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cromen depressed
How can he not be a little depressed? I have heard stories from the Norwegian CSGO scene that cromen rejected plenty of great offers from strong teams, even teams like Cloud9 during their international bullshit era. cromen was 100% sure he was gonna get a contract from FaZe. and rejected offers so he could be a free agent when FaZe was gonna hand him the contract. Instead they dropped him and used someone else, and till this day they still haven't found a 100% last member. How can he not be a little depressed? I don't mean depressed like crying and suicidal or anything, but depressed as in demotivated/disappointment/a lost chance he most likely will never see again damn I feel sorry for cromen. imagine playing your heart out and then old ass veteran old timers remove you due to some bullshit
2020-08-03 13:10
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so sad can we hit 50 likes?
2020-08-03 13:11
Cromen was good with Faze, but he became a bit overrated imo, still a above average player nevertheless.
2020-08-03 13:11
that's why you don't turn down offers, faze exposed him and he failed to take advantage of it
2020-08-03 13:11
i dont think so man cromen did not fail his stand-in period at all he lifted faze way more than he dragged them down throughout the tournament
2020-08-03 13:17
Bymas did the same thing. Only thing is that he is younger and will get better.
2020-08-03 13:25
but cromen played way better than bymas you could really see that bymas was too inexperienced to play vs the best cromen and Broky were quite similar during their trial/stand-in period, but Bymas really looked anxious and nervous when he played, which 95% of people would do, which is understandable Cromen could have been shaped into a crazy ass xyp9x style player
2020-08-03 13:27
Cromen had experience in the past before being picked up for a stand in by faze. Bymas was litteraly picked up from fpl by niko saying "hey bro ur pretty good, wanna play for us as a stand in." I didnt expect him to do good at all, but he was average.
2020-08-03 13:31
in my eyes bymas was good as fuck, but it looked similar to DEVIL when he joined EnvyUs back in the days We knew they had to be good, and some rounds they really showed us their true skill but its hard to say anything or to be the man when there are 4 other ultra veterans alongside you i remember me joining a new teamspeak with new people to play with. in the beginning i was so fucking trash. I went from a SOLO Q beast to almost constant low fragger because I had to focus and listen to new shit I wasn't used to After a few weeks I turned into myself again and dropped 30-40 bombs every single game
2020-08-03 14:56
2020-08-03 15:13
Cromen played really well with them, what are you talking about?
2020-08-03 14:46
when did I say he didn't? he just didn't take advantage of it and should have signed a contract with another org instead of hoping faze would keep him
2020-08-03 15:13
2020-08-03 13:11
2020-08-03 13:12
i dont think he really minds tbh
2020-08-03 13:15
Looks like they made the right decision, Cromen is completely horrible now
2020-08-03 13:16
bro, that's literally why i made this thread he went from almost breaking into a superstar team to playing for nothing with Nordavind with a bunch of old timers who never managed to step in to the top tier no one can deny he wasn't good enough to become as rain, if not better. instead they didn't want cromen and chose someone else, which apparently wasn't the right choice either, as they still haven't found a permanent 5th
2020-08-03 13:23
cromen has a .89 rating against top 30 teams in the last 3 months. FaZe could have picked up a homeless man from the street and it would've been a better decision than to keep cromen.
2020-08-03 13:26
are you trying to be stupid or are you really stupid man? i tried to be polite in my reply to you, but apparently you are dumb as fuck He was SO close to getting in the starting lineup of FaZe - and now he is just a knock-off semi pro trash player. This whole thread is literally about his downfall from almost joining FaZe to playing alongside rejected rats from Scandinavia
2020-08-03 13:29
No, the thread is you crying about how FaZe didn't pick him up. I pointed out that they made the right decision because he's a completely shit CS player now and you busted into tears. Sorry I made fun of your gay lover, but those are the facts.
2020-08-03 13:32
Don't try to change my words you fucking son of a whore You shit yourself with your low ass IQ - where I try to be polite to you, but your dumb fucking ass is still unable to comprehend what is being written. Next time, maybe I should write it like this for stupid FUCKS like you to understand: "Cromen was removed from Faze. He was really good. Now he is not so good anymore. My question is; do you think he is depressed?"
