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Laos Afloure 
Which one are you most hyped about? Amnesia: Rebirth or The outlast trials? :D
2020-08-04 06:05
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Brazil ZerongBr
2020-08-04 06:07
.. :/ ait m8, have a great day tho!
2020-08-04 06:08
Brazil ZerongBr
cheers mate same for yourself
2020-08-04 06:09
2020-08-04 06:10
2020-08-04 06:17
Brazil de_lite
Jumpscare Part 3 vs Jumpscare Part 3 with video camera filter
2020-08-04 06:20
Finland petemeister
Actually neither Amnesia or Outlast are particularly jumpscarey, especially Amnesia.
2020-08-04 06:34
Outlast 1 have like hundreds of jumpscares, dont say it doesnt have jumpscares simply cus u didnt jump, mr steelman =P
2020-08-04 08:04
It does have quite a few jumpscares. but they are reasonable jumpscares. It's not like there are just screaming faces thrown at you for no reason at all, or disproportional sound effects playing when something small happens like in a lot of modern horror games or movies. The jumpscares themselves are actually not that dramatic most of the time. The reason they work so well (and made me jump as well, I'm definitely not a steelman :D) is because the game actually builds an atmosphere. That's what I mean when I say the game is not jumpscarey.
2020-08-04 08:24
Oh ya its not a silent hill the room copy, is what you're trying to say i assume :P
2020-08-04 09:35
I don't remember Silent Hill: The Room super well, but I don't remember it being jumpscarey. What I mean is that neither Amnesia or Outlast rely on jumpscares to be scary. Outlast has jumpscares, but it would still be scary without them.
2020-08-04 13:44
Wdym SH not being jumpscarey, u literally opened a fking drawer and u shat your pants :'D
2020-08-04 14:12
I guess I just don't remember the game for it's jumpscares.
2020-08-04 14:23
I remember playing that point and click shit. U were supposed to ''explore'' through rooms, i was gonna open a random drawer, fucking screaming appeared form nowhere made me throw my controller into the wall in full speed LOL
2020-08-04 14:48
trumps re-election sounds like my favorite upcoming horror game
2020-08-04 06:20
2020-08-04 07:24
leftists and blm are struggling like weasels
2020-08-04 09:36
2020-08-04 06:31
I hadn't even heard of Amnesia: Rebirth until now :D Definitely hyped about that, I absolutely loved SOMA. I do like a lot of things about the Outlast series as well but the games don't interest me as much as Frictional horror games.
2020-08-04 06:37
Aye, everytime they make a new game they kinda much revolutionize(spelling) the genre, amnesia TDD, Amnesia J, Penumbra, soma. I'm extremely hoped for this game :P Outlast 1 was scary as phuck, i remember playing it the first time, i just played an hour b4 leaving it at that and watched a playthrough instead, OL2 was also pretty scary, but nowhere close to the first game, what im hyped about the most about trials is that you, apparently, can play 3man coop, which sounds amazing af :D
2020-08-04 06:52
Oh the coop does sound exciting. I'll be interested to see how it turns out.
2020-08-04 07:05
you'll take turns changing out the battery in the camera
2020-08-04 07:25
+1 made me spit out my coke
2020-08-04 07:55
2020-08-04 09:37
You stole my flag stfu
2020-08-04 12:40
2020-08-04 13:21
Let's support our boy Mikko Tarmia!
2020-08-04 13:50
Mikko name carried by legends only Mikko Tarmia! Mikko Välimaa!
2020-08-04 13:52
So true.
2020-08-04 14:26
France heakalele
Visage Part 3
2020-08-04 06:55
Norway Zedi900
Outlast trials
2020-08-04 07:29
Outlast is pog my dude
2020-08-04 07:30
Fuckye it is, but in all honesty i think Frictions game will be more successfull, simply cus they're known for bringing new stuff to the genre. Outlast 1 > amnesia TDD > Justine > Outlast 2 i'd say :P
2020-08-04 07:57
Depending of how scary it was ofc, storywise Amnesia TDD > All
2020-08-04 08:03
United States burzeus
2020-08-04 08:03
I used to be a big fan of them but I'm not caught up for like the last 5-6 years. can you tell me some good horror games in that time span and some good upcoming ones?
