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good boy points
Mongolia bozgor 
2020-08-05 08:21
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i would work only for honor points
2020-08-05 08:25
Blizzardy wtf have you done again :/ smh
2020-08-05 08:26
Hi konrad_
2020-08-05 08:27
this smear campaign must stop 👌😡
2020-08-05 08:40
konrad_ I don't know what smear campaign is that but I am with you
2020-08-05 08:47
sup konrad
2020-08-05 09:03
God | 
Poland henlo
2020-08-05 08:59
axaxaxax chinese business practices
2020-08-05 09:03
Now if this is not cringe I dont know what is
2020-08-05 09:12
How many good blizzard boy points for 20 mcnuggies?
2020-08-05 09:15
And these companies, Riot games, EA, Blizzard are the ones trying to call you a bad person if you disagree with people rioting in the streets and shooting other people meanwhile Riot games has massive sexual harassment problem against women in their company, Blizzard is basically resorting to not even wanting to pay their employees money that they can feed themselves with and multiple stories come out about employees being abused by higher ups, EA basically scam people and call all their fans cunts while also making their staff work extremely long hours to pump out literally anything possible to make them whatever money possible. Companies are not moral entities and if you think they are it's because you're stupid and they easily managed to pander to you. notice how they all suddenly stopped supporting BLM as soon as the BLM people started openly chanting about wanting to destroy Israel then the companies went back to the gay pride flag, they were perfectly fine supporting it when it was destroying property rioting in the streets but as soon as the group attacked a different minority SHUT IT DOWN QUICK BACK TO THE GAY THING BUT ONLY IN WESTERN COUNTRIES NOT IN THE MIDDLE EAST THEY DON'T LIKE GAYS THERE. Yeah these people never gave a shit about your movement whether the movement was good or bad the only thing that matters to them is money it's why they will say we're against racism meanwhile they have the CCPs cock in their ass and censoring anyone that talks about Hong Kong, talks about the Uighurs because that would damage their profits. They'll happily look over gay people being killed in the middle east whle saying gay people matter in the west, they'll happily over look China's open racism against black people and Muslims if it means they can sell stuff in China.
2020-08-05 09:24
+1 Just waiting for this to be deleted, they've deleted all my threads and most of my posts in the past few hours. You disagree = they silence you.
2020-08-05 09:27
Admins won't respond to my dm's asking what's going on either. Morality policing has arrived on HLTV.
2020-08-05 09:28
great post, i agree with everything you said
2020-08-05 09:34
2020-08-05 09:46
+1 not a big surprise that corporate virtue signalling turns out to be bullshit :/ none of the companies were supporting the LGBT movement when it was ACTUALLY about humans rights in the west. None of them want to stand up to rampant humanitarian issues in middle eastern countries, or the gallons of blood soaked into any of our consumer products, because it might hurt their bottom line. They just care about money. Of course, you can't blame them for that, it's what they do. Sometimes I wish they'd cut the act though.
2020-08-05 10:26
capitalism kkkkkk
2020-08-05 10:21
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