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pros you killed
Netherlands PasscaLl 
for me: cadian in DM adr1an in retakes faven in retakes mertz in retakes
2020-08-05 22:49
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Germany Alibaba!
S1mple in a knife round.
2020-08-05 22:50
2020-08-05 22:51
Hi Sam2k
2020-08-06 07:23
All in retake. Apex, Sjuush, Mithr. hectoz
2020-08-06 11:30
WTF how u managed to kill god sjuush
2020-08-06 13:47
yeah he played like 30 round and only got like 6 deaths. i was lucky i managed to kill him 2 times. i think he dropped 60 bomb.
2020-08-06 20:53
2020-08-08 22:38
2020-08-08 22:51
coz yoour iq is 5 euro
2020-08-09 00:31
2020-08-09 12:40
United States fowlyz
cant even spell your right and you're saying he has 5 iq
2020-08-10 11:28
-rep retarded ameerican
2020-08-10 12:03
United States fowlyz
are you ok?
2020-08-11 01:59
Look at his flag Edit: Have a good day!
2020-09-25 03:02
2020-09-26 01:03
arent you adopted
2020-08-06 11:54
Everything chekcs out
2020-08-09 15:54
0/8 you still didnt say what mode you was playing in, sure he doesnt care about matchmaking games tho
2020-08-05 22:51
Idk man, i saw him many times getting tilted on matchmaking
2020-08-05 22:57
I mean you dont have to have so many braincells to realize there are millions of people with that nickname
2020-08-05 22:59
2020-08-05 23:01
Typical braindead danish kekw 0/8 flair doesnt check out
2020-08-05 23:01
"to realize there are millions of people with that nickname" Obliterated
2020-08-05 23:02
Yo le clown., there are million fake simples, but I can see you have got the 47th chromosome and you cant understand , its normal
2020-08-05 23:05
I was talking about s2mple being toxic on matchmaking, not russian kids raging on matchmaking, you re one of them, and now, the time has come for your exctinction.
2020-08-05 23:17
Idiot I was talking about simple fake accounts and you throwed away these videos that arent related to my reply, again 0 iq take from crynish
2020-08-05 23:20
U are so damn handsome
2020-08-06 00:27
2020-08-06 00:36
2020-08-06 04:15
2020-08-06 09:42
I want you
2020-08-06 12:02
Finland viikeri
Lmao why would u reply to him about fake accounts, when he was talking about real s0mple :D fucking 0iq he destroyed you
2020-08-10 12:08
this bait is so bad man, how did u even bait that guy :/
2020-08-06 12:13
Norway m16rlul
btw he's kinda right though compare it with f0rest playing mm, he's never mad about his teammates because he understands that they're not pros s1mple demands too much from their mates that's why he's getting genuinely angry (like shittalking his teammates or sighing when they miss their shots) instead of cheering them up
2020-08-11 18:43
Dude, f0rest tries to play as much as he can, but he doesn't really care if he win or lose at the end, but s1mple cares about it really much, and sometimes, yeah, he wants too much from his teammates I'd say, but at these clips I didn't really see him arguing with anyone, he's just focused and tries his best, so u can hear blyat words and other stuff (not talking about inferno - cache game cuz there he had his brother and real life friends in team and they're shit in game so he didn't care about the result.
2020-08-11 20:12
Norway m16rlul
can say we're both partially right
2020-08-11 22:16
yeah, I'd say his mentality is killing his personality, but he actually tries his best to not be toxic
2020-08-11 22:17
I feel the same way about Americans these days. Its a superiority complex that makes people ignorant and come off stupid asf.
2020-08-06 15:06
Thousands* max
2020-08-06 20:21
It can't be MM cuz there are no knife rounds *facepalm* noob
2020-08-06 12:59
Simple doesnt play matchmaking weirdo
2020-08-06 13:54
cuz of that he is still ranked. LUL
2020-08-06 13:59
Germany Alibaba!
> knife round. > matchmaking. Typical ruski brain.
2020-08-06 19:49
Lol spanish fakeflagging clown with 4 alts talking
2020-08-06 21:07
Germany Alibaba!
I'm brazilian, not spanish. Nt.
2020-08-06 21:09
0/8. PainAuRaisins, PainInMyAss,Alibaba!, Whales_are_friendly - all these accounts are your alts
2020-08-06 21:11
Germany Alibaba!
All wrong. I don't even know these people.
2020-08-06 21:12
Cry is free
2020-08-06 21:13
2020-08-06 00:02
2020-08-05 22:50
me in console
2020-08-05 22:51
He said pros
2020-09-25 09:39
Shoowtime in retakes
2020-08-05 22:51
He wants pros
2020-08-06 00:46
He was decent when i killed him
2020-08-06 03:47
2020-08-06 04:13
In terms of the pro scene
2020-08-06 04:26
i aren't think that
2020-08-06 05:33
appreciate the != syntax bro
2020-08-06 20:22
I won a map against neo
2020-08-05 22:51
olof in mm device in faceit some irrelevant guys in dm
2020-08-05 22:52
device is overrated
2020-09-25 04:01
Nepal askyee
navi lmao
2020-09-25 09:19
fnatic SAD XD pepelaugh
2020-09-25 10:04
Nepal askyee
s2mple fan lmao
2020-09-25 10:06
braindead can't even think of a comeback
2020-09-25 13:11
Nepal askyee
what comeback lol
2020-09-25 15:52
allu and some guys from attax,in dm
2020-08-05 22:52
Brazil TabzeN
tarik only (in his DM server)
2020-08-05 22:52
twistzz with a wrench
2020-08-05 22:53
2020-08-08 17:02
2020-08-09 14:31
Hah, good one.
2020-09-25 03:28
Why does it matter
2020-08-05 22:53
f0rest, nawwk, twist, plopski, pasha, cromen zywoo. actually played a mm game against f0rest, can link some clips if you need
2020-08-05 22:53
farlig, maikelele and pronax as well
2020-08-05 22:53
riiight olof and brollan as well, gonna keep adding as i remember
2020-08-05 22:56
get right as well
2020-08-05 22:58
so who was the hardest to play against?
2020-08-05 23:09
i mean would have to be f0rest since it was a comp, lost 14-16 :(
2020-08-05 23:10
Estonia Mrkruvi
you were watching his stream and queuing at the same time, yes? :D
2020-08-05 23:30
nope, watched him play while grocery shopping and went home and qued :D
2020-08-05 23:40
Estonia Mrkruvi
oh okay hahah then it actually is pretty cool :D
2020-08-06 00:15
ik was shaking the entire game xD
2020-08-06 01:14 heres f0rest jump bursting me with glock
2020-08-06 01:17
i've seen that live haha, that burst
2020-08-06 09:44
yea i went ballistic
2020-08-06 09:45
Estonia Mrkruvi
hahahaha unluko maluko
2020-08-06 10:36
looool i watched that round live.
