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IGL tier list
Arthas | 
Russia Mad_bettor 
IGL tier list from top 30 teams atm: A tier gla1ve, arT, tabseN, nexa, blameF, NiKo B tier FalleN, AZR, stanislaw, chopper, boombl4, suNny C tier AcilioN, JT, hampus, cadiaN, Jerry, boX, nafany, svyat, Lucky D tier MSL, karrigan, Golden, Aleksib, daps, nitr0, AdreN
2020-07-28 10:26
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Zeus top 1 😎👍
2020-07-28 10:26
Maybe in the past
2020-07-28 10:27
Greatness doesn't leave you! Great example!
2020-07-28 10:27
Greatness left him, it's normal. In his last month NaVi lost a lot of matches because of his mistakes
2020-07-28 10:40
Everyone has their ups and downs! If i was making a counterstrike team... which I would never do because i'm too busy... but if i did, Zeus would be my first pick! A great team is not great without a great leader!
2020-07-28 10:43
Ok, on Saturday we will see how Zeus' tactics work against NaVi 2020))
2020-07-28 10:48
I'll be busy all weekend! But I expect a very easy victory for Zeus' team! I'll keep in touch to discuss the results! Have a good day my friend!
2020-07-28 10:49
Thank you mens)) Have a nice day too
2020-07-28 10:50
Yeah, and Donald Trump is a bad leader. Yet you think hes good.
2020-07-29 03:54
I don't think he's good, I think he's great! He's done a tremendous job! 😎👍
2020-07-29 03:55
Okay, keep living in a cave mate.
2020-07-29 03:58
+1 Trump best. This leftist aussie don't like Trump because he scared
2020-07-29 11:42
Absolutely right! Real men love Trump! Little boys hate him! 😎👍
2020-07-29 14:13
greatness does wash up however.
2020-07-28 13:04
I disagree!
2020-07-28 17:49
+1, and Boombitch
2020-07-28 11:01
Zeus is God Tier
2020-07-28 16:48
+1 and nice to meet you! 😎🖐
2020-07-28 21:11
karrigan S tier wtf
2020-07-28 10:27
2020-07-28 10:28
>JT, boX, nafany, Lucky, chopper, AZR above karrigan did u know that you can get money from your government for being legally recognized as a special individual
2020-07-28 10:29
They are better than karrigan lmao
2020-07-28 10:31
in other dimension, maybe.
2020-07-28 10:37
2020-07-28 12:31
in the context of the level they play at sure
2020-07-29 06:50
2020-07-28 12:51
are you delusional??
2020-07-28 15:48
Where is apex tho? He’s been leading really well lately, probably not A tier but B tier at least
2020-07-28 11:12
forgot to add apex and krystal. apex is between B and C tiers. krystal is D tier.
2020-07-28 11:14
Aight fair enough. What about if Vitality win 2 or three more events this year? Would he get an upgrade? For once it feels like he deserves some praise >:)
2020-07-28 11:25
Of course he will. If we talk about events, the way Vitality choked RMR tournament final with map advantage is just disgusting
2020-07-28 11:39
Karrigan is toxic short-time IGL His calls is:"woxic go kill,ropz go kill,frozen to kill,ChrisJ go chill"
2020-07-28 12:33
2020-07-28 12:39
russian igls: blyat throw for skins
2020-07-28 16:13
More like NA igls
2020-07-28 19:32
2020-07-28 21:09
Karrigan tier D Well done men
2020-07-28 10:28
2020-07-28 12:33
Latvia Natsuu1
B tier - sunNy? what
2020-07-28 10:29
nope | 
Finland zntei
2020-07-28 12:43
More firepower needed mens
2020-07-29 12:26
Niko is definitely no A-Tier IGL
2020-07-28 10:31
2020-07-28 10:49
Wtf he isn't even a true IGL.
2020-07-28 10:56
Rob4 | 
Serbia e_loK
what does it mean to be a true igl?