2020-08-04 09:38
Well, outlast and amnesia series is amazing, Infliction, visage, Man of medan(Like until dawn but coop, 2 player, you can play it solo though.) Layers of fear 2, the beast inside, Resident evil 7. Those are the mainstream ones i can think of, if you want i could give you a list of hidden gems, most of them requires a specific taste in the genre but good nonetheless.
2020-08-04 10:07
outlast and amnesia i know ofc. the next 2 looks interesting, man of medan i felt like was a bit disappointing. but i heard something that they were gonna release one game every year like man of medan is there a new one? maybe you could send me some hidden gem games i'd try them out for sure
2020-08-05 01:49
Do send me ur discord in PM, i feel like its easier to talk there, and its nice to finally find another horror-lover :D
2020-08-05 01:51
I mean im not an enthusiast i just liked playing them back in the day and this thread got me wanting to play again.
2020-08-05 01:57
2020-08-04 11:25
whats the outlast trials?? i played outlast 2 :D
2020-08-04 11:27
Outlast trials is the 3rd game in the installment, You'll be able to play with 2 friends, so a 3man coop story horror :D sounds lit asf!
2020-08-04 14:50
nice. i kinda cringed at the trailer though
2020-08-04 15:43
+1 xD
2020-08-04 17:39
Korea XigNw0w
Latest Outlast was such a disappointment.
2020-08-04 12:16
Poland sosiad
2020-08-04 12:17
I didn't even play it
2020-08-04 12:21
Korea XigNw0w
Don't have to play it to tell it's pure shit.
2020-08-04 12:22
now they are going back to their roots similar to asylum
2020-08-04 13:12
Korea XigNw0w
Well, that's good because that cult type of bullshit was just stupid.
2020-08-04 13:26
I dont think it was a disapointment, it simply didnt live up to expectations, imo, the 2nd game should've been the first game and the first game to be the 2nd, cus 1 felt more like a upgrade esp. with WB DLC. 2 was a fresh take, but its definitely scarrier to be stuck in a fucking asylum than out in a forest, we've seen forest areas in multiple games already including slenderman, bigfoot etc
2020-08-04 14:51
Korea XigNw0w
Isn't it a disappointment if it doesn't live up to the expectations? I don't think the second game would fit even if it would be the first the change is just too big. It seems like they would have escaped out to the wild from the asylum I get that part but in the end, it's not the case at all.
2020-08-05 13:59
To make the 2nd game the first game would've still been a good groundsetter for the trilogy, with the first game being the 2nd game it would've been a huge success, Wouldnt you agree?
2020-08-05 22:12
wtf both are getting sequels? DAAAMN
2020-08-04 12:21
Aye, amnesia will definitely not let us down, and outlast is bringing in a 3 man coop story which sounds fucking amazing, hyperPUMPED
2020-08-04 14:55
Ukraine volod1m1r
Amnesia 10000%%, I played both of the current ones. GOLDEN game. I really like it
2020-08-04 12:25
My best horror game was fighting professional MMA fighter in the night club. Try it if you wanna feel real fear
2020-08-04 12:30
Well, to tell the truth, even being a big fan of horror games i've never tried amnesia, definitely something that i need to do. Any recommendations about where to start? Btw i'm kinda hyped about Resident Evil Village and Outlast Trials
2020-08-04 12:35
There are only two Amnesia games: The Dark Descent and A Machine for Pigs. When people talk about Amnesia they usually mean The Dark Descent, you should definitely check that one out. A Machine for Pigs divides opinions because it was marketed poorly and ended up not fulfilling all the expectations. It's not as scary and is more linear, but it has other things going for it. Personally I like both games. I would also highly recommend you to play SOMA by Frictional Games if you haven't already, it's in my opinion the best (not the scariest) horror game.
2020-08-04 14:03
There's 2 released from frictional games, which is Amnesia : Justine(Very good game, i recommend) and Dark descent. Machine for pigs is from another company. still a decent game tho :P (I might add that justine was released as a DLC in TDD but its a different story, not a continuation from the original one, actually, justine is even a different type of ''horror'')
2020-08-04 14:59
It's true, I always forget about Justine because it's a DLC and uses the same engine and everything, so I get it mixed up with custom stories. And A Machine for Pigs is of course developed by The Chinese Room but to me it still feels like an Amnesia game.