2020-08-06 13:35
oh you played vs him super recently since he is on dig in that clip :D. mustve been amazing experience to play vs him :)
2020-08-07 11:12
yeah it was insane, we lost 14-16 tho xD
2020-08-07 14:06
jkaem on mm
2020-08-05 22:53
Netherlands eclipseeee
CajunB DM killed a lot of semi pro's playing scrims against them puggd against brollan
2020-08-05 22:53
dupreeh and xyp9x in pistol dm
2020-08-05 22:55
Sunny, Syvat and Cannie on DM
2020-08-05 22:59
flexing with that is cringe tbh xd i played a lot of high elo faceits and dm where you meet pros almost every day, probably played with/against 100+ pros and its not really a big deal if you kill them once or twice especially on dm xd
2020-08-05 22:58
ikr lmao silvers in this thread
2020-08-05 23:48
Germany ske0
Imagine saying FlExInG Is CriNgE, but the next sentence is about how good you are and how easy it is for u to play against pros. Next time think about what you say lol
2020-08-06 07:54
2020-08-06 08:19
Russia SW@G
2020-08-06 10:27
2020-08-06 10:35
2020-08-06 11:28
-1 for name
2020-08-06 18:55
not easy for me, but easy for everyone. everyone has good elo nowadays and everyone plays a lot of dm. I didnt say a single thing about how good I am, I don't play CS regularly for like 2 years and im not good at all lul. if you consider "i played a lot of high elo faceits" as a flex, you are dumb.
2020-08-06 12:19
No one is flexing on this thread except you
2020-08-06 14:00
its literally whole thread of 13yo silvers typing who they killed on dm
2020-08-06 17:00
They're answering the thread and you pretend you're smarter than them, you're flexing
2020-08-06 18:48
silver thread))
2020-08-06 19:35
Ok flexer
2020-08-07 14:23
Ok noob
2020-08-08 17:01
Just shut up please...
2020-08-09 14:27
silvers in attack
2020-08-09 15:54
+1 this dude dosent get it
2020-08-09 14:26
>if you consider "i played a lot of high elo faceits" as a flex, you are dumb. 0.1% of players are global and high elo faceit is a tiny % of globals (most globals are level 4-8) so you are talking complete trash and just trying to flex.
2020-08-07 11:14
Lmao maybe if you are really new player, cuz 10 level faceit is nothing. I'm not flexing shit, I don't play cs since ages, every global or even supreme can easily get 10lvl nowadays.
2020-08-08 16:59
even if every global and supreme was level 10 (this isnt even close to true btw) that would be around 1% of cs players MAX. so you are talking utter shit and you are a fucking retard.
2020-08-08 18:37
yes, its 1% of overall players. literally every player that runned this game. all these 10 hours accounts and shit like that. they only make statistics, they are not playing game at all, so its irrelevant. every not-boosted-global can make 10 level faceit without big effort if he plays in some stack. I think you are not living in 2020 in terms of cs.
2020-08-08 22:36
2020-08-06 13:32
2020-09-25 09:24
Russia MeowZer
sotfik dm pashanoj esea
2020-08-05 22:59
Europe LoookATme
Neo on DM also have his autograph on steam Played mm with Taz in 2k13 he was teaching his friend
2020-08-05 23:00
Finland OldStager
Only Finnish pros but sLowi hoody (rip) sAw xartE
2020-08-05 23:01
why hoody (rip)?
2020-08-06 00:59
Finland OldStager
2020-08-06 01:08
damn slapped him right out of the competetion into the kindergarden XD u r a good boy
2020-08-06 14:50
hoody... has... started... his... career... on... valulrant....
2020-08-06 11:59
2020-08-05 23:02
Kqly - DM Rpk - DM Sharra- MM Getright- Dangerzone
2020-08-05 23:01
JW dm'd in a NA server pre major game and sucked with awp
2020-08-05 23:03
Not a surprise
2020-08-06 11:26
DM - NiKo, rain, GuardiaN, karrigan, olofmeister, Bymas, friberg, Xizt, GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, es3tag, mertz
2020-08-05 23:03
s1mple DM
2020-08-05 23:08
allu in major
2020-08-05 23:08
TACO and FalleN
2020-08-05 23:08
rekt pronax in a dm server)) and got rekt by brollan((
2020-08-05 23:09
same bro killed pronax like 30 times xd
2020-08-06 09:54
United States raymoney
DM/Retake Stew Elige Cutler tarik MM Hiko
2020-08-05 23:09
Sunny, i said him im gonna teach you with deagle next map, in 1x1 server and he kill me like 20-0 but then i forgot we were playing deagle only and i took krieg and rekt him, easy rekt.
2020-08-05 23:10
im probably really good teacher dont think im useless
2020-08-05 23:18
Norway stjS1ck
All in BrutalCS DM tw1st pyth Maikelele Nawwk Fire2k pita Friberg Flamie Device Brollan Pasha Aerial
2020-08-05 23:19
Liquid Adren in a 1v1 post plant on ESEA, he was playing with ptr. We lost like 16-14 i think lol.
2020-08-05 23:19
each and every single pro out there
2020-08-05 23:21
nt tigane
2020-08-06 00:09
Byali, Niko, Faven, captainMo, brollan, F0rest in DM
2020-08-05 23:21
trk | 
Brazil SkindCS
ANDROID in 10 men hub
2020-08-05 23:21
United States Hindy
koosta, floppy, automatic , stewie2k, taco
2020-08-05 23:22
Stew Zellsis moose and tatazin in dm Vanity in retakes FaZe Niko in mm (during eleague major) Tarik in mm
2020-08-05 23:23
AMANEK Lucky RpK NBK ALEX apEX JDC Prism (he sucks) Kan4 JACKZ huNter- in deathmatch (probably more but couldnt remember) valde Kjaerbye niko in a faceit PUG Radifaction percy b0rup in a faceit PUG
2020-08-05 23:24
Brollan, Krimz, Golden, JW, naawk, plopski andDevice that i played vs/with in matches, then some other like tier 2-3 swedish players
2020-08-05 23:25 I'm pretty sure this is juhoB, the fucking cheater on ence 2k16 To think I used to have 361+ fps easy on this game, nowadays it's choppy as fuck :D
2020-08-05 23:27
its fucking sad when having a god tier pc for 90% of players you still have drops to like 150fps
2020-08-06 00:01
Romania csf
+1 for the last part
2020-08-07 11:16
2020-08-05 23:28
olofmeister, krimz, flusha, jw, pronax, f0rest, kennys, shox, kioshima, happy, s1mple, guardian, snax, byali, neo, pasha, taz, device, hiko, zeus, chrisj
2020-08-05 23:30
United Kingdom fal36
Device in retakes Twistzz and sdy in dm
2020-08-05 23:32
d0c in faceit pug (if he counts as pro)
2020-08-05 23:32
d0cc > all pros
2020-08-10 02:52
i killed s1mple in DM (i also won that DM game) i killed Acillion in comp (we lost tho)
2020-08-05 23:36
I dont know if it counts but i was better in cs 1.6 at my best days than players who played against NaVi they lost, and i also beat them many times i was big deal back in the day :d jk
2020-08-05 23:37
kng in hotel room
2020-08-05 23:41
good1 xaxaxaxaxaxa
2020-08-06 00:04
United Kingdom Biiddy
Pimp in esea shit niko in esea
2020-08-05 23:44
Olofmeister: Esportal Kreaz: Faceit
2020-08-05 23:46
oBo in dm ANDROID in dm Twistzz in dm BnTeT in retakes poizon in retakes Stewie2k in Valorant beta Infinite in Valorant beta
2020-08-05 23:50
twist | 
Sweden Zgene
friberg in casual on de_empire back in the day
2020-08-05 23:50
malta in dm ap0c in dm I also destroy vax in deathmatch daily but hes not pro
2020-08-05 23:50
xyzt:DM mimi:DM
2020-08-05 23:54
i have knifed thorin
2020-08-05 23:55
Cadian in an executes server -Overpass Broky in an executes server (Epsilon) -dust2 only pros I have ever encountered and both were nice as well.