2020-08-03 14:48
everybody else in the whole thread understood it perfectly. i think youre just stupid as shit and want to argue with someone online man. and dont ever call me a third worlder again you fucking mid european fuckboy
2020-08-03 14:49
Nice English 3rd worlder xD
2020-08-03 14:50
Yeah, you wrote in your other thread that "English is my native language." your one and only native language. hahahahahahahahahahaahha what's the clo' mate, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i speak 4 languages fluently so go insult your own whore mother instead my G
2020-08-03 14:50
and why do you say "NICE ENGLISH 3RD WORLDER ?!?! :P :P: P:P :P:P" The only "mistake" in that whole fucking sentence is the lack of an apostrophe when I write "youre" lol youre fucking stupid as shit man, really, you're embarassing yourself
2020-08-03 14:52
Person that can't speak English trying to correct himself in English xD
2020-08-03 15:02
Ok, how about you tell me the error in that comment? You can't because you're a dumb bitch who behaves just like Thorin, except he is getting paid and you're not. Tell me now, where is the error? if you are such a loser that you focus on commas on while we discuss a potential 5th player for Faze, then go fuck yourself loser I wrote: "everybody else in the whole thread understood it perfectly. i think youre just stupid as shit and want to argue with someone online man. and dont ever call me a third worlder again you fucking mid european fuckboy"
2020-08-03 15:05
Weep 3rd worlder xD
2020-08-03 15:17
who the fuck cares about his 0.89 rating last 3 months when he had 1.08+ vs the BEST teams in the world on his first try with FaZe? If cromen was really shit he wouldn't deserve anything, but he deserved more playtime with FaZe
2020-08-03 13:31
Oh you mean his rating within an extremely small sample size? Sucks to suck, 3rd worlder.
2020-08-03 13:33
third wordler? I'm Norwegian bruh. The last nation ANY nation should call a third world, rofl mao. you're probably from Lithuania or some shit, lmao
2020-08-03 14:38
Norway is a 3rd world country xD
2020-08-03 14:46
bro, don't act like you don't come from some tiny nation with zero interest from the rest of the world
2020-08-03 14:49
-Guy from Norway lmaoooo
2020-08-03 14:50
you're just jealous anyone who reads your comments can see you are jealous whats your point man, are you sick of eating local shit food due to corona or something? we both know you come from a slum country so shut up about norway
2020-08-03 14:53
Russia win73ry
He rejected offers, because wanted to play in a Norwegian team.
2020-08-03 13:20
thats not true at all, he didn't want to play in a Norwegian team at all He did want to join Heroic after the FaZe thing went downhill, but at that point Heroic's lineup was full
2020-08-03 13:24
omg so sad ;(((((
2020-08-03 13:25
most of scandinavians are depressed. mb its not about faze or cs
2020-08-03 13:31
They lose all their money to taxes(
2020-08-03 13:33
who says we are depressed thats only what poor countries say about succesful countries to feel better about themselves
2020-08-03 14:39
>3rd worlder >poor countries
2020-08-03 14:47
North cromen
2020-08-03 13:33
nEGRo | 
Finland Nexpo
I am gonna say it again, but with Cromen faze won a tournament by playing good. He literally was also so good, I dont get why he got kicked, it was the perfect match imo.
2020-08-03 13:34
Norway NosTheBoss
He didn't get kicked he was a substitution for Olof, who took a break for undisclosed reasons
2020-08-03 13:38
nEGRo | 
Finland Nexpo
he was good tho
2020-08-03 14:13
really strange 100% it was because some diva piece of shit on the team maybe it was even olof - he always had the snake tendencies in my eyes. maybe olof made them promise not to ever swap him out, OR when he saw cromen fit in very well he started to act as if he was coming back VERY SOON, STRONGER THAN EVER! - so they wouldn't give cromen a contract. thats what i think
2020-08-03 14:46
Norway NosTheBoss
Cromen was a good substitution but I doubt he would be the fith man they need. They need a real IGL not some Janko & Niko bs. -bymas obviously, I think he will be good one day, but he lacks the skill to be in FaZe as of now. I still think kicking karrigan was a big mistake to this day, say what you want about him but he is a solid IGL. I have my hopes that they sign someone like Alex, but if that will work out is another thing. Tl dr: Cromen is a good player but not the player they needed then nor need now
2020-08-03 13:37
You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!
