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r8 this song
Norway verydenkmem I finished and mastered my deep house track. It's a little bit longer now - 5 minutes. Enjoy :D
2020-07-31 22:36
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Slovakia FiiLCS
2020-07-31 22:37
Norway verydenkmem
Did you listen to the whole thing?
2020-07-31 22:39
1/1 it is a song! 😎👍
2020-07-31 22:40
2020-08-01 23:37
2020-07-31 22:41
Quite good 6/8
2020-07-31 22:42
Norway verydenkmem
If you listened to the whole thing, what did you think about the part from 2:50?
2020-07-31 22:42
wtf man? thats dope af, good structure despite 5 min is way too long for current meta, melody is sick, vocal is fine too where is it even from?
2020-07-31 22:45
Originally, my track was 2:50 long, but someone told me that It should be longer, since people should be able to chill to it. Anyways, thanks man, I really appreciate it.
2020-07-31 22:46
np lad ur potential is huge u gonna blow up 1 day 100%. i checked more tracks ur flexibility is crazy
2020-07-31 23:02
why am i the only like ??
2020-07-31 22:44
Idk mens(
2020-07-31 22:48
If Brasil is good country and Argentina is bad, i give rating to this song called North Korea
2020-07-31 22:45
Is this good or bad haha
2020-07-31 22:46
just think of north korea leader when u think about this song, you can say its pretty solid
2020-07-31 23:01
2020-07-31 23:01
Russia Slavaa
not dubstep /closed
2020-07-31 22:46
mens((( Don't be like that :(
2020-07-31 22:47
Russia Slavaa
kidding, but i dont like deep house at all. Your lofi thing, future bass track, psytrance nameless demo are not bad btw
2020-07-31 22:50
Turkey Nexpo
2020-07-31 22:51
Thank you man :)
2020-07-31 23:37
liked the drums in the beginning but hated the bass
2020-07-31 22:52
cmon just be nice to the guy
2020-07-31 23:01
2020-07-31 23:05
why mens ((
2020-07-31 23:05
criticism good for improvement
2020-08-01 01:53
dude I didn't insult the song I just wrote my opinion it is up to him whether if agree or disagree
2020-07-31 23:08
Any reason why you didn't like the bass?
2020-07-31 23:24
melody felt generic
2020-07-31 23:47
The bassline or the actual melody?
2020-07-31 23:59
sorry I meant the bassline my bad :/
2020-08-01 00:08
I can see why. Did you feel like it didn't really fit? or what was the deal?
2020-08-01 00:09
it felt generic I can't explain it is either the specific notes or the sound of the bass
2020-08-01 00:10
Cool to see that youre still making music Very nice mens)))
2020-07-31 22:57
Thank you :D What did you think about the part from 2:50?
2020-07-31 22:58
Cool to hear some vocals aswell. I feel like it really enhances the song, even if the vocal part isnt very long
2020-07-31 23:00
So you thought it fit in well?
2020-07-31 23:00
Yes, very much so. Especially the editing on it makes it fit very well
2020-07-31 23:00
Thanks, I really just wanted an opinion on that part.
2020-07-31 23:09
np mens))))
2020-07-31 23:10
Where you got vocals from?
2020-07-31 23:12
From a sample pack. I would've definitely recorded something of my own if I had a better microphone. Why did you wonder?
2020-07-31 23:45
Portugal NabasKi
That's pretty good. I feel like it's a bit too lengthy, but that's just my own preference, and I guess breaking the norm is a good thing. Keep it up.
2020-07-31 23:13
I uploaded a shorter version a couple of days ago, and someone mentioned that they thought it was really good, but they said it should be longer. Since it is a deep house track, people should be able to chill out while listening to it, so therefore it should be longer imo. But yeah, maybe it was a bit long, i'll consider making it a bit shorter. As always, thank you for the feedback.
2020-07-31 23:20
Portugal NabasKi
Yeah, I definitely vibed to it haha
2020-07-31 23:21
That's great :) What did you think about the melody?
2020-07-31 23:34
Portugal NabasKi
It wasn't very memorable, but it's alright.
2020-08-01 02:16
Should I try to get this out through a label or something similar?
2020-08-01 02:22
Portugal NabasKi
Wouldn't hurt to try. You could always send it to some producers who review demos, like Jonas Aden.
2020-08-01 02:25
I doubt he will like it but I mean, i can try.
2020-08-01 23:32
Portugal NabasKi
Worst case scenario, he points out the stuff you can improve on.
2020-08-01 23:35
Okay then, do you when his next unreleased demos reviews is?
2020-08-01 23:37
ns music not bad 7/10
2020-07-31 23:26
Thank you bro
2020-07-31 23:42
Portugal SyruzZ
Any local night club you can talk to? You could ask them to play your track there.
2020-07-31 23:26
There is a singular nightclub the nearest town, I could try. I would assume you felt the track was good since you thought it could be played in a nightclub. Thank you.
2020-07-31 23:31
Portugal SyruzZ
Of course. It has a good vibe just to listen or to party. Gj mens
2020-08-01 01:24
Not my kind of thing but I see why someone who enjoys this kind of music would like this
2020-07-31 23:49
Damn you are a hard worker. How many songs are you making per week ? I really like it :)
2020-07-31 23:49
Thanks, glad someone notices. It varies how many songs I make per week really, because sometimes I just pop off and I make manage to make multiple songs like this week and sometimes I chill out and I only manage to make a single song. Glad you like it :D
2020-07-31 23:53
"ah ah" x20 "pu puru pu" x100 "tut" x200 "tuts" x300 Hltv self promos x can't have too many
2020-08-01 00:03
2020-08-01 00:06
Pupuru pum pum pumpum, pupuru pum pumpum, pupuru pum pumpum, pupuru pum pumpum, pupuru pum pumpum, pupuru pum pumpum, pupuru pum pumpum, pupuru pum pumpum,
2020-08-01 00:18
Ahhh ur talking about the song Maybe you just dont like house music
2020-08-01 00:18
maybe the track isn't that great
2020-08-01 00:23
you need faster sharper cuts song little shorter upload it to youtube please
2020-08-01 00:32
Faster sharper cuts song little shorter?
2020-08-01 00:35
i dont know men i just wanna sound professional but upload to ytube
2020-08-01 00:36
Yeah okay why?
2020-08-01 00:37
i have ytube on my tv i wanna listen
2020-08-01 00:38
I'll do it tomorrow alright? Or atleast tomorrow for me. I'll do it after I wake up
2020-08-01 00:47
2020-08-01 00:48
Hungary Shiron212
I think this is my favorite track from you Perfection <3 Love this chill atmosphere
2020-08-01 01:25
That makes me really happy. Glad you enjoyed it that much.
2020-08-01 01:29
2020-08-01 23:05
2nd bump
2020-08-01 23:24
3rd bruhmp
2020-08-02 01:07
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