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cry | 
Poland Cryzilian Lira just keep falling XD
2020-08-06 13:47
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2020-08-06 13:49
I would like to spend my vacation in turkey and support their economy but i stopped supporting dictatorships. I will give my vacation-money to greeks instead.
2020-08-06 13:49
nEGRo | 
Finland Nexpo
Good idea, soon enough Erdogan will leave because turkish economy will be so bad that no one believes Erdogan, not even Erdogan dick suckers.
2020-08-06 13:51
i will vote for him again
2020-08-06 16:57
nEGRo | 
Finland Nexpo
Yea and nobody else will, only u and ur alts
2020-08-06 17:34
we will see. he is winning elections now for 20 years. maybe search for some other excuses ?
2020-08-06 17:38
nEGRo | 
Finland Nexpo
Yea and Turkey hasnt been worse for 20 years. Maybe find some excuses for your brain?
2020-08-06 17:39
He is not really "winning" though.. Sure he continue to be "president" However when you make it impossible for people to run against you. and attacking and putting people in prison for not supporting you. and thus cheating in socalled elections you are not really the winner... it just means you become a dictator.. Like Putin and such. its about holding on to power with the help of military and criminal means, not by the support of the people.
2020-08-07 19:04
2020-08-07 19:21
didnt you already give billions of euro's to greece when they were almost bankrupt? lmao
2020-08-06 14:10
2020-08-06 14:12
mens you are laughing too loud for someone in such economy
2020-08-06 14:27
They are our brothers unlike you arabs
2020-08-06 14:47
nobody wants to be a brother with nazis men wtf
2020-08-06 14:50
You want become instead one.
2020-08-06 14:56
turks 2020 are more nazi than german 2020))
2020-08-06 15:01
Says the russian xd
2020-08-06 15:59
you can be brothers with them lmao we dont care , we dont want nazi's or ex SS"ers as brothers :D
2020-08-06 16:23
You don't need us. You are already nazis with your own Hitler erdowahn
2020-08-06 16:47
dont compare the most evil dictator in human history with our president ty ! i guess erdogan was right about calling jermans still ex nazi's
2020-08-06 16:49
erdogan is really the best president turkey got. worlds best leader
2020-08-06 16:59
maaşın yattı mı paralı troll orospunun çocuğu seni xd
2020-08-07 18:38
yatirdilar. anani sikmeye geliyorum capulcu chpci pic
2020-08-07 18:42
dinini amını ırzını siktiğimin götvereni seni :D götün yiyorsa gelsene türkiyeye amını ırzını siktiğimin oğlu , almanyadan konuşmak kolay :D
2020-08-07 18:43
lan oruspunu evladi, oraya gelsemde ne olur ki ? korkudan altina sicip kacarsin pic oglu pic seni. simdi kudurmaya devam
2020-08-07 18:49
Tekirdağdayım gelmezsen islamını arap sülalenle beraber sikeceğim haberin olsun, amını ırzını siktiğimin bigotu seni :D
2020-08-07 18:50
lan senin gibi bos konusan pezevenkleri cok gördük
2020-08-07 18:52
çorludayım hatta, arap ailenle birlikte sikeyim ananı avradını orospunun cocugu seni
2020-08-07 18:53
2020-08-07 18:54
2020-08-07 18:54
2020-08-07 18:56
trollük işinde iyi para var heralde, yoksa bu kadar kendini yırtmazdın
2020-08-07 19:30
disrespectful to the intentions of attaturk turkey should to return to secularism
2020-08-07 19:32
cry somewhere else he copies Hitler but you guys are too uneducated to get it. Vote for him love him and send people wit other opinions in prison. Do all that shit. Torcher people in prison. Nothing makes him better than Hitler. But I guess your answer is "but he does this and he did that blabla" so you never see your own guilt. You are the perfect sheep for your Führer.
2020-08-06 19:41
send people wit other opinions in prison source? der spiegel oke
2020-08-06 19:44
come on send my hltv acc to your führer so he can send me in prison when I go to your arab country.
