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Poland Hanse 
I gotta admit - as much as I hate where Ubisoft is going lately - this game is exceptionally good AAA. It honestly took me by surprise, I just wanted fun co-op with friends. It turned out that this game is quite detailed and just very fun to play on. I'm especially surprised that they put work into such small things as treasures located over the map, despite being just simple stashes with loot they have some backstory and are always different from each other. When we are at story - I wouldn't call it believeable but its topic is quite original IMO, and it's well executed. When it comes to Ubisoft stuff - there are no microtransaction - only additional things you can buy are silver bars that you can use to buy shit, but everything is so cheap I can't see even f2p whales spending dime on it, and there is nothing behind the paywall. tldr; This game is good and I'm surprised it never caught attention it deserves. Go get it when it's -50% off.
2020-08-03 11:42
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great game if you didnt play farcry 3/4/primal
2020-08-03 11:43
Poland aiken
Farcry 3 best
2020-08-03 12:46
2020-08-03 12:50
2020-08-03 11:43
+1 i rly liked it . Cant wait for FC6
2020-08-03 11:44
Who cars
2020-08-03 11:44
Poland Hanse
What kind of dumbfuck you need to be to not care about thread and still click it
2020-08-03 11:48
ubisoft here, check paypal :)
2020-08-03 12:43
Estonia muifer
2 and 3 are far better
2020-08-03 11:45
FC5 was the first FC I ever played, I own 2,3,4 Primal and ND. Couldn't really get myself into the others but ND I like. FC5 seemed good for the story, maybe replay it eventually, but I've barely played it the past year and I get bored with in 20 minutes of opening it :\
2020-08-03 13:11
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