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Buying a Gaming PC!!
Anyone know of any really good deals out there rn?? My budget is $1200, and if there are any sales or deals I don't know about please let me know. I know there's pre-built gaming pcs out there priced as if you were to buy it separately and put it together. Thank you for the help mens!!
2020-07-30 02:19
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United States TrashPanda
Why would you go prebuilt? But, anyway. I would go for BLD by NZXT. By far the one that is closer to retail prices than anyone else.
2020-07-30 02:30
bottle | 
Taiwan Azes lets rather not lol
2020-07-30 02:31
United States TrashPanda
Literally Steve could make a video dissecting and shitting on any prebuilt company. Dudes a dick and his standards aren’t realistic to a degree. Literally Jay, Linus and Bitwit all speak very highly of BLD and have made videos about them being good.
2020-07-30 02:43
bottle | 
Taiwan Azes
???????? You do realize these other youtubers ordered the PC as youtubers and NZXT actually paid a lot of attention to getting everything right for them while Steve used a name and address unknown to NZXT to order as a real customer. If you trust Linus more than Steve, you really have no idea about PCs.
2020-07-30 02:48
United States TrashPanda
So since Steve is all about “variables” why did he only order one? Why didn’t he order 5 or 10? Couldn’t his PC he got be an outlier when BLD has gotten overwhelming good reviews across the board from everyone. I wasn’t saying I trust Linus over Steve I think Steve just likes to poke holes in things but then is hypocritical. He mentions a million times about “controlled tests” and “variables” and “outliers” yet wants to completely shit on a company for his own personal experience? That’s like when someone buys a Corsair product, it breaks, then says the whole company is shit. Also I’m bias. I don’t like Steve and think he’s overall just a egotistical “I know better than you” douche
2020-07-30 20:36
bottle | 
Taiwan Azes
even if it is just 1 bad product, what about the bad customer service? do you really want to buy a product from a company that responds to real questions with jokes? And then there is the XMP part; NZXT actually never activates that on new PCs and says activating it will get rid of any warranty? so have fun running your ryzen build with 2400 mhz lol also, steve gets his information from his team and buildzoid so they don't just act as if they know more than you, they actually do
2020-07-30 23:29
This isn't the case anymore, NZXT publically reveresed their warranty stance on xmp. Also, he's right, if you want to test the quality of a build you need to order more than one. As for the customer service, yes it's fairly shite but juding by NZXTs way of handlig their warranty issue, I can expect a similar reaction from them on their standards for customer service too.
2020-07-31 22:13
ok but do the new nzxt builds come with xmp enabled? it's not only GN btw, i have seen many complaints about xmp being disabled someone who orders a prebuilt won't even know how or why to enable xmp and will always run their ryzen build with 2400mhz and sacrifice a ton of performance And no, you really do not have to order more than one. Their quality control should check every single build for faults and even if only 1 is faulty that is 1 too much. "I can expect a similar reaction from them on their standards for customer service" So you are saying you should buy an overpriced prebuilt from NZXT because you hope that their customer service might improve in the future?
2020-08-01 16:12
I don't know if NZXT builds now come with XMP enabled. However, if someone is buying a pre built pc they should do their research as for most it will be a significant purchase. While doing this research it's almost impossible not to come across XMP and the benefits it has on rzyen cpus, at this point the customer can then request that it's turned on or turn it on themselves. If they don't do their research then ultimately that's their own fault that they're not getting the best out of what they brought. Quality control should check every build. you are right, but it doesn't mean it's a perfect system. Human error exists and there will always be outliars. I'm not defending NZXT, I'm just saying it's a very real possibility. If customer service standards are a make or break thing for you, then no you shouldn't buy from them under the pretense that they may improve it in the future. I merely said that based off of their handilng of the XMP situation, we can expect something similar with their customer service.
2020-08-01 19:51
See, but all points you have mentioned are a "its not perfect, but acceptable" scenario. why would you take that as a customer when there are a lot of other stores out there that have proper quality control, customer service and set their PCs up properly? also, to your "just enable xmp yourself" comment; people who buy prebuilts usually don't want to go into the BIOS and modify things because they lack knowledge these things
2020-08-01 20:11
Sorry man but your statement is just wrong. Almost all prebuilt companies are like this, especially when it comes to XMP. People who buy prebuilts do lack knowledge in most cases I agree, but they should still be doing their own research before spending hundreds or thousands on a PC and to be quite frank, if they haven't come across XMP by that point then it really is on their own shoulders. Like I said, if you properly research which CPU is best for you and come to the conclusion of ryzen, you will have learnt in that process the advantages of XMP. If you don't want to go into the BIOS then that's fair enough, this is where the customer directly asks the company to enable it for them. Yes they should do it anyway as its false advertising otherwise, but if somone wants to buy a gaming pc and just goes "yeah that one looks good" without doing any research and as a result they get slower memory speeds that is entirely on them.
