-19 01:21
Smokes are a big difference by itself
2020-07-19 09:51
Maybe you dont know a single smoke lol
2020-08-02 19:16
better servers are what we need, not better tickrate
2020-07-19 06:21
I laugh everytime someone mentions tickrate The community has screamed about this for years "bEcUaSe HiGhEr NuMbER = bEtTeR" while in reality, except for jumpsmokes (which you novas can't do anyways) make NO difference
2020-07-19 10:04
Greece Ploutonas
Yeah thats the only difference... Thats why pros play on 128 tickrate just coz of the jumpthrow smokes... Nub
2020-07-19 11:59
Netherlands Titanos
It makes a pretty big difference. Idk if you know how ticks work, but at least spraying in 64 tick is horrendous.
2020-07-19 12:43
Someone here gets it!
2020-07-19 16:57
Netherlands Titanos
2020-07-19 21:52
less cheaters
2020-07-19 11:49 From YouTube this Kinsi made a test to reddit
2020-07-21 15:20
Community feedback updates
2020-07-18 22:08
Nerf the op
2020-07-19 10:15
Cheats would not work for max 1 hour, until cheat devs get the new signatures.
2020-07-18 22:08
harsh and sad but true :<
2020-07-19 01:28
stop cheaters.
2020-07-19 06:15
2020-07-19 06:59
2020-07-19 17:08
yes, every source function has a signature you get that signature and you can use that function for example you can bypass the trusted thing with a program that has 60-70 lines of code, but you need to call a source function to do that, so you need the signature.
2020-07-20 23:08
thx 4 explanation mens)))
2020-07-21 13:27
As well as this, there is always the intrinsic element that for multiple players to play on a server, packets containing information about each player such as position etc has to be sent to each player and thus the possibility of abusing this by intercepting the packets to find out where players are on the server will always be there
2020-08-02 19:26
Csgo players are simple and easily satisfied, without cheater, damn. valve look at it, make more effort on it, pls. Do not just keep launching new cases to robbing money.
2020-07-20 08:44
dropping guns menu like valorant, its amazing.
2020-07-18 22:11
2020-07-19 08:02
if csgo came first with this kind of drop system, u would have loved it but just the fact that its from valorant makes u hate it. dumb people.
2020-07-19 15:11
Austria SplasJ
2020-08-02 15:37
2020-07-19 11:23
Belgium lil_vodka
2020-07-19 15:08
ofc new cases
2020-07-18 22:11
Finally something we all love.. Some new juicy and shiny skins
2020-07-18 22:18
128 tick and better netcode Good spray patterns (not random) New movements Wallbangs
2020-07-18 22:14
spray patterns not randome is cs go it not valorant ..
2020-07-18 22:23
First one ok The other 3 no, other than Valorant has them and u can see the game sinking like the titanic
2020-07-18 22:24
United States Phamous3k
Lol. Val not sinking. Why do we make up stuff. Just say you think Val sucks lol.
2020-07-18 23:01
It is.... Just twitch celebrities and washed up cs pros keeping it afloat. But stay in denial I guess.
2020-07-19 00:30
United States Phamous3k
There's no denial I simply respond to facts... You on the other hand like most on hltv just scream "dead game, it's dying" etc. with 0 proof... All you can point to is during the twitch drop beta it was at 1.7 million but, it's been a top 10 streamed game ever since with lots of investment from nearly every org in the world lol. Post some recent stats that show a dying game... I'll wait.
2020-07-19 01:22
Are you dense bro?? Just read my previous comment. All those twitch numbers and shit are completely due to twitch celebrities and washed up/ex cs pros. But stay in denial I guess, who cars anyways
2020-07-19 05:53
United States Phamous3k
You’re not this dumb... Post proof on Valorant sinking cause right now you’re just saying words. Numbers kid... or stfu. Twitch celebrities & washed up pros doesn’t = keeping game alive. That’s a dumb analogy and not a way to measure anything. Btw. Hiko & Wardell have organically went from a few hundred viewers to 10k+. That’s called growth and interest. But anyways, show me stats.
2020-07-19 05:59
Damn not gonna waste my time on some dense dude.... Your density amazes me
2020-07-19 07:06
That's your response? Just grow a pair and admit you're wrong
2020-07-19 07:10
United States Phamous3k
Exactly bro. I love CSGO as well but, let’s not make up shit.
2020-07-19 07:12
You are from NA, so your view is blurry because it has a big scene in NA. But other than that, it's a dead game for sure.
