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Navi showmatch
Denmark dyinbyranalt 
One of the fun matches of this year , that last suicide kill was the best lol
2020-08-01 21:32
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i only watched first map and it was fun for me
2020-08-01 21:34
i watched first and last three ,i missed inferno and tuscan
2020-08-01 21:37
2020-08-01 21:35
It was pretty fun, now I'm waiting for old roster's teamspeak.
2020-08-01 21:36
haha i want the teamspeak during the tks , suicide and knives
2020-08-01 21:38
didn't even go to stream this shit, a waste of time
2020-08-01 21:38
It was fun ,yoir loss ,i didnt watch all the maps but the last three were really good especially infernk
2020-08-01 21:39
yes, cool match
2020-08-01 21:38
yeah idk how the 2010 wasnt tilted at all,if it was 2020 getting rekt they would be definitely be tilted atleast s1mple ,cause he never wants to lose any match
2020-08-01 21:42
just showmatch
2020-08-01 21:47
1.6 was fun. what about cs go... imagine tryharding in showmatch :LUL
2020-08-01 21:40
how were they tryharding ?They were knifing so much and also s1mple was repeeking so much like mm ,he didnt play like a normal match
2020-08-01 21:43
i missed most of it :( what i saw was fun though
2020-08-01 21:41
i want to see RpK vs Zywoo on CSS nowwwwww
2020-08-01 21:41
i want a baquette fromage nowwwwwww
2020-08-01 21:57
I wasn't watching it, was on a beach whole day, worth a rewatch ?
2020-08-01 21:42
If you want to watch Zeus getting knifed 10 times, sure.
2020-08-01 21:49
and if he wants to see flamie get kills for once
2020-08-01 21:57
only first 3 maps
2020-08-01 22:02
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