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FaZe - Astralis shuffle ?
United States jack4000 
Now that it seems like gla1ve and Xyp9x arent coming back to Astralis do you think FaZe should try and get them? Imo they could do -bymas -cold +Xyp9x +gla1ve and if they want to go majority danish -broky +JUGI. Thoughts? I think that would be a sick lineup and will maybe finally make them a top 5 team.
2020-08-01 13:58
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2020-08-01 13:58
1) gla1ve is coming back this month 2) faze can't afford either after spending $1 million on cold 3) neither would ever join faze
2020-08-02 14:08
faze could afford Xyp9x maybe next year imo.
2020-08-02 18:51
1) +1 gla1ve is coming back soon 2) FaZe can afford but wouldnt buy them cuz they are expensive 3) I agree, they would not join faze
2020-08-03 03:34
2020-08-01 13:58
pls just stop with these threads...
2020-08-01 13:59
Canada Neitsa
It is a dream but it is never gonna happen. And it will be -bymas -rain i think
2020-08-01 13:59
nah Niko and rain are butt buddies and I don't think the Niko/rain/cold core is going anywhere anytime soon unless if rain starts to underperform or the team gets dropped for whatever reason. they also seem to like broky a lot and want to develop him as a talent. tbh they probably just need someone with experience who can help with the midround calls and/or provide input in their strat sessions while performing reliably in the bitch positions / playing bait on t side (like an older english-speaking Perfecto). nitr0 honestly fills that role pretty well but it's unlikely for an NA player to move to Europe (especially with the pandemic going on in the states rn) so they'll probably either keep bymas until olof comes back and pick up an analyst, or do something like they did with NEO but give him less IGL control, and as more of a midround calls.
2020-08-03 03:30
United States Hindy
no brain was used in this reply
2020-08-03 11:05
why in the world would you kick cold? just remove bymas, broky/rain and give cold the awp
2020-08-01 14:01
Everyone and everything is going to faze for some unexplainable reason
2020-08-01 14:02
United States jack4000
except success and trophys
2020-08-01 14:03
imagine adding jugi to tier 1 team lol. this thread is a joke
2020-08-01 14:10
United States jack4000
I think you mean saying FaZe being a tier 1 team is a joke
2020-08-01 14:44
hah. eg fan talking. ur team is in top 5 cuz u guys play vs liquid , furia and the rest are tier 5 teams. U will get demolished when u face tier 1 eu teams.
2020-08-01 15:02
2020-08-02 17:40
Yeah but not Faze
2020-08-02 18:32
faze are alright. They finished 3-4 place in last 3 tournaments. thats more than enough to beat eg
2020-08-02 21:44
Germany snicxx
glave will come back in august. and xyp3x if he will not retire will come back as well. stop posting this stupid posts based on rumors. you should worry more about this tier 3 NA cs
2020-08-01 14:03
+1 if xyp dont come back he's retired. deserve some rest for being top-grossing cs player of all time
2020-08-01 14:05
Germany snicxx
yes! I don't see him tryhard like snax at illuminar to play tier 3 cs or edward coming back after years with this trash line up to make some 18+ games. xyp3x won everything and dominated cs with astralis. if he comes back only with his bros from denmark
2020-08-01 14:08
United States jack4000
Will he ? Its august and I dont see him. You seriously think Xyp9x will comeback now that they signed someone else ? hahahahaha tier 3 NA cs? NA scene is currently the strongest scene in the world keep crying :)
2020-08-01 15:00
cause they're on a break lmfao he started his 3 month break in the middle of may so he should be back in the middle of august, should be pretty simple lol
2020-08-01 15:04
Germany snicxx
Strongest scene in the world ???? Hahhahahahahahaha go play valulrant. Your best team is from BR and your former best team from the US lulquit are trash af atm and wouldn’t stand tier 3 eu teams. The 2nd best Na teams are getting carried by europeans 😂😂😂😂 nt NA. That’s why we said „if“ xyp3x will come back. It looks like he will retire, but that’s ok. Imagine thinking that he would sign for fazeclan 😂 Na logic
2020-08-01 15:06
2020-08-02 17:42
strongest scene only cause you have 20 different teams. none of them are elite.