2020-07-19 10:01
United States Phamous3k
Don’t be an idiot like the last guy. You got any data on this worldwide failure of a game? If not just stop typing. I can easily say “CSGO dead game outside Europe” lol.
2020-07-19 15:58
First of all, you don't need to insult me just becasue you think you are right. Secondly, just check the player count. Check Liquidpedia to see the current conditions on Valorant pro scenes besides NA or just check twitch streams. You don't need more than 2 fingers of forehead to know that only NA cares about Valorant
2020-07-19 16:16
United States Phamous3k
Don’t be so sensitive & also no proof. Here’s some facts and you can look at the tournaments yourself. I see movement and tournaments in Europe, China, Thailand, etc. Here’s some twitch data: So I did as you asked and proved it has tournaments globally & on a *current upward trend on twitch.
2020-07-19 16:28
Yeah, Overwatch and Apex also have tournaments, but did you checked the orgs that are invested in Valorant outside NA? Did you check the prize money of those tournaments? As for twitch, that's not how you should check, you should check who was it that had the views. It's all Hiko, Wardell, Brax, Stewie, Sinatraa, only NA streams Anyways, I don't care about this discussion or your opinion about it anymore. Have a good day
2020-07-19 16:44
United States Phamous3k
Just take the L & move on lol. You posted not one bit of proof yet continue to type. Alanzoka, s1mple, gaules, cNed and tons of popular non-NA people stream it. Next time post facts. And literally TONS of orgs outside NA are invested. China, Japan, EU, Thailand. Just do some research lol.
2020-07-19 16:53
Nah, you simply chose to overlook it and look at the pieces of information you liked. Btw,playing casually does not make a game have a respectable professional team LUL And yeah, a lot of top tier orgs outside US are investing in Valorant OMEGALUL Write what you want, don't even going to bother read it. Stay deluded, I dont care
2020-07-19 17:32
United States Phamous3k
You kids and no proof... You're just typing nonsense lol. There's T1, BIG, Team Liquid, G2, NiP, MITH, Nora-Rengo, Lunatic Hai, Pain Gaming, BOOM, SunSister (biggest Japanese org), etc. etc. Like toonnnnns more lol. Only deluded person here is you... Just stfu and move on buddy. You have 0 proof & just typing for no reason.
2020-07-19 18:06
I would give up mens. You cannot have a rational conversation with these rabid valve dick riders. I have been playing cs since 2001 and have never understood these people. Valorant is not a dying or dead game. It won't be any time soon. If you don't like it fine. Just say that you hate it, and that it's trash. I enjoy it for the most part, but hate the sluggish movement. It isn't dying either way.
2020-07-19 19:32
United States Phamous3k
EXACTLY! lol... Just say "Hey, Valorant sucks"... That's all
2020-07-19 19:55
Brazil 434
I feel like the game is just getting started.
2020-07-20 04:12
I agree. It just released and seems to have a pretty good player base. Riot isn't just going to bail on it after a couple months. I can only see it growing and getting better at this point.
2020-07-20 19:01
United States Phamous3k
Lol. Dense cause I’m asking for actual proof yet you provide none. GG.
2020-07-19 07:13
not sure if trolling or braindead
2020-07-19 08:04
don't waste your time with americans, they can't even social distance and wear a mask without going ape shit.
2020-07-19 08:19
128 tick isnt really worthy for normal MM.... Spray patterns are 0,0 random ... just learn them silver xd (or play valorant there u can cry about random sprays xd) why shall we need a nnew movement system its quite perfect as it is ... if u dont count right eye peaks and so on as movement ... u cann wallbang more than enough spots tho lol
2020-07-18 23:02
He probably meant those dumb overpowered wallbangs from 1.6
2020-07-18 23:05
Denmark Dust_2_Go
Idk Cuz i don't know what the difference between Source and Source 2 is. So i wouldn't be able to guess. But if i could ask i would maybe ask for better movement Sound Shadows/graphics/particles Better playermodles that match hitboxes more. Maybe the way spraypatterns work idfk. I suck with ak spray, and im silver elite. Peace
2020-07-18 22:17
ofc u dont know how to spray u silver elite xD. Spraypatterns all have a "pattern" if u shoot to a wall u will see it, u just have to do the opposite of what the spray is, and easy. Playermodels already match the hitboxes to old playermodels. The problem was the visibility, which they also fixed apparently. shadow, graphics and particles for sure, specially with smoke 200 bugs, and mollys could be more consistant.
