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r8 my breakfast xd
CIS Jva4ka nothing special but still I made it myself
2020-08-06 11:03
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Bubble tea? ))
2020-08-06 11:05
It’s actually ice_coffee I was trying to make
2020-08-06 11:06
what is that green thing did you just cut your mom's indoor plants leaves and put them on ur breakfast
2020-08-06 11:05
Bruh it’s called spring onion
2020-08-06 11:07
very nice. never seen anything like that in Nigeria
2020-08-06 11:08
It’s pretty popular in Russia.
2020-08-06 11:14
is kvas popular as well
2020-08-06 11:14
I mean yeah but I never liked it personally
2020-08-06 11:18
Leaf cheats wtf??!!!
2020-08-06 11:46
should’ve had english breakfast
2020-08-06 11:05
More mushrooms, less beans pls
2020-08-06 11:08
don’t like mushrooms, just the texture which sucks
2020-08-06 11:08
if saulted, its perfectly tasty, not tasmania but anyway.. very very good
2020-08-06 11:11
mushrooms are amazing wtf, maybe you just tried the wrong sort
2020-08-06 11:19
Well if u go deeper in mushrooms biology u ll find them super creepy
2020-08-06 11:19
love the mug but the food looks good too
2020-08-06 11:06
Im not sure what im looking at whats in it?
2020-08-06 11:11
Well, I kinda just mixed everything I had in the fridge. There is: Chicken Mushrooms Tomato A bit of Cheese Spring onions Eggs
2020-08-06 11:15
looks nice gj mens)
2020-08-06 11:15
France daniel19
here hot chocolate, orange juice and raspberry marmelade on soft bread/brioche.
2020-08-06 11:15
What's the drink?
2020-08-06 11:19
It’s coffee with some milk and ice xd
2020-08-06 11:22
Ohh cold coffee is great 👍
2020-08-06 11:23
Yea I agree. I have tried it many times at some restaurants and stuff and was trying to replace it at home. It’s not bad at all actually
2020-08-06 11:26
looks delish I just had a plain sandwich, feels bad man
2020-08-06 11:38
nice man, looks good
2020-08-06 11:52
niko | 
Denmark ilnert
Ice coffee is sick
2020-08-06 11:59
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