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CSGO player tier list rankings
felps | 
Brazil FelpsOnFire 
S+ tier : s1mple, zywoo S tier : device, niko, elige, eletronic, ropz, hunter, KSCERATO A+ tier : Brollan, magisk, frozen, Cerq, Brehze, kennyS, coldzera, NAF A tier : syrson, tabsen, XANTARES, yuurih, woxic, plopski, dupreeh, nexa, jame, Bubzkji, acoR, blameF B+ tier : stavn, Ethen, nawwk, krimz, roej, mir, YEKINDAR, fallen, fer, allu, mantuu, broky, xsepower, Twistzz, allu, poizon, k0nfig, maden, farlig, lolipop21k, Ax1Le, valde, floppy, oSee, HEN1, Kerrigan, bnTeT, autimatic, sh1ro, Ax1le, Nivera, maka B tier : sdy, Cadian, jw, kngv, IDS, sjuush, FL1T, qkirt, Rain, flusha, jw, rez, ZOREE, teSeS, slowi, zenh, nbk, ISSAA, liazz, gratata, styko, jamppi, aizy, sonic, sergej, niko, magixx, AZR, tarik, jackz, golden, art, chopper, supra, brad, forester, jerry, lucky C tier : jt, motm, aerial, cajumb, MSL, gade, b0RUP, krystal, chrisj, senji, bymas, Stanislaw, kit0, amenak, flamie, perfacto, boombl4, vini, nitr0, twist, hampus, daps, aleksib, acilion, taco, trk, koosta, s0m, facecrack, almezer, kio, xms what do u guys think of this list ? :)
2020-07-25 18:58
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I only ranked the player in each of the top 30 teams
2020-07-25 18:59
Respect for the list. Obv i dont agree with everything but it seems like you put thought behind it and none of the placements seem out of motive. (S1mple/device/zywoo haters always underrating them)
2020-07-25 22:32
2020-07-25 22:33
Agreed, definitely don't agree on everything but you can't argue with most of it either. a well thought out list
2020-07-26 08:16
United Kingdom Vitheeshan
Yh pretty good list man, but some are kinda wrong like Art is arguably wayy to low and like why is Karrigan B+ lol
2020-07-26 10:10
I have taken in consideration more then just stats. for me Kerrigan is an A+ or s tier igl, but he is an C tier or lower player so I balanced him out to a b+
2020-07-26 17:30
ofc but this is recent form and karrigan like a B igl at best rn, whearas Furia have lookd much more creative and Arts obvious impact
2020-07-27 10:02
maybe u are right. who knows
2020-07-27 18:15
United States JoshDAA
Its online, everything is random. But during lan events mousesports looked consistent
2020-07-28 02:43
Canada MiLkBaGzz
good list but you seem to hate igls men
2020-07-26 19:00
lol the thing is for the list I took a approach to look more at individual performance the to igl. and a lot of igl has bad individual performances. I but blameF at A tier and he is an igl
2020-07-26 19:42
Tabsen aswell
2020-07-28 14:31
2020-07-29 00:13
Canada MiLkBaGzz
if its based off of individual performances than fair enough
2020-07-30 17:06
Should have put Grim in even though he's not top 30
2020-07-28 02:08
true he is A tier in my opinion maybe B+ if when he goes to T1(tier 1) he drops in level
2020-07-28 02:30
Sweden quacke
Made this a while ago: If someone wants to do it with images. :)
2020-07-25 19:00
2020-07-25 19:01
you forgot a "who?" tier
2020-07-26 02:29
Sweden quacke
Almost all these players were in the Top 30 when I made it (except very well known ones like f0rest). You should be familiar with most of them. I used the C tier for players I wasn't completely familiar with, such as Endpoint.
2020-07-26 11:16
Why you dont put sAw team on that list? :(
2020-07-30 04:44
Sweden quacke
I'm sorry friend but when I made this they were ultra-trash :(
2020-07-30 12:17
Now they aren't?
2020-07-31 03:44
Sweden quacke
I haven't been watching them but I think their results have improved slightly, although they are still pretty bad.
2020-07-31 12:45
bruh if u dont see them why u say they are trash?? go cheack their hltv stats and we talk later
2020-08-03 00:34
Sweden quacke
When I did watch them they were kinda trash. As I said their results have improved but they're not exactly winning meaningful tournaments.