2020-08-02 00:48
Thanks for the input guys. So far the pc I bought for $1450 has been pretty decent. 3700 xt with 2070 super, 16gb ballistix, 1 tb ssd. I'm just playing valorant atm so it's pretty good.
2020-08-02 04:13
World Beard43
This was actually a decent result for the PC, just poor customer service which is not really an issue because the PC was fine.
2020-08-01 19:55
Why? Because you can find configurable setups which don't cost extra. Moreover they get discounted sometimes.
2020-07-30 19:46
bottle | 
Taiwan Azes
dont buy nzxt or ibp
2020-07-30 02:30
Thanks for the tip
2020-07-30 02:41
United States TrashPanda
As if Omen or Cyber are better? Lmao ok
2020-07-30 02:43
all prebuilt is shit
2020-07-31 09:51
2020-08-02 14:21
yes ibp will throw ur pc xaxaxa
2020-07-30 10:20
Brazil jogadoralto
pre build pc is scam, mate. Buy some parts and build by yourself
2020-07-30 02:41
How is it scam??
2020-07-30 02:43
they will charge you a lot more for just build the pc. Try to build you own pc in youtube.
2020-07-30 02:53
It's 2020 dude, buying pre build is perfectly fine.
2020-07-30 19:27
dude it is 2020, building a pc is ez as fuck
2020-07-30 19:28
So ? I just pay 2500€ and get a monster pc. What's the problem?
2020-07-30 19:30
Yeah or you pay 2500€ and get a better pc. Nothing wrong with buying pre build, but if you are on a budget building one is smarter.
2020-07-30 19:43
If youre clueless about HW & dont care about wasting more money than you necessary then why not.
2020-07-31 12:20
It costed me +-200€ more than it would when I installed it myself. 200€ is not worth my time for searching all the parts together and setting it up. Simple as that.
2020-07-31 16:58
I like this explanation.. This is why I am buying pre-built and looking for a great deal.
2020-07-31 16:59
nzxt bld is prolly ur best bet
2020-08-02 04:30
they really do price it decently as in its only 100 for them to build it for you and price per part is really good
2020-08-02 04:32
So basically what I wrote
2020-07-31 17:56
yes sir
2020-07-31 19:06
building the pc is the fun part in getting a new pc
2020-08-02 14:22
If u got time, sure.
2020-08-02 14:58
how much do you make an hour?
2020-08-03 19:22
A good 4000€ monthly roughly together with my fiancee without a bunch of benefits like they pay our internet/tv/phone (€130+), they save 200€ each month for when we go on retirement, 350€ gas-money, free health insurance and some other things I can't remember now. It's enough for now but my fiancee will make serious cash in a few years. Tell me where you're from and what your pay is my man? Why are you asking ?
2020-08-04 17:32
alright lets say you earn a good 15-20 bucks per hour. it only takes an hour max to find a good setup for your needs. and another hour to assemble the parts into a working PC. to avoid this you have to pay 200-300 extra for same parts that equals roughly 1-1.5 workdays of money for you so its actually definitely worth your time.
2020-08-04 17:43
Of course they charge you more - they found the parts, planned the build, ordered them home, unpacked them, put it all together, booted it up and tested it, packed it down and shipped it - essentially they built it for you. It would also be cheaper to buy all the materials for a house, but buying a contractor to build it for you will be more expensive. You pay people to do a job - that's not a scam, that's how society works.
2020-07-31 12:05
no, that's scam.
2020-07-31 14:37
+1 finally someone who's not completely retarded and understands how the world works. Some companies arguably do charge more than they should for the labour involved but that's the way it is if you want to spend someone elses time instead of your own
2020-07-31 22:16
you are obviosuly going to spend more money, because they need to build it for you and then ship it to you. for them to even break even they would need to charge more
2020-07-30 03:06
you will end up paying more, and sometimes they will put some shitty components (usually mobo and psu)
2020-07-30 10:21
Yes they list the big parts like CPU and GPU but they dont tell you the RAM speed usually, mobo is often cheap. RAM is usually cheap and made by an unknown brand. PSU's can be extra scary if cheaped out on.