2020-08-05 23:58
s1mple XANTARES aleksib allu kennys shox k1to all in this one dm server I play on
2020-08-05 23:58
Brutal Cs ?
2020-08-06 00:40 d2 ffa
2020-08-06 00:41
Ah this One. Xantares plays there like 24/7
2020-08-06 00:43
ik 8) hes actually insane
2020-08-06 00:44
2020-08-06 00:46
Russia Drain3r
on faceit: coldzera, KENSI, mimimichaela, Twinx, refrezh, rigoN, tabz, hedje, mouseTT, zonixx, tweeday on retake: hobbit, SENSEi, Sergiz, Psycho, TRAVIS, Nealan, kade0, Woro2k
2020-08-05 23:59
elige, jks, stewie, cooper in dm
2020-08-06 00:00
Deadfox in matchmaking Some uhh.. not really a pro, but he has a hltv profile with picture, lv 10 faceit from bulgaria
2020-08-06 00:01
zywh0 and dev0ce ez knife
2020-08-06 00:03
some tier 10 cis guys in dm
2020-08-06 00:05
United States co3211
2020-08-06 00:05
Finland CoDeB
legit all finnish and swedish pros at Brutal.cs
2020-08-06 00:06
United Kingdom craZy_y0
Killed mertz in deathmatch back in like 2016-2017 myself. Encountered a few others, either was on the same server or killed them. Definitely encountered KRIMZ, allu and DEVIL, seen many more semipros (shhhack, LyGHT, etc). I played with DEVIL on a retake server not long after he joined Envy and he was a really sound guy, kennyS was streaming on Twitch playing with him not too long before this happened as well! All of these are around 2016-2018 as well, haven't really played CS:GO since 2018 and don't really remember much of it to be honest.
2020-08-06 00:11
i havent killed any pro, i played with kqly once in mm, hes retired but still
2020-08-06 00:14
what do you mean pros? On your list there's none, maybe maybe one
2020-08-06 00:16
I didnt kill him but the biggest thing for me was play with Coldzera on Faceit, during some big event in 2019, he was in europe and played 2 solo faceits. That was miracle, cause he is brasilian and i didnt even image i could play with some pros from NA/SA. I use to play with some pros from tier2-4 on faceit, but not with top1 player 2k16[?] @i mean i was with him in one team, this guy was pretty crazy, he all the time talk to us :DD
2020-08-06 00:22
Keoz in DM, I think.
2020-08-06 00:18
i kill "Logan" in DM i 1 v 4 pistol round vs Happy Team on faceit
2020-08-06 00:19
nt fbi
2020-08-06 00:20
Denmark valt3rr
Smooya in dm Steel in dm BnTeT in dm Es3tag in dm Fl0m in dm And kucher in faceit (not pro anymore)
2020-08-06 00:21
kennys on a fan game
2020-08-06 00:23
United States laiff
BnTeT in DM autimatic in awp server/DM FALLEN in DM Brehze in pistol dm Flusha in awp server Guardian in DM Vanity in Dm
2020-08-06 00:26
Killed Sico in Spectre Retakes Killed Hatz in Spectre Retakes but he killed me 10 times back
2020-08-06 00:30
Minise rallen szpero and the gang when they were a team, got rekt at dust2 a couple of years ago.
2020-08-06 00:31
Netherlands Boutdis
people really bragging about dm kills here lol
2020-08-06 00:31
people are answering a question retard
2020-08-06 00:48
Netherlands Boutdis
good one mate! cya in a week
2020-08-06 01:07
2020-08-06 01:16
only ones I think are cool are the Heroic guys + bubzkji, right before es3tag got picked up by Astralis. They were in the US for flashpoint and played in an execute with them. They were super chill, really nice. I'll always be an es3tag fan cuz of that, dude is so down to earth i've played with and against a lot of NA pros, don't keep track anymore. But i totally get how cool it is to kill them for the first time
2020-08-06 00:32
DEVIL is cool aswell, back when he was playing for Envyus I was running a Facebook group about Trading on CSGO, I killed him in DM and I asked him to say hi for a screenshot and he actually did and we talked a bit in chat after that
2020-08-06 01:12
2020-08-06 00:33
Rush and Autimatic in retake
2020-08-06 00:40
Almost teamkilled apex in faceit pug does that count? Otherwise i think i only played vs patrick from unicorns of love if thats his aimmap
2020-08-06 00:44
apEX in dm 2 years ago, or so lol
2020-08-06 00:45
Netherlands Jonasio
shox in DM jinkz in DM and somebody from Nemiga in DM All of which were in the same server
2020-08-06 00:46
Somebody is from tyloo, not from nemiga
2020-08-08 18:40
Netherlands Jonasio
2020-08-08 20:24
BIOHAZARD in mm GuardiaN in retake FrozeN in deathmatch oskar in deathmatch
2020-08-06 00:47
I see s1mple in like every DM
2020-08-06 00:48
vsm | 
Brazil mafe^
vsm, 1962 and lucaozy
2020-08-06 00:51
woxic in a dm match
2020-08-06 01:00
+- all German pro players from 1.6 days
2020-08-06 01:03
Won Faceit games against Koez, Flamez-, and a French dude I don’t remember his name Lost against Stomp, Hadji Won with Flamez- Killed vs K1to, Tabsen, mitbit in dm.
2020-08-06 01:08
ALEX in ffa
2020-08-06 01:09
xseven in dm fame in faceit stavn in faceit maikelele in mm and some other not commonly known pros
2020-08-06 01:12
New Zealand rOtten_97
Both MM and retakes: Liazz and aliStair Retakes: jks, azr, malta, sico, INS, burnruok, the entirety of Chiefs DM: 95% of au/nz players
2020-08-06 01:14
Poland kruky
all in faceit mertz, magisk, k0nfig, jugi, mir
2020-08-06 01:17
KSCERATO - Retake / DM Fugly - DM s0m - DM JasonR - DM Daps - DM TenZ - DM nitr0 - DM Stew - Retake / DM This doesnt count but i was in a surf server with everyone currently on Cloud9. I think they were making a video for the Cloud9 CSGO channel or something like that. I had to leave to help my mom with groceries (i know, i help my mom with back problems out with shit. What a momma's boy)
2020-08-06 01:21
United States xcalibot
thats ok mens, love your mom :))
2020-09-25 09:24
Lucas1, Hen1 and AbleJ.
