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nitr0 the real reason
Japan gachinko 
What's the reason of this sudden drop out? This guy was inane year ago and now kicked. I suspect he is maybe sick
2020-08-06 09:35
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lost his cheat codes
2020-08-06 09:35
Japan gachinko
Ok that's reasonable
2020-08-06 09:39
nah he has been streaming recently, looks pretty healthy to me
2020-08-06 09:36
link? Or twitch name? He always seemed like a cool dude to me, so I wanna see his stream for sure
2020-08-06 10:55
you know you can google ''nitr0 twitch''
2020-08-06 10:59
well its typical for teams when they drop in performance most commonly (in their eyes) its the fault of the IGL so thats why he got kicked... probably also his individual performance had been worse recently and suddenly Grim showed up as talent so they switched them... but dunno really with Stewie IGLing, I mean he sure is not bad but when Liquid was on top, nitr0's strats seemed really good... or well maybe not strats but he was doing well with the awp so they did really good overall
2020-08-06 09:42
nitr0 wasnt igl lately before he was kicked(and yet his individual performance was horrible) and their strats in liquids prime were more or less just defaults. literally nothing special. they didnt show any innovative strats, any special anti strats. they were good because all of them peaked individually at the same time. this is the main reason why they were so good. i dont want to bash nitr0 ofc...but his igling wasnt anything special
2020-08-06 09:48
They never will show innovative strays there a skill team
2020-08-06 15:21
Maybe he even said if there is a opportunity for another player like grim. Then he can spend more time with his wife and make a family have the time for his wife and stuff like this.
2020-08-06 09:43
God | 
Poland henlo
threw a bunch of games and got scared
2020-08-06 09:49
He wasn't "sick" a year ago. He still had his DOGSHIT stats, it's that he had 4 star players doing all the individual shit. He was a 1 trick pony a year ago, which was CT side OP.
2020-08-06 09:51
when was stewie the star player?
2020-08-06 10:18
well he was good enough to carry nitr0s ass
2020-08-06 10:24
he maybe wasnt star player but his individual performance was really good in liquids prime tho...
2020-08-06 10:27
Stewie is entry, no?
2020-08-06 10:40
Slovenia Quicker007
First - Lekr0 now - nitr0 the end is near guys((
2020-08-06 10:08
omg not karrigan pls((
2020-08-06 10:13
Slovenia Quicker007
Maybe gla1ve OMEGALUL
2020-08-06 10:22
maybe online and a loss of drive and return of Astralis, i feel like starladder may have crushed them
2020-08-06 10:12
lmao if anything online cs has helped him stay in liquid since they have been facing weaker opponents and won pro league. Starladder did crush them alot tho
2020-08-06 10:22
oh yeah good point with the online thing, they probably felt starladder should’ve been their major, kinda like atlanta for VP in 2017
2020-08-06 10:51
sudden? The guy has been shit for over a year now
2020-08-06 10:12
i think the reason why many ppl take breaks or get kicked is cuz online era is fkin boring ^1
2020-08-06 10:23
Because FaZe are in talks with nitr0
2020-08-06 10:57
United States NA_KEKW
People began to call out his AWPing. His confidence really trailed off imo
2020-08-06 10:58
OK | 
Peru airbIade
Liquid doesnt need him anymore, he wasn't igl last couple months, and as a sniper nitr0 was underperforming, so what's the reason to keep hem in team?
2020-08-06 12:26
he was the weak link
2020-08-06 12:40
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