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Beirut explosions
Georgia Megobari 
A huge explosion near the center of Beirut killed at least 10 people, injured hundreds and sent shockwaves across the Lebanese capital on Tuesday, shattering windows and causing apartment balconies to collapse. The most powerful explosion to hit Beirut in years shook the ground, leaving some residents thinking an earthquake had struck. Dazed and weeping, some of them wounded, people walked through streets checking to see if relatives were hurt. The blast occurred in the city’s port area. Lebanon’s interior minister said initial information indicated highly explosive material, seized years ago, that had been stored there had blown up. Lebanon-based broadcaster Mayadeen cited the country’s customs director saying tonnes of nitrate exploded.
2020-08-04 20:43
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2020-08-04 20:44
Georgia Megobari
this is rly sad, mens(
2020-08-04 20:46
OMFG that's nuts
2020-08-04 21:15
Hope the person who filmed this is alright
2020-08-04 21:33
Apparently he was killed.
2020-08-05 00:10
Finland idukxd
Yeah he was like holy shit im gonna die but im gonna be tiktok famous when i post this but they died before they could post it but someone found their phone but posted it somewhere else
2020-08-05 00:12
Apparently this guy was livestreaming it, there is another video of someone filming literally right next to the explosion at the port, and apparently this person was livestreaming aswell, there is pretty much no chance the guy next to the port survived.
2020-08-05 08:34
nvm He actually survived. At first I thought this guy survived but then people started saying he died, turns out I was right and he is alive.
2020-08-05 14:06
Finland jUPPE!
The strength of that explosion is insane. There are going to be several hundred if not thousand people killed.
2020-08-04 21:57
2020-08-04 21:10
Georgia Megobari
2020-08-04 20:58
Apparently 30+ dead now with over 2,500 wounded.
2020-08-04 21:03
Georgia Megobari
2020-08-04 21:05
70+ dead, 4000+ injured per sources
2020-08-04 21:10
Finland Karppanator
It looked way worse than what I hope it was
2020-08-04 21:05
Finland jUPPE!
Good idea to store tonnes of highly explosive material in the middle of a big city for years. What the hell did they think was going to happen? It was just matter of time when it was going to explode.
2020-08-04 21:09
Yeah.. laissez faire mentality has drowned us
2020-08-04 21:13
fireworks just pop up. but that huge blast was surely not from fireworks, that was something with huge pressure. I bet that was gas explosion
2020-08-04 21:16
Someone random on twitter said he had firework explosion experience said that when fireworks blow up they blow up like we see on the video but don't cause as devastating damages as other explosion types do. Obviously not verified info, but let's hope people were saved from bigger blasts at least. Let's hope people recover.
2020-08-04 21:35
Ammonium nitrate. Goes off all at once, and decomposes from a white powder straight into gas. The gases are not flammable, so no fireball, just a massive shockwave that destroys everything and everyone in its path. Present in your car's airbags, in very small quantities. Over 2500 tonnes here. Video from a very close angle of the firdt explosion:
2020-08-05 08:44
This happens from time to time with nitrates. Usually a fertilizer plant blows up. Google "Oulun Typpi Räjähdys", we've had one in Finland too.
2020-08-05 08:48
Bring back Gaddafi ... it would never happen under his rule.
2020-08-04 21:12
>Libya >Lebanon
2020-08-04 21:20
Libya... lol you noob, thats Mugabe.
2020-08-04 21:21
Beirut is in Lebanon. What has Gaddafi to do with Lebanon?
2020-08-04 21:22
Mugabe is Ukraine, Why do you have black dictator?
2020-08-04 21:22
why do you bully s1mple? that's because he's black?
2020-08-04 21:24
United States SWiFTzZzZz
Lebanon = Libya
2020-08-04 21:21
#21 Are you newfag?
2020-08-04 21:22
United States SWiFTzZzZz
Signed up 2017-12-29
2020-08-04 21:24
I bet that was gas explosion (high pressure), thats why this blast is so powerful
2020-08-04 21:12
Allāhu akbar😎👍
2020-08-04 21:13
this really sad... fuck
2020-08-04 21:13
Bengal lights for hezbollah detonated
2020-08-04 21:14
steel | 
Canada ZHF
So sad man.. all the videos online are so terrifying
2020-08-04 21:15
3rd world news
2020-08-04 21:28
ez profit for window companies
2020-08-04 21:51
yo dat shii was on whole another level dawg
2020-08-04 22:10
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