2020-08-06 01:23
won a map against LEGIJA when he was on mousesport ))
2020-08-06 01:29
Poland kaefix
natosaphix faceit HS faceit bodyyy faceit more of them
2020-08-06 01:34
pyth (lmfao) jw devve sperr nuga hs cheti ropz and fucking black ddk if he counts lmao he was so bad i got screenshots
2020-08-06 01:35
JW in HS only dm
2020-08-06 01:36
jkaem, stanislaw, azr and jks in late night mm
2020-08-06 01:37
twistzz in dm
2020-08-06 01:37
2020-08-06 03:47
elige and nitro in dm
2020-08-06 03:53
all of ORDER (mdl, esl au/nz champs, scrims) all of renegades (mdl, scrims, some fpl) olof, niko (iem syd 2018 in dm) rush (retakes) liazz and grat (faceit)
2020-08-06 03:55
Not too many. Ropz - night dm akez - morning dm rain - night dm NiKo - night dm Smooya - 3am pistol dm
2020-08-06 03:59
FNS- Pistol DM Android- DM
2020-08-06 03:59
i think it's absolutely sad how people brag about that 1 time they killed a pro in a dm when odds are they probably spawned in right behind them and killed them with an awp at point blank range
2020-08-06 04:12
no one is bragging, everyone is simply responding to the question
2020-08-06 06:51 battalion KEKW
2020-08-06 04:13
Sterling In dm, he was insane, finished with 57 kills Sico in dm too, insane awpers
2020-08-06 04:17
I think liiazz in retakes aswell
2020-08-06 04:18
twistzz stewie elige grim nitro naf fallen jks grat fer trk malbs cooper android zellsis infinite leaf xeppa steel vanity cxzi taco tarik liazz autmatic kscerato vini heni marke
2020-08-06 04:22
I probably killed Twistzz in a 2014 faceit pug. All of the 2015 luminosity gaming team
2020-08-06 05:35
AZR JKS Liazz Gratisfaction Jkaem Stewie Elige
2020-08-06 05:42
United States codgun
floppy grim mad lions HUNDEN lineup and a bunch of irrelevant mdl pros
2020-08-06 06:48
Only xcurrate in DM Once I saw Bntet in a dm server too but he left shortly after :(
2020-08-06 06:50
Bntet - HS DM Bobosaur- MM
2020-08-06 06:54
SpawN fR0D Frisker megaton dabears
2020-08-06 06:58
I never killed a pro in game. But I had a dream about EliGE once where he was breathing really heavily.
2020-08-06 07:05
United States ducky_cs
Polen from Mythic Reborn in dm
2020-08-06 07:10
only pronax and ergasster
2020-08-06 07:12
zywh0 Destroyed him so hard in DM and retakes.
2020-08-06 07:27
2020-08-06 10:05
Lost (mm) 13-16 vs Hobbit in 2017 days before the major in Krakow.
2020-08-06 07:28
2020-08-06 07:30
He was nutty to watch at that time :)
2020-08-06 07:34
h0bbit BEAST!
2020-08-06 07:40
United States stripesy
oBo in wingman
2020-08-06 07:28
fallen in gamers club when he was playing w/viewers at 180 ms
2020-08-06 07:30
DM: Edward, flamie, AdreN Retake: MDS, box, Jyo, PlesseN Wingman: lowel MM: SKYTTEN, stonde
2020-08-06 07:32
United States NA_KEKW
Steel in DM Vanity in DM and retakes Twistzz in DM and retakes FalleN in DM TACO in DM Maluk3 in DM BnTeT in retakes Elmapuddy (Gen. G Coach) in retakes
2020-08-06 07:33
Sweden shonk
2020-08-06 08:00
Attacker and Fancy1 in DM
2020-08-06 08:02
What are you, a murderer?
2020-08-06 08:16
When the pros came to au, i killed Niko, coldzera.
2020-08-06 08:20
2020-08-06 08:47
2020-09-25 03:16
yeah he may be navi fan but this is unacceptable
2020-09-25 03:52
Netherlands PasscaLl
The real question is: did u guys noscope a pro? I noscoped faven :)
2020-08-06 09:37
ohh hello mister plast kall nice to see you again
2020-08-09 00:37
i destroyed mertz in a faceit pug.
2020-08-06 09:38
Netherlands PasscaLl
Name checks out
2020-08-06 09:40
haven't really played with many but MM: Flarich, Surreal, queztone DM: refrezh, v1c7or
2020-08-06 09:40
Twistzz in retake when he was in europe before cologne and xign in the same server
2020-08-06 09:47
you pro
2020-08-06 09:47
OK | 
Finland ok_men
slowi in dm mimi in dm bymas in dm nukkye in dm
2020-08-06 09:51
Georgia Megobari
bodyy smooya maniac
2020-08-06 10:06
Bulgaria gosholin
In DM: taz sunny cajunb ropz spellan rain aizy kjaerbye
2020-08-06 10:09
China KoreanFan
I don't know if I killed him but I met n0thing in a pistol FFA.
2020-08-06 10:18
Smooya Bodyy
2020-08-06 10:20
Smooya, Dm
2020-08-06 10:21
Volcano, method, Warden, da_bears, sunman, Xp3, moE. Probably dozens more. 1.6 matches. I can't count scrims or dms because that's a joke.
2020-08-06 10:23
Mainly UK players, most notably Smooya, Neilzinho and Thomas
2020-08-06 10:37
apex mutiris karrigan roej scream issaa twistzz lollipop2k on dm xsepower on mm
2020-08-06 10:38
Egypt ExonsX
2020-08-06 10:38
Xantares pistol DM
2020-08-06 10:45
Dosia | 
Russia Rapu
I only played against Pimp in MM :)
2020-08-06 10:52
markeloff 1.6 zeus 1.6 & go edward 1.6 & go ceh9 just ez adren dosia hobbit elige (he was whining about how bad are eizo's monitors) nitro fer numerous cis pros and semipros flamie (WITH KNIFE)
2020-08-06 10:54
+s1mple @ community casual
2020-08-06 14:03
wait you killed the x god himself
2020-08-09 00:38
s1mple zywoo SpawN HeatoN Potti Get right F0rest markeloff and zonic in valve dm on dust II
2020-08-06 10:56
too many in DM and faceit cant remember
2020-08-06 11:21
Obo in brutalcs dm
2020-08-06 11:33
twistzz in retakes and dm cadian in executes stavn in executes borup in executes nitr0 in dm elige in dm skadoodle in 1v1 server infinite in retakes autimatic in awp only server might be more but i don’t remember edit: elmapuddy in executes
2020-08-06 11:45
smooya in DM but kngv almost killed me IRL when i came to brazil after supporting FNS
2020-08-06 11:44
Poland Mizuchi
None cause im stuck in Gold Nova
2020-08-06 11:46
Me, solo queue matchmaking 19 Jun, 2013 vs old fnatic & friends. JW typing "rdk's aimbotting" made my day back then. Found another one. Me solo queue mm 14 Apr, 2014 vs Flusha & friends.