2020-07-18 22:40
Denmark Dust_2_Go
Try and go into a gold nova game and say "ounce you learn spraypatterns the game is easy" i don't think they will have the same response. 7w7
2020-07-19 10:27
i remember them, most cant spray shit, and then blame it on 64 tick or some other crap like enemy is cheating. xD game sense is more importanter but that u just learn it by default if u play game more, and watch people play like pros, or high ranked
2020-07-19 12:10
more importanter
2020-07-19 15:24
2020-07-19 17:13
Bulgaria goshyy
Game sense is by far the most importantest!!
2020-07-20 09:32
Brazil Triarii
-new engine -anticheat like Vanguard -Reformulate deathmatch to an FFA Deathmatch, so I don't have to wait 10 minutes to enter on a DM community server -Allow players to see their progress to rank up, so they don't have to waste time
2020-07-18 22:20
i dont think we will ever get an anti-cheat like vanguard and i dont want a spyware either. Need have patience with their new trust factor which is intended to help VAC detect better and faster. Seems like they trying to play Chess vs the hackers.. so i dont know and i agree FFA deathmatch seems like an easy thing to implement
2020-07-18 22:44
tbf if there's one company i would trust enough to download a very intrusive anticheat, its valve
2020-07-18 23:05
Same... one of the few devs who have some ethics in place
2020-07-19 00:32
Yeah but if somehow hackers manage to corrupt it and use it as a backdoor to your PC you're fucked unless you launch your PC offline and somehow manage to either delete everything or download the security update Valve would release (if they react fast enough). Giving kernel0 access to a game isn't really my jam
2020-07-19 01:20
of course it would have extremely good security, riot were actually giving out thousands to people who could find security risks in vanguard
2020-07-19 14:12
i perfer spyware and fair matches over hvh in mm
2020-07-19 06:22
i like cs go how it is, it just need new anticheat and its great
2020-07-18 22:22
kinda true tho, CS:GO is a monster of a game. I played other shooters and u end up returning to CS cuz of how well its made, the maps design, the shooting.. its just different. And its better. But future is now. And if Valve can think 1 step ahead of their game, they can blow it off out of the park.
2020-07-18 22:50
Wish valve would make new maps though... :((
2020-07-19 00:32
they made vertigo viable for competitive, which is a pretty big feat i may add xD there is something planned tho.. there will be map pool changes soon, but if ur looking for new maps, u just gotta go to the community made ones, there is hundreds. (just many are dog-shit)
2020-07-19 01:36
I just want cbble back and still better visibility on cache.
2020-07-19 10:43
Bring back tuscan T_T
2020-07-19 12:28
unlikely to happen unless it gets a big rework and Valve likes it, cuz its not a Valve made map. I think they were working on a rework, but its not looking that good I'd rather have a fresh new map over returning to oldschool stuff, but its just my preference
2020-07-19 12:35
They do make but people dont play it, they complain and complain and play mirage all day.
2020-07-19 07:58
It's sad mens((
2020-07-19 08:30
truuuueee. And the worse is Valve has been rotating 2-3 maps from casual pool and competitive that are community made.. like every 2-3 months or so, like biome, abbey, de_austria, workout, zoo, now we have anubis and nobody plays it, when it could potentially be a competitive map.. Just waiting for cache to be back and go back to be boring-ass matches, or to whine at Valve if they think "outside of the box" which i 100% support valve with.
2020-07-19 12:17
and people still say they dont put new maps lol
2020-07-19 17:23
+11111 they've released so many community maps like anubis, chlorine, breach etc but no one plays them
2020-07-19 14:14
2020-07-20 09:16
>better netcode >new rendering api How are these even related??
2020-07-18 22:21
trust him bro he is a certified direct x 15 networking expert
2020-07-18 22:41
why not possible both? Maybe they not related ok, im not a programmer, but could and is quite probable to happen with a new engine
2020-07-18 23:18
i want tricks like john wick and rpg
2020-07-18 22:21
100% Accurate hitboxes
2020-07-18 22:23
Turkey Rhenie
2020-07-19 00:03
I think the new hitboxes in csgo are pretty damn accurate.
2020-07-19 00:34
I want to be able to have the scoreboard map all the time
2020-07-18 22:23
+1 it would be helpful if instead of the radar there was an entire map, but I don't think the scoreboard should always be there
2020-07-19 20:51
Yeah just have an option where you can set the mini map to the square version.
