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why havent we seen this yet?
Sweden watis 
this is probably the best non speaking english or swedish artist i have ever heard his voice is GG
2020-08-02 01:55
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heard 1230213 years ago
2020-08-02 01:57
just discovered him he should be way more famous honestly hes REALLY good
2020-08-02 01:59
he is very famous on the french speaking countries
2020-08-02 02:13
famous for being a shit bum . joke of an artist
2020-08-02 02:55
If someones a bum you truly are one you great glorious hater
2020-08-02 03:40
he is very bad actually
2020-08-02 02:03
Girl at 2:38 2nd vid omg i lost
2020-08-02 02:05
and shes lost in the guy with guitarr xDD
2020-08-02 02:06
I like this more
2020-08-02 02:11
not the worst songs i heared but its pretty bad, for me non english singers would be italian, literally any italian better than this
2020-08-02 02:15
btw you saying your french crap better than this ?
2020-08-02 02:16
2 completely different music genres nt
2020-08-02 02:17
nothing special
2020-08-02 02:18
leaf | 
Brazil TabzeN
you destroyed him
2020-08-02 02:29
indeed he did he put me to sleep
2020-08-02 02:31
Rofl as if Sweden has better artists wtf
2020-08-02 02:38
hahaha WHERE THE FK SHOULD I START??? avicii, i can go on and on if u want
2020-08-02 02:40
go on Avicii is not an artist, he was an artist.
2020-08-02 02:41
swedish house maffia, tove lo, robyn and probably the best songwriter in the worlds resides in stockholm sweden dont be jelly dude we lowkey own the global music industry
2020-08-02 02:43
Swedish House Mafia hasn't released a song since 2012, so no they're not considered relevant artists anymore. Tove Lo is the 375th most played artist on Spotify - How do you control anything if that's the best your country has got? Robyn hasn't been relevant since dancing on my own which was released over 10 years ago? You are literally naming either dead or irrelevant music artists who became big because of a 1 hit wonder.
2020-08-02 02:48
denmark getting jealous NT as the small nation we are i still believe we achieved more then you deal with it :)
2020-08-02 02:51
rofl you are literally inbred, but i should have expected that from swedistan
2020-08-02 02:51 he owns the industry straight outta "swedistan" hater PS: Spotify is swedish also cry more bro
2020-08-02 02:53
guess why he moved to the US and didn't stay Mr. swedistan ;)
2020-08-02 02:53
still lives in sweden but goes to work in the US sometimes ofc senor estupido
2020-08-02 02:55
You're an idiot He lives in Frank Sinatra's old house. After splitting time between Los Angeles and Stockholm for years, Martin and his family now live primarily in Los Angeles, where they own two houses.
2020-08-02 02:55
2020-08-02 02:55
i edited cause i misspelled senor wrong weirdo either way hes swedish and not danish thats why hes amazing so keep on the cries baby
2020-08-02 02:57
You said "He actually lives in Sweden" but nt Just take the L dude, your country only produces irrelevant music, and the few people who either were big or could have gone big is dead or has disappeared from the scene
2020-08-02 02:59
what L is taken here? you asked for swedish artist i gave you shit load ok lets turn around GIVE ME SOMETHING DANISH PLLLLLLLLLEAAAAAAAAAAASEEE
2020-08-02 03:00
im waiting
2020-08-02 03:00
I never stated Danish music was better than his, but you did. But sure I think we could start by looking at Lukas Graham or MØ :)
2020-08-02 03:00
hahahaha is that all? HAHHAHAHAHAHAA
2020-08-02 03:01
now thats an L
2020-08-02 03:01
What i expected, don't know what to say so just doesn't say anything. Maan I'm so f*** glad I'm not from swedistan, like how the fuck do you even fuck a country up so badly rofl
2020-08-02 03:02
yes switch to swedistan argument instead D:D Big L just been taken
2020-08-02 03:04
Cause i literally can't talk music with an inbred immigrant rofl
2020-08-02 03:04
danes are known to be the inbreds of scandinavia ;)
2020-08-02 03:05
in the eyes of?
2020-08-02 03:06
the general public of the rest of scandinavia (inside joke) dont cry tho only jokes
2020-08-02 03:08
You know that Sweden literally is the worst country within scandinavia right? Like on all parameters - Education - Employment rate - GDP - Wealth - Healthcare system - Immigrant rate - corruption i could keep going
2020-08-02 03:10
and this bothers you so much....why?
2020-08-02 03:11
Cause you guys keep acting like you are first world and you're so proud +++++++++++++++++++++++++ you live right next to us
2020-08-02 03:12
we are a 1st world country still -.^ you live under a rock?
2020-08-02 03:14
dude im going to sleep now ur weird and angry af get a life u can live after bye
2020-08-02 03:14
kys kid
2020-08-02 03:15
Macau j0g
2020-08-02 02:47
France Insidium
His lyrics are trash
2020-08-02 02:54
dont understand a word but the melody and his voice are amazing to my ears
2020-08-02 02:58
France Insidium
His voice is pretty cool yea but he's doing the same shit over and over, it gets old pretty fast :/
2020-08-02 03:16
Portugal CRMN1
don't wanna sound like a dickhead but that's a french song and has literally 333 million views. Pretty sure he has to be quite known amongst the french speaking countries and there are many.
2020-08-02 03:46
United States ShawnM
i like the first song and the guy's voice sounds really nice but as the comment above me says, a lot of ppl have seen this before
2020-08-02 03:51
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