2020-08-06 11:54
Hungary Shiron212
Dayum, this HUD makes me feel old
2020-08-06 12:28
existenz - mm global face - aim tournament ahl - gather neo, taz - invex tournament
2020-08-06 11:49
you mean god ex6tenz? how dare you
2020-08-06 12:12
he had like 45 frags, but i remember taking him down on cache A plant 1on1, he used corners very well so i had to duck, spray and pray :D
2020-08-06 12:17
Denmark dyinbyran
I killed Cyx but only once
2020-08-06 12:02
2020-09-25 03:16
wtf men
2020-09-25 03:52
cajunb botlof rain
2020-08-06 12:03
man i dominated cajunb on 1v1 arena
2020-08-06 12:03
lekr0 and pita in mm
2020-08-06 12:04
All MAD Lions players in arena 1v1. Nafu(not a pro but still a guy who has played in pro games) - Supreme Matchmaking GTR in a retake jserver Flusha in arena 1v1
2020-08-06 12:11
krimz scream nbk scrunk and played in team with magisk, natosaphix
2020-08-06 12:19
Switzerland Cenoon
flamie in DM guardiaN in DM niKo in DM
2020-08-06 12:23
Switzerland Cenoon
and Xizt in dm too
2020-08-06 12:26
Dickstacy Hatz Ins Some others too :D (all in retakes)
2020-08-06 12:24
s1mple on dm electronic on dm qikert on dm buster on dm knifed waterallz on dm once won doto in mm won eGE in mm killed friberg on dm smithzz on arena ex6tenz on arena iDISBALANCE on dm magixx on dm zeus on dm kvik on dm n0rb3r7 on dm
2020-08-06 12:25
VORMISTO (pretty irrelevant) in a random finnish server sergej in retake and my dads answer: Pashabiceps in Source
2020-08-06 12:26
nbk dm ffa keev in 1v1 aim_maps server ( when he just got signed with big) also xccurate in faceit
2020-08-06 12:28
Smithzz on Matchmaking And in 2014 I've played with KennyS Scream and shox on Matchmaking. I was soloqueueing and ended up in their team. Quite cool moment.
2020-08-06 12:32
Sweden HANNE$
Aleksib and Dennis in dm
2020-08-06 12:33
kennys deathmatch cajunb aim redline
2020-08-06 12:35
Germany bowski23
DM - friberg, rain, NiKo AIMDM - tabseN, cajunB i think there were some more that are like t2 or t3 but i don't really remember
2020-08-06 12:37
Germany Pardi8
Faceit: Dev1ce MM: AleksiB MM: Styko But Lost all games xD
2020-08-06 12:44
Indonesia Deluxio
Xccurate in a 1v1 situation on MM a long time ago (before he join tyloo)
2020-08-06 12:48
All on DM: Apex Bubzkji friberg allu SuNny Aerial NBK- oskar
2020-08-06 12:51
imagine how many of this info is fake because someone pretended to be pro :D
2020-08-06 12:55
Poland Jancz1
acor in faceit morelz in dm
2020-08-06 12:55
Niko I was playing against him on MM and everysingle duel killing him LMAO, then he was started to insulting me over cs by killing
2020-08-06 12:59
Hobbit in mm Art1st in mm
2020-08-06 13:09
Finland subhumen
Paskabiceps in DM
2020-08-06 13:13
NiKo | 
Finland Eestu
Xyp9x NiKo (FaZe) ALEX (Vitality) Celrate TaZ Boombl4 niko (Heroic) Keoz smF But all of these were on dm so its not really that cool
2020-08-06 13:19
Ropz in DM
2020-08-06 13:23
Twistz in dm smooya in faceit DeadFox in dm
2020-08-06 13:27
Sweden toddn
get_right in MM - first bullet to his head with the usp krimz and jw in esportal (we got so smashed so maybe i didnt even kill one of them LUL)
2020-08-06 13:28
Greece Graecos
RTCW: I retake objs on Frostbite against Knö i Hörn with a 2-man airstrike, then smg kill on smutzig and luger kill on FeTTe. I was damn quite happy about it! =D
2020-08-06 13:29
Netherlands PasscaLl
2020-08-06 13:29
Greece Graecos
2020-08-06 13:30
rain | 
Norway apx-
Hiko in DM
2020-08-06 13:30
f0rest on lan get right lan xizt on lan zeus on lan markeloff on lan edward on lan fnx on lan cogu on lan bit on lan chrisJ on lan gob b on lan MAJ3R on lan allu on lan sunny on lan etc
2020-08-06 13:33
omg real pro player!
2020-08-06 13:38
2020-08-06 13:57
Ukraine lancee
Newfags, he’s not lying. He’s an ex-pro player, check the profile. Remember this dude from like 2008-10
2020-08-06 14:34
2020-08-08 17:02
2020-08-10 11:49
pasha dm (2016 or 2017) NEO dm k0nfig faceit (2018) copenhagen flames PCW (2019) PACT PCW (2019) And some less known pros on PCW also
2020-08-06 13:36
niko, ropz, MSL, aleksib, friberg in DM And aerial multiple times... :D (DM) But I had my peak performance at the time, and he had only 60 hours/per 2 weeks :D
2020-08-06 13:36
Greece Ploutonas
All in execute servers: Twistzz, MAJ3R, ngiN, tonyblack
2020-08-06 13:37
Russia necklace
Flamie - DM Adren - DM Allu - DM Sunny - DM Aerial - DM Sergej - DM Coffee - Faceit some cis t3 players with hltv page
2020-08-06 13:37
A lot, i only took pics ages ago, played loads more on faceit (pics r just 5+ years ago rly) Dosia + KUSHCER ESEA Mou - ESEA Nasu - MM Despe - MM (16-0'd him)
2020-08-06 13:44
Hahahahaha imagine playing for best Turkish team and getting owned 16-0 by globals in MM
2020-08-06 13:55
INS | 
Australia CLEGGY
INS malta HaZR j1rah ap0c BL1TZ apocdud in retakes & dm
2020-08-06 13:44
I am here to make sure I did not get ban by HLTV admin
2020-08-06 13:45
i kill Liquid EligE in pistol round on matchmaking
2020-08-06 13:47
i killed faveN at WarmUp Server Deathmatch but i immediately kicked because a VIP joined and i didn't have VIP. I also played with fallen at WarmUp Server DM, but i don't remember if i killed him or not.
2020-08-06 13:48
Serbia TheSerb
On warmup server zeus mix?
2020-08-06 19:57
i didn't understand what you say my friend.
2020-08-06 21:33
Serbia TheSerb
Server name?
2020-08-07 00:23
I killed faveN at WarmUp Server FFA-DM located at Germany. I played with fallen at WarmUp Server FFA-DM located at NA. I think it was US server but i'm not sure.
2020-08-07 09:28
Serbia TheSerb
I play om that server too, fallen played when the berlin major was active but he was afk i remember when i saw his name j was happy like a little kid
2020-08-07 11:02
Shox in a matchmaking in early 2014, he was an absolute animal with the scout and goofed around with bad weapons and still shitting on us.
