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Germany urmym1rror 
i wanna delete my blizzard account they require you to send a picture of goverment issuied id do you think its safe? would u do it?
2020-08-06 18:20
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what wtf why xaxa
2020-08-06 18:21
I once send them my driver's license to retrieve an account that was hacked. was 10 years ago and I'm still alive
2020-08-06 18:21
Malaysia Suno[t]
tf why lmao b*lizzard
2020-08-06 18:22
Norway thenewdagon
ur joking right?
2020-08-06 18:24
Yeah it's safe to do, their support is dogshit though
2020-08-06 18:25
just delete it, no good game to play on it
2020-08-06 18:32
do it
2020-08-06 18:34
just sue them.
2020-08-06 18:36
They do it so that someone else wouldn't delete it for you. People invest a lot of money and time into blizzard games, especially WoW
2020-08-06 18:36
i dont have any games on my account i simply changed my email and phone number i want to try warzone
2020-08-06 19:00
China KoreanFan
So you want to keep it now?
2020-08-06 19:04
i made a new account, didnt bother sending my pic id even if its safe
2020-08-07 06:04
Denmark Muamelele
do it, ur not special or important, nothing will happen to u
2020-08-06 23:35
Lithuania Sedge
sony made me do it with my ps4 account smh
2020-08-07 06:08
they stoled my identity now i am on the most wanted list :D if someone wants blizzard acc pm me have some whit starcraft series not using them anymore
2020-08-07 06:09
washington dc spywares
2020-08-07 06:11
United States _Nohj
they didn't ask me for any of that
2020-08-07 06:17
2020-08-07 06:20
My cousin got his acc back when he forgot his pw by sending a pic of his passport 10 years ago and he i still ok
2020-08-07 06:21
why do you wanna delete it?
2020-08-07 06:23
Its not like you are some hunted terrorist nvm jermanistan flag abort mission
2020-08-07 06:27
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