2020-08-04 15:27
ye I agree, I liked pigs tho, obv not as much as tdd but it was just fine, would u mind DMing me your discord or sum? U seem like a cool dud to discuss with :D
2020-08-04 15:45
why do I have to choose? I'm really excited for both games =DDD amnesia will have a much better story/atmosphere outlast looks like it'll just be really fucked up =D
2020-08-04 14:09
Yaaa, frictional has always managed to bring something new into the genre of horror, with penumbra, amnesia and soma, I'm incredibly confident they wont let us down on this amnesia followup :D Hyped af! But im also hyped for the outlast 3 cus of the fact that you'll be able to play 3-man coop!
2020-08-04 14:54
for me, it was F.E.A.R when the ghost show up in middle of nowhere.
2020-08-04 14:15
South Africa kiefpant
It's not a traditional horror, but I'm more hyped for Hellblade II: Senua's Saga than anything else this year. It looks amazing.
2020-08-04 14:33
IS it horror horror or more like doom-style horror? Hack-n-slash with a more dark theme?
2020-08-04 14:53
South Africa kiefpant
Third person, Tomb Raiderish - action but not hack n slash. The horror aspect is themed around Celt witchcraft. Seems to be more creepy than outright hell/gore feel of Doom/Diablo/etc.
2020-08-04 16:46
ooo now this sounds interesting
2020-08-04 17:39
I forgot about Outlast Trials, I have a feeling it’s going to be a fail. Excited about Amnesia though.
2020-08-04 15:07
Kazakhstan Massaget
Idk man. Not sure about outlat trials as it is coop which ruins "horror" atmosphere. It will become clown fiesta with your friends IMO
2020-08-04 15:09
Knowing outlast I'm confident they'll find a way to still make it scary, hell, Pacify is scary as fuck and u can play 5 there lmao Dead space 3 is also coop but scary asf, Bigfoot too Pacify and Bigfoot being indie games, I do believe the biggest horror makers (or well, I at least hope..) can create something scarier :P
2020-08-04 15:47
The next visual novel from Team Salvato %10000000000000
2020-08-04 15:49
2020-08-04 22:23
What's so funny >:(
2020-08-05 02:23
S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 and System shock 3 If they ever come out.
2020-08-04 17:50
2020-08-05 00:24
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
The last Outlast game was kind of disappointing so I'm more looking forward to Amnesia.
2020-08-05 00:32
Trutru, but from what we could see from the trailer, it seems like they're going back to the old roots(Asylum-ish) looking. I think it'll be a good game, especially with the 3man coop. I have 2 perfect friends to play this with a poop my pants w :P But as i stated in previous comments, Frictional has always brought up something new to the table when it comes to the horror genre, amnesia with its dark dimension and Immense story, Penumbra(You know why) Soma, depth, story and really just bringing the horror under water to a new peak. I'm 100% sure that amnesia will not let us down in any way. outlast is a whole other thing though, but yet again, I'm PUMPED to finally get a GOOD (speaking from creator-point of view) Horror game that you can play with with friends! :D Pacify was a gr8 game, bigfoot too, and especially dead space. so to get this ''You cant protect yourself, so run for your fucking life'' trilogy in a 3man game, is amazing :D
2020-08-05 01:10
rain | 
Norway apx-
Source 2
2020-08-05 01:54
Amnesia Rebirth has a fucking enormous potential, but i would like to have the physic system, similar to TTD, with psychical elements, picking matches and lighting oil-lamp. Outlast is as good as amnesia, particularly the second episode of the serie. In the first were too many jumpscares, the other had a very nice vibrations.
2020-08-05 15:05
Story wise and looking at the theme, overall ''scariness'' i'd say Amnesia > Outlast But outlast has more of a ''Run for your fucking life or you're dead, fuckface'' feeling if you get me :P
2020-08-05 22:13
2020-08-06 05:26
Keep commenting :(
2020-08-06 07:25
2020-08-07 18:45
Mi like cocacola
2020-08-07 19:18
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope
2020-08-07 19:20
is this a thing :o
2020-08-07 19:21
Silent Hills.
2020-08-07 20:54
2020-08-09 04:16
2020-08-09 17:38
2020-08-09 19:44
More opinion please
2020-08-09 19:52
N h
2020-08-26 13:37
im too pussy to play horror games
2020-08-26 13:39
Idk I like many
2020-08-26 13:43
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