2020-07-20 03:26
better visibility new map editor guns should be 100% accurate on first shot
2020-07-18 22:26
Wtf Lmao expected from the pea brained user
2020-07-19 08:05
rewards aim, removes RNG i see nothing wrong but nt mr
2020-07-19 08:08
Imagine how op 700 dollars would be.
2020-07-19 08:14
deagle needs a nerf, but it shouldnt have any rng on first bullet it already rewards skill, isnt it even more frustrating that you would miss a shot for no reason, or get killed by a shot that otherwise would have missed?
2020-07-19 08:15
Yeah but think about it.......i wont talk about you here Lets get to 2700 elo and see that you can win every round with 700 dollars kekw
2020-07-19 08:37
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? content i never said you would always win rounds with it, is your english okay?
2020-07-19 08:45
What ypu said implies to winning every round Is your brain okay??????????? Just place the crosshair on heads and bam bam bam bam bam
2020-07-19 10:07
Netherlands Titanos
"Just point and click, its not that hard"
2020-07-19 12:48
2020-07-19 20:36
i hope they manage to move the fucking camera to the center of the player so right eye pick advantage doesnt exist anymore
2020-07-18 22:34
2020-07-18 23:22
2020-07-19 07:57
2020-07-19 10:18
Europe Drofwer
128 tick and a real anti cheat
2020-07-18 22:38
2020-07-18 22:41
Female agents
2020-07-18 22:43
there is 1
2020-07-18 23:04
United States Jaksin
Hot ones
2020-07-18 23:07
2020-07-18 23:08
2020-07-19 08:05
and how should the hitboxes work then
2020-07-19 10:46
-128 tick -better graphics and optimization -new vac -new maps(atl more 3 good maps to the map pool) -ingame big tos broadcast(with casters voip and not only majors) -community poll based balancing updates(example:they nerf a gun if the poll have 70%+ approval,and this would be used in map pool changes too) -official retake,surf,bhop,hs only and single weapon dm servers all this list would be hard to do,but if atl 3 or 4 topics would be added it would be very nice
2020-07-18 22:57
cbble rework in Source 2? They hinted a map change with the "trolling" CS:GO DEV twitter account from yesterday night, would be great. -mirage would be, but its probably just a troll for fun.. Obviously i agree with the rest, nothing much to say.
2020-07-18 23:58
The community is too big and whiny for us to make changes depending on polls. E.g. if we had polls for map change vertigo would never be in the pool, and its just starting to find itself in the scene. Sometimes they need to make changes and stick with it, whether the community approves of it or not, even if it may not be the right choice at times.
2020-07-19 07:24
+1 ppl dont know what they want
2020-07-19 16:04
what if they make a restriction in the polls then?like only +5k hours players or only top 50 teams pros?
2020-07-19 17:18
animated skins dual wield sawed off shotguns that's it
2020-07-18 22:58
better everything
2020-07-18 22:58
United States Phamous3k
Probably not getting better graphics as that’s a hugggeeee undertaking with the amount of added content. Just redoing those skins would be a nightmare More then likely a lot of QoL stuff
2020-07-18 23:02
United States ShawnM
cheaters being banned instantly if they're like obviously obviously cheating in a game
2020-07-18 23:03
Basically same game, just better performance on newer hardware
2020-07-18 23:14
in theory its what a new engine does, it would use ur hardware much better. For what i know its so old the one we have now, its barely using the full capacity of the PC. (even for small end PCs it probably would improve a bit)
2020-07-18 23:56
-option to disable background noise -lower gun sounds -more fps -better demo ui -better match making system, for example, you know how like all the fpl players would play at the highest level, because the equivalent right now is global elite, and make it rewarding to play this, special skins and other stuff edit -mini models idk but the thing where i dont play against cartoon characters, i want my teammates and enemies to look the same
2020-07-18 23:27
Turkey Rhenie
+1 I forgot about how broken and time consuming the current demos review system is
2020-07-18 23:53
kinda agree with most of what u said, other than lower gun sounds? and background noise? i dont think thats a problem.. i dont get it. But MM system for sure, better fps or just better optimized without weird drops also, demo UI is just a joke xD
2020-07-18 23:56
Turkey Rhenie
Background noise can sometimes mask enemy footsteps and just makes things harder for no reason
2020-07-19 00:02
who wants to hear a train on overpass and music in inferno apps, its just casual shit, there should be an option
2020-07-19 01:10
this new cs is an update or it's a whole new game? i've been out from this universe for a while so i know nothing
2020-07-18 23:24
Turkey Rhenie
2020-07-18 23:51
2020-07-19 14:52
it be big update. but it would change many things. Like a "reborn CS:GO" I dont think they make a whole new game, cuz it means a lot of money goes down the drain. But u never know..