2020-07-31 01:48
it's funny when some high tier prebuilt pc company still uses 2666mhz ram with a high end ryzen cpu Xd
2020-07-31 09:27
Yea legit lol. very efficient omegalul
2020-07-31 11:56
United States TrashPanda
2020-07-30 02:44
So far I found a system for $1200 with these specs: Intel Core i7 9th Gen 9700 (3.00GHz) NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB 16GB DDR4 512GB SSD Windows 10 Home 64-bit Can anyone beat that somewhere someplace
2020-07-30 02:42
Asia Blitzer
lmao thats rubish
2020-07-30 02:44
2020-07-30 02:45
bottle | 
Taiwan Azes
old gen cpu? why? what country are you in
2020-07-30 02:50
Is it that bad??
2020-07-30 02:53
bottle | 
Taiwan Azes
It's not bad but costs too much compared to 10th gen
2020-07-30 03:02
Damn hmm
2020-07-30 03:45
they're old and expensive example i7 7700 is 300$ and new i3 10100(10th generation) is 100$ and power difference is i3 is munch better than this 2017 garbage proof-->
2020-07-30 10:11
Yo what do you think of Ryzen 7 3700X 16 gb ram Radeon RX 5700 XT 1tb ssd For $1199?
2020-07-30 23:57
scam scam scam
2020-07-31 01:38
United Kingdom Vitheeshan
honestly bro just build a pc, you get much more value and its fun so why not you know
2020-07-31 09:32
amd radeon cards are not that good they'll work good for only cutscenes XD amd cpu's seems strong but as a amd veteran i can say they wont last long and we have 10th gen intels why would we go back to 10's?
2020-08-04 15:56
cpu not overclockable RAM speed? PSU brand?
2020-07-31 01:49
Gaming in 2020 LOL
2020-07-30 02:45
I'm investing to stay home bro
2020-07-30 02:46
There are a 1000 better things to invest in
2020-07-30 02:59
To stay home?? Like what??
2020-07-30 03:00
Buy his mom I guess
2020-07-30 05:47
a gym
2020-07-31 22:17
Other stekin
wouldn't recommend a prebuild pc, I have a desktop built around the budget of around 4000 USD and its better than any other gaming pc out there, if u r looking for a good gaming experience, buy parts and build it yourself. But I would recommand Alienware 17 r4 since I bought it 2 years ago and it still runs perfectly
2020-07-30 02:46
Ew Alienware 17 R4 actually failed me
2020-07-30 02:50
Other stekin
Well mine is still working good XD, although some of the keys on the keyboard is broken
2020-07-30 02:53
Literally has random lag idk why, fps drops, I think it has power issues to the organs
2020-07-30 02:55
Other stekin
hmm did u open the command centre and change the settings? Pretty sure u can change the terminal and performance to bull speed while gaming
2020-07-30 02:56
I have it on full maximum ultimate performance and it's crap
2020-07-30 02:56
Other stekin
bruh idk then, but mine works fine, big rip for u
2020-07-30 02:57
just do prebuilt by nzxt or something unless you have a specific design/aesthetic you want. the only way you'd get cheaper is if you waited months looking for sales and discounts on specific parts.. everyone saying otherwise is stuck in 2016 or some shit.
2020-07-30 02:53
Is it still true that prebuilts are level on price to building it yourself? I know prebuilts were cheaper for a time because GPU prices skyrocketed but PC building companies still bought them at fixed prices, but I thought those prices stabilised a bit.
2020-07-30 03:02
eh, i purchased a prebuilt like 10 months ago, so i can't speak for this moment. but nzxt lists the price of all the parts being used; they were all either equal to the lowest retail price or even a bit lower. think i paid like $50 for assembly & shipping which was worth it to me personally. granted that $50 might be more valuable since his budget is a bit smaller
2020-07-30 10:05
You'll always pay more for a prebuild because someone has to put the parts together, make sure it works and then pack it and ship it to you. Time = money However, prebuilds are a lot better value for money than they used to be, some companies will still try to rip customers off but others actually have good prices
2020-07-31 22:19
Well when GPU prices were really high, prebuilts cost around the same if not cheaper because they got the GPUs cheaper, despite labour costs. I don't think that's the case anymore, but yeah, I've looked at some fairly recently and the prices don't seem that bad.