2020-08-06 19:54
yeah defenitly der spiegel
2020-08-06 19:55 says the same. When Spiegel and bild have the same facts then you know it a true
2020-08-07 18:12
Germany HuCa
Junge junge was für ein unglaublicher Idiot du bist
2020-08-07 18:18
der türkische sklave hat gesprochen
2020-08-07 18:18
Germany HuCa
Ne bin deutscher aber du bist einfach ein Idiot
2020-08-07 18:24
when germans out of args.: nein nein nein nein neeiiiiinn we bestest, du bist arabs, wie are ultera great human race. tbw :
2020-08-07 18:09
2020-08-06 16:58
smart move
2020-08-06 14:10
thanks for not supporting dictatorships i seriously appreciate
2020-08-06 14:24
2020-08-07 19:11
2020-08-06 19:18
Turkey sedo7
thank you seriously.
2020-08-06 19:45
nEGRo | 
Finland Nexpo
+1 because cancerdogaNNNN
2020-08-06 13:51
2020-08-06 17:47
I'm amazed that some people still support this wannabe dictator. He's sinking the country and works only for his own private interest and a little corrupted elite.
2020-08-06 14:05
Belgium Miiyata
Bro only turks from germany and netherlands are supporting him, on hltv😂😂 They think military might = better country Imagine they think if they drill oil in greece they can sell the oil or get profit from it... Truly braindead people.
2020-08-06 17:28
They're not even that powerful military. It's not like they could compete with Russia, USA, China or even France. It's a government that lives on a discount illusion
2020-08-06 17:30
Belgium Miiyata
Tbh turkey is quite powerful military, mostly because their folk are a brainwashed nationalist lot in combination with quite strong weapons. But they dont realize that without an economy you cant do shit. If USA truly wants they can turn turkey to the next Venezuela, if they start with embargos etc
2020-08-06 17:32
I mean to be fair usa can turn any country into the next venezuela if they're really commited
2020-08-06 17:36
Belgium Miiyata
+1 cancer govt
2020-08-06 17:43
2020-08-06 19:13
Turkey Slapdash
They are supporting because they are earning euro and lira keeps falling down so they can spend more in Turkey
2020-08-07 17:34
+1 They don't know anything about how people live here. I truly can't understand how people can be in a such delusion.
2020-08-07 19:12
Belgium Miiyata
Can you believe it their votes were impactful in erdogans previous wins. People that live here in good wealth fuck you up in the delusion that they think erdogan is making turkey powerful. But what is powerful? More territory? Bigger military? I always said turkey can be a rlly good economy country, they have potential but it seems the majority of turks prefer territorial power and its consequences instead of being western dog but have a good life
2020-08-07 20:03
2020-08-06 14:07
Get rid of stupid erdogan ez fix
2020-08-06 15:14
no. i will vote again for him
2020-08-06 16:59
2020-08-06 17:30
because he is good. great leader who thinks about turkeys interest and isnt a western puppet. strong personality and also his party is great
2020-08-06 17:37
AM | 
Asia Yarrak
2020-08-06 19:24
enjoy shit economy
2020-08-06 19:38
we are in a good shape. we gone through much more worse situations. i believe in erdogan and akp.
2020-08-06 19:39
2020-08-06 19:43
2020-08-06 23:21
we will see if you will laugh about it. the years ahead of us will be good for turkey. enjoy.
2020-08-07 17:28
I laughed at "thinks about turkey's interest" The moustache-man generated a complete system of corruption and public money laundering through major construction companies, he loads billions of public money in foreign accounts by over-billing every public construction project. Years ago he already removed and defund public investment fiscal control organism. And each time a journalist dare asking about it or show official documents about it they're "invited" to shut up by the authorities. Tldr: Erdogan is rerouting taxpayer's money on foreign accounts for himself and his friends.
2020-08-06 20:04
these companies have close ties to our government. our government doesnt trust other companies because they have ties to atatürk follower or fethullah gülen. what the state does is right. you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. you dont even have reliable sources for your bullshit
2020-08-07 17:31
"ties to atatürk follower" lmao pls die
2020-08-07 19:13
it is true. look what happened in the past. many atatürk followers who were in important positions of the state made pressure on leaders which got chosen by the people of turkey. in the worst case scenario they got killed.
