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Rio Major - Yea or Nay?
Albania Quarkz 
So the Major is 3 months away. Brazil is still one of the countries hit hardest by this pandemic and I can't help but by a little bit worried that if the number of new cases and deaths doesn't go down drastically within a month-1½ month the Major might have to be cancelled. The alternative is to try to find a venue in a country that has less problems with the outbreak (Australia springs to mind for instance) but I don't even know if something that big can be changed in such short time (not to mention all the people already having bought tickets and whatnot). I'm really beginning to get worried we might see the Major get cancelled. Any thoughts?
2020-08-03 03:32
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....*but BE a little bit....."
2020-08-03 03:33
There will be no more offline tournaments this year
2020-08-03 03:33
"Brasil major has been postponed to 2030"
2020-08-03 03:34
As part of my campaign I will Make Lan Great Again 2021! 😎👍
2020-08-03 03:34
Imma need to ask some questions if imma vote for you
2020-08-03 03:38
Go ahead!
2020-08-03 03:41
1.Are you Democrat, republican, or independent? 2. What’s your favorite American football team? 3. What’s you favorite basketball team?
2020-08-03 03:44
4. Is there any hush money to a former porn star we should know about in advance? 5. Do you have a daughter and if so, would you ever be so stupid as to say you wouldn't mind dating her on a nationwide tv-show? 6. Do you know Jeffrey Epstein? 7. Can we see your tax returns? 8. Repeat after me "woman, man, person, camera, tv".
2020-08-03 03:57
1. Republican! I have a 140 IQ verified by Mensa on 3 separate occasions! 2. Whoever i'm betting on! 3. LA Lakers!
2020-08-03 05:02
Ok are you more of a Lincoln project republican or a trump republican
2020-08-03 15:18
Trump 2020, he's easily the best man for the job right now. Trump crushes the far left, and that's exactly what we need with the crazy liberals running rampant! 😎👍
2020-08-04 03:15
Ok nvm
2020-08-04 14:53
It won't happen. No way players will travel to Brazil and if they do relocate it, keep in mind that Americans are banned from travelling to nearly every country...
2020-08-03 03:37
loli | 
Japan Peine
Not a big loss
2020-08-04 03:19
Brazil kauaalezxz
nay, rio is a mess, I know it because I leave there (here)...
2020-08-03 03:38
nay. Have a major in BR when the corona stops spreading
2020-08-03 03:38
Nay, it won't happen
2020-08-03 03:38
anyway mibr will not be in the Rio major so who cares 😂😂😂😂😂 Edit: mibr will not be in any major for the next years 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
2020-08-03 05:08
You're clearly not following what's happening in Australia
2020-08-03 05:14
I am crazy, what's there?
2020-08-04 03:17
Second outbreak, Victoria is going back into lockdown.
2020-08-04 04:30
2020-08-04 03:17
United Kingdom StonkBonk
Most likely won’t happen in Brazil. Also to get all teams (like NA) to be able to travel to the country it would have to be held somewhere like the UK where everyone can travel (although they would need to quarantine for 14 days after arriving).
2020-08-04 04:39
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
Yay but not in 2020
2020-08-04 04:43
australia just went into a full 6 week lockdown, they are getting fucked hard right now with the virus.
2020-08-04 04:53
"(Australia springs to mind for instance)" Meanwhile, they're seeing record cases everyday and have imposed 6 week long curfew in Victoria
2020-08-04 04:57
Probably will not happen.
2020-08-04 05:19
2020-08-04 05:22
Argentina Konigmdq
2020-08-04 05:24
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