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Why do people get so angry?
Netherlands Nixon_Ended_Gold_Standard 
Why do people stress and get so angry? OK I can understand if you're poor and you are struggling to buy food or pay bills etc, but people who are comfortable in that respect, why so stressed? Everyone in my family loses their temper so easily, argues a lot and stresses over pointless things. They need to just chill like me. You didn't even ask to be born yet miraculously exist so why stress? Just calm down.
2020-08-04 05:57
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the same with constantly talking with panic or urgency in their voice. Just talk nice and softly. You are standing 1m away from me ffs
2020-08-04 05:59
Jesus | 
France Neejla
humans are different, big surprise
2020-08-04 06:07
yes but no rationale
2020-08-04 06:24
daps | 
Canada JC_123
that's because emotions are not dictated by reason
2020-08-04 07:00
good take
2020-08-04 07:16
Denmark Jeffersond
Nixon ended Gold standard btw
2020-08-04 06:08
yes he did
2020-08-04 06:24
bc it gets frustrating when u cant go outside and be stuck with ur family for months
2020-08-04 06:32
yes but they do this anyway
2020-08-04 06:34
it aint related to money, but an interesting topic
2020-08-04 06:34
2020-08-04 06:34
everyone is provoked by something different, different 'triggers' will cause more potent reactions out of people, some people are just prone to get mad at most things and some regularly mellow people will get mad at only certain things. It's just how people are, ask your family members why they feel the way they do. By the sounds of it you just have an utmost level of ignorance carrying you through life keeping you content with your situation, many people aren't built that way.
2020-08-04 06:38
-By the sounds of it you just have an utmost level of ignorance carrying you through life what do you mean by this? Are you saying I'm "bluepilled" and ignorance is bliss? Because I'm not. I'm well aware how society is doomed and the atrocities that exist in life.
2020-08-04 07:19 is this what you're referring to because I've never heard of that before in my life and what I meant by that was responding to this "argues a lot and stresses over pointless things. They need to just chill like me. You didn't even ask to be born yet miraculously exist so why stress? Just calm down." in reference to your family. If you're so aware of everything around you, your description of peoples' troubles would not be pointless, unless you're one of those suicidal people who see 'no point in life cause we're small things on a small planet' type of pointless. Stress is a natural thing, and your advice to "just calm down" or "just chill like me" is why I said you're willingly having ignorance carry you through life. Your projected attitude towards things just shows you either don't give a shit about anything, or don't know enough about things to give a shit, and from the limited information in your post, I'd say the latter option is the safe one.
2020-08-04 09:01
why does it have to be one of these two? I'm talking about arguing and shouting over whether we need another bookcase to house some new books. shouting to argue is pointless.
2020-08-04 09:06
Well are your parents stressed? rising taxes? trouble with work? Certain members of family not being truthful? Are they always this aggressive; did something incite this anger?
2020-08-05 03:13
no none of that. Just general talking. The way they argue and how stubborn they are
2020-08-05 03:14
then it's how they naturally are, no reason to explain it away or question it if it's their personalities
2020-08-05 03:15
What a dumb thread XD
2020-08-04 06:46
2020-08-04 07:17
How can your family be stressed in the land of legal weed ? If it won't matter in 5 years don't stress over it longer than 5 min
2020-08-04 06:57
live in the UK
2020-08-04 07:17
That's fucked, I understand why you are fake flagging.
2020-08-04 07:26
why am I fake flagging?
2020-08-04 07:27
Because you live in the UK.
2020-08-04 07:27
you're saying the uk is bad
2020-08-04 07:28
Well do you like it?
2020-08-04 07:36
it's fine. Hundred of worse countries to live in.
2020-08-04 07:38
Well that's true
2020-08-04 07:42
ideally I'd live in Malta. Somewhere with good tax laws and crypto friendly
2020-08-04 07:43
If we don't sink it first
2020-08-04 07:51
existing stresses me out and i cant explain why
2020-08-04 07:06
Mediation and psychedelics are the way to go 👍👍👍
2020-08-04 07:18
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
people need to learn how to say ok
2020-08-04 07:18
2020-08-04 07:19
Malaysia Suno[t]
2020-08-04 07:20
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
2020-08-04 07:21
2020-08-04 07:26
Malaysia Suno[t]
its just stress. It might seem mean. For example I have been living with a family member for a long time and you get really annoyed with some antiques sometimes
2020-08-04 07:35
Georgia Megobari
It's hard to be not angry, when you're under occupation xD
2020-08-04 07:41
Because a human see attachments as "I, Mine, Me". These attachments can be your possessions, ideas, emotions, feelings, even body. Attachments create suffering. In craving lies root of attachment. And in aversion lies root of anger. And in ignorance lies root of both above.
2020-08-04 08:01
+1 no need to get mad on such non important things,i only get mad when i suck in games and i lose
2020-08-04 08:12
2020-08-04 09:06
+1 I think middle-aged ppl are mentally retarted. They have money and power but they dont know how to live their lives. If you have children it might change you in a long run?
2020-08-04 08:13
because while you chillin at home, your parents sacrifice their nervous system at job to make money for the family
2020-08-04 08:22
not really
2020-08-04 09:07
Norway at0mic_cs
stop wasting so many money and they will stop
2020-08-05 03:25
I don't waste any money. wdym?
2020-08-05 04:37
Norway at0mic_cs
time is money
2020-08-05 20:42
2020-08-05 20:56
Relatable bro, my dad will get stressed and argue with my mom or grandmom over anything and everything lol Edit: of course I understand he might be stressed over some work or something but it seems so unnecessary to let it out elsewhere
2020-08-05 04:47
yeh exactly
2020-08-05 20:56
shut the fuck you dog I'm no angry
2020-08-05 05:00
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