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gained respect for jermans
Sweden anluk0 
woke people. smart enough to question the government and make their own research and conclusions. many are already seeing the agenda. 1,3 mio jermans protesting against corona measurements. media says only 17k but police says 1,3 mio. media also says that the police stopped the demo, but they didnt. it went into the night. STOP BEING SHEEPS. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE.
2020-08-02 12:57
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2020-08-02 12:59
nt lefitis jerman only jermans with brain allowed on this thread
2020-08-02 13:02
2020-08-02 13:12
Andorra chill_sage
hes part of med-ia
2020-08-02 14:42
God | 
Poland henlo
🏎️ Racing Car A racing car which appears as a formula one vehicle or rally car on most platforms. Generally displayed in red. Apple's version of this emoji features the Swift (programming language) logo on the side. Racing Car was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.
2020-08-02 12:59
Germany potatomato
Who racing cars
2020-08-02 13:00
Took them way too long to realize the 'virus' isn't real
2020-08-02 13:00
it didnt take too long. there always has been a good base. just imagine how many jermans see the fake panic when already 1,3 mio show up at a demo. lets say every 10th goes to this demo. it makes 10-15mio people who dont believe in this shit anymore. the next months the world wide economy will drop even harder, more small companies will be rekt and more people will start thinking about this situation. in the next few months shit is going to escalate.
2020-08-02 13:04
no sources. if every 10th is going its 8mio. but our society isnt retarded like urs :D
2020-08-02 13:14
the police knows it better than some fucking reporters because they are controlling the demo at the place. reporters who work for PUBLIC MEDIA controlled by the government. 17k my ass.
2020-08-02 13:20
Merkel is a reptiloid
2020-08-02 13:01
Andorra chill_sage
what did u said hah
2020-08-02 14:44
China Grenadr
expected from lv4 3000 matches player
2020-08-02 13:07
280 games 1900 elo you boosted dog))
2020-08-02 13:08
boring 0/8 threads are getting worse and worse
2020-08-02 13:09
the usual 0 content answer from a leftist with no braincells.
2020-08-02 13:10
trying so hard to bait people in 2020 😂
2020-08-02 13:12
flag checks out
2020-08-02 14:41
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