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stop crying about job!
Italy PaoloDiCanio 
im son of restaurant owner, i never liked it and i still did 60-70 hours a week. stop cry about ur job noobs just do ur shit until u have enough money to do ur own shit.
2020-08-05 12:57
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Korea XigNw0w
I studied 12h/day in high school and now I'm going to college it's not like I'm having fun all the time but it is what it is.
2020-08-05 13:00
that depends on the reason why u go to college and if u study something ur interested in and not just for the fact of fitting in to the norm and society.
2020-08-05 13:01
Korea XigNw0w
There are a lot of people who spend over 12 hours at work even tho they really don't like it but they have to provide for their families. Actually, I'm currently studying at summer school preparing for college and it's not like we have short days here either.
2020-08-05 13:03
u dont have to do shit. ur born into a family if u dont want to provide for them dont do it.
2020-08-05 13:03
yeah just don't work, hunger is a myth it doesn't exist
2020-08-05 13:05
25cent ramen is good
2020-08-05 14:44
Korea XigNw0w
I kinda misworded myself, it's not me who has to provide currently but some time future when my parents retire I have to. They help me and my girlfriend to pay rent as she has a part-time job as a nurse and I haven't been able to get a job so they even pay my summer school together with my grandparents.
2020-08-05 13:06
ye this is different thing if its in your own interest, its totally fine. my grandpa always said, family is the worst and on the same hand the best thing that happens in your life.
2020-08-05 13:07
Korea XigNw0w
I think it's a cultural difference as well. I even moved to another city to attend high school (my grandparents live in the same city) as I wanted something fresh and could take care of them at the same time. Your grandpa was wise, a family is indeed the best and sometimes worst.
2020-08-05 13:10
Czech Republic fnx_legend
12h/day wtf You count traveling and sitting on your ass in library or what?
2020-08-05 13:20
Korea XigNw0w
No one counts travelling. Library, yes as you study there are even thing called self-study which lasts about 4 hours and it's mandatory. I have heard some of the top private schools required students to study 16h/day but I have never met a person who would have staid so long at school. Oh, of course, you will be studying more at home and go to sleep at 1-2 AM or even later. It's luxury to get to sleep 6 hours usually you sleep 5 hours or a bit more.
2020-08-05 13:26
Czech Republic fnx_legend
BRUUUUUH i can't function without 8 hours of sleep, that is /closed to me
2020-08-05 13:31
Korea XigNw0w
A reminder that you have to look clean when you attend school as you represent it, so no dirty suit or greasy hair etc. So, you have to prepare a bit in the morning and some people want to get a little extra sleep, so they skip breakfast.
2020-08-05 13:37
Czech Republic fnx_legend
Well, at the end it might be worth it once an adult, having everything covert like this, i am basically a lazy pig next to people living like that, working hard on yourself from young ages, in Czech republic you find very little number of institutions actually caring that much, and mainly parents willing to go hard on their kids for their own good. Now, people here are hard working, but outside of them jobs they are so submitted to their boring lifes - it is "beer and ice cream" mentality mostly. Question of culture and nation's history i guess.
2020-08-05 14:07
Korea XigNw0w
I do think it's worth it but it's also good and healthy to know how to relax. Here the parents are really rough if you don't live up to the expectations and teachers as well. Being lazy is kinda good and kinda bad in my opinion, it has its cons and pros.
2020-08-05 14:17
Czech Republic fnx_legend
2020-08-05 14:45
New Zealand Eauor
wtf korea
2020-08-05 13:20
Korea XigNw0w
We all want to get to top universities and colleges, so it's tough competition. A lot of people attend summer school to perform better after the summer break. Private school students have it the toughest, I once heard they are 16h/day at school.
2020-08-05 13:29
New Zealand Eauor
yeah thats just sad, move to another country or something because that isnt a life worth living.
2020-08-05 13:33
Korea XigNw0w
Honestly, I love being here I know it might sound rough but it's not bad at all. I have my own goals in life and my family and friends are here. I love my country, people and culture and I can't see myself fitting anywhere else really and I don't want to leave my family and friends behind.