2020-08-03 03:34
if you think FaZe are gonna just throw away broky and cold like that you're mentally unsound
2020-08-01 14:19
Asia h@des
Don't be delusional :]
2020-08-01 14:21
Germany snicxx
He is from NA. Don’t mind him. He think it’s strongest scene in the world rn hahahahaha
2020-08-01 15:07
they wont kick cold and freaking jugi? OMEGALUL
2020-08-01 14:21
Got 7 day ip ban for calling you r***** a while ago and it was worth it
2020-08-01 14:22
2020-08-02 13:21
That is some stupid bait from ya kiddo
2020-08-01 14:45
stopped reading at jugi
2020-08-01 15:04
Europe Weslleyy5
Biggest bait
2020-08-01 15:06
why -broky +jugi when you could keep coldzera and -broky na brain
2020-08-01 15:07
not happening but that would be top 1 I think just withou Jugi please
2020-08-01 15:08
0/8 stop creating bad threads
2020-08-01 15:09
can i mute users on hltv, also gla1ve is coming back now in august i believe, idk ab xyp but probably wont join faze
2020-08-01 15:09
Germany xMercy
Why would they go to faze, I don't see any reason for them tbh.... gla1ve coming back later in Aug and xyp is just trolling. He is gonna come back also. Lmao
2020-08-02 13:27
How is it a shuffle if Astralis don't take any FaZe players?
2020-08-02 13:37
jack400 pls stop with shitty threads
2020-08-02 13:44
device | 
CIS pdxm
Who said gla1ve isn't coming back?? He clearly put in his statement that he'll be back after 3 months and that's on August when cologne starts, device confirmed it to. Why would Astralis let go of xyp9x?? He just never confirmed whether or when he'll return.
2020-08-02 13:56
Spain daniel03s
legit 0/8 thread
2020-08-02 14:04
2020-08-02 14:11
gla1ve dev1ce bubzkji dupreeh xyp9x broky niko cold rain magisk legit noscam
2020-08-02 14:10
Spain daniel03s
this could be solid for faze ngl but unlikely
2020-08-02 17:36
magisk and cold same roles won't work
2020-08-03 04:02
so kick baiter -cold +xyp9x astralis -xyp9x +cold
2020-08-03 10:47
CIS pls_help
2020-08-02 14:15
2020-08-02 18:18
They already confirmed glaives comeback and a potential to build a 10man team. But why do I even bother writing to a baiter anyways...
2020-08-02 18:28
2020-08-02 18:30
I don't agree with your specifics but there's certainly a possibility that Xyp could end up on FaZe at some point. I doubt it will happen very soon, while I agree Xyp9x leaving seems like a possibility I don't think FaZe will wanna shell out his salary right now. Once the whole financial crisis and stuff subsides, though, I say it could happen. Xyp is only 24, he's got plenty of fight left in him. I think for the forseeable future Xyp will be "on-break" until he's announced as benched/let go, whenever his contract runs out. It's also possible he will play only RMR events and the upcoming Major and then he'll be out. FaZe will probably keep Bymas for a good while going forward, I don't think they need nor want any major roster changes anymore.
2020-08-02 18:44
worst bait ever
2020-08-02 18:46
Nice bait. You think Faze will pay that much for 2 players when they got Bymas and Broky for free LULW
2020-08-02 18:54
Can you stop with your shitty baits?
2020-08-02 18:57
Stopped reading at top 5 team Because it ended
2020-08-02 19:02
jugi xaxaxaxa. 0/8. xyp9x would be the worst pickup for faze. people would finally realise they overrated him and hes nowhere near as good as he seems when hes under gla1ve
2020-08-03 03:41
I still think Faze messed up when they didn't go for AleksiB. But I can't see any Astralis player wanting to join them atm. Salarywise I don't think Astralis is that far behind any other team on the scene. Count in prize money and they're probably the best paid. I don't know what Faze could possibly offer them that they haven't already got in Astralis. I actually like Faze's strategy with picking up young talent and give them time and experience before they start to shine rather than buying players with their best years behind them.
2020-08-03 03:52
never gonna happen. I don't understand why people want to replace anyone of faze other than Bymas. I would definitely love to see xyp9x on faze instead of Bymas. I can see that line up actually work very well.
2020-08-03 10:53
Czech Republic JeNd4
0/8 bait
2020-08-03 10:54
2020-08-03 10:55
lmao mf really said -broky +jugi
2020-08-03 11:03
Reliable sources say that gla1ve and s1mple will join Faze
2020-08-03 11:08
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