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Faze support player
Hobbit | 
Other VeryGoodGuy 
who is gonna play the bitch spots on CT side? Kjaerbye, Niko, cold wouldnt want that, and broky shouldnt play bad spots as an AWPer, so it will be rain?
2020-08-07 20:59
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no it will be niko and cold. rain and kjaerbye are gonna be the star players.
2020-08-07 21:03
no niko and cold are baiters, like s1mple
2020-08-07 21:07
0/8 cold and niko are baiters like hobbit
2020-08-07 21:10
no mens, hobbit 2017 is the definition of the god
2020-08-07 21:11
Another s1mple hater, omegalul go get a life virgin
2020-08-07 21:31
India c0nsc10us
I agree that cold is a baiter. Niko doesn't bait actually except in specific situations.
2020-08-09 08:34
why faze isn't getting autimatic as a support. they have money, just get him ffs
2020-08-07 21:11
Don't you get it they need more firepower. They still don't have enough firepower with niko, cold, rain and broky in the team.
2020-08-07 21:12
-kjaerbye +fighter jet in 6 months
2020-08-07 21:14
India Smauxx
2020-08-07 21:17
2020-08-07 21:27
nice joke mens
2020-08-08 08:24
tenk you mens)))
2020-08-08 08:30
lmao, shit show, not a team
2020-08-07 21:16
nt GuardiaN's wife, your fake flag won't fool me
2020-08-08 04:10
???? reply needs to have actual content
2020-08-08 08:22
0/8 you can't bait me
2020-08-09 03:58
but you just responded to me
2020-08-09 08:25
Why dont they go for Sunny
2020-08-08 08:24
that's the question
2020-08-09 08:54
Hope its bait and that u dont want to get autimatic on team like faze
2020-08-08 07:16
at least he could play support
2020-08-08 08:23
why not
2020-08-07 21:11
jdm64 | 
United States ekwi
-rain +hobbit
2020-08-07 21:13
hobbit deserves a tier1 team mens
2020-08-07 21:19
United Kingdom StonkBonk
Kjaerbye will probably take Olofs old roles to begin with for the sake of continuity, then they will see how It works during Cologne and adapt from there. Its not like Olof had every bitch role on every map. Rain has some tough roles already too.
2020-08-07 21:30
Lurk at Faze = Bitch role because of their execution
2020-08-08 08:25
Whoever ends up being the support Cold, Rain and Niko will continue to put up sub-par numbers for their talent level and Faze will continue losing. It's not 2017 anymore that's for sure.
2020-08-08 04:07
United States raymoney
Cold and rain previously sahred support while olof lurked
2020-08-08 04:10
wait, since when did kjaerbye join faze?
2020-08-08 04:13
United States Hindy
last time faze had a support player was with xizt subbing
2020-08-08 07:17
Cold I think
2020-08-08 07:23
Russia bl1zon3
olofmeister of course
2020-08-08 08:26
should be cold or Niko depends on the map Rain - Entry Kjaerbye - Lurk Broky - Awp Cold-baiter/support NiKo- baiter/support
2020-08-08 08:27
Either NiKo or cold. Kjaerbye will take the lurk most prob.
2020-08-09 04:02
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