2020-08-05 13:35
New Zealand Eauor
Yeah that's fair enough, didn't really mean it literally. Cultures like those in Korea and Japan seem to be very rich and strong, and I could imagine that moving somewhere else would be a drastic change. I just have a personal disagreement with the schooling/work culture in your country, but besides that it does seem nice.
2020-08-05 13:48
Korea XigNw0w
We do have many problems that need to be fixed and I believe having well-educated who have worked hard are one of the best solutions.
2020-08-05 13:53
New Zealand Eauor
Doesn't South Korea also have among the highest youth suicide and depression rates? Education is important but crippling young kids isn't. I'm sure you agree here, education can be healthy.
2020-08-05 14:07
Korea XigNw0w
I think we do have but it's not solely the education it's common to hear someone is being bullied for whatever reason (middle school and high school mostly) and then the people who can't take the stress. Competition, education, stress and bullying amongst else make people depressed, also the fear of failing and not being sure what to do if they don't success. There should be a way to make people relax and release the stress etc. I don't think there's a 100% working method and neither can I think one.
2020-08-05 14:14
Flag checks out. Korea basically comes down to study 12 hours a day to compete for some 30k-40k USD office job, then lick some idiot Boomer's boots until you retire.
2020-08-05 15:18
Korea XigNw0w
It's still better than in America where you pay the debt for studying the rest of your life. Then mortgage, car etc. You lick your bosses boots, so you can afford a little better insurance.
2020-08-06 11:33
Depends on your job man. If you're studying 12 hours a day in America and have even average intelligence, you can get into a top engineering/law/medicine school and your boss will lick your boots because they don't wanna lose you to a competing firm.
2020-08-06 13:28
Korea XigNw0w
Why do you think Koreans want to lose their well educated workers to rivalry? Bosses lick their boots because they work hard and have good education.
2020-08-08 11:36
The point is you can get a lot more for the same amount of effort in America. Why do you need a top education to work some data entry job that pays like 30k?
2020-08-08 14:30
Korea XigNw0w
Why do you think people would work for 30k? Of course, they know they can earn more and turn down such opportunities. You probably can get more in America because Americans are lazy and companies are desperate for some well-educated people.
2020-08-10 12:49
Americans have the highest working hours in the world, our education system just sucks. "Americans are lazy" is a meme. Most people are fat from poor diets and stress, not laziness.
2020-08-10 12:58
Korea XigNw0w
I never mentioned the American stereotypical appearance. I meant you are too lazy to study so companies are desperate for well-educated people because you gladly study less to spend time on something else not thinking about your future, so there's less competition.
2020-08-10 13:26
It's not that people are lazy, education isn't valued in America so people spend their time on sports and other extracurricular activities. I got a perfect math and almost perfect grammar score on my university entrance exam (SAT), but I know people who got into better schools than me even though they had much worse exam scores because they play sports.
2020-08-10 13:34
Korea XigNw0w
So hard-working people are awarded, what a garbage system. People can be dumb and still play sports and get into a good school without doing much work sounds awful. That's your problem exactly education isn't valued so you got such shitty presidential choices to pick from who are dumb and don't even always know what they are talking about or don't understand it for lack of education as they spend their time doing something else instead. It represents Americans really well.
2020-08-10 13:38
Yeah I realized a bit too late that I could've done a bit better by throwing a ball around and putting that on my application. My field is very math heavy, so that perfect math score served me pretty well when getting admitted. I guess I can't be too upset. The system isn't gonna change btw. It exists so colleges have an excuse to admit less talented, rich people into university over talented, poor people. You can really admit who you want if you base your decision on non-quantitative factors.
2020-08-10 13:44
Korea XigNw0w
Hard-working people are awarded less for paying attention when it matters and doing work to deserve better and the competition isn't even fair because some moron can play sports and get into better school because of that. I prefer our system here much more, I rather "lose" to someone who has done more hard work than I have than to some dumb arrogant moron who figure skates. You should be upset about the system it shouldn't work like that in the first place, no wonder things are worse in America if your education system works like this.
2020-08-11 13:54
Even though the college admissions system sucks. I prefer the job search here more. If you have no practical skills, but when to a good school for playing the trombone or something, then you'll get passed up for someone who went a worse school but has practical skills. Some jobs filter out people who didn't go to certain schools, but I'm pretty confident I'm better off some people who went to better schools than me.