2020-07-18 23:53
2020-07-19 14:53
Less cheaters Better optimization
2020-07-18 23:26
bullshit movement things should be removed like bhop, surfing, changing direction in air etc.
2020-07-18 23:46
Turkey Rhenie
I agree on bhopping such a weird and stupid mechanic..
2020-07-18 23:57
Many, MAAAAAAAAAAANY people play CS for its unique mods, and you want them to remove what people enjoy the most besides the official mm? 0/8
2020-07-19 00:02
Turkey Rhenie
Im guessing his suggestion only applied to the official gamemodes
2020-07-19 00:09
2020-07-19 09:31
i did not think about those who play the game for them cuz simply i didn't know that they exist well, for me, the solution can be having different mechanics in official gamemodes as #65 says
2020-07-19 09:32
0/8 These are the things that make cs unique
2020-07-19 07:55
wtf these are literally the best things in the whole game these are the things that can give you advantage if you take the time to learn and master
2020-07-19 10:00
Switzerland noxer*
Lol no
2020-07-20 03:48
Turkey Rhenie
Not really relevant to source 2 but I want them to fix the official deathmatch mode. Remove the spawn shield add instant respawn etc..
2020-07-18 23:51
Slovenia Quicker007
Keys for free like cases
2020-07-18 23:59
as much as I want free keys this would demolish the skin economy
2020-07-19 20:57
Skins are already overrated so
2020-07-19 23:14
1.6 movement mechanics so we can finally play this shit like it is meant to be played with lots of freedom of movement.
2020-07-19 00:01
Turkey Rhenie
Expand on that pls
2020-07-19 00:07
Better bhops, better movement overall in a shootout where you can strafe and actually move, and of course, bring diversity to KZ and surf, because as of now, this Source movement is kinda retarded because you can barely strafe on default settings, and any sudden movement in the air punishes you with loss of speed. Not fun. You could see who was a real pro in 1.6 by the movements, meanwhile in CSGO it feels like you are glued to the fucking ground.
2020-07-19 00:29 s1mple vs zywoo vs acor movement map
2020-07-19 09:34
Already watched it and not really impressed, of course acor is really good, just not enough for me to be impressed. ropz and electronic are the real movement champions in the pro scene. electronic was good as fuck back to 1.6, search for duct1 on youtube and you will see some of his old WRs, that is his old name. Here is his profile on Cosy-Climbing: He even had an ROTW (Run Of The Week), and it was pretty damn good for that time, Here it is: As for ropz, he is STILL a champ and still plays 1.6 kz and is really fucking good at it. I played with him many times and he is absolutely insane, and he even has some WRs and demos on KZ-Rush. His profile on Cosy: He still has 3 current WRs. This is one of his old WRs: which is a very good run. Here is an interview with ropz, made on XJ: My favorite part of the interview which he speaks the damn fucking truth: "I'm a very competitive person in almost everything and KZ enables that so easily. You can just hop into a server, try your best and compete with others. That's the reason it applies to me so much. The other part is 1.6 itself, it has the most pure, controllable & enjoyable movement mechanics in any game ever. All of that just makes a great combination. I could play KZ 24/7, it's a great stress reliever, you only think about the run and making the perfect combos. Time moves so fast when you really get into it."
2020-07-19 15:30
remove cheat for pro level
2020-07-19 00:01
Turkey Rhenie
nt xeppa
2020-07-19 00:11
Turkey Rhenie
2020-07-19 00:04
tbh deagle was even more OP in 1.6, u could bunny hop 1 shot everyone, with almost instant reset.. but it is quite strong
2020-07-19 01:43
I'm a simple man, I don't get the appeal of animated stupid looking dragon skins. All I want is 1. Better sound, holy shit valve. Please make this your first priority. Vertical sound is a mess 2. New maps (competitive or casual) utilising source2 engine 3. Better AC ( come on Volvo) 4. Improve hitreg and netcode. That's all
2020-07-19 00:18
Netherlands Titanos
Might wanna buy surround sound headsets Agreed Agreed Agreed
2020-07-19 12:53
1) Source 2 implementation 2) Better anti-cheat 3) 128 tick servers All that about hit reg problems and netcode and all that i never noticed it, i never had such issues since day 1, i think people overacting about it. I mean games gameplay and everything feels way crispier and on point than Valorant which is hyped as the perfect netcode and hitreg game. When you play one after the other feels the opposite.
