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CS:GO Pro Tiers
United States Synchisi111(Delusional_TL_Fan) 
So we all know about the tier 1 teams, tier 2 teams, tier 999 teams, etc. But what actually defines Tier 1 vs Tier 2. I've always had the impression the Tier 1 was basically top 25 teams in the world (generally), and Tier 2 was around Top 30 to like 100 (again generally), and then Tier 3 and etc were teams that are obviously out of top 100 kinda area. I just wanted to know if I was missing out on anything when someone refers to a Tier 2 or 3 team or scene. Thanks <3
2020-07-22 01:07
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Tier 1 is EU Tier 2 rest of the world Tier 3 NA
2020-07-22 01:08
Magisk | 
United States JeyyR
Asian Pros better than NA pros?
2020-07-22 01:09
United States codgun
lucid dream has been at the top of the world since day one
2020-07-22 01:45
fair enough just clarifying
2020-07-22 01:48
as if my reply was serious
2020-07-22 01:52
again, that's why i was asking. really difficult to sense sarcasm through text
2020-07-22 17:04
Lets have a battle between Jinping vs Trump to validate the argument ! The Japanese get to host the server/land :P
2020-07-22 20:20
fair way to settle this
2020-07-22 20:22
Tier 1:Vitality,Any team with TACO Tier 2:Most other teams Tier 3: NA teams Tier 4: CIS teams
2020-07-22 01:11
Idk but Tier 1 = NA rest trash
2020-07-22 01:12
Laughs in EU which won 99% of majors.
2020-07-22 16:39
For me T1 1-15, T2 16-25, T3 26-40, T4 41-100
2020-07-22 01:12
Thank you mens <3
2020-07-22 01:23
2020-07-22 19:35
Tier 1 are teams which do well in big lans. There are usually around 10 of them and they usually receive invites based on their performances. Tier 2 are the ones who manage to qualify to small lans such as DH Open or rarely to big lans. They sometimes upset the tier 1 teams in group stages. Tier 3 teams are the ones who play online cups, organized by betting sites and sometimes qualify for smaller lans. They are usually the rest of top 30-50.
2020-07-22 01:13
I like your explanation better than mine <3
2020-07-22 01:26
Very good definition.
2020-07-22 01:38
Russia ToughGuy
2020-07-22 01:55
Canada cLutcheR7
+1 ur now my fav user. Jonty approves
2020-07-22 17:14
Ok this is accurate +1
2020-07-22 20:01
OK | 
Peru Rhenie
Anything below team liquid = tier 999
2020-07-22 01:15
2020-07-22 01:26
OK | 
Peru Rhenie
That was not a compliment
2020-07-22 01:27
I know.
2020-07-22 01:30
T1 teams are 1-12 and a T1 event needs 6 of these to teams to be considered one T2 teams are 13-25 and a T2 event needs 7 of these teams to be considered one T3 teams are 26-40 and a T3 event needs to have 7 of these teams to be considered one T999 is any NA team to ever exist
2020-07-22 01:18
TIER 1. That’s like Astralis, the best team in the world. TIER 2. Teams like NiP. TIER 3. NA team.
2020-07-22 01:20
tier 1 is mibr/astralis/navi/fnatic/faze tier 2 is the other good teams tier 999999999999999999999 is furia/bug clan/lulquid cry is free
2020-07-22 01:29
2020-07-22 01:30
Serbia DjapeZ
For me Tier1: 1-7 Tier2: 8-15 Tier3: 16-30 Tier4: 31-50 Tier5: 51-100 100+ has no tier Smth like this
2020-07-22 01:30
now being serious tier 1-top 12 + mibr tier 2-12-20 tier 3-20-40 and rest are tier 999999999
2020-07-22 01:32
imo Tier1: top10, Tier2: top10-20, Tier3: top30+, Tier4: asian teams.
2020-07-22 01:36
T1 is top maybe 10-15 teams that are expected to perform at LANs, and usually have some chance to win them / perform decently well (Old Astralis, Na'Vi, Boston FaZe). However their is still difference between Top 5 teams that are favourites and Top 15 teams that have a smaller chance to win / make finals T2 is teams that often qualify to LANs, playing alongside T1 teams, but are not expected to win them, maybe one or two a tournament make it into playoffs (Cloud9, OG, GODSENT) T3 is teams that often hang around the bottom 25 and beyond, and are mostly seen playing online with domestic competition. Often smaller mix teams with little to no salary or the result of T2 team forming new roster. (Hellraisers, Gambit Y, CR4ZY)
2020-07-22 01:48
Tier 1: Any team that can reasonably be argued to be the best team in the world (usually around 3 or 4, but there were exceptions like in the Astralis era, where they were the only true Tier 1 team.) Tier 2: Rest of top 10 Tier 3: Rest of top 30 Tier 4: Rest of top 100 Tier 5: Everything else
2020-07-22 01:49
United States codgun
Generally, T1: Top 10 T2: 11-30 T3: 31-60 T4: 61-100 T5: 100+ However sometimes a scene is dominated by some three teams and they really should be the only teams within that bracket. Tiers should be determined by which teams a squad can compete with. If you're ranked #6 but win a match against #1-5 0.5/10 times you're not a T1 team.
2020-07-22 01:52
CIS bliNdfOld
T1: Skin Ogres, FATE. Nexus. UOL T2: c0ntact. Heroic... T3: NAVI, FaZe, Bug...
2020-07-22 18:39
every one has diferent opinio, some dont accaote under top 10 in t1 and thats hella stupid
2020-07-22 18:39
Tier 1 is not always top10 tho. In 2017 there was only 3 tier1 teams (Astralis, SK, Faze) because no other team was close to their level
2020-07-22 20:12
Other g3ks1
tier-1: teams which play on big events and moves to play-off on 60% of events. tier-2: teams which play on 60% of big events and move to play off sometimes. tier-3 and other: temas which try to wi quality to events, play online events.
2020-07-22 19:38
Tier 1 are teams that can win or at least make it to playoffs constantly in big events, like BIG, EG, Astralis, Faze, G2, Liquid etc. Tier 2 are teams that can upset Tier 1 teams, but don't win any big events, like Godsent, VP, ENCE, North Tier 3 are teams that cant even qualify for majority of big events Tier 4 is MIBR
2020-07-22 20:14
United States RopzIsCute
T1 = 1-8 T2 = 9-20 T3 = 20-35 T4 = The rest T5 = Faze
2020-07-22 20:14
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