2020-08-06 13:48
Adren in DM
2020-08-06 13:51
nbk on retake
2020-08-06 13:53
Rain Liazz Azr Jkaem And a lot of NA pros
2020-08-06 13:57
Portugal ros4lesxx
spiddi on retakes
2020-08-06 13:58
Maikelele DM Schneider (before znajder) DM NBK DM Happy DM
2020-08-06 13:59
S1mple Nova 3 mm)))
2020-08-06 14:05
how would i know? they always have weird fake names and profiles to throw you off
2020-08-06 14:51
Serbia TheSerb
There are servers that link your id and it says [PRO]
2020-08-06 19:56
I killed Boombla with my big iron on my hip
2020-08-06 18:50
Denmark KalasYoP
Played against fragsters (top30 at the time) in a tournament Played against Esuba/gambit mix in a tournament Faceit vs Lekro, Konfig, BlameF, Brollan, GoB, ropz, Accilion Killed many EU pros in DM.
2020-08-06 19:50
Serbia TheSerb
Guessing your a high lvl 10
2020-08-06 19:55
i killed s1mple in dm like 5-6 times, also knifed him once
2020-08-06 19:53
Serbia TheSerb
Allu -dm Edward- dm Adren -dm Thomas -dm Nexa- dm Xantares destroyed me i couldnt kill him once Juanflatroo too
2020-08-06 19:55
xantares xd
2020-09-25 09:36
Other Jmishenko
v4d1m on dm 15-15 vs hally on 1x1
2020-08-06 20:06
I killed flamie and Stanislaw in dm, literally the highlight of my life
2020-08-06 20:06
NiKo on DM GuardiaN on his retake server Calyx on matchmaking xdddd
2020-08-06 20:09
S1MPLE in mm tabsen, blameF and guardian in dm and f0rest some times in 2v2 and i think thats all
2020-08-06 20:20
Jackz mirbit mutiris rmn
2020-08-06 20:35
Sweden Zolity
all in dm: Lekr0 Dev1ce freddieb pimp michu maikelele knifed freddyfrog and pashabiceps
2020-08-06 21:19
Stavn in dm Magixx in retake
2020-08-06 21:46
Apex in mm lol
2020-08-06 21:48
brax and yay in dm.
2020-08-06 21:48
lowel - dm xfloud - dm some brazilian pros (I dont remember their name) I played dm with XANTARES but I never killed him
2020-08-06 23:30
2020-08-06 23:33
Joelz in retake
2020-08-07 03:18
Australia opzy
I got matched up against forsaken's teammate in australian faceit and he started talking shit so I said shut up you're teammate hacks and he never joined the game
2020-08-07 03:21
ZywOo | 
Russia 4nby
sunny in DM, BlameF in DM
2020-08-07 03:22
Netherlands WitnessMe
oBo , blameF, mimi, borup, calyx, ayken all in a pug kennys, jackz, hunter, nexa dm
2020-08-07 03:25
Netherlands WitnessMe
stavn, pug
2020-08-07 03:26
Brazil HigorIsi
Hen1 in MM
2020-08-07 03:32
All in Faceit BlameF Ropz HS Smooya juanflatrooo Sinopsyyyy Honorable mentions D0cc
2020-08-07 09:05
Olof 20-5 Niko 58-52 Espiranto 72-50 Nivera- 50-48 Legija 16-2 Pronax 40-5
2020-08-07 09:10
Finland Teukkasd
in dm friberg aerial jamppi farlig flamie lekro jackz
2020-08-07 09:34
pasha neo pronax All of them were playing on same dm + i had +k/d ratio. That was one of the brutal dm servers.
2020-08-07 09:37
waauw really good u should go pro
2020-08-10 12:20
Nahh my friend , i play cs for fun with my friends only :). Global is just enough on my needs.
2020-08-10 14:24
Hen1 in DM
2020-08-07 09:42
cogu in mm, i was dominating him in the first 8 rounds, i think i killed him 5 times and he didnt killed once, but then he started playing out of his mind and got 52 frags to win 16-13.
2020-08-07 09:44
Netherlands PasscaLl
lol nice
2020-08-07 10:12
Shroud Freakazoid M0e Eh.. there are others I am sure. Just you know lower tier NA pros less memorable
2020-08-07 11:14
Bulgaria Jaganci
Whole 2018 north roster in DM And the whole 2018 g2 roster in DM
2020-08-07 11:17
Romania csf
v1c7oR, bubble and BrN on ffa (probably more but cant remember) Remoy on MM other romanian pros on faceit
2020-08-07 11:18
Serbia embru
nice try fbi i won' tell you
2020-08-07 11:18
NBK in a comp game. Cyndicate btw
2020-08-07 11:34
2020-08-07 11:37
2020-09-25 03:17
????? I have killed him you moron
2020-09-25 09:14
Fking 12yos thinking this is funny to joke about, go to your zoom class
2020-09-25 14:34
Fucking retarded fuck, (yea Jonathan this is worth 10 years) I'm a boomer and I have played cs for very long time so don't come here and tell me what I have Done and not. And then you say I'm joking about something I'm clearly would not joke about.
2020-09-26 00:54
Your argument?
2020-09-26 15:52
zeus, flamie, byali, dosia, faveN, xantares, frozen all in dm
2020-08-07 11:58
respecc brother for HK
2020-08-10 12:20
pasha nbk frozen xseven bubble v1c7or
2020-08-07 12:02
tabsen, jackz, elige, stewie2k, dupreeh, es3tag, Aerial, Acillion and Gruby, all in DM
2020-08-07 14:19
xccurate in 1v1 awp
2020-08-07 14:25
Twistzz, Golden, Krimz, Aleksib, stewie2k, aerial, xseven, sergej, nbk, kennys, shox, xantares, friberg, jackz, Jamppi etc. There's more. Everyone in dm except Jamppi and Aleksib
2020-08-07 14:28
vsed alistair and liazz in mm, killed alistair half a dozen times
2020-08-07 14:32
Lekr0 in pubg lol
2020-08-08 17:00
SPUNJ yesterday on Danger Zone lol suNny 5v5 match that was played with finnish youtubers and fans etc. i don't really play dm servers so i've only killed Loba there so yeah
2020-08-08 17:02
Serbia DjapeZ
I killed myself with nade
2020-08-08 17:02
I won me x3 with kngV alive, i plant and won killing all. Tô much emotion for a single match dude
2020-08-08 17:08
tabsen dm :D
2020-08-08 17:10
dapr, roca, brax
2020-08-08 17:13
BlameF in dm Teses in dm Hooxi in dm
2020-08-08 18:39
Japan Amamiya
pasha, taz, ex6tenz, shox, scream, smithzz and thats it I think. Most of it DM
2020-08-08 18:42
gla1ve in faceit like 4 years ago
2020-08-08 18:48
killed JasonR in danger zone he got really mad
2020-08-08 19:06
all the ones that didnt prove it!
2020-08-08 20:02
I killed kennys and shox in random mm, they were duoing
2020-08-08 20:09
aizy | 
Denmark Gryde
plessen in a dm server B)
2020-08-08 20:26
LETN1 | 
Poland Szcz
twist and seized
2020-08-08 22:41
Jugi and Niko in retakes Scream, Smooya, Shox in DM
2020-08-08 22:53
Sweden wtf_men
danish niko in mm bondik in mm henryg in mm (not a pro I know but still) GTR in dm kreaz in retake
2020-08-09 00:36
Senpai from team yalla, davidp, smf, dragonfly, acilion, anj, percy in faceit
2020-08-09 00:43
Romania decis1ve
guardian in a faceit pug body in dm, tarik when he had a bootcamp and was playing on a turkish server(ffa) scream in a qualifier for major and hs i think, that game was long ago. i only have guardian bcs it was recent. I probably killed way more pros but i dont remember rn. oh apex in dm too.