2020-07-31 22:39 Very slightly over budget, if you need to save that money you could get a smaller SSD and a HDD, and downgrade the case or PSU Not sure which cases are best these days but I think that one has good airflow. I've heard bad things about the NZXT ones in the same price range so I'm avoiding them. But ultimately I don't think it'll matter too much if you're not overclocking, which is why I left in the stock CPU cooler. If you want another one, get the Hyper 212 Evo. Cheap and reliable. Pretty sure Ryzen beats Intel these days as well.
2020-07-30 03:00
I like it thanks for posting, hmm, I wonder if it can get cheaper from there if I find them on sale
2020-07-30 03:07
Finland ok_men
I like it thanks for posting, hmm, I wonder if it can get cheaper from there if I find them on sale
2020-07-31 12:02
I like it thanks for posting, hmm, I wonder if it can get cheaper from there if I find them on sale
2020-07-30 03:07
I like it thanks for posting, hmm, I wonder if it can get cheaper from there if I find them on sale
2020-07-30 03:07
Whoa wtf I lagged hard
2020-07-30 03:08
Hahaha I was wondering why I was getting so many notifications
2020-07-30 03:18
Europe Vallon4
Get a CPU cooler, that guy is insane for not including one in the list. Overclocking or not, newer CPU's run WAY too hot on stock coolers.
2020-07-30 03:28
You sure about that? I thought the AMD stock cooler was considered pretty reliable as long as you weren't doing anything crazy with the CPU. Either way, I guess it's not too expensive to buy a different one.
2020-07-30 04:03
Europe Vallon4
It's much better to shell out 60$ more than risk overheating and CPU lifespan shortage due to stock.
2020-07-30 05:13
$36 for a Hyper 212 Evo I believe I guess it's peace of mind but I don't think they're that bad
2020-07-30 06:28
Yo dude is this a good price for this set up here Yo what do you think of Ryzen 7 3700X 16 gb ram Radeon RX 5700 XT 1tb ssd For $1199
2020-07-30 23:58
I've never really followed AMD GPUs because I've never owned one. However, quickly looking at some benchmarks, they seem around equal, with maybe the 2070 taking a slight lead. If the Radeon is much cheaper then it's probably an acceptable sacrifice to make. Also depends on whether you care about ray tracing. However, I did just have a thought. It might be better waiting until the release of the RTX 3000 series, which I think is a little over a month away. They should be much better than all the current available options at this price. Idk if you want to wait that long though.
2020-07-31 01:33
I see thanks for the input, I can probably just have it for sale and sell it when the 3000 series comes out
2020-07-31 01:47
Just wanted to bring in my experience real quick: i bought and build a pc for a friend a while ago with a ryzen r5 3600 and i had the same mindset of amds coolers beeing pretty good well end of the story was that he had temperatures to above 100 degrees celsius when he was playing cs go and the cpu even began to clock down because of that with a new cooler by bequit he had no problems since and hes constantly staying under 70 degrees now so i would never go for another build without an extra cpu cooler
2020-07-30 10:20
That's almost certainly an installation problem, not a problem with the cooler. My brother's PC has an FX series processor with one of those stock coolers. His case is cheap and probably has terrible airflow. Sounds like a leafblower most of the time. But he still doesn't hit above 70° playing games. If your friend's hitting 100 playing CSGO on a newer stock cooler, something's not right.
2020-07-30 15:31
yeah i thought that too so after we saw those problems i started to try fixing it . we tried to install different drivers and changed the bios settings tried out pretty much everything, i even re installed windows completely but all of it didnt change anything - we even swapped the ssd in it to make sure it hadnt anything to do with that thats why i decided to change the cooler and problems were gone immediately so idk bro, i never thought that amd coolers were shit - like i said in #53 - but it appears that that one was really really bad, maybe it was broken or something idk
2020-07-30 18:18
What does any of that have to do with the CPU cooler? Did you try reseating the cooler, or tightening it, or reapplying thermal paste, or checking the fan speeds? My friend recently built his own PC with an NZXT Kraken and he was getting bad temps, so I told him to tighten it and they were completely fine after that.