2020-07-28 11:18
The IGL sets the plan and distributes clear tasks to his team members. Together with the coach he's preparing the setups and game plans He most likely acts more as an support player rather than an entry fragger. Niko really struggles being an IGL. If Faze could add a good IGL (BlameF would be perfect but he is way to expensive) to their team, Niko could concentrate himself on playing his best without needing to think about tactics and setups all the time.
2020-07-28 11:40
Rob4 | 
Serbia e_loK
But you dont know what niko does and how he calls I'm not saying he is good nor bad igl but ypu just dont have enough information to make sucha a conclusion
2020-07-28 11:45
Bro, It's literally what all casters say all the time when Faze is playing. Get a new IGL and let Niko play his favourite role in the team. Otherwise his insane raw skill won't get u anywhere.
2020-07-28 11:47
I think FaZe will be WAY worse with dedicated bottomfragger. NiKo is fine with micromanagement, all game preparations and watching demos is up to coach and analyst. No problem here.
2020-07-28 12:00
Finland Jodecast
Thx for proving that you have no idea what you are talking about
2020-07-28 12:38
2020-07-28 12:43
Flag and flair checks out
2020-07-28 12:44
Fact is that Faze isn't doing good rn. With the amount of firepower they have, they are barely winning against decent teams (last 10 games only won against movistar riders, heretics, Vita and ENCE. Bare in mind every one of those games, they played with Bymas. In some he was performing good - in some worse. Now, if they replace bymas with a good IGL (like I said for exaple BlameF), FAZE would be a force! And when you say "dedicated bottomfragger", i can tell you that BlameF would rarely be the bottomfragger... He is insanly good.
2020-07-28 12:51
NiKo also is insanely good. FaZe will come back stronger with LAN events
2020-07-28 12:56
You actually dont get it...
2020-07-28 13:39
Portugal Fre1tasj
Of course NiKo is insanely good, but you dont understand. HE JUST CANT PLAY HIS WAY BECAUSE HE IS IGL. You think them going to LAN will fix everything?
2020-07-28 15:51
Yes, since FaZe will stop losing to onliners like BIG
2020-07-28 16:17
Portugal Fre1tasj
Bruh they lose to BIG ONLINE , they will lose to other teams on LAN. Your point is 0, They have a bad IGL and they playing with 4, since bymas shouldnt be playing with them atm
2020-07-28 16:33
+1 I actually don't know if this guy is trolling or if he is delusional af...
2020-07-29 07:11
Denmark pdxm
I doubt Complexity will be willing to sell BlameF, plus his expensive
2020-07-29 06:47
+1 think so too #59 already mentioned this
2020-07-29 07:09
"I'm not saying he is good nor bad igl" you literally made a thread where you put him in the highest tier of IGL´s?? you are stupid or delusional????? niko is a dogshit igl, they have standard tacs at best and their ct set ups are all stolen. his mid rounds calls are bad too. stooooopid, dumb dumb idiot
2020-07-28 16:07
Rob4 | 
Serbia e_loK
wrong person bro....
2020-07-28 18:12
2020-07-28 10:32
+1000 wtf is this list, it does not even seem like trolling, just that OP is stoopid
2020-07-28 10:44
This is a definite bait man
2020-07-28 12:09
So gla1ve is B tier?
2020-07-28 14:46
Niko either B tier either c tier, cuz he is worst igl from top 10(probably) he is fragger, not an igl
2020-07-29 06:29
Ukraine volod1m1r
2020-07-29 11:29
Europe X1gma
SuNny is above Aleksib. This shows how retard your list is.
2020-07-28 10:32
OG fan talking 🤣
2020-07-28 10:36
Europe X1gma
Retard Russian Talking
2020-07-28 10:37
Retard Indian Talking
2020-07-28 16:55
Europe X1gma
pls do not make any teir list ever again. you definately lack some comon sense.
