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Denmark pdxm 
Can Astralis perform with the new roaster?
2020-08-05 10:23
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India k_chin22
2020-08-05 10:23
2020-08-05 13:42
Not without Glaive,
2020-08-05 10:24
Denmark pdxm
I honestly think they can, just as BlameF said if there is a team that can perform with the new roaster its Astralis. I just wonder who will igl
2020-08-05 10:25
my friends, gla1ve is back 99% device said gla1ve will return in august after the player break and last time i checked it was august after the player break
2020-08-05 10:26
Denmark pdxm
Astralis just showed the players who will play for esl and gla1ve ain't there, at this point i dont even know
2020-08-05 10:29
i'm a bit slow, check #9 i'm still confident gla1ve will play for the major relevant games tho
2020-08-05 10:29
well no it;s not Astralis we've already seen them without their igl, he is like the key figure anyone else you could cut and it wouldn't change too much apart from maybe Dev1ce.
2020-08-05 10:26
Magisk is igling since glaive left.
2020-08-05 10:42
Europe Pts
not sure if bait or serious LUL
2020-08-05 15:57
gla1ve is back as far as i know so effectively its probably -xyp9x +es3tag for the major relevant games i think they'll be fine
2020-08-05 10:24
Denmark pdxm
For esl cologne, gla1ve wont be there according to what Astralis posted on twitter and gram, according to my logic
2020-08-05 10:27
possible, its not major relevant i believe but i think even with bubzkji instead of gla1ve they'll look okay, magisk will probably continue to IGL they might not be at their peak (how should they, with two new players fresh after the player break) but i'm confident they can show us some solid cs
2020-08-05 10:29
Denmark pdxm
I really hope they perform well and finish like top 3
2020-08-05 10:30
honestly thats gonna be hard with this competition i think we'll probably see vitality, g2, navi and big in the semi-finals while its pretty safe to say that mibr, sprout and maybe mousesports will fall out first
2020-08-05 10:36
Denmark pdxm
Damn, i really miss seeing Astralis being top ,i just hope they can pull something off, maybe they end up performing very well just like BIG
2020-08-05 10:38
i think big is gonna get dealt with @ cologne, at least they wont reach finals, otherwise i'd be very impressed. i think teams wont underestimate them anymore
2020-08-05 10:45
Denmark pdxm
If they do, simply mind blowing
2020-08-05 10:55
Macau Be_Happier
Who is Astralis 5th? Device,Magisk,Dupreeh,Bubzkji,and?
2020-08-05 10:29
2020-08-05 10:29
Macau Be_Happier
=No igl?
2020-08-05 10:34
magisk is IGLing since gla1ve took a break from what i heard here and there every player in astralis was prepared to IGL in case something like this happens
2020-08-05 10:37
Denmark pdxm
That sounds good tbh
2020-08-05 10:39
Well i wouldnt say its good since u ruin ur best rifler by giving him igl role, but i guess nobody else from astralis can igl but Magisk.
2020-08-05 10:44
Indonesia lukerey
It's fine because they got 2 decent rifler tho.
2020-08-05 10:53
Denmark pdxm
aint that why there is bubzkji, his a really good rifler
2020-08-05 10:53
except the fact es3tag was igl before in heroic
2020-08-05 11:04
Ye but estag is tier 7 igl.
2020-08-05 12:29
lmao actually he was pretty decent as he was both igling and carrying them but whatever
2020-08-05 13:38
Heroic tier 3 team plays vs tier 3 teams. Igls in tier 3 teams are irrelevant.
2020-08-05 15:56
New Zealand rOtten_97
es3tag's an IGL too if I'm not mistaken
2020-08-05 11:02
Yea, he was definitely the igl of Heroic for a bit.
2020-08-05 11:03
Latvia tibr0
without gla1ve no.. i think they toke for 2020 this pouse when lan will come back..glaive and x9p3x will be back 200iq
2020-08-05 10:30
2020-08-05 10:30
Astralis will win the next major
2020-08-05 10:40
no lol
2020-08-05 10:46
Russia xtkjdtr001
Not with the rotten one that's for sure
2020-08-05 10:53
Spain 1996
mmmmm roasted
2020-08-05 11:13
Another year, another major
2020-08-05 11:19
with current one? no with the one from last year? yes
2020-08-05 13:39
Greece Graecos
2020-08-05 13:40
racist team
2020-08-15 01:34
Denmark pdxm
2020-09-07 11:25
yes Bubzkji gonna hard carry em
2020-08-15 01:35
yes, but won't dominate as much, they will certainly struggle without Gla1ve and xyp9x. they ought to
2020-08-15 01:36
no. rip astralis
2020-08-15 01:38
bubzkji is good, they have the firepower now, need to see if all the pieces somehow fit together
2020-08-15 01:47
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