2020-08-03 01:20
Not bad list but in my opinion Tabsen,Syrson,Xantares > Frozen atm
2020-07-25 19:03
maybe. I tried to take in consideration potential as well. also bc we are online the current rankings were not seriously taken in consideration
2020-07-25 19:04
Overall good list I can easily agree with more of players :DD
2020-07-25 19:05
thx ;)
2020-07-25 19:06
where rain?
2020-07-25 19:06
he is in the b tier I put him there bc he is a great role player. and a big time entry. so he fits so well in almost any team
2020-07-25 19:08
that's fine. i couldn't see him for some reason
2020-07-25 19:10
there is a ton of player is kinda hard to see some times who is where lol
2020-07-25 19:11
s+ tier = olof, gtr, scream
2020-07-25 19:06
This is not 2014
2020-07-25 19:07
Nt no scene
2020-07-25 20:55
Ok EU flag
2020-07-25 21:06
Stfu Simon Neo
2020-07-25 21:28
2020-07-25 22:13
Nice fake flagging bro
2020-08-01 01:58
2020-08-01 08:53
nt no scene
2020-08-03 13:02
in a historical tier list yes and scream isn't in the same level of Olof and GTR
2020-07-25 19:30
+1 to that. Scream was a nutty aimer but no where near the level of those 2.
2020-07-26 10:10
Denmark pdxm
Best list
2020-07-25 19:06
thx dude. but a lot of time in to it. had nothing else to do LOL
2020-07-25 19:08
World Beard43
2020-07-25 19:07
omg I forget to but jks he would have being on the a tier for sure
2020-07-25 19:10
JackZ B+
2020-07-25 19:09
idk bc just like rain jackz is a nice role player and fits very well in to g2 style of player. I think his contribution overall makes him good so he is fine in b tier
2020-07-25 19:11
Where is Shox btw ?
2020-07-25 19:12
I forgot to but some player in it lol. shox would be in B+ tier rpk and apex would be B misutaaa would be in c
2020-07-25 19:16
Then i agree Great list man
2020-07-26 12:58
I think kito deserves B tier at least, if not A, hes really underrated and doing the shit job with tizian, btw i think u forgot tizian
2020-07-25 19:13
true I forgot tizian and some other guys as well lol. I think I underrated big a little bit. I
2020-07-25 19:16
nt k1to
2020-07-26 04:00
2020-07-26 11:49
good job! where is apEX though?
2020-07-25 19:18
I forgot to but some player in it lol. shox would be in B+ tier rpk and apex would be B misutaaa would be in c I forgot to rank vitality my bad. accept zywoo is he in the S+ tier
2020-07-25 19:26
+1 s1 and zywoo are on another lvl
2020-07-25 19:49
GOD and GOAT tier: s1mple S tier: NiKo, zywh0, electronic A tier: elige, dev0c3
2020-07-25 19:54
Ok, we get it, s1mple is good, but why disrespect dev1ce and zywoo?
2020-07-25 20:13
dev0ce fans and zywh0 fans started first. the s1mple fans and navi fans are very friendly.
2020-07-25 20:17
but simple fans are terrible stupid thinking ukrainian kid is goat, god or something like that. that might be a little more irritating i guess.
2020-07-25 20:25
Is that wrong? s1mple is a GOD and GOAT. so I am not Ukrainian, I just a GOD and GOAT s1mple fan.
2020-07-25 20:50
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
According to your opinion* Stop expressing your opinion as it were factual and be respectful to other users opinions...
2020-07-25 21:12
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
Is that the reason he butchered their spelling?
2020-07-25 21:13
I think so....I mean every delusional fan is like this so it wouldn't surprise me..
2020-07-25 22:18
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
The user "s1mple_is_GOAT" is notorious for spreading very abrupt and blunt fanaticism, to put it bluntly. I try to impart knowledge or wisdom but the user doesn't read my replies. It's a shame because fanaticism shouldn't be so widespread as a negative thing, it's a brilliant thing. Users such as the one I mentioned are definitely spreading and transgressing it the wrong way.
2020-07-25 22:22
Fanaticism isn't bad but it's extremely annoying for other people....I mean you can be a fan of someone without insulting his competition, it's not that hard to keep your mouth shut.
2020-07-25 22:26
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
Exactly my point. Users like that give fanaticism a bad name and an overall bad example. It doesn't need to be like that at all... especially the user I mentioned earlier.