2020-07-28 10:39
Your brain lacks structure 🤔
2020-07-28 11:57
Bad did so many fall for this What has happened to hltv
2020-07-28 12:09
Its not bait wtf
2020-07-28 12:10
sunny is 100 times worse than aleksib wtfffff is this list
2020-07-29 07:04
Flair checks out kkkkkkkkk
2020-07-29 11:23
golden and karrigan D tier? NiKo A tier? u need some help
2020-07-28 10:33
Denmark dyinbyran
Oh shit I didn't see golden was also tier d ,lol I hope this guy is joking
2020-07-28 11:31
2020-07-28 12:09
Belarus ChecksOut
Wtf i've just read? axax
2020-07-28 10:34
B1T | 
Ukraine devitt
Niko tier A 😂😂😂
2020-07-28 10:38
nt mazepa
2020-07-28 11:15
worst list ever seen
2020-07-28 10:39
+1 Not even half of them are in right places.
2020-07-28 10:45
Flair, flag and name checks out
2020-07-28 10:49
Denmark dyinbyran
Lol still aleksib is a way better igl than niko
2020-07-28 11:31
Aleksib such a genius,who wins only 1 round with his team on Train at CT side
2020-07-28 12:35
mimi | 
Other stekin
This list is completely a joke when I saw Niko at tier A, do u even watch esports?
2020-07-28 10:40
NiKo is insane IGL. Prove me wrong
2020-07-28 10:48
mimi | 
Other stekin
results prove u wrong stoobid
2020-07-28 11:28
They losing only against champions of tournaments
2020-07-28 12:36
badge checks out
2020-07-29 02:31
No arguments = slayed
2020-07-29 04:49
losing to MIBR with lucas? that isn't an excuse tho MIBR with lucas is certainly not a top 20 lineup yet faze still lost to them. XD
2020-07-29 04:58
2020-07-29 11:04
XD, one with zews standing in and one with felps, i meant the lineup of kng and lucas. and yes, there were never out of top 20 but their performance does not even fit top 20
2020-07-29 11:28
They played only 1 match against FaZe with KnG+LUCAS1.FaZe can lose to everyone,but 1 match means nothing
2020-07-29 11:44
switch golden and niko's places in your list and i like it mens 😎👍
2020-07-28 10:44
Czech Republic fnx_legend
The list makes no sense. How much money and brian did you lose?
2020-07-28 10:50
20k usd two brians
2020-07-28 11:09
Czech Republic fnx_legend
A lot of biased opinions then. My bro, let's start be reasonable together.
2020-07-28 11:39
What you offer then? Aleksib to A tier? Hell no
2020-07-28 11:52
ChoKo gets a tier but MSl GOLDEN(???) get D tier???? nitr0 isnt even an igl
2020-07-28 10:54
Why tf is fatbl4 in b tier? his brain is full of flab and lard
2020-07-28 10:54
I forgot about stewie, krystal and apex who cars
2020-07-28 11:07
mostly good but i would defo change msl to higher tier, downgrade niko and create new F tier for nitr0
2020-07-28 11:00
Serbia LtN))
2020-07-28 11:15
2020-07-28 11:24
Worst list , no one knows how they are working , so it s bullshit to make lists like this . All top 20 teams have good igl's imo , depends all in their chemestry and fire power
2020-07-28 11:27
Turkey xMercy
stanislaw tier 100 tbh
2020-07-28 11:29
After kicking daps EG got top 1 instantly. In 2020 EG is still top 1 NA team
2020-07-28 11:43
Denmark dyinbyran
Karrigan tier d NiKo tier a Lol this better be a bait or else you're most reta***d person on hltv
2020-07-28 11:29
I don't see a problem here. NiKo is way better IGL and player than karrigan
2020-07-28 11:40
Stopped reading at Niko tier 1 igl
2020-07-28 11:30
nt bandera
2020-07-28 11:44
Putin slave talking
2020-07-28 11:46
Imagine putting gla1ve at A tier and Karrigan at D tier even though mousesports and Astralis both dropped off at the same time.