2020-07-19 01:12
daps | 
Canada JC_123
2020-07-19 01:24
-More creative game modes and updates in the future -Better optimization/FPS -Visual improvements -Less input lag -Better anti-cheat
2020-07-19 01:22
i completely agree with the first one. And i think its one of the main reasons they will port it, cuz its much easier to make new game modes, and creative stuff. And mapping design would be easier for most community (people say it wont be ported cuz of community creations that is massive, but i have my doubts thats the reason..) Just have to look at Dota2, they get huge massive patches, with new game modes that are actually bangers, they release them like its nothing lol
2020-07-19 02:46
I just fear that by the time CS:GO gets a port to Source 2, the engine will be considered outdated by then
2020-07-19 14:27
VULKAN > all
2020-07-19 06:02
There will be no CSGO 2. This is the last game. :)
2020-07-19 06:25
I know this is unpopular opinion but I truly wish they remastered 1.6 and everyone switched back to that.
2020-07-19 06:35
2020-07-19 11:47
2020-07-19 12:38
There will always be cheaters stop being delusional
2020-07-19 06:46
More skins Csgo 2 is only battle royale Same settings for everyone in tournaments Battlepass
2020-07-19 06:59
United States codgun
in order of importance to me 1. 128 tick - regardless of whether or not it is visibly perceivable by the human eye, lineups and movement are objectively better on 128 2. a better AC - this is obvious 3. better demo viewer - watching demos is painful with the incredibly slow and bulky viewer we have now. streamlining it to match panorama should've happened when the UI launched. 4. better optimization and more utilization of the system - this is obvious but less important given how easy it is to run the game. 5. better server browser - while more functional than the demo viewer, it's still very clunky and is incredibly inconsistent. sometimes servers simply don't load on tabs and it's annoying.
2020-07-19 07:03
+1 Specially on the latest one u mentioned. I think community browser is stupidly outdated. hopefully and most likely S2 port can do an overhaul much eaiser with it.
2020-07-19 15:17
Peru devbot
no skins
2020-07-19 07:11
more skins*
2020-07-19 15:16
This is a broad topic, and it really is divided in 2 sections, realistically and ideally. Realistically: 1) Better and more consistent optimization. 2) Let people chose their refresh rate in the graphics settings menu, this is unacceptable. 3) Let players pick their region officially in the ingame menu. 4) Increase colt rate of fire or bring back 30 bullets like 1.6 5) Eliminate stupid invisible corners on maps that fuck up grenades. 6) Bring back wallbacks at least in a few clearly thin layered spots of the maps. 7) Fix voice, i dont want lower ingame sound when hearing someone's voip, and fix quality. 8) Just give us a default or super cheap decent looking knife with a pretty animation, please. 9) Let people see how their MM rank-elo thing is going. Ideally (but i know its not gonna happen): 1) Abolish Spread, make recoil patterns bigger and harder, but 0% randomness from now on. 2) Bring back scope speed back. 3) Abolish ducking punishment, i want to spam ctrl as i walk in lower tunns in a 2v1. 4) Make Bhop easier, im fine as it is right now but it should be easier. 5) Both AK and M4 should be 100% accurate no buts or ifs in the first bullet at 0 speed. 6) Anything wooden should be 100% bangable. 7) Bring back the old economy, with the "unfair" reset, if you fixed guns this wont be an issue. 8) Please dont make New-Mirage overly VALVe'd with the blue and orange colors. 9) Allow for us to buy or pick the default specific model, like the S.A.S without the Yellow thingis in his helmet. 10) 102/s TickRate for MM at least (i already know your budget disignated to CSGO cant afford 128). 11) Abolish Zeus from competitive, if we fixed guns as stated in (1) this op random bs wont be necessary. 12) Bring back old scout jumping accuracy but price it at 2500$.
2020-07-19 07:17
2020-07-19 08:13
Flag checks out, quite the intellectual.
2020-07-19 08:19
your ideal version of csgo sounds more like call of duty or siege
2020-07-19 09:55
CoD and R6S actually dont have recoil patterns, they rely on low tight spread when unscoped.