2020-08-11 14:10
Russia xtkjdtr001
>im son of restaurant owner oohh that must have been very hard for u it looks like ur job completely destroyed ur brain so u cant even express ur thoughts now and u tell us to not to worry about the job?!?!!??
2020-08-05 13:02
working in family business is 10x harder than for stranger, thats for sure. there is no freetime, ur free when ur dad says ur free. no holidays no breaks.
2020-08-05 13:06
Russia xtkjdtr001
it probably depends on what kind of parents u have i live in russia and thing called 'kumovstvo' (nepotism) is very popular here like in every ex ussr country so that was my first thought
2020-08-05 13:13
Very strict parents. i start work at 9 and dont leave before 23 my only freeday is the wednesday. for like the last 8 years i mayb had 2 free weekends.
2020-08-05 13:15
you're being held captive mate, just run away
2020-08-05 13:23
You haven't been able to save enough money to do something else in 8 years of work? Just stop complaining and get out of this shit
2020-08-10 13:48
i had money saved up to go south america trip this year, but guess what happened.
2020-08-10 19:33
but at the same time it is a big advantage to know that what you are working on is yours. Like it is way harder to be invested in some random company than working on a business that you actually own (or will eventually own in the future).
2020-08-06 11:39
nice logic mr italy
2020-08-05 13:03
Ukraine ReanuKeeves
What's your restaurant called? Might pay a visit:)
2020-08-05 13:03
officine bartolini in perugia, if u ever there say to server, guy in kitchen giacomo hltv and mayb i can fix free pizza.
2020-08-05 13:05
nice)) if you're not lying that pizza looks delish! Btw how's the situation with corona for you guys?
2020-08-05 13:18
we put seats apart and most of our business is delivery or take away. and take away worked pretty well after quarantine was lifted.
2020-08-05 13:32
im son of restaurant owner yes very hard job XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2020-08-05 13:16
Depends what you do there and what kind of restaurant.
2020-08-05 14:35
believe me no matter what kind of job you make if you're son of the owner it's not a real job, not even close to the real job
2020-08-05 19:33
its like support
2020-08-08 11:38
United States freiheit
2020-08-05 13:24
its my topic LEAVE
2020-08-05 13:37
I invested 25 years in education and I don't get a job in the part that I had at university. I don't cry about jobs cuz to cry about you need one.
2020-08-05 14:34
the problem is you then, lack of ambition or some shit.
2020-08-05 14:36
Perfect reasoning
2020-08-05 14:46
Nope. I would get in any other EU country easy a job. But In Germany, you can be a prof you could own a whole segment and still get no job. Some day people will demand here a 3 years trainee certification to take a shit.
2020-08-05 15:29
I got a shit degree on time without any skipyears, didnt do any volunteering, never developed my soft skills, didnt do traineeship nor summer schools, never lived abroad, have zero publications, struggling with basic communication and social skills and somehow no company wants to give me my dream job, life is so cruel 👌😢
2020-08-10 13:41
And what?? I never talk about my dream job. I only talk about a job that fit my skills and what I learned. Only retards like you would expect that you start as a boss. And my degree is absolutely fine.
2020-08-10 13:56
if you cant get a job which fits your education and skills either your education was dogshit or you dont have any of the skills, but looking at your comments it might be both 👌🙁
2020-08-10 14:01
Germany isn't like your shit country. They demand stuff you can't deliver. As example internship. Since introducing of minimum wage there are almost zero internships cuz they have to pay you. You can't offer to work for 2-3€ cuz it is a law that they have to pay you minimum wage. So internships opportunities went down to an absolute minimum. So stop talking shit about things you have no idea. As I said in other countries I would get easy a job cuz they need educated people.
2020-08-10 14:59
kek this has to be a bait
2020-08-10 15:02
you are a bait.
2020-08-10 15:03
almost as bad comeback as your chances of getting a job while being this clueless xaxaxaxa
2020-08-10 15:05
stopped reading after "Im son of restaurant owner"
2020-08-05 15:03
working for someones wealth is cringe
2020-08-06 13:29
2020-08-10 12:49
Whose son are you for the rest of the week? Even at 70 hours you're still missing 98.
2020-08-10 15:08
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