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Formula E?
Europe DealerDeNinas 
does anyone watch this? i watched a qualifying race of it these days and the cars sounded like my dentist drill wtf is that
2020-08-06 02:18
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its the future DealerDeNinas, the future !
2020-08-06 02:20
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
2020-08-06 02:22
2020-08-06 02:20
No one watches it but I understand its reasons for existence. FIA tries new rules and car designs on Formula E every year then copypasta that on F1 if it gets positive feedback. It's literally FIA's lab but they had to prove this is not F1 so ""electricity cars"".
2020-08-06 02:23
Spain Scar98
i kinda like the idea but circuits are trash and is hard to follow. so f1>>>
2020-08-06 02:25
yea totally f1 is just so much better
2020-08-06 02:26
I agree, it has good intentions but it comes off as a bit forced with the fan interactions, and the circuits are fucking terrible. The broadcast graphics don't help either. F1 bestest Ferrari bestest in F1 -official HLTV Sharl Legrerg Acc
2020-08-06 03:33
I do, the sounds also used to disturb me in the beggining but then i got used to it. the races are entertaining to me
2020-08-06 02:25
Finland Jack1CS
Do they still have that DUMB fan boost thing in use?
2020-08-06 02:26
yes, i see your point but also see theirs, its a way to get fans closer to the sport
2020-08-06 02:29
but its kinda stupid as the most popular drivers will always have an advantadge
2020-08-06 02:55
Finland OldStager
Who cars about Formula E xD
2020-08-06 02:27
yea xdddd when i saw it i was like wtf is this shit
2020-08-06 02:27
Watched a few races the first season and then I forgot it existed XD
2020-08-06 03:00
oh yea formula e is a thing
2020-08-06 03:02
I dont like Formula E but i know there is a portuguese driver leading that, shame he was going to sign for Toro Rosso in 2014 but they choose Kvyat F
2020-08-06 03:27
F1 bestest cuz Legrerg in F1 -official hltv sharl legrerg acc
2020-08-06 03:36
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