2020-07-19 10:08
Low tight spread when unscoped is exactly what CS's gunplay is. You're asking for absolutely no spread on CS's weapons, which is what CoD and Siege's weapons have. This would absolutely ruin the gunplay and take all the skill out of CS.
2020-07-21 02:37
??? Spread after the first 4 bullets on the main riffles is insane, and CS has consistent recoil patterns. R6 has no recoil pattern what are you saying?
2020-08-02 13:06
I'm saying that CSGO would emulate R6's gunplay more accurately with no spread than R6 emulating CSGO's gunplay with recoil patterns. Because spread is a much more difficult mechanic to counter than recoil; this isn't really what I want to talk about. Spread is an essential mechanic to CSGO's gunplay. Without it, the skill ceiling would drop dramatically. My biggest pet peeve with people wanting CSGO to remove spread is that people don't actually recognize the importance of it and why it increases the skill ceiling.
2020-08-03 01:23
That's because you're probably visualizing a spreadless game where all bullets go to the center of the crosshair. You can increase the width-height of the recoil patterns substantially. This will massively increase the skill ceilling.
2020-08-03 15:02
The reason spread exists is to promote good positioning and bursting rather than spraying and getting cross-map headshots, which is what happens in Siege. All of the weapons are balanced around this model. Without any spread, the AK-47 outguns the M4 in 99% of situations. There will be no AK/M4 dynamic. And if you want to test your idea, you can go to a private server and turn on nospread/increase the weapon recoil scale. You'll find that controlling the spray is even more inconsistent than it already is and is not very fun to play with. CSGO's gunplay is hailed as the most skill-based of all modern FPS. There is no reason to change probably the most fundamental mechanic to CSGO to be like other shooters. People need to stop this misconception that anything RNG in a video game is automatically bad. Whether or not spread should be reduced is up for debate. But having absolutely no spread is completely out of the question.
2020-08-05 22:58
+1 Whilst overall controversial at first glance, the ideas being broadened and idealistically split into two separate categories gives merit to the ideologies that the topic sparks for debatable discussions. Very valid concerns and ideas indeed. :)
2020-07-19 16:28
i hope they keep the current gameplay and only improve graphics and sound, adding more maps and guns would be nice too.
2020-07-19 07:23
Better movement like 1.6 movement. Better fps. Better first bullet accuracy. Awp 5/10 bullets. Perfect.
2020-07-19 07:52
Not the 1.6 movement Itd be too op
2020-07-19 08:13
it reward amazing players. Fallen was a beast on 1.6 with his awp, he still do some movement tricks on csgo but you can see how frustrated he gets.
2020-07-19 17:27
Canada iviike
right now I'd like to see cs:go let the CT team buy m4a1-s or m4a4. Not choose just 1 per match.
2020-07-19 07:53
Europe MaHoTei
JUST TO ask who plays cs go for graphics lmao im quite the opposite id like more simple graphics like 1.6 and not overtone it like in go
2020-07-19 08:14
France Asviix
"And cheaters would go useless as most likely the cheat codes would not work, it's something.." maybe for a day or two
2020-07-19 08:17
Armenia GaRY56
yeah, i doubt it would keep cheaters away in the long run.
2020-07-19 10:08
i didnt ask for cs go 2.
2020-07-19 10:08
I think the people asking for a lot of changes are asking for a new CS entirely.
2020-07-19 10:33
Cleaner Graphics for my visibility remove trash in the maps. Remove one way smokes/molly's, it is not a skill. Remove screen shake, trash. Smaller model/vs map ratio. More manipulative movement. Remove SMG/Pistol come back mechanic, Rifles should be better in any situation. Remove half the guns, more guns does not equal content. Better sound stand. Remove ambient sounds again what is this doing in a eSport? Make all walls penetrable to an extent, for jiggle peak nerf, all boxes spammable. Peakers advantage, absolute joke.
2020-07-19 11:15
Basically r6s then
2020-07-19 11:26
more servers better anti cheat
2020-07-19 12:16
2020-07-19 12:20
CSGO 2/Source 2 exists. It's called Valorant.
2020-07-19 12:38
new skins
2020-07-19 12:41
"And cheaters would go useless as most likely the cheat codes would not work, it's something.. " Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha^1000 Oh sweet summer child
2020-07-19 12:51
Cheaters will never go away if all cheat programs go away people will make new ones. The cheating industry is really lucrative rn
2020-07-19 13:38
only way to actually combat them would be to sue them and try to close their github and other places where they sell them (black market). But probably its not legal or u cant rly do that (if u were to be Valve).
