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r8 my first trap beat
Norway verydenkmem First time i've made a trap or rap beat. I think it went pretty well. What do you think?
2020-08-06 00:03
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pretty cool
2020-08-06 00:05
Norway verydenkmem
Thank you. Were there any parts that was "cooler" in a sense?
2020-08-06 00:10
i like the part from 1-1:15
2020-08-06 00:13
i clicked and lost my speakers
2020-08-06 00:07
Norway verydenkmem
oh no mens here you go [8][8] take them back
2020-08-06 00:08
thanks, now i can rate and i rate 8
2020-08-06 01:21
Czech Republic Ondron
n1 mate
2020-08-06 00:14
Thank you :)
2020-08-06 01:08
Czech Republic Ondron
i looked into your "song" portfolio.. have you really done it all by yourself? And how about the vocals... how can you create them?:P Im teally impressed tbh.. keep it up..
2020-08-06 00:19
its in samples
2020-08-06 00:22
Yep. Most vocals are samples. I recorded my own vocals in one of the songs.
2020-08-06 00:23
Yes. I've made everything.
2020-08-06 00:25
it sounds like loading screen to computer game
2020-08-06 00:22
Do you think it could sound different if it had vocals?
2020-08-06 00:23
no idea
2020-08-06 00:26
not really trap
2020-08-06 00:31
what is it then?
2020-08-06 00:32
more like generic pop with just a touch of trap/rap,imo.
2020-08-06 00:36
Aight, that works for me haha
2020-08-06 00:37
sounds like this lofi studying/relax songs
2020-08-06 00:36
But what did you think about it?
2020-08-06 00:39
i wouldnt mind listening to it while studying xD
2020-08-06 00:40
Nice :D
2020-08-06 01:01
Sweden ADAMAS_
2020-08-06 00:48
2020-08-06 00:48
2020-08-06 00:54
Russia Drapery
Imagine beating traps
2020-08-06 01:10
Meeeennn 😭😭 What did you think about it doe?
2020-08-06 01:11
Russia Drapery
0/8 I'm against violence
2020-08-06 01:13
No way me too
2020-08-06 01:18
nice mens))
2020-08-06 01:22
2/8 but good for ur first time
2020-08-06 01:23
What made it not so good?
2020-08-06 01:26
the samples sound so entry-grade if you know what i mean, especially the snare. also needs a more notable or louder bassline imo, but the ambience stuff is decent
2020-08-06 01:49
2020-08-06 01:56
Aight. I think I'll just stick to electronic music lmao
2020-08-06 02:02
i mean its pretty good for first time, but if ur serious about it investing in a kit would do wonders i think
2020-08-06 02:11 Hey I updated the samples along with a new beat
2020-08-06 21:13
It's better, but isn't it missing a snare now? I'm not sure, but I think the drum beat itself is too bouncy actually, if you removed some of the kicks it could sound a lot better i thnk
2020-08-06 21:35
Aight I'll try that and i'll make the snare clearer
2020-08-06 21:47
2020-08-06 22:01
hmm, i listened to your first one and it feels like something is missing now in the new one. if you combined the two somehow, that would make the best outcome but honestly idk :D
2020-08-06 22:04 In this one the snare is clearer. And I think i managed to "combine" the two im sorry you have to spend so much time doing this
2020-08-06 22:15
I think another drum kick or whatever would fit better, just try a bunch of them and see if something is better. If not then idk, but its pretty good right now
2020-08-06 23:36
How is this one compared to yesterday? Is it still 2/8?
2020-08-06 23:40
2.5 now i guess, its a bit better but the best takeaway is still the ambience
2020-08-06 23:44
2020-08-06 23:45
sorry bro, something just sounds off and i have no idea about music production so its hard to tell you what it is
2020-08-06 23:48
Pretty good chill song man GJ.
2020-08-06 01:23
Thanks man happy to hear that :D
2020-08-06 01:32
Switzerland f3ni_
Nice song bro ^^ but I'd work on the mix a bit. The 808s don't punch really and are a bit to quiet in my opinion
2020-08-06 02:06
Would've worked better as a lofi song, could always change the drums out and see how it sounds otherwise, very chilled
2020-08-06 02:07
I don't know much about music production, but I listen to a lot of EDM/played piano for 5 years and here are my thoughts: It doesn't sound finished, although the ambiance and atmosphere I think are pretty good. Intro was ok, but even for a song under 3 minutes, it does get quite repetitive. The percussion sounds really basic, and I agree with #38 with the snare and bassline (I think 808 samples might help with that). still much better than anything I can produce
2020-08-06 02:09
i dont listen to this but sounds fine
2020-08-06 02:13
I like it. It's very chill. It's more what I'd consider in the style of oldschool dubstep than trap though. It reminded me of this D'Lysergic track Perhaps with some old Skream influence too Anyway; I quite like it. It's very chill. Keep up the good work.
2020-08-06 02:13
kinda meh tbh but not bad for first. the mix needs a lot of work and you should look for better drum samples (maybe check /r/drumkits)
2020-08-06 02:16
BnTeT | 
Europe Auoz
I liked the reference about s1mple in the song name
2020-08-06 02:22
Yeah haha
2020-08-06 02:55
I freshened up the beat with new samples and mastered it as well just for fun. It should sound better now. Let me know what you think about the result for now :)
2020-08-06 21:11
Dude in trap it has drums going trtprtprtprptrpptrptprtprtprptrptrptprtprtprptrptprtprtp through out the whole song
2020-08-06 21:18
Did you listen to the "new" one above you?
2020-08-06 21:19
drums still feel weird
2020-08-06 21:21
Aight okay thanks for letting me know
2020-08-06 21:21
check out cosmic that guy makes epic beats
2020-08-06 22:18
Not really trap or rap but pretty chill sound.
2020-08-06 22:29
Thanks man
2020-08-06 22:41
ngl its actually decent)) usually people make uttershit))
2020-08-06 23:42
decent, a bit repetitive but good. not trying to say this as an insult or anything but it sounds like the type of song youd hear in an outro. 6/8
2020-08-06 23:45
Yugoslavia seeeed
More electro pop than trap. Its okay, but still got the same feeling of not being unfinished
2020-08-06 23:49
sounds decent for ur first time but u hear more of the hi hats and snares than the bass. I guess sidechain both of them?
2020-08-06 23:51
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