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+grim is a bad move
cry | 
Poland Cryzilian 
He was just good against low tier teams and had A SINGLE GOOD SERIES against mibr (which is also a low tier team). Just because brazilians fans felt guilty after what they did to leaf, they started sucking off grim and people started overhyping him. This guy has never been on a real LAN and is only good online against MDL teams. This move will backfire for Liquid.
2020-08-05 00:55
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-grim +GOD ALLU Liquid EZ top 1
2020-08-05 00:57
Nt Tuure
2020-08-05 00:59
United Kingdom craZy_y0
allu got tried out after he left NiP (late 2015) but didn't want to move to NA, on top of that he got offered to join ENCE which was being revived back then.
2020-08-05 01:11
Since when is Allu a god?
2020-08-05 18:28
Only agaisnt MiBr? lol check again
2020-08-05 00:57
2020-08-05 00:58
daps | 
Canada JC_123
but nitr0 has been doing pretty poorly against all teams, so I guess the idea is "might be bad against tier 1" >>> "bad against everyone"
2020-08-05 01:00
2020-08-05 01:01
JW | 
Ireland Sodaking
i know grim is not best player and prob not even top 30 but Liquid needed to change it up Nitro has been declining for months they need new life in the team what makes me laugh is in the unlikely event Liquid actually win Rio everyone will be saying Pro Grim best decision ever while casually forgetting how they shit talked him right as he joined
2020-08-05 02:06
Brazil TabzeN
name, flair n flag checks out
2020-08-05 01:00
jdm64 | 
United States ekwi
maybe liquid look to replace twistzz with penny or junior from triumph too. maybe do a 6-man roster, learn from astralis and gambit
2020-08-05 01:01
Already fucking threads about "+grim is stupid" So fucking expected Hltv 2faced
2020-08-05 01:02
United States SWiFTzZzZz
EG is a bad team?
2020-08-05 01:04
I agree but I mean, he can get a chance, who knows, it might work.
2020-08-05 01:04
cArn | 
Philippines J4DEM
They should ask Shroud to compete on CS GO again!!
2020-08-05 01:08
Why dont -bot2k
2020-08-05 01:10
give some time to him
2020-08-05 01:11
JW | 
Sweden LLorenzo
Why not give this kid a chance? He has some potential thats for sure, lets see if hes able to prove himself or not.
2020-08-05 01:12
Kazakhstan yaGmi
grim is young and good ofc he will be great
2020-08-05 01:13
I know right. They should have signed me
2020-08-05 01:19
They already have twistzz they don't need anymore weebs
2020-08-05 18:32
Brazil 1_Flippy
Wardell would be in nitro's spot 100%, but he chose to waste his time on valorant, what a missed oportunity...
2020-08-05 01:30
100? More like 0.1. Highly doubt they'd get WARDELL seeing as even worse teams didn't want him. He's supposedly hard to work with
2020-08-05 18:24
1.34 rating against even low tier opponents clearly spells him out as a potential prodigy worth the pickup imo
2020-08-05 01:35
he looks unproven against good teams, yes, but nitro had to be replaced if he is not calling, other than grim i dont see anyone else suitable
2020-08-05 01:38
Bulgaria cuddleslut
2020-08-05 01:40
Brazil hugoooo
He is GREAT, if you don't follow NA CS, it is not his fault. He is extremely dominant. Wait until he shuts your mouth
2020-08-05 01:45
he has been beating good teams for a long time now........
2020-08-05 01:53 he shit on cloud 9 in 2018...........
2020-08-05 01:54
Brazil batcompany
I don't know the track of EVERY GODDAMN PRO, but I think a few of them started like Grim, pugging around, trying to upset the big guys, grinding so hard, sht like that. Give the kid some time to proof us he is a regular mdl player , but at least he earned a chance, and also LULquid tryed something different.
2020-08-05 02:00
JW | 
Ireland Sodaking
i mean look do you think he's worse then Nitro a aged player who has been under performing pretty much since Berlin 2019
2020-08-05 02:01
CIS wmzgod
lmfao grim>>>>>>sh1tro
2020-08-05 02:06
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