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Can't keep still at PC.
Netherlands Nixon_Ended_Gold_Standard 
I don't know why, but I always seem to change my posture, lean forward, adjust my legs, sit back etc.
2020-08-05 07:16
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levottomat jalat, levottomat jalat, levottomat jalat, levottomat jalat, leeeevottooomat
2020-08-05 08:32
2020-08-05 21:07
2020-08-05 21:08
Restless legs, restless legs, restless legs, restless legs, reeeestleesss
2020-08-05 21:09
2020-08-05 21:09
nope | 
Finland zntei
+1 Ota kiri, ota kiri, loppukiri Harakiri, kiri, kiri, kiri, kiri
2020-08-05 21:37
consume less coffeine
2020-08-05 08:34
2020-08-05 08:34
upgrade your pc
2020-08-05 08:36
I would post a reply but everything I post is being deleted... the purge of free speech is real.
2020-08-05 08:36
ok then
2020-08-05 20:57
america and freeze peach pick 1
2020-08-05 21:10
Brazil sakaaa
i don't get it. you find this to be weird? isn't this very common, if not expected?
2020-08-05 21:00
dunno just wanted another opinion
2020-08-05 21:03
2020-08-05 21:05
never been diagnosed
2020-08-05 21:05
I got diagnosed when I was a kid but if I didn't I'd just have assumed I was naturally jittery and unable to focus.
2020-08-05 21:09
Smoke a bowl
2020-08-05 21:06
2020-08-05 21:06
Im sorry, I can't help you then
2020-08-05 21:09
so you're from netherlands and you're denying to smoke while having ADHD ? fucking fake flagger
2020-08-05 21:41
breaking news: not everyone from the Netherlands smokes marijuana
2020-08-05 21:45
i never lean. i always go straight, cause im afraid of being with problems on my back in the future.
2020-08-05 21:07
Denmark giefleve
You a beta male. Cant fix dat, even hltv gods won't help you
2020-08-05 21:08
No I am not. 6 days nofap going strong
2020-08-05 21:09
Denmark giefleve
Your case is worse than i thought. go Reddit my boy. there is a lot of cuck soiboi advice on there
2020-08-05 21:11
nt baiter
2020-08-05 21:12
Nofap is as beta as ir gets, alphas fuck. Changing the subject, get a new chair. Even if you're feeling it comfortable, it may not fit so well for extended periods of time.
2020-08-05 21:21
wrong. a true man is one who can hold onto his seed
2020-08-05 21:24
Too late m8, I already have my little offspring. Go fuck!!
2020-08-05 21:28
if for offspring then that's fine. Casually spreading your seed into useless thots destroys a man.
2020-08-05 21:28
You are saying Genghis khan was a beta?
2020-08-05 21:30
idk would you call a rapist an alpha? My point is a true man is one who does not give into urges and lusts, so not letting women control him.
2020-08-05 21:36
I mean, from the era he was from, it was the norm. Looking back into history and viewing it in todays standards will always be biased. Of course if someone did that today, they should never even be remembered. But you saying the guy that had the second largest empire in history is a beta just shows how little you know. "An international group of geneticists studying Y-chromosome data have found that nearly 8 percent of the men living in the region of the former Mongol empire carry y-chromosomes that are nearly identical. That translates to 0.5 percent of the male population in the world, or roughly 16 million descendants living today." 0.5% of the male population. Insane ALPHA.
2020-08-05 21:38
just lounge like jdm and enjoy lul
2020-08-05 21:08
man of culture
2020-08-05 21:25
maybe ure sitting too much?
2020-08-05 21:13
I do sit at the pc a lot, but when not I am pacing around everywhere
2020-08-05 21:14
Is your chair good ?
2020-08-05 21:17
office chair , decent
2020-08-05 21:20
BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JUST TRUST ME IN THIS ONE... THE MORE U THINK ABOUT THIS THE WORST IT GETS... i dont have a solution but the only thing i know is - the more u think about this the worst it gets
2020-08-05 21:23
Actually if you buy HLTV premium they will send you a comfy gaming chair for free
2020-08-05 21:26
[only HLTV Premium users can see this]
2020-08-05 21:27
Try exercise, really helps you focus on the game afterwards
2020-08-05 21:47
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