2020-07-25 22:27
NiKo | 
Europe marQQs
imho: NiKo deserves S+ tier aswell Device should be A(+) Karrigan as an individual player = B otherwise pretty solid
2020-07-25 20:24
United Kingdom Vitheeshan
nah, NiKo is good but s1mple and zywoo are just another level. Tho if NiKo was an actual hybrid player i think he could reach that s tier bcs his dust 2 awp is on another level
2020-07-26 10:13
niko currently dosent deserves S+ but I have taken in consideration karrigan as an igl if it was only be his individual ability he would be like a C or even lower
2020-07-26 17:36
If u talk about recent form, not even ropz is better than tabsen, syrson & xantares.
2020-07-28 02:57
currently I mean 2020 that's is the time spam I took
2020-07-28 05:18
Russia webx
flamie boom4ch perfect0 underrated Kappa
2020-07-25 20:23
nah their are trash at the moment. navi is and always will be carried by simple and electronic
2020-07-26 17:36
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
Very respectable opinions indeed. :) Have a good day.
2020-07-25 21:11
thx dude u too
2020-07-26 17:36
Czech Republic Luck9nN
Xantares, BlameF, Syrson > frozen, brollan, naf. Also how is s0m c tier
2020-07-25 21:13
2020-07-25 21:16
I underrated big a bit, but that is bc I don't think they are that good. they are top one bc of online
2020-07-25 21:50
India c0nsc10us
Flair checks out
2020-07-26 19:48
Czech Republic Luck9nN
ofc see how they play
2020-07-26 21:11
India c0nsc10us
I've seen how they play. I've watched them all play since the time syrson was in alternate attax. They're not consistently as good as frozen or naf.
2020-07-27 03:56
Aleksib Okay Bs.
2020-07-25 21:16
z tier taco
2020-07-25 21:19
he is the worst player in MIBR. but I think the current problem is team fit. he is better of going to a team like faze and replacing bymas or a liquid
2020-07-25 21:49
Lollipop > JW ????
2020-07-25 21:30
for sure jw is a legend, but he is playing very poorly
2020-07-25 21:48
2020-07-25 21:32
allu has being playing very well b+ is good enough for him
2020-07-25 21:48
Maybe A
2020-07-25 21:58
fair enough
2020-07-25 22:01
not bad
2020-07-25 21:33
United States vip3r_k1ng
NAF is B+ tier
2020-07-25 21:55
why tho ?
2020-07-26 17:37
He makes too many mistakes, I dont watch a lot of Liquid matches but when I do I see him do stupid shit like fall off the map on vertigo or accidently run into fire and die
2020-07-26 19:17
these are silly things. lol. he is actually an amazing player
2020-07-26 19:45
Zyw00 and s0mple = 0 majors tarik = 1 major + major mvp but tarik is B tier, Zyw00 and s0mple are S+ tier lmao what a shitty list
2020-07-25 22:45
United Kingdom Vitheeshan
name checks out
2020-07-26 10:14
2020-08-01 11:10
current performance Tarik is not even close to those guy actually that I think about it Tarik has never being in the level of those guys lol
2020-07-26 17:38
If we r talking about current performances, all Astralis players are Z tier, s0mple F tier and all BIG players are S+++++++ tier.
2020-07-26 18:39
lol not taking the bait. u know that is a shitty argument and false as well
2020-07-26 18:51
2020-07-26 02:26
he performance level dropped so much this year
2020-07-26 17:39
I'm CIS cs fan but how Jame is so high ?
2020-07-26 02:37
jame is very good. he is the next coming of fallen witch means major soon
2020-07-26 17:39
Portugal getl0w
I didn't agreed with FalleN's ranking, not because I am Portuguese & also MiBR supporter. Neither agreed with Twistzz's ranking!
2020-07-26 02:41
fair enough. could u explain why u didn't agree
2020-07-26 17:40
Portugal getl0w
I think he's still one of the best players!
2020-07-30 04:03
Forgot stewie2k If its skill Id say B tier if its role wise then B+ or MAYBE A
2020-07-26 04:12
I would but him in B right know
2020-07-26 17:40
If its skill id say z tier
2020-08-01 11:09
trk A tier pls tra tra tra
2020-07-26 04:24
Brazil Skull_Ga
S+ tier : Fallen S tier : Fer A+ tier : Taco A tier : KNG B+ tier : TRK B tier : Cold C tier : ALL
2020-07-26 04:25
Canada razneK1789
2020-07-26 05:11
how is KNG, cold and trk bellow taco. the only player worst then taco in the big time Brazilian squads(furia, mibr) is vini.