2020-07-28 11:30
Astralis dropped off without gla1ve wtf
2020-07-28 11:41
United States clockworkk
niko tier 1 bruh he isn't even an igl just some crazy good rifler who sets himself up for kills to at least have some good looking stats while losing matches 0-2 Fallen tier 2 LMAO not even tier 5
2020-07-28 11:33
You made 5 mistakes in word "s1mple".
2020-07-28 11:44
FalleN tier 2? Maybe nowadays not so good but think one more time, what he did to Brazil scene and won 2 majors and other big tournaments etc.. I’m not personally huge Aleksib fan, but can u see how ENCE fell down instantly when he left? Can u say that he didnt prove himself in tier 1-2?
2020-07-28 11:45
ENCE dropped off after AUG nerf. They remained in top 5 i think due to summer break. On blast and autumn major they got exposed. Then aleksib was kicked
2020-07-28 11:50
Youre right in some things, yes. AUG nerf kinda nerfed ENCE, cause they didnt have the most individual skill. But I still think that what ENCE showed in Berlin major was dominant, they played very good cs in Legends Stage.
2020-07-28 12:01
Romania RunnerB0Y
Sunny B tier Karrigan D tier You are so funny but expected from Russia
2020-07-28 11:45
2020-07-28 11:53
Karrigan, daps, MSL and Golden deserve better
2020-07-28 11:55
Australia csRIOTgo
2020-07-29 11:20
NiKo A Tier IGL? :D Dude.
2020-07-28 11:56
I am not NiKo or FaZe fan but he is insane IGL.
2020-07-28 12:08
2020-07-28 12:08
2020-07-29 07:09
NiKo lmao, imagine rating NiKo as A-tier IGL when his only strat is rush B
2020-07-28 11:56
NiKo S tier player, B tier IGL
2020-07-28 11:56
So it's a list on fragging power for IGLs?
2020-07-28 11:58
2020-07-28 12:07
Finland OldStager
Nice b8 m8
2020-07-28 12:10
holy shit you are dumb imagine believing karrigan, golden, aleksi and daps aren't good igls because theyre not good online. log out pls
2020-07-28 12:11
Dude, they are not good on lan as well
2020-07-28 12:13
karrigan is not a good igl? golden? nah youre wrong
2020-07-28 12:14
They were just named igl so both of them wouldnt feel useless
2020-07-28 12:19
Brazil D1sco
so karrigan just happens to end making top5 teams every one year or so and golden was simply way too lucky to go back to fnatic when they were starting to get good again?
2020-07-28 12:37
Top is irrelevant lmao. Any team can reach top-5 on fluke. Basically karrigan had no achievements with insane amount of talent available to him (Astralis core, FaZe, mouz). He is probably the worst IGL. Golden is C- tier but i placed him to D.
2020-07-28 12:43
2020-07-28 13:01
Is this based purely off fragging or also calling/strats?
2020-07-28 12:12
Fragging was also taken into account, but its not important
2020-07-28 12:14
2020-07-28 12:13
thats horrible list...
2020-07-28 12:14
Funny how you put in D players like karrigan abd golden. Once the lans will be back, both players will be among 1st 5 teams with their teams. Bot
2020-07-28 12:20
2020-07-28 12:22
Xizt is reserved for S tier
2020-07-28 12:21
Dignitas is out of top 30 anyway, so
2020-07-28 12:23
Online CS fucks up the ranking anyways. I dont take the ranking seriously anymore. Also BlameF is also a pretty bad IGL. People have written entire threads about it so I wont go into it but I would put him in the C tier
2020-07-28 12:25
Serbia TheSerb
Karrigan,aleksi,daps,golden,msl are better igls than your a tier the players from a tier are just surrounded with better talent thats all and they are all better fraggers but in strats,counter strating your d tier are some of the best minds in cs Karrigan allways makes a top 5 team where ever he is Daps turned nrg into a top 5 team gen.g is gr8 also now Since golden came back fnatic was #1 for a short stint since 2016 Aleksi made unknowns into a major finalist Msl is 1 of the best igls tactic wise but his team is trash
2020-07-28 12:26
Karrigan and msl on b
2020-07-28 12:27
Flag checks out. This is unbiased tier list
2020-07-28 12:37
nexa, niko, blamef, tabsen arent tier a. Theyre literally one of the worst igls that can only frag
2020-07-28 12:28
Lmao niko A tier.. weakest bait of all time. so obvious lol. On the off chance you genuinely think niko is A tier igl then I must say very nice iq
2020-07-28 12:30
glave A wtf
2020-07-28 12:30
Yeah ikr, should've been s++ tier
2020-07-28 12:31
LOL no glave is absolute shit
2020-07-28 12:31
Shit who won 4 majors axaxa
2020-07-28 12:40
majors mean nothing XD
2020-07-28 12:41
Your opinion means nothing xaxaxaxxaxa
2020-07-28 14:53
In online
2020-07-28 12:31
Brazil D1sco
karrigan D tier? wtf he should be at least B tier
2020-07-28 12:35
No he's D
2020-07-28 12:40
where is steel ?