2020-07-30 19:18
yeah we did all of that, we re applied it twice, both times with new thermal paste but tbh i dont really remember the fan speeds, it is hard to tell aswell from just looking at it if the fan speeds are correct. there might have been a problem there but as i said i dont really know for sure
2020-07-31 08:50
United Kingdom Vitheeshan
by constanly staying under 70 degrees did you mean on average bcs thats pretty high for cs lol
2020-07-31 09:37
if you mean the temperature after the cooler change then no we tested various AAA titles and the cpu stayed under 70 degrees what i see as completely acceptable - i dont remember the temperatures for cs only after we swapped the cooler anymore, sorry :(
2020-07-31 10:05
ah yh that sounds fine then
2020-08-01 10:50
building it yourself is much better, you can get quality psu, ram, mobo, etc they'll throw a shitty 80+bronze or 80+ psu and some 2666 or 3000 mhz ram all they do is buy the cheapest of the name, so that it looks good but is actually dogshit
2020-07-30 03:01
True......... But damnit I'm lazy
2020-07-30 03:12
takes a few hours of effort and saves a lot
2020-07-30 04:33
just build your own, its the best
2020-07-30 03:14
trk | 
Brazil SkindCS
sadly i do not know the prices in eu, the prices here in brazil rn is like 200 euro in a 3600 converting, its absurd.
2020-07-30 04:40
Sweden lil_peep
alienware has a few good options
2020-07-30 04:46
Buying a new PC right before a next-gen console release is unwise. I'd wait 1-2 years.
2020-07-30 10:24
Buy the parts and build it yourself. Not only is it the cheapest way to get one, it's actually not that difficult, and in fact is very fun to do, especially the first time you do it. You'll probably better yourself as a person as well by trying new things. It also doesn't take too long. I built my first PC without any help in 2 hours so it's not like I spent all day. I spent the rest of the night installing software but that was mainly be just being unprepared. Just make sure you have a Windows 10 key (whether you bought it for the full price or bought a key from ebay) and update all your drivers. Once your drivers are all updated, go to somewhere like to download a bunch of software at once without having to download things individually and then download the things that aren't on ninite and you should be good to go.
2020-07-30 10:28
Hey bro what do you think of Yo what do you think of Ryzen 7 3700X 16 gb ram Radeon RX 5700 XT 1tb ssd For $1199??
2020-07-30 23:58
Radeon bad
2020-07-31 01:50
ram speed? power supply?? ssd brand? case? cooler? rgb fans? do you have money for monitor and other gears?
2020-08-04 16:00
Im about to purchase a band new parts and build it myself but im scared of damaging the CPU((it seems like the hardest thing to install). Most likely I'll just tell them to build it for me as its free.
2020-08-03 20:45
I must have alzheimers cuz i dont remember asking
2020-07-30 19:35
2020-07-30 19:37
Malaysia Suno[t]
buy 2nd hand gaming pc from your local community if you live in the city. saves you the trouble and cost effective :D
2020-07-30 20:39
All i can say is if you buy a prebuilt you are gonna have a lower quality product
2020-07-31 02:01
daps | 
Canada JC_123
build it yourself. Every time with a pre-built you'll get at least one of: shit psu shit ram shit motherboard shit case usually at least two though. In the rare instance where not one component is total shit, the pc will be overpriced until its deeply discounted.
2020-07-31 02:06
How do I know if it's a shit part
2020-07-31 09:37
Either -looks cheap (eg green printed circuit board ) -unknown brand -lacks features (eg mobos with no m.2 slots or only usb 2.0 etc)
2020-07-31 11:58
Man I hope I don't get any of these
2020-07-31 16:29
You wont if you just buy all the parts yourself
2020-07-31 16:49
you can't becuase prebuilt companies generally won't list the specifics on these parts.
2020-07-31 21:50
Not now. Wait a little. Just do. New CPUs and GPUs around the corner. Really
2020-07-31 09:44
New is expensive tho right? I need it now and older pre-builts seem same price as if building during this covid market
2020-07-31 16:28
cyx | 
Germany KapioO
buy brain and go work
2020-07-31 10:08
no fuck work work is waste of time dont listen to this guy
2020-07-31 12:31
You should only buy pre-built if you have budget under a grand, but when you are going for better PC, you definately should build it yourself.
2020-07-31 10:10
wait a little
2020-07-31 12:11
Wait for what, time is of the essence, now or never, yolo, I'm buying a rtx 7 3700x with 2070 super
2020-07-31 16:27
Bro by looking at your replies here in this thread you're paying 0 attention to mobo's , coolers, psu, ram etc , this are all important parts on a PC, you can't only look at CPU, GPU and storage
2020-07-31 16:38
Yes and this is exactly where prebuilds get you they make it seem like you only pay little extra for assembly when in reality they cheap out on lots of unlisted parts to make a nice amount of profit
2020-07-31 16:53
zmotherboard mini ATX with no OC features, or an cpu cooler that is louder than an aircraft etc
2020-08-02 15:34
Turkey Nexpo
yea u can buy from Pablo Escobar
2020-08-01 10:50
some shops build your parts together (pc configurator) for ~50 bugs. still better than prebuilt, cuz overpriced. in germany that would be f.e.
