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improving in cs.
Finland ilikecereal61 
hey. i've been trying to improve and as of lately i've played around 500 kills of dm (300 ak, 100 deagle and 100 m4) per day. i've noticed a massive improvement in aiming and my average kills have gone up from like 19 to around 23-24. my question is: how can i improve against strafing/moving players? for me it seems like many players are using some kind of movement as a way to make them harder to hit (strafing inconsistently, crouch-moving etc.). i really have an issue hitting shots against these players making these kind of small movements. any tips on how i could get better at that? any way i could include that into my own gameplay? cheers. if you want reference, most of my clips can be found and viewed here:
2020-07-30 03:15
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Poland Hanse
There are 2 popular maps for this particular training in the workshop
2020-07-30 03:20
links? i use quite a few maps on workshop, my favorites being ofc the classics like aim_botz and fast reflex training but i really like yprac aim arena as well
2020-07-30 03:22
Poland Hanse
Can't provide link since I'm on mobile
2020-07-30 03:28
ahh unluko. names?
2020-07-30 03:31
trk | 
Brazil SkindCS
aim reflex and training center
2020-07-30 04:24
just spray dood, they cant run if they get slowed by ur bullets. knowing when to tap and when to spray is also what seperates a good rifler from great rifler
2020-07-30 03:21
i know. i try to play dm because of that, been helping so far
2020-07-30 03:22
Keep playing deathmatch, but also play retakes and HOLD HARD ANGLES For example: Respawn as T on A site mirage. Crouch on default and hold CT wide swing, it's a hard angle to hold, the guy will just wide swing and see you standing still, but with enough practice you'll start to get these kills on moving/peeking players. Deathmatch is easy, most of the time you're wide swinging, using peekers advantage to your favor and killing off guard people with their backs turned. More examples, stand on the right side of big box on B site d2 and hold B tunnels. Stay wide open in the middle of nowhere holding B window. Start also deagling in Pistol DM, it's also pretty hard and can be frustrating but it will help with micro-adjustments.
2020-07-30 03:26
thanks! will do. i've been doing 300ak, 100 deagle and 100m4 kills when dm'ing. im actually pretty good with deagle considering my level and i get around 1kd when dm'ing with it. my crosshair placement is my strong point right now, i really know how to utilize that. will start doing that angle hold though, thanks for the tip mate
2020-07-30 03:29
Np, DM is definitely the best practice there is, but it's also a bit incomplete. I see a lot of people crabwalk spraying around in deathmatch and getting over 2k/d with ease, but when I face them in real matches they can't hold an angle to save their lives, they have zero multi kill potential because they're not used to holding angles. You can do this practice on Duels servers as well, but the peeks will get repetitive.
2020-07-30 03:33
yep, if you check out the link in the thread itself you see that most of my clips are actually me holding at first but also me clutching. i feel like the best i can do now is just grind my way up. when dm'ing i usually try to go for kills that have me in a match-like situation.
2020-07-30 03:37
Yeah, your aim is pretty firm, you also don't crouch when you don't have to, this is a good thing to have. Your micro-adjustments need some work tho, in some situations you start to tap, can't do a small adjustment to the opponent's head, and then burst to his body. I'd suggest you incorporate a bit of Rifle HSDM in your daily routine (something like 20 mins at least) to help with that.
2020-07-30 03:50
yep. will do. been playing low sens for about a year. i had a period where i changed my sens all the time since low sens i couldnt adjust and higher sens felt unstable. with this i now feel the most consistent ive ever felt and feel like ill get better. it was far worse a month or 2 ago, couldnt even adjust to a head close-range. its always been a thing for me when playing lower sens tbh, im just more consistent overall with it so ive stuck with a sens of 560-650edpi for around 2 years give or take. as stated before ive played 630edpi (400 1.575) for a year now. but thanks mate! will do hsdm more now, trying to tap and get consistent at adjusting. my initial flick is good for my level i think, just need to nail the small bits.
2020-07-30 03:56
work on tracking kovaaks has some good tracking scenarios, but it costs money
2020-07-30 04:01
aimlab is free and is better imo
2020-07-30 04:04
theres no real tracking scenarios, its incomplete, and theres really only click-timing and speed scenarios, so not really kovaaks isn't worth 15$ but its better than aimlabs
2020-07-30 04:07
a few of my friends play it and they say it helps with tracking but lacks in other aspects
2020-07-30 13:34
I don't really play cs anymore but the best way used to be the 1v1 "Duel servers" with the old boomeo maps (real maps). Instant spawns in real 1v1 situations. Mythic had them in US.
2020-07-30 04:07
I think you could try shift walking to make it faster to react to players, I played against pro player and he was shift moving a lot, more than other players in the server. Especially on CT side, it depends on your playstyle and what your comfotable with.
2020-07-30 04:38
sounds good. what exactly do you meant hough? shifting and the counter-strafing when seeing an enemy?
2020-07-30 13:35
hot take. i dont practise aim or aim when i play. if i kill them they cant kill me
2020-07-30 06:48
Improve your tracking and reflex shots
2020-07-30 07:03
my reflex shots are decent. tracking i will improve
2020-07-30 13:35
play dm hs only
2020-07-30 13:41
thats what im going to do mostly
2020-07-30 15:29
Russia xtkjdtr001
Whats the point
2020-07-30 13:51
to get tips?
2020-07-30 14:03
Russia xtkjdtr001
whats the point of improving in cs
2020-07-30 17:08
There are 1v1 servers which really help, i play on this 1v1 server alot and ive noticed so much improvement,i became the 28th best there out of 49000 ppl (they have a points system), met a guy called ut1l and he started coaching me, i went from mg1 to legendary eagle master
2020-07-30 14:08
nice. i'm lem rn myself but playwith globals all the time, just want to get global and then go faceit
2020-07-30 14:31
Bump lol
2020-07-30 16:26
2020-07-30 18:38
2020-07-30 20:46
maybe you rely too much on crosshair placement how is your micro adjustment? A lot of better players will crouch peek and strafe, meaning you have to micro adjust fast Run around DM with BAD CROSSHAIR PLACEMENT and see how well you do Run like s1mple haha , not like NIKo
2020-07-30 16:27
Haha sounds good to me actually, i think like 50% of my frags come from good crosshair placement while micro-adjustments have always been an issue for me
2020-07-30 17:41
Mongolia Kkura
Actually impressed that people on HLTV are trying to help this guy improve nice one guys
2020-07-30 17:09
Hah i was really surprised too
2020-07-30 17:41
United States RopzIsCute
Play against bots
2020-07-30 20:47
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