2020-07-26 17:42
Good list but no Jks
2020-07-26 05:28
Australia Cheesle2
he relied to another comment saying he would put him in A or A+
2020-07-26 10:22
Where's AmanEK?
2020-07-26 07:31
he is in. c tier
2020-07-26 17:42
AmaNeK is one of the best lurkers in the game
2020-07-27 01:48
2020-07-27 01:50
Definitely. He may not have the best mechanical skill, but he's one of the smartest players in the game
2020-07-27 01:52
so is GTR an he can't drop a body for his life
2020-07-27 01:54
AmanEK basically has the same skillset as Xypn9x
2020-07-27 05:18
being smart does not mean being good GTR had the mechanical skill once
2020-07-27 01:55
Amanek is one of the most important players on his team though. Really underrated if you watch the games, always important rounds etc. It often looks weird but he gets it done.
2020-07-28 14:35
Put Xizt in S tier
2020-07-26 07:42
United Kingdom 230IQUSER
xizt is ass
2020-07-26 10:19
You're a fucking retard
2020-07-26 17:28
I would if this was 2012-213
2020-07-26 17:42
Xizt is always S Tier
2020-07-26 19:24
2020-07-26 17:43
B+ valde cool
2020-07-26 08:08
Where is Stewie?
2020-07-26 08:14
forgot to but him he would have being in B but I think he can improve to a B+. he is having a down year
2020-07-26 17:44
Shit tier
2020-08-01 11:08
New Zealand rOtten_97
kito, flamie, boombl4, nitr0, twist, daps, aleksib and facecrack are 100% higher than tier C
2020-07-26 10:08
United Kingdom Vitheeshan
all seem right except maybe Facecrack and k1to
2020-07-26 10:14
I agree to disagree with this comment. but its your opinion and I'm fine with that
2020-07-26 17:45
cerq amkdasjdjaasjdajjasdasd
2020-07-26 10:11
United Kingdom 230IQUSER
I think IGL's should be valued more
2020-07-26 10:19
u right. I tried to take in consideration the igl together with the individual ability but that is very hard to do. so I leaned more to the performance size of things
2020-07-26 17:46
Germany Constikdw
Flusha B+ for sure, he’s much better than JW
2020-07-26 11:54
agreed. he is better but they are in the same tier I would say
2020-07-26 17:46
Stopped reading at B+ : allu. How do you put S tier player in tier B+ ?
2020-07-26 12:03
idk he is playing very well. at max he is A tier
2020-07-26 17:47
kenny > kscerato
2020-07-26 17:30
0/8 thats just trash
2020-07-26 17:39
why lol
2020-07-26 17:47
b tier twistzz please killurselffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff he is god
2020-07-26 18:09
+ s0mple is baiter electronic better
2020-07-26 18:10
no jks in list k
2020-07-26 18:12
and no gla1ve and no xpn9x
2020-07-26 18:14
xantares better than cold for sure 0/8 for sure about everything
2020-07-26 18:14
United States Frotha
Twistzz best baiter in Liquid
2020-07-28 03:46
he is already support what u expect? He is helping with granades cuz he is support if you dont understand this play more game braindmg low shit
2020-07-28 14:28
United States Frotha
2020-07-28 18:23
you most just watch matches. do not comment never
2020-07-29 01:48
United States Frotha
Impact rating .97
2020-07-29 01:57
only online events. =)
2020-08-18 14:37
Bump koosta and som up to b tier
2020-07-26 18:53
2020-07-26 19:02
India c0nsc10us
Kscerato A+ Kennys A Bubzkji B+ I can agree with everything else
2020-07-26 19:47
stop reading at S+ tier : s1mple, zywoo
2020-07-26 20:02
Portugal CRMN1
Literally the most accurate rank in his list.
2020-07-26 20:13
Shox ? RpK ?