2020-08-09 00:49
s1mple in MatchMaking while he was streaming (10k viewers in GOTV and 20k~ on twitch). There's a video on youtube with 170k views (
2020-08-09 00:53
skytten on pistol dm m0nesy on dm, i've seen him several times on kz server twenty3 in a faceit pug (HS's gf) and some unknown girl pros with 1-2 matches on hltv marke, cooper, stewie, koosta, jamezirl, moe, many mexican pro players who were grinding faceit back in the days, many ex-mdl NA players in faceit pugs kinda weird but ive never met any pros on dm, only m0nesy and hooch
2020-08-09 01:01
France Lili___
gla1ve,dev1ce,magisk,duprehhh and xyps4s1ds2f1 in 1v5 retake on Dust 2 b site
2020-08-09 01:05
ive played mini games where you play soccer and those fun random games with SHROOOOOOOOOD <3 I played dm with stewie2k to say hi to shroud before he got on c9, so i manifested my own reality i watched shroud since he had 0-1 viewer now hes a millionaire i said to n0thing all girls want is fun, since he was single, a week after he got a girlfriend Truth, now he's married to her
2020-08-09 02:54
say to me i will become a millionaire pls!
2020-08-10 12:43
aleksib slowi borup hallzerk xyp9x sunny msl jamppi all in brutal cs dm
2020-08-09 10:48
shoow proof
2020-08-09 12:46
show tits
2020-08-09 19:24
look at me
2020-08-09 19:32
2020-08-09 12:46
Ropz In mm NBK In mm Hobbit In dm Arvid in dm
2020-08-09 14:13
Ukraine IMFan
GeT_RiGhT, bondik, worldedit in dm
2020-08-09 14:18
guardian in pug es3tag in pug pasha (:D) in pug k0nfig in pug (danish) niko in pug dont count dm kills :)
2020-08-09 14:22
the royal bandits (who) roster in dm
2020-08-09 14:23
Portugal NkiL
2020-08-09 14:26
afk Legendary Ex6TenZ
2020-08-09 19:52
b0rup in 1v1 i won 16-10
2020-08-09 19:55
Twistzz retake
2020-08-09 19:55
byali on 1v1 server (usp)
2020-08-09 19:55
Tilted Pronax once in a game kek Killed alot of old Swedish 1.6 pro's on a old scandinavian site back in the days called Spelarenan/Playzeek
2020-08-10 01:30
like half of the now known NA pros lol nobody was playing this trash back then
2020-08-10 01:32
i have played against faven faceit pug , against turkey5(paz,tecone,eneshan,ngin,imorr) at Starladder Major qualifiers , against refrezh , juanflatroo , NiKo , sinnopsy , gxx in DM.
2020-08-10 01:32
don't know if it counts but I beat chrisJ in surf
2020-08-10 01:39
paszabiceps multiple times in dm fuck his bad
2020-08-10 01:44
South America ZyvvOo
Tuurtle and tiburcio both in a open qualifier that i played against Detona on DH open Rio (2019)
2020-08-10 02:43
kennyS subgame
2020-08-10 03:05
GTR, F0rest, hallzerk, friberg and xizt in a scrim (we lost 18-12 mr30 vertigo) Juliano and her squad in a scrim 16-6 nuke Zietraa (brollan ex) and her squad in scrim 22-8 mir SKADE FE 16-5 inf Zietraa (brollan ex) and her squad with Brollan as stand in 3-4m ago dust2 lost 11-16 Other notable teams we have played include Spirit, big academy, sprout, apeks and Nordavind NO :-) edit: 3-4months not minutes.
2020-08-10 03:17
Extatus with frozen and zero, gambit, godsent with lekro, in praccs killed them all. Been playing faceit +3k elo over 1500 matches so pretty much everyday rekting pros.
2020-08-10 10:07
twistzz and stewie in
2020-08-10 10:10
rpk, shox, msl, cromen, espiranto, gade in ffa servers (mrtweeday aswell)
2020-08-10 10:15
Australia |bruh|
Dickstacy on a faceit pug
2020-08-10 10:23 Look at the foto i knifed sixer
2020-08-10 10:24
he said pros not sixer :D
2020-08-10 11:28
2020-08-10 11:37
get right in dm ages ago prob 2015
2020-08-10 11:25
got 10 kills vs stew + tarik on faceit
2020-08-10 11:27
United States fowlyz
stewie2k on dm. Only time I have been in a game with a pro.
2020-08-10 11:30
Germany snicxx
tabbsen in Global elite MM 2-3 years ago. 2x one deagl and couple of p90 spray down. we lost 2-16 :) there were 2 other BIG players too but cant remember.
2020-08-10 11:33
Slovenia evrazem2k
i only killed apex in ffd
2020-08-10 11:39
Poland Vajhro
Vegi, Okoliciouz, akez
2020-08-10 11:42
obj from giants Scream Evy (ex coach of G2)
2020-08-10 11:43
RpK | 
France HippzZ
Me too for evy, he is really smart
2020-08-10 12:31
i 1tapped scream in faceit, best feeling ever
2020-08-10 11:44
ropz dm
2020-08-10 11:50
RpK | 
Poland fuwau
I played a full MM match vs. Xyp9x. We got rekt, but I did kill him once or twice.
2020-08-10 11:54
xseven in DM KHRN and xarte in casual I won an MM game against fucking Emilio and he was streaming it. He was so mad on stream after the game lmao Edit: also Teses in DM
2020-08-10 11:55
sunny, styko, ropz on dm, el patron (former russian pro) in gfinity match
2020-08-10 11:58
cold and hobbit in dm
2020-08-10 11:59
S1mple , edward , ropz, karrigan, apex, sunny, happy
2020-08-10 12:17
2020-08-10 12:19
RpK | 
France HippzZ
smooya in dm as far as I know
2020-08-10 12:29
i played with woxic jugi aizy pasha mirbit tarik jdm tudson innocent gruby pronax dycha fxy0 alex apex. 99% on pugs except gruby 1v1 for money and alex on retake
2020-08-10 12:42
Czech Republic Heart1e
Apex, Rpk on DM and GuardiaN on retake
2020-08-10 12:44
Felps and Kscerato both on DM.
2020-08-11 06:21
apocdud valiance clover alistair but most importantly, IBzoyy, that man is a GOD.