2020-07-28 12:39
Brazil 1930
gla1ve S tier niko tier B karrigan tier A fallen tier C steel BR + CA tier C daps tier C nitro tier B
2020-07-28 12:45
Omg putting karrigan over fallen 🤦‍♂️
2020-07-28 12:53
Brazil ghcnvbkn
Omg putting karrigan over fallen 🤦‍♂️ (2)
2020-07-28 18:07
imagine putting NiKo to A tier axaxaxaxaxaax he is F tier
2020-07-28 12:47
Nice bait
2020-07-28 12:48
not a bait. he cannot even make antistrat then he lost 4 times against BIG clan
2020-07-28 12:49
YNk is one to blame
2020-07-28 12:52
who is keeping ynk in the team
2020-07-28 13:57
IGL tier list from top 30 teams atm: S tier S1mple <3 A tier gla1ve, arT, tabseN, nexa, blameF, NiKo B tier FalleN, AZR, stanislaw, chopper, boombl4, suNny C tier AcilioN, JT, hampus, cadiaN, Jerry, boX, nafany, svyat, Lucky D tier MSL, karrigan, Golden, Aleksib, daps, nitr0, AdreN
2020-07-28 12:53
apEX ?
2020-07-28 13:42
2020-07-28 14:36
wtf apEX is A tier way better than arT, tabseN, nexa, blameF, NiKo
2020-07-28 14:48
Ok french canadian. This tier list is unbiased
2020-07-28 15:06
i'm unbiased too
2020-07-28 15:32
2020-07-28 13:59
2020-07-28 14:15
F tier
2020-07-28 14:36
you have to regret what u just said
2020-07-28 15:06
HUNDEN is tier S In-Game Loser
2020-07-28 15:16
Snax | 
Poland xBG1
BlameF is overatted igl as fuck,
2020-07-28 14:39
A tier Niko 0/8
2020-07-28 14:48
OK | 
Finland ok_men
S tier allu
2020-07-28 15:10
OK | 
United States Bioax
agreed if this list is on how well the igl's frag, not calling skills
2020-07-28 15:38
IGL stands for In-Game Leader. Who the fuck would listen to a guy with rating below 1? How can you lead people with such low rating?
2020-07-28 16:16
I was taking athread seriously until I saw the D rank
2020-07-28 15:40
Everyone in D is atleast a solid B rofl
2020-07-28 15:45
Portugal Fre1tasj
how can you say NiKo is a A tier IGL? tf
2020-07-28 15:48
Its off of Fire-Power
2020-07-28 16:21
Portugal Fre1tasj
where does he say that? thats what i thought.
2020-07-28 16:34
It doesn't disclose it but, as you can see it is.