2020-08-02 15:11
thats alot of bugs
2020-08-02 15:16
50 EUR? not really. if he is not into building it's a fair price. he will need hours for building/reasearch and get this shit running + risking to break components. if you are poor 50 EUR seems much but the value is there!
2020-08-02 15:31
smh my head.......................
2020-08-02 16:58
well keep shaking till it hurts
2020-08-02 20:39
ok bug boy
2020-08-03 19:05
build one
2020-08-02 15:16
habib , pls dont go for pre built. Custom built bestest
2020-08-02 20:40
But prices gone up and pre-builts are same price with quality parts, budget $1500
2020-08-03 04:05
Pre builds seem like a good deal at first, but they cheap out on stuff so they can get easy $$$
2020-08-03 19:09
It's all big name brand parts pretty legit
2020-08-03 19:16
can it wait until christmas or must it be right now?
2020-08-03 19:32
Imagine wasting time waiting lul
2020-08-03 20:08
By christmas this year RTX 3000 and AMD RYZEN 4000 will be out. An RTX 3060 will be 400$ and it will be better than the 2080 Super in normal gaming and 400% better than the 2080Ti in Ray Tracing , when you turn on RT on the 3060 you will not lose almost any FPS. You are going to feel scammed in 4 months if you buy a 2000 series now.
2020-08-03 20:11
Dude I see I see well I can sell the 2070 super for like 295 and boom baby!
2020-08-03 20:35
a 250$ 3050Ti will probably match the 2070 Non Super , i doubt you'll be able to get more than 200$ for a 2070 post-3000 launch.
2020-08-03 20:37
2020-08-04 17:53
various YouTube channels and hardcore hardware websites.
2020-08-04 18:43
hmm ok
2020-08-04 18:46
cpu: don't buy amd cpu(they won't last long) buy i5 10th gen or i7 10th gen(if you have money) motherboard: the shop worker will recommend you if you choose your cpu, i have no idea about which cpu you want gpu: gtx1060 6gb(can handle almost every game) but if you have money buy rtx2060 or rtx2070 or you can just buy gtx1660 case: case is not that important thing you can use good expensive one(for visual) or just can use cheap ones for budget, you can even use card board as a case power supply: choose strong power supply +600w(500watts will out of date within few year) cooler master power supplys are pretty good!!! i'll recommend 750watt or higher hard: buy ssd not hhd buy +500gb, 1tb is good cooler: cooler master coolers are the best :) ram: 16gb 2400-3200mhz is enough for you, even 8gb 2400mhz is enough for gaming monitor: 60hz is good you can use it but if you want better experience buy zowie benq xl2411(144hz) or xl2540(244hz) but xl2411 is enough, curved is shit mouse pad: buy L XL or XXL don't buy S or M size keyboard: hyperx alloy fps pro(best one for me) mouse: zowie, rival(steelseries) or razer mice are the best headset: hyperx cloud2
2020-08-04 16:34
Thank you for the great info, I agree with it all but can you tell me why a 3700 xt amd processor wouldn't last long??
2020-08-04 17:34
Russia Jet1k
i didnt get reccomended and it fucked up my build so worth researching mobo too
2020-08-04 18:50
Ecuador Ageless
This person is clearly a fan of Intel not AMD, thats why he suggests this. With $1200, you can get either a 3600 or 3700 / xt for good prices, and the Rx 5700 xt has been proven to perform better than rtx 2060 Gpus, and is lower cost than most 2070's for similar performance. For a case, just make sure to prioritize airflow. If you need Peripherals as well (Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse) then that will probably eat up a lot of your 1200 budget, probably at least $300 for decent stuff, so make sure to factor that in. I just bought a gaming PC myself, here is the link to it and my final price.
2020-08-04 18:56
Wow I like your set up well done and good price with quality parts
2020-08-04 18:57
Ecuador Ageless
Yeah no need to copy and paste if u dont want but I feel like I did a decent enough job picking parts, one other thing to note is that B550 motherboards are actually similar in price to B450's right now, so u can easily do that instead. Here is link to comparing the B450 i got to a B550 (b550 are newer OFC)
2020-08-04 18:59
amd fan detected it's not that nice calling someone like this you see
2020-08-08 18:20
Ecuador Ageless
2020-08-08 18:28
Ecuador Ageless
2020-08-04 18:49
Copenhagen Flames
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