2020-08-11 06:26
Lie! Ali is untouchble
2020-09-25 09:23
DM - Leo_drunky, Pancc, Reversive, Luken, CSR Lobby - CSR, Gon, Raafa, Land1n, MCH
2020-08-11 06:29
Elige, Twistzz, Stewie2k, Ethan, Brehze, Cerq, Stanislaw, tarik, Vini, MarkE, Xeppaa, leaf, Nifty, oSee, Sonic, Junior, plus a few Yeah Gaming players and more tier 2 NA players all on DM
2020-08-11 06:30
Netherlands PasscaLl
Damn u killed many
2020-08-11 08:43
no one that really matters. Just killed some noobs pros like, device, s0mple, leaf, xeppa, etc
2020-08-11 09:00
Netherlands PasscaLl
Weird flex but ok When did u kill device and s0mple cuz ur BR
2020-08-11 09:33
hhahaha im just baiting
2020-08-11 18:38
Petra in FaceIt Kjaerbye DM Cajunb DM w0xic DM
2020-08-11 19:35
Spongey and Grim, somehow i they ended up playing in SA
2020-08-11 22:18
stfN in MM Emy in MM Ramz1kbo$$ in MM Stonde in MM OttoNd in MM kzy in MM
2020-08-11 22:20
qikert(pistol dm) somedieyoung (aim duels)
2020-08-11 22:25
United Kingdom Waps2k
ScreaM Steel (brazilian) FalleN (almost knifed)
2020-08-11 22:25
Italy alastt27
2020-08-12 08:55
ScreaM in wingman
2020-08-12 09:07
not a pro really but we raped Limpone (JWs brother) in dmg matchmaker
2020-09-25 03:11
Tarik, Sick, and Cutler in DM
2020-09-25 03:12
Luxembourg winner666
if you are good enough in this game, pros is no different from you except the popularity nothing special for me that i killed same players like me scream niko tabsen s1mple flusha pronax (godsent times) olofmeister (faze times) stavn (fragsters times) snax (vp times) facecrack fl1t and a lot more, nothing special
2020-09-25 03:13
nearly beat Oskar and disco_doplan in an official
2020-09-25 03:14
people keep track of which pros they've killed? ROFL
2020-09-25 03:21
Must be their biggest life achievement
2020-09-25 03:23
coldzera, bondik, nexa, amanek, kreaz, burnuok lots of iberian ones
2020-09-25 03:23
n0thing in ironsight
2020-09-25 03:33
United States Valerence
I’ve killed tenz (you can say ex-pro) in deag server killed grat in a deag server ptr in a retake server I’ve killed some team one player in a retake i forgot the rest.....
2020-09-25 03:42
s1mple in my dreams
2020-09-25 03:46
pasza in dm 2014 kqly in dm 2014 hiko in retakes 2015 nitr0 in retakes 2015
2020-09-25 03:47
for me: knife bntet in retake server 3 yrs ago killed coldzera(mibr times), lekr0(nip times), AdreN(faze times) in DM
2020-09-25 03:52
Germany boerchi
smooya, karrigan, ropz, mir in dm
2020-09-25 03:55
queenix in ranked esportal
2020-09-25 04:11
Twistzz, FalleN, Sico, Dexter, Hatz, INS and a bunch of other australian pros. All in DM. Pug with MSN, Paradox staff, Alistair, Valiance and Ustilo.
2020-09-25 04:12
South America ZyvvOo
Tuurtle Hardzao Tiburcio prt vSm All in dh open rio
2020-09-25 04:14
Xantares when he was in Turkey he was playing special 1v1 rooms i killed him there,Tabsen,kreaz,syrson dm
2020-09-25 04:15
GuardiaN on his retake server and deathmatch server NiKo on FFA dm byali on dd2 ffa dm Calyx on matchmaking rain on ffa dm
2020-09-25 04:19
I played DotA 2 vs KingRD once. I lost lol.
2020-09-25 04:46
a lot.
2020-09-25 04:51
fp1 dm vsm dm felps dm prt dm latto dm and other pros that i dont remember
2020-09-25 04:51
(all that i remember because i knifed then :P)
2020-09-25 04:53
Get_right once in DM. I had 500 ping
2020-09-25 09:15
Killed Boombl4 and Worldedit on pistol round. Both of them
2020-09-25 09:15
Canada dennek
ethan and stanislaw in retake server
2020-09-25 09:20
I won against k0nfig in faceit pug from 11-4 to 14-16 comeback. I was 33-19 :) Also had won against Dima from ESPADA.
2020-09-25 09:21
Nepal askyee
i was playin 3v3 tournament vs zywoo and his 2 friends (close game but anluko) xantares/smooya/gob/body dm jumpy (coach) he was my teammate in mm but anluko happens xD
2020-09-25 09:22
havoK, pokemon and imorr
2020-09-25 09:25
kennys and cajunb
2020-09-25 09:27
pasha in DM long time ago, was in 2014 or 2015
2020-09-25 09:28
AdreN, buster, bondik. All of them in dm
2020-09-25 09:33
apEX, smooya, jks, JDC, roeJ, P4tirck, kzy, crisby, sLowi, kRYSTAL rest I cant remember
2020-09-25 09:42
Serbia LtN))
Some1 from astralis i cant remember it was in 2016. i think dev1ce. I killed him from behind with deagle hs, when i saw the name i wanted knife but he got too far it was dm:)
2020-09-25 09:38
Sweden Lillmatte
Killed Device a couple of times during a Faceit game. We won the game.
2020-09-25 09:41
Smooya, "Pita", Bodyy
2020-09-25 09:41
KennyS - Jumping Noscope in MM on Dust 2 A Site smooya - dm
2020-09-25 09:44
Teses - retakes Bymas - dm
2020-09-25 09:46
s1mple in major final
2020-09-25 09:50
nt dupreeh
2020-09-26 01:13
smooya faceit,s1mple matchmaking,refrezh faceit,brollan faceit,robiin faceit,norbert faceit.These I remember at least.
2020-09-25 09:51
2020-09-25 09:53
Norway Noreg
beat attax in mm lole 16-3
2020-09-25 09:55
Borup and sinnopsy in faceit different matches Full NiP squad in retakes + lots of other pros in dm and retakes
2020-09-25 09:58
Sweden Zolity
dev1ce in dm lekr0 in dm knifed freddyfrog in dm michu in dm pronax in dm
2020-09-25 09:59
Serbia Aco_
Tabsen in an arena 1v1 server, he was like 56-2 And krystal in dm
2020-09-25 10:00
I won against Brollan in a match, I won against dev1ce In a match, I won against JW in a match, I won against nawwk and I hit 40kills in that match went 40/19 against him :)
2020-09-25 10:15
zeus'd valde
2020-09-25 13:13
i'm only one who has killed pros at lan? :/ no quality players in hltv
2020-09-25 13:17
actually was in dm with gtr one time 2015
2020-09-25 14:35
Spain Holiwis
who tf is adr1an and btw, really long list difficult to remember all
2020-09-26 01:04
elige nitr0 stewie tarik those 4 in dm^^ cadian stavn b0rup twistzz elmapuddy in retakes/executes ^^ skadoodle 1v1 server ^ oh and autimatic on gloveworks awp server
2020-09-26 01:09
smooya felps biguzera
2020-09-26 01:12
Friberg, Rubino, bubzki, esetag. Hunden Lollopop (FFA) Electronic (retake)
2020-09-26 01:13
RUSH on a retake server with an molotov 100dmg Tizian on a pistol aim map
2020-09-26 01:22
Krystal ISSAA f0rest GeT_RiGhT
2020-09-26 04:16
karrigan in 1v1's and one more... cant remember the name
2020-09-26 04:21
Havan Liberty
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