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Sweden iNzaneX 
how come they know how to play when they are 5 russians but as soon as it's 4 or 3 their iq drops below 60?
2020-08-06 12:08
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>they know how to play when they are 5 russians >literally runs everywhere LUL
2020-08-06 12:10
how much elo ?
2020-08-06 12:11
2020-08-06 12:11
Romania Anonym20
it's actually true, when i play with 4 russians premade i ussualy win but when i play with random russians it's a whole different story
2020-08-06 12:17
Maybe the keyword here is "premade", not "Russians"?
2020-08-06 12:51
Romania Anonym20
idk what you mean, i meant when i soloq and end up playing with 4 russians premades we ussualy win but when i soloq and end up playing with 2-3 random russians they are raging and we end up losing.
2020-08-06 12:54
Yes thats what he is saying, 4 man premade russian team have better teamwork and communication so they can win
2020-08-06 18:40
I mean any country 4-ppl premade will perfom better than 2-3 random ppl from that country.
2020-08-11 23:51
now tell me, do you insult Russians only because they are black?
2020-08-06 12:55
2020-08-06 12:58
a lot of Russians have bad English. therefore, when the whole team communicates in english, they levels drop a lot.
2020-08-06 13:03
OK | 
Peru airbIade
idk but solo russians always hate each other, only if they are playing together they will be calm
2020-08-06 18:34
im russian. i can answer that. When russians are playing and talking between themselves, there are jokes, the mentality is high. You laugh A LOT and you just dont care about the game, you tryhard to laugh after the round with the teammates on how bad are the enemy team basically just tryhard-trolling #BALDEJ
2020-08-06 18:37
Russia Drapery
They can't London, that's why
2020-08-11 23:52
with 4 turkish premade the most ez win. just make sure you lose the pistol. After that one of them rage and reboot and launch cheats. This happen every time. ez profit
2020-08-12 00:00
Winland for 300IQ
2020-08-12 00:01
If their iq is below 60 you can easily scam them and get free skins mens 😎😎😎
2020-08-12 00:17
Estonia mr_abdul
u have to treat them like kids, just try to hype them up and say russia good country etc and u have better chance of them not saying gg after losing pistol
2020-08-12 00:53
apes. together. power
2020-08-12 00:56
give me bomb blyat i win round blyat
2020-08-12 00:59
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