2020-07-28 16:35
2020-07-28 16:28
aleksib to B or C, he's regained a lot of individual form lately also NiKo A tier????? lmao
2020-07-28 16:23
2020-07-28 16:36
then why is boombl4 so high? he has a 1.0 rating in 2020 lmao
2020-07-28 16:39
2020-07-28 16:40
fragging igls dont count if their strats are nonexistent like boombl4 and NiKo both C tier imo, NiKo maybe B but no higher
2020-07-28 16:43
2020-07-28 16:44
2020-07-28 16:34
lmao Karrigan D tier? LOL 0 iq
2020-07-28 16:34
2020-07-28 16:35
Brazil yureka
2020-07-28 16:37
Brazil ghcnvbkn
nice nice god god
2020-07-28 18:07
Niko A tier IGL? Is it a joke? omg
2020-07-28 16:48
Tabsen a tier yeah right
2020-07-28 16:51
Romania dacije
(The IGLs im gonna mention are only from the current Top 30 teams, i.e. Astralis without gla1ve) A-Tier: Nexa, Art, BlameF, Karrigan, Aleksib, Tabsen, B-Tier: Stanislaw, Boombl4, Golden, Daps, Niko, MSL, Jerry C-Tier: Fallen, Nitro, Magisk, Hampus, AZR, Krystal, Chopper, Cadian D-Tier: Sunny, Acillion, JT, Adren, Box, Nafany, Svyat, Lucky
2020-07-28 16:51
2020-07-28 18:00
bad list, fallen is tier B atm, but if u look in history fallen is easily tier S
2020-07-28 21:18
2020-07-29 11:23
how is Karrigan, aleksib and golden D tier when JT is C tier????????
2020-07-28 17:52
United States Festive_
GOLDEN AND KARRIGAN D-TIER LMAO very inconsistent right now online but only BIG are consistent online. they'll be back to A tier when LAN comes back
2020-07-28 17:55
Finland H0rnPub
Expected dogshit list based on 1.5k hours played knowledge. What makes igl good is manipulating probabilities during mid-round, what i see in this list is most of them are set-piece igls, with poor mid-round judgement, which were orginally copied from mouz and astralis, most of them bait shit out of their support players to rise their K/D.
2020-07-28 18:03
lmao nice list 0 iq
2020-07-28 19:34
Bulgaria goshyy
Bad bait bro :(
2020-07-28 19:39
It is quite strange to see this order. Looks like bait or low IQ
2020-07-28 21:05
6/8 nice b8 m8. I almost h8.
2020-07-28 21:10
0/8 Have a good day!
2020-07-28 21:12
+1 suNny good igl
2020-07-28 21:14
All Niko does as IGL is give himself the best roles and put himself in the best positions, making others bait for him.
2020-07-28 21:29
ranking igls based on their kdr, wp wp
2020-07-29 02:33
Imagine ranking IGL based on kills
2020-07-29 02:37
niko tier D
2020-07-29 02:48
Indonesia lukerey
Stop betting.
2020-07-29 02:49
Brazil bernog
apEX = S tier
2020-07-29 03:02
MSL, karrigan, daps, Golden, aleksib, JT, Jerry, Lucky >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sunny
2020-07-29 03:57
Russia ToughGuy
2020-07-29 04:04
Brazil LucasLeal
Niko Tier A and Fallen Tier B? kkkkkkkkkk DUMB list!
2020-07-29 04:08
Japan PKcrash
wtf is that D tier? Are you baiting?
2020-07-29 04:54
Russia Slavaa
2020-07-29 05:00
ok newfag
2020-07-29 05:25
niko A tier wtf? maybe best at aiming,but his strats are completely shit
2020-07-29 05:30
Fallen is A tear man. Even though mibr is crambling for quite a long time, he was a mastermind on 2016/2017. And Art is not yet tier A (he reads the game really well but not sure if has half the knowledge and experience as fallen and others A tear igl).
2020-07-29 05:41
good bait
2020-07-29 05:53
Stopped reading at AcillioN over MSL and golden n1
2020-07-29 06:06
I would put daps and golden a bit higher tbh
2020-07-29 06:22
Stop reading on NiKo
2020-07-29 06:29
So funny, dude. 0/8 but nice try
2020-07-29 11:51
sunny b t
2020-07-29 11:54
literally 0/8
2020-07-29 11:55
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