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Thank you TL Ceo CEO
United Kingdom yaletalksbusiness 
I DMed Nitr0 a few months ago telling him that he's on the verge of getting kicked and he really needs to pull his thumb out of his ass and start performing. Unfortunately he didn't listen and kept playing like a low iq bot and kept costing his team games, so when I saw that he was playing Warzone on stream I politely confronted him as I was very concerned, he decided to ban me and kept playing Warzone. He felt no guilt or remorse for losing his team countless matches. At this point I was really concerned about Nitr0 and the future of TL as a team so I hit up Steve arhancet (TL ceo) on his DM's and basically pleaded for him to kick Nitr0 and add Grim, simply because Nitr0 is worthless to the team and he's way past his prime, whereas Grim is such a good business move just because of how cheap and insane he is, and that he'll be worth so much more if they do decide to sell him. One day I woke up to seeing Nitr0 being kicked and I was positively surprised. Thank you Steve Arhancet (TL ceo) for listening to my advice, I guarantee you its so worth it. There was no juice left in Nitr0 anyways, and if things don't start to improve then Stewie2k and Adren are next.
2020-08-01 18:00
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prove it or...
2020-08-01 18:02
It's possible, but he clearly didn't cause the decision in any way
2020-08-01 18:05
North America hjhjghj23
nice dude.
2020-08-01 18:03
did you really think he would care about your opinion though?
2020-08-01 18:03
Maybe not directly but most likely it influenced things. Because this was when Grim wasn't well known and I saw a lot of potential in him. So when I decided to tell Steve this i'm sure he was keeping a watchful eye on him and then later on he decided to have a meeting whether or not they should sign him. So I think i'm partly the reason why.
2020-08-01 18:07
cry is free
2020-08-01 18:10
If this is true - Maybe you should think about creating your own eSports team.
2020-08-01 18:26
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