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1.6 OGs come
Malaysia Suno[t] 
anyone down to have a discussion through discord about some 1.6 moments? I have a clip here but im interested the history of some of them which I don't know the context about like the clutch involving bunny hop in cbble. We cam talk other 1.6 stuff too if you want shoot me a pm :D
2020-08-02 08:21
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Malaysia Suno[t]
from the top of my head on this video: NoA stack(stolen from commments LOL) Shot heard around the world by Sunman jacobson pug(meh not really important) tr1p vs lunatic-hai n!facultyu defuse spawn nin defuse the only thing I dont understand is the cbble and noa stack ^O^
2020-08-02 08:23
On cbble you could plant on top of a site box if you were boosted by a teammate. You could also strafe jump on top of the box, but it was extremely difficult. That player landed the strafe jump during a crucial round, allowing him to defuse the bomb in a situation that looked unwinnable.
2020-08-02 10:59
Malaysia Suno[t]
but was that a pug or a cal match? how important was taht match
2020-08-02 12:17
it was a cal invite match
2020-08-02 20:27
Malaysia Suno[t]
thx bro :)
2020-08-02 21:15
2020-08-02 08:25
2020-08-02 08:50
Malaysia Suno[t]
BUMP ;_;
2020-08-02 10:48
Other delmaszm
Basically, T's could boost each other and plant. And if the CT's was left alone after clutching, he would have to be able to make that -no so easy- bhop jump to get the diffuse. #8 clip
2020-08-02 11:04
sorry, I stopped playing after 1.3
2020-08-02 12:22
impossible cuz 14yo kid.
2020-08-02 21:30
nah but if you were in europe I'd play some pugs with you
2020-08-02 21:19
I remember the Heaton flashbang fake with the smoke un nuke haha. Nowadays looks like a retard move but then...
2020-08-02 21:20
Bosnia and Herzegovina mirzach0W
yeah 1v1 against f0rest and guy is just like, guys chill, i have a smoke xaxaxaxaxaaxa
2020-08-02 21:27
Myanmar Guzhas
2020-08-02 21:23
Bosnia and Herzegovina mirzach0W
2020-08-02 21:28
United Kingdom justdam
the white on bright text tho
2020-08-02 21:25
Bosnia and Herzegovina mirzach0W
well noa (norwegians of america if im not mistaken) was a team in 1.6 that was considered one of the best teams and they invented a boost on dust2 mid doors where you can see short from mid doors. obviously noone would expect that and you would get much kills. it became popular after some time and all teams started using it. there was a debate about it's name because many consider it 4K Stack (4kings stack) because they did it earlier but noa stack is more used these days. idk which video it is but on inferno you could actually camp behind that box all the way in the corner but the teammate needs to boost you I think so noone checked it and guy probably won a clutch or something. shots heard all over the world is kinda famous but i have watched it only once and it's just one lucky clutch, happens. he tried to trick terrorist with 3 fake defuses and since bomb timer in 1.6 is only 35 seconds he needed to defuse, so he jumped from the bomb train and randomly wallbanged that wall and killed T behind it. on nuke you could actually defuse the bomb trough the floor using that 4 man stack, i think pubmasters or sk were the first teams to do it (im not entirely sure) but that bug accured also in csgo and it's fixed. in 1.6 it's still possible tho. tr1p vs lunatic double kill is probably the best trigger discipline seen in cs 1.6. he waited, waited and then finished the clutch 2 seconds before the bomb goes off and other player cant defuse it. it's just a good play but brings up some great memories. jacobson 1v5 knife round is something like that acor's clip of clutching 1v4. it is a pug but you really needed a skill to knife someone in 1.6 cuz mechanics were so much different and movement was wayy smoother. last clip is SpawN ninja defuse attempt but it was in a big match vs NiP, he was 4,85 in the defuse and they killed him right before he pulled it off, some callouts from that cbble site are still called after spawn, like that box where he was hidden from the terrorists, but some ppl even call that box site after his name. I never used those callouts myself but they were pretty popular internationaly.
2020-08-02 21:54
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