2020-08-07 19:15
what did you expect to happen to them in a authoritarian Islamic regime??
2020-08-07 19:17
atatürk follower had good connections to the EU and US. they always overthrew leaders which didnt want to follow the way of US. plus these people were a tool to oppress islam and communism. they always denied and removed islam which is the culture of turks and set it with bullshit western values which turks cant connect with. and they are always calling themself democratic but doesnt accept peoples vote for islamic parties, which shows their mindset. today these people got kicked out by erdogan and thats why they dont like him. EU and US dont like erdogan too because erdogan goes with turkey its own ways
2020-08-07 19:24
ataturk better??? his policy massacred over 2.5 christians in Anatolia(Armenians,Greeks,Assyrians). Kemalists have blood on their hands too!
2020-08-07 19:27
no im not saying that he is good. he is the opposite. complete shit. he made some good reforms but overall i dont like him.
2020-08-07 19:28
So,is there any real alternative choice for turkey right now? 2023 elections seems to be too far
2020-08-07 19:29
we have in turkey people who get educated by their parents. if their parents told you to vote for that political party, you vote for it. doesnt matter if they are good or bad. but right now there is AKP/MHP and several other parties which are against AKP. the big major political opposition parties are: chp, iyi party, hdp and saadet party. CHP is a atatürk party which wants to put his minds into the state. they want to go on atatürks way. they are pro western and pro US iyi party dont know about this party. but i know that they are also pro european. also they want to unite turks around the world especially in central asia. hdp is a PKK terrorist party. this political party only thinks about the interest of PKK and want to etablishe a autonomous region or much better a state within our borders. they are just voted by kurds in the southeast of turkey. about saadet party: dont know anything about them. they are islamic just like akp but doesnt have the knowledge. it was the party where erbakan and erdogan come from. i will stick with akp/mhp. they are for me the best
2020-08-07 19:43
Islam should die, but at the very least should be removed from all facets of government and schools
2020-08-07 19:35
ayy I can buy cheap steam games from turkey now
2020-08-06 14:07
Kush | 
Netherlands RiberiA
Just give them one chicken :D
2020-08-06 14:08
I could buy gta v for two cows prolly
2020-08-06 14:09
I think you buy a whole house for those amounts. Maybe you can buy the government too, if they leave a little meat on it
2020-08-06 14:10
Maybe they will accept Hungarian money lol
2020-08-06 14:14
1 sterlin = 9.52 u can buy house in marmaris like other brits. marmaris is full brits and germans. probly u will see more brits in marmaris if u are living in london or manchster xD
2020-08-06 14:16
I don't want to live there I just want to abuse your currency for cheap stuff
2020-08-06 14:18
ahh isee
2020-08-06 14:18
jokes aside, if you can you should. Even for us games are cheap (most of the time)
2020-08-06 19:17
2020-08-06 14:17
Cyprus Swishh_
2020-08-06 14:23
Turkey heilung
fall of erdogan
2020-08-06 14:22
Turkey Cormack
Come to Turkey and live like a really rich man Shit economyy
2020-08-06 14:25
I'll come and spend 2 months there soon. Easy life
2020-08-06 17:31
Turkey Cormack
Soo easy
2020-08-06 23:17
nice tactic
2020-08-07 17:36
Iran oldHabit
be thankful that you're not in iran turkish friends. here every dollar is 240000 rials which is roughly like 24 lira for a dollar. however i think you'll get there
2020-08-06 14:41
Travel back in time and prevent 1979, my friend.
2020-08-06 14:48
Iran oldHabit
I wish i could bro
2020-08-06 16:20
Iran Shia
Yes thanks to US for breaking deal just because Trump didn't like Obama so he had to ruin the working deal and assassinate Soleimani among other things he had done and he acts like he's the good guy open your eyes and look how shitty America really is and how awful they are
2020-08-06 16:48
Iran oldHabit
So you're telling me Islamic republic is the good guy here?