2020-08-03 13:38
Your title related to the text sounds like you work for Aftonbladet
2020-08-03 13:38
yes men maybe i do but i feel sorry for cromen because there are so many FUCKING noobs in the pro scene today And somehow they didn't find a spot for Cromen It's crazy how Leaf and Xeppa and Conor and Android and Roflchopper or whatever their fucking names are are collecting actual salary while players like cromen and HUNDREDS of swedes don't even get free faceit subscription
2020-08-03 14:43
Ye I saw that he really likes being in Faze, he was so happy when they were winning games with them with the mini celebration showed by the after cams.
2020-08-03 13:42
yes, he really enjoyed it and it seems like rain became better and the whole team looked inspired sometimes positive, fresh, strong energy is way more important than old tricks from an old dog
2020-08-03 14:44
I think he IS actually ''depressed as in demotivated/disappointment''. He has not been good since his days in Faze and he was really good in Faze. I was 100% sure that they would sign him but I guess they had other plans. Maybe Karrigan leaving changed his chances to get on the team, who knows?
2020-08-03 13:42
I've been "active" since 1.3 and been playing 1.6 and CSGO so much, and I have watched even more CS than I've played, most likely. And I really really think cromen would lift them in a positive way back then. cromen had good strong energy and willing to do anything sometimes they need soldiers to become better, not leaders and weirdos like Janko and niko IGL bullshit
2020-08-03 14:41
reported fake flagger
2020-08-03 14:54
Am I not European? GG French education, roflmao
2020-08-03 14:58
sdy | 
Sweden god_sdy
Lol I doubt he ever thought he was going to get signed by FaZe, otherwise hes really deluded. FaZe plays better with a standin because it takes pressure off of their stars. They won a tournament with friggin' Xizt as standin lol. Cromen is quite frankly a mediocre player. He has strong aim but I don't see any other quality than that in him. He reacts slow to situations and looks lost unless his team is steamrolling the opponent. Theres a reason hes been stuck in T3/T4 his entire career except for when he got to standin with FaZe in Cologne. And no team would just sign a player blindly because he was ok for one tournament as standin. Obviously hes been testing to play with different teams but its never worked out.
2020-08-03 14:57
he really did bro he said it himself without being ashamed of it, he blames himself for being too caught up in the sauce. personally wouldn't think it was so bad idea to sign a 1 year contract and see how it goes but cromen himself truly believed he would get the contract from faze, and I dont blame him for thinking that either. how much better can a trial period be than actually WINNING Belo Horizonte 2018 And come 3rd on ECS and 3rd on ESL Cologne
2020-08-03 15:01
i think what you said in the second sentence there is exactly what it is, and goes for so many other teams as well when they have a stand-in they play better because of the pressure relief
2020-08-03 15:02
sdy | 
Sweden god_sdy
Really depends on how the team is assembled and what gamestyle they play. A standin in Astralis would make them worse because they are relying more on teamplay and simply knowing eachother so well in game. FaZe play a more loose style. If the individuals are on point then they can beat any team. If they go into a game as clear underdogs and you let NiKo do his thing then he can destroy anyone singlehandedly basically. I think he enjoys playing with standins tbh lol
2020-08-03 15:07
what you said about him looking lost without teammates is quite true. maybe he is afraid of doing the wrong things in front of 4 veterans POV'ing him in 1vX's But my conclusion is that 50% of the PROS do NOT deserve to be pros and collect salary I meet people once in a while on FaceIT and Esportalen who are extremely fucking good, and if they really aren't cheating they are so FUCKING good they should test themselves vs pros I have played vs draken, REZ, Liazz, iNfrequent, RUBINO, hallzerk ++++++++++ REZ and hallzerk are god damn BEASTS. but draken was quite bad actually, he wasn't difficult to take out and wasn't difficult to duel with he wasn't trash, but he wasn't "impossible" to kill REZ, for example, was incredibly hard to kill, he always fire off shots and fall back as CT, and you KNOW he can stand anywhere because of his aim, and you end up moving slowly and get fucked every time
2020-08-03 15:10
sdy | 
Sweden god_sdy
50% is maybe stretching it. You can become pro in several ways and I'm glad strictly being beast at the game isn't the only way. It is a team game so you need different roles. You need everyone to be able to get along and work together in a team and that in itself is no easy task. Living & breathing CS 10-12 hours a day with 4 other dudes can be quite hard unless there is good chemistry between all of the players.
2020-08-03 15:18
France potatomato
Faze bad , everyone would have done the same
2020-08-03 14:59
JW | 
Norway jatakk
but good salary
2020-08-03 15:08
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