2020-07-27 02:01
S+ - MUTiRiS S- rmn, just A+- fox,stadodo,arki(Portuguese that speaks spanish) A-pr, Nope Rest irrelevant
2020-07-27 02:12
pretty good list though some players missing and pretty debatable between the A+, A, and B regions
2020-07-27 04:00
joker xaxaxa
2020-07-27 05:22
South America ZyvvOo
+1 but Device= s+ tier
2020-07-28 01:48
How is KSCERATO S tier when he is not even the best player on his team? His rating is worse than yuurih and his impact is way worse than yuurihs. This is true as of recently (last 3 months) and all time. Not to mention that he also has way worse adr and worse kpr than yuurih. Now obviously it is not all about the stats but just watching their matches Yuurih is the way more consistent and impactful player out of the two.
2020-07-28 01:55
From what I heard, s1mple is really annoying to play with. also device s+
2020-07-28 01:56
NBK better than boomb4l , Ax1le better than flusha....... 0/8
2020-07-28 01:58
That’s a pretty good list
2020-07-28 02:14
France uNLmofo
2 times axile
2020-07-28 02:19
you forgot xyp and glaive in s or a+ tier. also personally would put both device and niko in s+
2020-07-28 02:26
I didn't put xyp and glaive bc they are not currently playing
2020-07-28 02:31
fair enough, but glaive will deffo be back very soon
2020-07-28 02:46
who tf is brad?
2020-07-28 02:38
Korea theshy!
k0nfig could be A imo But great list
2020-07-28 02:41
S Tier: Coldzera F Tier: Twistzz
2020-07-28 02:47
If this list based on recent form. Ropz & frozen aren't better than tabsen syrson or xantares. For the past 3 month, I don't think fnatic / mous even in top 10 anymore.
2020-07-28 03:00
this is based in the whole entire 2020
2020-07-28 08:45
sh1ro S++
2020-07-28 03:15
United Kingdom Biiddy
KennyS was A+ tier in 2013 maybe but hasn't performed consistently since the AWP got nerfed
2020-07-28 03:16
+1 if its based on how good they are on csgo mechanics + gamesense + aim + past/current achivement.
2020-07-28 03:38
koosta is at least b tier, maybe b+
2020-07-28 03:55
Bangladesh abghunter
+1 kenneth suen the real kennyS
2020-07-28 04:15
arT >> Kscerato. hes the player that made furia relevant imo
2020-07-28 05:26
lol nooooo he is a big part but without kscerato furia wouldn't be no were near as good as they are
2020-07-28 08:44
but without his strats and him opening everything up ksceratos would not shine as bright
2020-07-29 04:16
XANTARES —> S++ tier.
2020-07-28 08:45
i think xantares is at least a+ tier
2020-07-28 13:12
B1T | 
Europe Gigska
z tier :flamie, perfacto, boombla
2020-07-28 13:17
nexa = A+ minimum
2020-07-28 13:22
Serbia hitomi79
jks, jkm ?
2020-07-28 13:23
Serbia hitomi79
f0rest ?
2020-07-28 13:27
Looks like a good list overall.
2020-07-28 13:27
NO, XANTARES is S tier.
2020-07-28 13:38
S+ and S agree rest bullshit , you put boombl4 in C while sdy, Cadian, jw, kngv, IDS, sjuush, FL1T, qkirt, Rain, flusha, jw, rez, ZOREE, teSeS, slowi, zenh, nbk, ISSAA, liazz, gratata, styko, jamppi, aizy, sonic, sergej, niko, magixx, AZR, tarik, jackz, golden, art, chopper, supra, brad, forester, jerry, lucky in B? Lol
2020-07-28 13:56
I can agree with that, good job bro
2020-07-29 00:15
+1 brollan in A+ tier
2020-07-29 02:42
just to see at least one brazilian boi there, I can see that the person is not racist, nice list bruh, that should've taken a good chunk of time.
2020-07-29 04:18
kennys atleast s tier if not s+
2020-07-29 04:24
China Rynaki
Who is brad lmao Did you mean Krad from Hard Legion?
2020-07-29 04:26
Turkmenistan coolguy3
ss++ - me
2020-07-29 04:34
United States ItsImpact
NiKo deserves S+ tier with S1mple and zywoo since he doesn’t awp
2020-07-30 04:53
KSCERATO is S tier and XANTARES is A tier NT M8 that was good joke btw
2020-07-30 12:56
Vast majority of rankings I agree with
2020-07-30 17:16
Krimz should be higher, legit been a beast 4ever same with flusha
2020-08-03 10:06
furia fan club LMAO
2020-08-03 14:44
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