2020-07-19 15:10
2020-07-19 14:55
Monitor screen explodes into cheat abuser face when you get a VAC ban
2020-07-19 15:10
2020-07-19 15:13
Czech Republic bagin__
2020-07-19 15:19
Denmark V1kss
All I ask for is a better demo reviewer and I'll be satisfied
2020-07-19 15:27
my privat hacks stay undetected XD
2020-07-19 15:47
2020-07-19 16:02
Its not happening, valve will milk it to death. We can't even get an engine upgrade because 3rd worlders won't be able to run it.
2020-07-19 16:02
United States Phamous3k
Accessibility is actually important so yeh... I doubt any upgrades to the graphic or physics engine.
2020-07-19 18:37
Physics engine is 100% going to be upgraded
2020-07-19 19:40
United States Phamous3k
Great to hear... Physics engine requires stronger CPU so, I figured it might of not been implemented.
2020-07-19 19:56
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
For it to be an actually playable game
2020-07-19 16:25
- 128 tickrate servers - An up-to-date cheat engine to degrade and punish cheaters - A better dynamic-difficulty with a more adaptable learning curve for newer, less experienced players
2020-07-19 16:26
Brazil Skull_Ga
-Best Anti Cheat -128 TICK SV -Cheap Skins
2020-07-19 16:28
Better anti cheat and better trust factor that can separate screaming morons from people
2020-07-19 16:55
to carry skins over from csgo 1
2020-07-19 17:01
ofc they sould do that , VALVE not that dumb
2020-07-20 09:32
1st - better anticheat please Nothing else
2020-07-19 17:10
None of the above Just give me good performance and better cpu utilization
2020-07-19 17:13
More accuracy for everything and a less random spray pattern
2020-07-19 18:40
Run at my samsung galaxy
2020-07-19 19:57
tactical shield
2020-07-19 23:25
Brazil oldStar
It were so funny, i miss then ! xD
2020-07-20 03:37
Other Entry_
based on some sources, csgo is ready to be ported to source 2, but their main issue right now is the community stuff, it's too massive
2020-07-20 04:14
Poland Kresowy
What is wrong with sound ?
2020-07-20 09:03
right now, not much, but S2, could even improve it more. Like the visuals and lighting of the maps. What is better of better? Always improving is best.
2020-07-20 11:18
Poland Kresowy
I understnad, however I would have say its the best part of the game and its hard to pick on it :)
2020-07-20 12:19
At today's date, CS is never getting source 2, they can port the game, but they can't port community content without a lot of work that would cost a lot of time + money
2020-07-20 09:27
Fake news af, skins are textures, ofc they can port it, they are already using some new features on them.
2020-07-20 15:23
this is directly from VNN but ok
2020-07-29 08:24
thats the dilema. and i dont know if i believe that part tbh.. I mean yeah most likely it will go useless, but most mappers and community creators are more than willing to use S2 hammer and new features and better compiling. If it is soloely for that, i wouldnt understand Valve then. And i think they should do that risk. Cuz i bet 90% of ACTIVE community makers are willing to rework their maps if needed.
2020-08-02 19:18
new maps
2020-07-20 09:32
we have much new maps, and we will probably have them all reworked in S2 hammer. But most people just want tuscan back. :)
2020-08-02 19:15
2020-08-02 20:22
- Accuracy while jumping - Building (like fortnite) - Mining trees to craft guns - Revolver buff
2020-07-20 11:20
big 0/8
2020-08-02 19:14
World Beard43
To be able to see my own shadow would be nice. *And more operations.
2020-07-20 11:28
Russian Servers, so they can Get The Fuck out of Europe
2020-08-02 13:08
many things, such as: - integration of BattleEye - 128 tick primary - dedicated russian servers - NO FUCKING RUNNING HEADSHOTS bullshittery (remove peeker's advantage or at least minimize)
2020-08-02 13:13
battleEye is just for Dota2, we get viewerpass we get for CS:GO, but if u mean much more features within that, obviously for sure. And peekers advantatge is quite hard to remove, but probably it be removed with S2, even in valorant it exists.
2020-08-02 19:14
I want hit my bullers
2020-08-02 20:28
better maps and 1x1 rating system more value to 1x1
2020-08-03 01:25
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