2020-08-06 16:52
Iran Shia
They respected the deal and waited for one year before breaking it because the EU countries were useless to help we suffered one year of embargo all for nothing What did our country did to deserve this? That's right nothing
2020-08-07 15:43
holy moly what is that economy? Never seen anything like this
2020-08-07 18:11
Iran oldHabit
Economy that mullahs manage
2020-08-08 03:41
true but what we are headed is no different than your situation
2020-08-07 19:26
Mayday! Mayday! We are going dooooown! Brace for impaaaaaaact!
2020-08-06 14:44
i can buy turkey hookers for cheap)))
2020-08-06 15:02
russıa cheap ??? 1 ruble =0.099 turkısh lıra ?? mınımum wage ıs 200 dolar ın russıa ???
2020-08-06 15:07
This dude just bait, don't take his words seriously.
2020-08-06 17:44
u are right but we get poorer everydays this makes me nervous
2020-08-06 19:12
JW | 
Sweden LLorenzo
thats what you get for being a religion-based country, thats what you get for disrespecting your savior Atatürk, thats what you get for dividing a country into two pieces (uneducated reactionaries - intellectual progressives), thats what you get for deceiving your own un-educated people and lying to them in return of vote thats what you get for bringing millions of immigrants to your country instead of focusing on your own people's problems enjoy it fellas! this is THE WEAKEST we have ever been in the history.
2020-08-06 15:07
No, lol. Turkey from its foundation, including last 150 years of Ottoman Empire, to this day was never a good country. We weren't even decent. That's what the leftist part of Turkey doesnt get, including Ataturk's era, Turkey never had a good economy. It has been built on the financial aids we got from Murica. Try to read some books, my friend. You can start with 'Modern Turkiye'nin Olusumu' by Feroz Ahmad. Turkey's economy didnt get worse in just one day. It is a result of a process. A process that dates back to 17th-18th century.
2020-08-06 15:17
AM | 
Asia Yarrak
you cant deny it went from average to bad in last 10 years nobody here said turkey had an economy like germany
2020-08-06 15:20
doesnt have anything to do with religion based country. 2 superpowers in the world are also very religion based countries. your arguments are all invalid
2020-08-06 16:26
Germany iigga
Maybe stfu and dont talk about something you don't know
2020-08-06 17:03
Maybe come to Turkey and faceit yourself, instead of bitching in Germany.
2020-08-06 18:30
Other syrso
german turks at it again. poorly educated, easily brainwashed, naive, overly aggressive just a bunch of meme people
2020-08-07 17:52
2020-08-07 18:14
why don't you kick them all?
2020-08-07 18:42
2020-08-07 19:27
"intellectual progressives" I am pretty sure they are just a bunch of pseudo intellectuals or posers just like everywhere shit hits the fan for a reason
2020-08-06 19:23
2020-08-06 15:18
2020-08-06 15:19
Turkey yunus06
very funny country very interesting personalities :d
2020-08-06 16:02
Turkey yunus06
Somebody marry me I want to get a European visa.
2020-08-06 16:03
Turkey heilung
üniversite öğrecisiysen erasmusa git bir hatun bul kurtar kendini :D
2020-08-06 16:26
Germany iigga
Aynen, turkiye den gelen damatlar gibi gel sende 24/7 kahvede otur
2020-08-06 17:04
Turkey yunus06
ben üniversiteyi bırakalı yıllar oldu. sanayide lazer kesim operatörüyüm. kahvede oturmak beni sıkar. çalışmak iyidir ama türkiyede çalıştığının hakkını alamıyorsun.
2020-08-06 17:06
Turkey heilung
doğru söylüyorsun okuyanda işsiz kalıyor. Bu ülkede yandaşsan zengin olursun galiba
2020-08-06 17:13
Turkey yunus06
ilk sigorta girişim 17 yaşında. şuan 26 yaşındayım. üniversitede kyk yurdu çıkmadığı için ve ev tutamadığımız için okuyamadım. sanayide vinç, forklift her boku kullanmayı biliyorum. ilk yardım sertifikam aklına gelicek envai çeşit belge var cüzdanımda. lazer makinasında hem çizimi yapar hem makineyi iyi bilirim. virüsden önce çalışırken 3bin lira kazanıyodum. avrupada gelişmiş bi ülkede çalışıyo olsam en az aylık kazancım 5bin euro'ydu. şimdi işsizim :d gittiğim yerler asgari ücrete köle gibi çalıştırmak istiyor
2020-08-06 17:25
Turkey yunus06
başka bişi dmeiyorum moruk
2020-08-06 17:26
Turkey heilung
Allah yardımcın olsun ne diyeyim.
2020-08-06 17:50
are you a women?
2020-08-07 18:13
Turkey yunus06
2020-08-07 18:35
let's marry then
2020-08-07 18:43
Turkey yunus06
send private message
2020-08-07 18:53
Next elections are gonna be interesting
2020-08-06 16:30
it is gonna be the same as always, erdogan wins and the opposition+europe and usa are going to cry again
2020-08-06 17:29
yes we cry when turkish economy gets fucked in the ass xdddddddd
2020-08-06 17:30
why should we cry, erdogan won elections while dollar was 8 and euro was 9 almost lmao
2020-08-06 17:30
2020-08-06 17:31
2020-08-06 17:32
2020-08-06 17:34 xdddddddddddddddd
2020-08-06 17:35
#77 $8,957 salary, poorer than all EU countries xddddddddddddddddd
2020-08-06 17:37
# not even in top 20 xddddddddddddddddddd
2020-08-06 17:37
yes i know turkey not in top20 xdddddddddddddddd
2020-08-06 17:37
yes i know poland is in top 5 in terms of most useless nations xdddddd
2020-08-06 17:38
poland $14,901 GDP per capita turkey $8,957 GDP per capita lmao why so poor? xddddd
2020-08-06 17:40
you realize this is gdp and not gdp per capita? yours is high because of the large population
2020-08-07 18:15
How's the onion price going?
2020-08-06 17:34
its now cheaper then your mother , so i would say pretty good
2020-08-06 17:35
2020-08-06 17:45
could be worse
2020-08-06 17:49
2020-08-06 18:05
i'm looking for european girl to marry, i'm whitish, i'm studying computer engineering and most importantly i can eat your p.ssy like chinese eat dogs
2020-08-06 17:34
What about european boy?
2020-08-06 17:46
depends on who will be alpha
2020-08-06 17:49
ngiN | 
Turkey qaszeR
hüüü hüüü hüüü hüüü hüüü
2020-08-06 17:42
that's nothing, € and $ was around 1 lira not too many years ago. Economy is fucked, only voting sheeps dont see this.
2020-08-06 19:16
Turkey TheTurks!
2020-08-08 15:00
but but erdogan told me that we are good. wtf mens is he lying? noo. is he lying? noooo.
2020-08-06 19:21
Other syrso The investigation into the corruption charges stopped in 2014, after the ruling AKP transferred prosecutors and judges involved in the graft probe, saying they are linked with the Gulen Movement, a religious organization which the government of President Erdogan has outlawed if you're against erDOG you're either a pkk terrorist or gulen lmao
2020-08-07 18:03
I wonder how it is possible for Turks to pay business loans in foreign currency ;/
2020-08-06 19:21
2020-08-06 23:33
but they still suck erdogan d1ck 🤷 🤷 🤷
2020-08-07 17:32
Turkey MusTRelax
bro no one in hltv supports erdogan tf r u talkin?
2020-08-07 17:36
FSM mr2w1 GODBLESSSAVAGE1 Rizespor yea that's pretty much it but that still removes "no one is Erdo supporter here" argument.
2020-08-08 03:28
Turkey MusTRelax
im 100 percent sure they r under 18 they think they're trollink ppl
2020-08-08 10:10
Turkey MusTRelax
we're on a free fall bud dont disturb us 8)
2020-08-07 17:35
A leader and the elites got to complacent The same happened to russia and it looks like it is happening in china
2020-08-07 18:20
armenian genocide was real boissss
2020-08-07 18:22
if you have dollar and euro come to turkey guys. Turkey best country ever. Best touristic country.
2020-08-07 19:06
no thx
2020-08-07 19:10
High-quality 50cl beer here is like 2€ or less but I get your point. 2/3 of that 2€ is a tax that goes directly to Erdogan's dragon fruit smoothie or sum bullshit like that. No one wants to help a dictator if they have a choice.
2020-08-08 03:34
2020-08-08 10:31
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